VincentVanCock #sexist

[JFL] Mom coping about "when my son gets a girlfriend"

Third day in a row that she came with that bullshit of " oh VincentVanCock, when you get a girlfriend she's going to be a Very Lucky woman", this site came to my head at the spot and i started to laugh with her delusion, she asked me what was wrong and i brushed it off. She's in for one hell of a surprise, you ain't getting grandsons/daughters mama.

I swear down this quote and "You're so smart/handsome" is always fucking said to utter subhumans. No one is saying this stuff to chad, only incels like us

Hate that shit, you perceive that they are blatantly lying to you.

Do you plan to blackpill her anytime soon? It will eventually reach a tipping point anyways

Nah, she would freak out and think i'm a faggot so i will just keep avoiding the subject.

She's the kind of boomer foid that thinks her son is the most handsome guy in the planet, we used to go to gym together and she would always make up some lie about " look, this beautiful girl was checking you out" and then when i looked to the foid, she was looking at me on fear, anger and disgust JFL, most mothers are extremely and completely deluded about their sons' looks.



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