anon1822 #racist #sexist

Porn is basically the only tool us incels have to deal with the normal and unavoidable physiological urge for sexual release, cause we sure as hell will never get women (at least I won't), so nofap is retarded and I definitely can't fap using just my imagination.

And yet even porn is ruined. Why are these themes so common nowadays? I can't count the number of times I see a thumbnail with a hot chick in it and I have to ignore the video and continue looking for a good one. Or to watch it but try really hard to ignore it, which is basically impossible when with some themes such as blacked, by far the one thing that I hate most in porn.

I won't even mention hentai. Years ago the situation was better, but nowadays degenerate retards filled the hentai scene with disgusting shit such as futa or even worse, god damn furries or even bestiality. That shit makes me want to barf.



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