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Water has been found on planet Mars! Again! Is this a Mandela Effect or a 911 code?
On 12.12.2019 the mainstream media announced that water has been found on Mars 'less than an INCH below the Martian surface'. That's some news. Officially it doesn't rain on Mars and somehow the planet has water just beneath the surface. Where does it come from? The ice deposits deep down in caves, the same as in the 80's movie Total Recall? Perhaps, but for now the news is talking about "chunks of frozen water hidden less than an inch below the surface of the Red Planet".

It's not the first time that there was mainstream media (msm) announcements on this subject. On September 28, 2015 NASA announced water on Mars. September is the 9th month. The day was 28.

2+8=10 and 1+0= 1. Here we have a number 9 and a number 1.
Chunks of Water
And then the lastest news. The chunks of water just beneath the surface. Mainstream media picked up the story around 12.12.2019.

If we calculate 12.12.2019 we have a number 9.

1+2+1+2+2+0+1+9 = 18. And 1+8 = 9

The chunks of water beneath the surface of Mars resonates withe movie Total Recall. The plot of this movie is an alien installation deep beneath the surface of Mars. This installation melts ice water into large amounts of steam which provides a breathable atmosphere on Mars. Total recall was released on 10 August 1990 in the Netherlands. Probably due to the fact that the director Paul verhoeven is from the Netherlands.

If we calculate the dates between the release date of Total Recall and the announcement of chunks of water, we get 29 years, 4 months, 2 days excluding the end date.

Total Recall was released on 10 August 1990. The chunks of water announcement story picked up by msm was: 12 December 2019.

If we calculate the time between these two dates we get a number 11 and a number 6

29 years, 4 months, 2 days between the two dates.

The years ⇒ 2+9=11

The month and the day ⇒ 4+2=6

Number 6 can be perceived as a reversed number 9.

The duration between those two dates is also 352 months, 2 days excluding the end date.
If we calculate these numbers we get a number 12. ⇒ 3+5+2+2= 12.



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