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RE: Imagine being so dumb you think normies are getting laid

I am going to have to back those who are saying the average normie is getting less and less. I see around 120 patients a day at my current job, and most men in my age range (20-25) consistently report little (less than 2) to no sexual contact in the past year. I see about 15 guys in that range per day. I see far more foids than males. Around 35 in that age range. 1 out of every 4 women in that age range report 10+ sexual partners in the past year, 2 out of 4 report 4+ sexual partners, and the last reports at least 2 sexual partners. Its mostly the average foids that have the most partners, with stacies having around 4 per year and really (facially) hideous or introverted chicks having 2. For what its worth, the 3 chads I've seen, who were quarterbacks and such, had 10+ sexual partners per year. Most chadlites and high tier normies had 2 to 5 sexual contacts per year.

The place I work specializes in sports injuries and has a largely female client base aged 12-28. These females are in shape and many are attractive. They make up about 75% of our client base. I have only seen 6 foids with zero sexual partners, and they were all less than 14 yo. Many have told me, when prompted, that they had numerous sexual partners concurrently, and that some of their partners didn't know of the others. It is absolutely horrible out there for males in general.



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