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People should stop being incelphopic

Incelphopia is everywhere on this site. This has to stop. Incels are people too.

I was on a normie sub and once they suspect you are an inkwell, they start with the insults and downvotes.

Why are they so incelphopic and closed minded??

ShySaxon #sexist #Psycho

ShySaxon #sexist #Psycho incels.co

[Serious] Incel haters are the real terrorists

We’re not terrorists for being virgins. It’s ridiculous to say such things. The REAL terrorists are those that mock, ridicule and TERRORISE incels into committing suicide or conforming to modern societies insane standards and “respecting wahmen” who despise us and want us dead.

If you have hated on incels, have a look at incelgraveyard on r*ddit and look at all of the incels who have killed themselves because they couldn’t handle life anymore. Many of them were likely bullied irl and probably online too for something completely out of their control: their looks.

Fuck the incelphobic haters and terrorists.

RREEEEEEEEE #sexist #psycho

RREEEEEEEEE #sexist #psycho incels.co

[Serious] There is a difference between American colleges and European colleges

(By "American" I also include Canadian and Australian colleges.)

I see many posts here talking about how it's cucked that fathers pay for their daughters to go to college and how they get fucked by dozens of men. I think education is important for anyone regardless of gender, but I digress. While the cock carousel college experience definitely applies to American colleges, in Europe it's completely different. The cost of going to college here is cheap, the students mostly live at home unless they move out but this is a minority. The holes here don't jump from cock to cock, they usually go for relationships. Aside from that, most parents don't care about what their daughters do, it's only ethnic parents that care the most. They tend to be Islamic, but the only difference is that they don't know their daughters (sons, too) sneak off to different cities with their illegitimate boyfriends (or girlfriends) so they can do whatever it is that degenerate people do. I do feel bad for those parents. Obviously, not everyone does that but the majority does. Here is a story that's related to what I wrote earlier: Some Islamic female got run over by a truck after having partied at a night club.. in a totally different city from where she lived. So that nobody would recognize her. And, now nobody recognizes a face that's been splattered by a truck, either. She got what she wanted, I guess. I have no sympathy for her. Although I do feel bad for her parents.

Uglyme #sexist #conspiracy

Uglyme #sexist #conspiracy incels.co

[Hypocrisy] Your dad probably thinks you're a slayer and you're mom knows you're genetic trash

For those of you who have both parents, first off no offense for what I'm about to say: you're dad probably is a blue pilled cuck who thinks that looks don't matter as long as you have a good personality. He probably makes jokes about how you're going to see your gf whenever you go out. Maybe he was the one who gave you the birds and the bees talk and if you try to black pill him, he probably tells you delusional fantasies of how he got your mom despite he being short and fat (what he won't tell you is the fact that your mom had had 6 boyfriends before hitting the wall and cucking your dad)

Your mom on the other hand, she's more (evil) realistic. Since the moment she saw you, she knew you'd be a genetic inferior and ugly subhuman, and she has raised you as such. All she cared about is you getting good grades so that when you grow up you could have a high paying job where you'd be wageslaving forever to maintain a fat roastie with two bastard kids. That's the best she thinks you can get. She never told you you were handsome. She never encouraged you to gave fun outside and see the world. She never (loved you?) gave you hope.

[LittleBoy] #psycho

[LittleBoy] #psycho incels.co

[Hypocrisy] CensorshipPill: Normies/SJWs/Femistazis/Male Femistazis... You will never silence us... Ever... Thread starter

We will rise like the Phoenix & extract one hell of a vengeance upon your sorry arses.

1. We will congregate with loud speakers.
2. We will distribute flyers & postages
3. We will go where we want.
4. We will defend ourselves physically if we're being attacked & legally should you wish to pursue that.
5. We will create balloons with messages to get the word out.
6. We will invade each & every one of YOUR forums using Alts of various abilities. We will take screen shots of our messages, print it & then distribute it in each & every household/shop etc...
7. We will take down your sites & forum boards. We'll learn how to do so & do it well.
8. We will fight on to the most bitterest of ends & we will Win.

An example of a range of "abilities & capabilities" we can & will employ.

Justice is not & will never be on your side. Get that through your thick heads.

BlkPillPres #sexist #psycho

BlkPillPres #sexist #psycho incels.co


That's it, that's the summary of how attraction in dating works, all this PUA fuckery is literally just JESTERMAXXING, its just men employing psychological tactics to trick, motivate or guilt a woman into trying to be attracted to them, it isn't "natural"

Chad doesn't have to memorize pick up lines, rehearse body language, insult a woman indirectly to lower her guard, etc to gain a woman's attention and attract her, his mere presence alone is enough

OldIncel #sexist

OldIncel #sexist incels.co

[Serious] Women are not as traumatized as they pretend to be about rape

Think about how many men women have sex with. By the time they're 25 years old they've had sex with 40+ people.

Do you really think that they're traumatized over the 41th dick that was forcefully inserted in her vagina? JFL

The only reason they act traumatized about rape is because THEY WANT TO CONTROL THE NARRATIVE. They want you to feel sorry for her and give her what she wants because "muh raaaaape!" I have absolutely no empathy over women who have been forcefully sodomized by any male.

The only time when it's okay to have a little bit of empathy is if she was a virgin. Virgin girls haven't been ruined yet by Chad so the rape has done considerable damage to her value. She will never be as valuable as she was prior to her rape. Damaged goods forever.

MountainGorilla #racist #sexist #psycho #quack

MountainGorilla #racist #sexist #psycho #quack incels.co

[Blackpill] The Psychology of Normies When Faced With The Truth

They're incapable of taking other people's perspective and yet they have the fucking audacity to spread mental health awareness.
All of these normies believe nurture > nature JUST FUCKING LOL. Your environment is only affects you like 20% while genetics affects your life by 80%. Don't believe me? Just look at African IQ scores vs White IQ scores and also search up the Flynn Effect. After adolescence, iq goes back down to normal and Africans IQ goes back to 85 and Whites IQ scores goes back to 90 thanks to the Flynn Effect because it doesn't matter if a African child was raised in a white household, further proving that it all comes down to genetics.

I think the lesson we can get out of this is that most people/normies are fucking mediocre, life is short and you are not going to do anything special with your life. These normies believe they are special because they love believing in a comfortable lie. Just wait until the agepill hits them and see them drop their beliefs. Normies are the most contradictory people ever and I'd rather take advice from a fucking goldfish than them.

But as for me, I'm thankful for learning that blackpill at a young age. Sure as I get older and I experience mogging and suifuel around me, I can be content that I learned the truth rather than wallow in lies. Unlike these normies who betray their own beliefs at the first sign of trouble, I will never betray the blackpill, it holds a special place in my heart, its in my blood and veins and I can feel a pulsing vibrancy and magical euphoria from it despite how brutal the blackpill is.

But I think the blackpill transcends the truth as well. The blackpill is the new forefront of mankind's search for truth and the meaning of life, the blackpill carries the torch from those of previous generations of philosophers and scientists.

Total Imbecile #sexist #psycho

Total Imbecile #sexist #psycho incels.co

[Serious] My morals are entirely shaped by the fact that I dont have a gf

Essentially anything that makes it harder for me to get a gf = bad, anything that improves my chances = good

For example abortion and free birth control: Im against both because girls being able to sleep carelessly with Chads ruins my chances

If I ever get a gf and she gets preggo and I dont want it then abortion should be legal even at 9 months, if the kid turns out to have autism or is mentally retarded post birth abortion should be legal too in that case

Id do anything for a gf, I would literally kill a toddler with a hammer if thatd guarantee me a gf

Arguing if something is moral or ethical because of some higher reasons = pointless, for me it all boils down to having a gf

To_Live_is to_Serve #sexist #quack

To_Live_is to_Serve #sexist #quack incels.co

[ToxicFemininity] Women and individual selective traits

Females are more individual selective than males. Males have a sense of truth and are more prone to self sacrifice by giving their live for the group. It is ironic that the group which is more individual selective more often gangs up to mercilessly genocide or hinder the group selective group. It is because of egoism, lack of empathy, lack of mercy and only looking to your own good, not that of the group, nation, humanity or world.

Females favour individual selection when selecting mates. Women favour violence, fear and the dark triad of personality besides good physique and health which are universally healthy. If the group got destroyed in war by a more group selective group, women would just have sex with the males of the victorious people akin to how lionesses mate with the male lion as soon as he has killed her kids and baby daddy. It lies thus in the male interest to increase group selection while female instincts which favour individual selective traits remain. This can be done by normalising a culture of arranged marriage or to execute males who practice abundantly individual selective behaviour.

DarwinsDisgrace #conspiracy #sexist

DarwinsDisgrace #conspiracy #sexist incels.co

[Venting] The coronavirus is a lie, the economy is fucked and governments need a scapegoat

The wheels have finally come off of our sick societies, be it the society of the UK, of the US or of Germany. I could talk about negative quarterly growth figures, shenanigans from central banks, how we're overdue an economic crash etc. but speaking from my own experience, from the heart if you will, there are too many people contributing nothing and the people who are contributing are a) not appreciated b) denied relationships c) on minimum wage regardless of their importance etc. and they have gradually been losing any motivation to ensure that the organisations they work for function efficiently.

So what's the solution? Hurr durr every civil service of every country is going to put the entirety of western civilisation on hold until they can think what the fuck they are going to do. The media says they are going to raise taxes to pay for the coronavirus, we're actually going to be paying for women taking dick up the arse from CHAD. If I can't get away with half-assing my job and lying to my boss about it then I'm going NEET again, this time permanently and nobody will get a single penny from me ever again, not like it would make any difference to my quality of life anyway.

And finally fuck women, how easy would it be for them to even give a chance to a man with their own house and a steady job all in a nice area? But no, they need 6ft tall love island mega-chad whose only claim to fame is a history degree from the university of bumfuck nowhere and before you call that cope, Chads these days don't even bother having jobs at all until they are in their late 20's.

Uglyme #psycho

Uglyme #psycho incels.co

[Venting] If I had a big family with lots of sisters, I'd rope on Valentines' day

First off: "oH No, tHiS iNkweL Is eNcoUraGinG SuIciDe :soy::soy::feelstastyman::feelstastyman:" Shut up simptears get the fuck out of here!

Alright, I think Valentine's day is perfect for roping especially if I had a big family with sisters, that would ruin their lives forever cause every time they were fucking their boyfriends on that hollyday, they would remember that's the date her subhuman brother died. To make it even harder to swallow, I'd rope in the middle of the living room, so that when they came back from fucking their fucking boyfriends, the first thing they'd see would be the corpse of their ugly brother hanging from the ceiling. Unfortunately, my only family is my mom so that wouldn't have the same effect.
Disclaimer: "don't rope you have so much to live for :feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha: :feelskek::feelskek::feelskek::feelskek:"

jerek #sexist #psycho #quack

jerek #sexist #psycho #quack incels.co

As a bluepilled person i guess you could be "happy" if you found your ugly girlfriend in your late 20's. You could think you're special and meant of each other and, if you're lucky and she doesn't cuck you, you could enjoy a relationship without passion and a lot of starfish sex with your unkempt girlfriend that doesn't make any efforts for you (since you're not chad and you don't give her the tingles).

Also, if said guy got cucked he would probably become blackpilled.

And what happens if you absorb the blackpill? Well, you can't go back.

What IT doesn't understand is that, aside from the facade of shitposting, we are blackpilled because we CANNOT go back even if we wanted because EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS KEEPS SHOWING IT TO OUR THROAT.

We cannot delude ourselves into thinking that we are all equals, it's too late, especially if anything that happens proves otherwise! We know that an incel gets ghosted in the moment he shows his face (even if until that moment the woman was happy and interested), we know that chad can do anything and he will fuck because we did chadfishing at one point of our life.

Honestly i don't know what to do. The only solution i can think is cutting all ties from the internet (because the ones from society are already tied) and avoid at any costs all media that shows women with good looking guys (obiviously).

Seriously, there is no escape. You can do as much as you want, but in the moment you try to get a decent woman she will ghost you in the moment she sees your face, and you are back to square one.

crew2 #wingnut sexist

crew2 #wingnut sexist incels.co

[Serious] All the Left parties cuck themselves into having no chance at the polls with 'muh socialism' but do nothing for incels

Anyone else notice this shit? While they should really be PRIMARILY focusing on homelessness, healthcare and the economy, these guys will support every whiney fucking problem that exists just to virtue themselves into power by pretending they actually care but won't lift a finger to recognise one of the most damaging aspects to the mental health of society in inceldom. While there are a lot of SJWs and cucks about there is still enough common sense for most people to realise that this is utter garbage so they vote against it at an increasing rate.

I mean compare these fucking problems to a lifetime of ridicule, loneliness, sadness and suicidal thoughts that an incel goes through:-
muh pay gap = females create the pay gap by working less hours than men and taking easier jobs while relying on their husband to earn the real money. Not an option for 99.9999% of men. And they use fake statistics to support these claims which have been rumbled multiple times...NEXT
muh misogyny = females like misogynistic men so create a demand which men must fill to even be noticed by women hence why it exists in places where females are at their most selective such as schools and colleges. As a man your options are either - be good looking, be a thug, be a cuck or be an incel...NEXT
muh rape and spousal abuse = Personality detector fail OR you were attracted to this type of behaviour and that's why you hooked up with that guy in the first place. It's not like there is an epidemic of incels.co posters grabbing women on the streets but there does seem to apparently be an epidemic of chads and thugs beating up and raping their girlfriends so I guess that's my fault sitting here playing Red Dead Redemption 2 yes? Unless of course it's yet another bullshit Amber Heard or #metoo style revenge case...NEXT
muh abortion = Fuck safely, fuck smartly, fuck less or shut the fuck up and get on with it. You being inconvenienced by an upcoming lack of dick doesn't give you the right to slaughter infants...NEXT
muh child support = If you are allowed to murder it he should have the right to not pay for it...NEXT
muh racism = oh so you just got insulted/overlooked for your race which is merely something which is entirely physical and nothing more? Welcome to real life son. Check out Tinder you can get overlooked on that for whatever women see as a physical inferiority, including race, without leaving the house...NEXT
muh gender fluidity = You are a man or a woman, cutting your package off doesn't change this. Whatever you look like to me is what I will call you...NEXT
etc etc you get the idea.

But they haven't even glimpsed into the problems that are causing men to live in total isolation, drop out of the system entirely or blow their own heads off with shotguns rather than live another second??? :feelsclown:

moggables #sexist #crackpot #ableism

moggables #sexist #crackpot #ableism incels.co

A parent who doesn't put their kids on HGH from a very young age is just as bad as an anti-vaxxer

One reason why the bluepill is bad is because it breeds a very harmful ignorance that allows parents to neglect their son's looks. There are probably a lot of men here who would be high-tier normie/Chadlite had their parents decided to do everything in their power to make their son looksmax from an early age. But they didn't, and puberty passed, and now you're stuck with whatever subhuman genes your mother gave you.

But society still wants to turn away from any looks-based theory because it doesn't sound as nice as some Disney-faggot Just World, where if you just believe and have le good personality, inkwell, you'll be happy. And future parents see that shit and then use it to justify their lazy neglect when it comes to their sons' looks.

metabuxx #sexist #conspiracy

metabuxx #sexist #conspiracy incels.co

[RageFuel] The reason why holes shame men who try to surgerymax

Holes are dumb retards who are very easy to trick. They know that that if surgerymaxed men walked around then they would struggle to find real Chads.

If you are balding, short or belong to an inferior race, they want to see that in order to deem you as a subhuman. So they shame and humiliate us whenever we try to hide our inferior traits. This is why holes are always seething over surgerymaxed men because they know that those men will be able to pass on their inferior genes.

The employ numerous methods to prevent us from doing so -

Gaslighting - "Don't spend money on surgeries sweetie. You need to work on your personality."
Virtue signalling - "That guy who got a jaw surgery looks more approachable in his earlier pics. I would've totally dated him."
Humiliation - "Imagine spending thousands of dollars to increase your height just to get rejected because it was always your personality that mattered"
And when nothing works, Frustration - "I know you will get laid more after your surgery but remember this, women care more about what kind of a person you are rather than your looks. So enjoy all that meaningless sex while you can because you'll never find a woman to settle down with."

Don't listen to holes. They don't want us to ascend. Their purpose in life is to throw subhumans out of the genepool and they will go to any length to achieve it.

lifeisbullshit95 #psycho #conspiracy

lifeisbullshit95 #psycho #conspiracy incels.co

[It's Over] Social media and dating apps have killed more men than both world war combined


uglyme #sexist #conspiracy

uglyme #sexist #conspiracy incels.co

Women's standards have turned the world into a horrid place to live

A few examples:

- Because women like bad boys and thugs, a lot of men dream of becoming criminals and drug dealers instead good citizens.

- Because women want Chad only, men are killing themselves at the gym and with bland diets so they can look more appealing to women.

- Because women are materialistic whores, men are forced to wageslave 10 hours a day just to have barely enough to afford the childish whims of some old roastie wife.

- Because women want to fuck around, millions of babies are aborted each year LEGALLY.

- Because women are whores, a girl who's got 10 boyfriends before 18 is more respected than a boy who's got a scholarship at some prestigious university.

- Because women are lazy to learn, the quality of many products and machinery has lowered a lot just to be more comfortable for women to use it.

- Because women don't want subhumans to be close to them, now you can get arrested just for bumping into a woman on the street by mistake.

- Because women suck at every profession, degenerate apps like twitch allows them to make millions just by showing their tits and asses.

And many more.

Arthas93 #sexist #wingnut #conspiracy

Arthas93 #sexist #wingnut #conspiracy incels.co

[Hypocrisy] When foids say "patriarchy" they mean "ugly men only"

For the last few decades an horrible cultural and ideological war has been raging on in the West.
Many social changes occurred because of that war. One of them is "men are bad".

Women have sided with those who want to destroy males in the West.
A funny thing to me is that both white and ethnic women scream all day against the "patriarchy".
And when they finish screaming, both go to suck Chad dick. Or Tyrone dick.

So what kind of patriarchy is that you fight against by rewarding with free sex?
Pure foid double-think imbecility right?

Not really. Under a more careful look, foids are not hating "the patriarchy" of handsome, rich, powerful males.
Even though they SAY those are the ones they "hate". Their actions are very different from their words.

No. The "patriarchy" that they hate, doesn't include Chad/Tyrone.
When a foid, feminist or not, says anything about evil males or patriarchy, what they really mean is "ugly males".
They don't want to have to choose to keep relationships with ugly males. The "patriarchy" and "evil men" means "ugly men".

BlkPillPres #sexist

BlkPillPres #sexist incels.co

[Blackpill] Women Hate Shit Like This Because Its A Reminder That Their Primary Worth Will Always Be Their Holes (Greta Thunberg Sticker Scandal)

She can go wherever and try to "save the world" all she wants, at the end of the day, all she'll ever be is a collection of holes to be used by men

The first thing that pops into man's head when he see's a young ageable female who is even remotely attractive, (subconsciously and/or consciously), is her naked and/or performing sex acts

So from the get go it doesn't matter what a woman has accomplished because what the average man wants from every woman has nothing to do with her accomplishments

All women are pretty much kidding themselves "larping as men", thinking that their law degree or them being a CEO is going to impress anyone, nobody cares, society doesn't really care, we need women to pop out babies so we can keep this engine chugging along, nobody really gives a fuck about a woman's accomplishments, because their worth has more to do with biological realities

jet112 #sexist #wingnut

jet112 #sexist #wingnut incels.co

[JFL] i don't understand incels that equate sexual regulation to communism/socialism

you oughta be out of your motherfucking mind.

sexual capitalism looks nothing like money capitalism.
our 'capitalist' system is heavily regulated in taxes and benefits, nothing like this exists in sexual capitalism.
in sexual capitalism you get 1 match every year and post your sob stories on the internet, just like now.
we were at the height of civilization when the sexual market was regulated, its just that shithead capitalistcels forgot that due to their ignorance

Payer #conspiracy #psycho

Payer #conspiracy #psycho incels.co

You're locked in you're house because an incel is taking revenge on society

Small-framed and ugly which later fueled his psychopathy and desire to to control and later kill humanity.

Early in his life, Gates observed that his parents wanted him to pursue a law career.When he was young, his family regularly attended a church of the Congregational Christian Churches, a Protestant Reformed denomination.[24][25][26] Gates was small for his age and was bullied as a child. The family encouraged competition; one visitor reported that "it didn't matter whether it was hearts or pickleball or swimming to the dock; there was always a reward for winning and there was always a penalty for losing"

Lv99_BixNood #sexist #racist

Lv99_BixNood #sexist #racist incels.co

[Blackpill] Why feminism fucked up Asia more than it fucked up the West

Asians are genetically feminine (short, neotenous, low T), but until their soyification after WW2 they always had a masculine driven culture that valued honor and strength. Now this warrior culture has been replaced by capitalism and foid worship. It's the same in the West, but whites are generally more biologically masculine than Asians so they can afford acting soy and still be somewhat attractive to women (obviously not true for incels, but for normies and Chads). That's also why whites can wear gay hairstyles like manbuns and still look attractive while an Asian with manbun just looks like an utter faggot.

tldr: Having a masculine culture was much more important for Asians than it was for whites because it balanced out their feminine traits.

soulartemis #psycho #sexist fundie

soulartemis #psycho #sexist fundie incels.co

[Soy] White male doctors who perform hymen reconstruction surgery on Muslim sluts are the worst kind of white knights

It’s not like this is cleft palate surgery. These Muslim sluts knew what they were getting into by fucking before marriage, and yet they didn’t care, and now they go crying for a second chance through hymen surgery to fake the virginity that they recklessly threw away.

I have no respect for the male doctors who perform hymen reconstruction surgery and disrespect Muslim culture by interfering in an important rite in the culture.

AccountError #sexist

AccountError #sexist incels.co

[Based] Women were expected to STFU throughout all of history

Across the world, women were not permitted to speak without her husband's permission. The punishment ranged from gags, floggings and sometimes beheadings. We need to adopt this again, any foid who speaks without permission needs to be curtailed one way or another, this way, we will decrease the amount of low IQ shit being said. Everyone will also have a better hearing ability since your ears won't wont to close up hearing a roastie.

Legendarywristcel #sexist

Legendarywristcel #sexist incels.co

[Serious] Why foids dont achieve as much as men do

For most foids, a majority of their time in life is spent on deciding who they can spread their legs to. In their younger years, they spend all their time seeking out good looking men to fuck and feel validated. In their older years, they start seeking money and status.

It is precisely due to this strong programming and their inability to use the higher levels of their brain to overcome this that most foids are unable to achieve much.

Ropemaxx #sexist #conspiracy #psycho

Ropemaxx #sexist #conspiracy #psycho incels.co

Women hate you. Their biggest wish in life is for you to die (literally)

Just a reminder that women hate you. Women want nothing more than for you to die a painful death. They hate your existence. They hate your genes. Unlike men, women are very hostile to bad genes. There is a million ways to lose in the dating market as a man, and virtually none for a woman.
Women hate your face. Women hate and despise your bad jawline, bad eye area, small insufficient dick, short height, or even tall height if you are ugly. Women hate every part of your body.

They know your life is nothing but suffering and torture. Yet they wouldnt give you a hug to literally save your life, yet alone any sexual pleasure. Why do you think this is? Its not a coincidence. Women not fucking an incel at all cost, is ALL part of their biological plan.

Womens biggest goal in life is not to fuck chads, its for incels to die and never reproduce.

Women have two main priorities in life that is higher on their list than anything else.
1# NOT FUCK an incel

2# Be chads personal cumdrenched fleshlight

>everything else

Personalityinkwell #sexist #psycho

Personalityinkwell #sexist #psycho incels.co

[Based] The point of enforced monogamy isn't to make "romantic couples", it's to destroy the value of female validation.

In today's sexual market, men are competing with each other for female validation, a LIMITED RESOURCE. Some men will get lots of it and live happy, some men will not get it and live shitty lives. The point of enforced monogamy is so that when you get a wife, you DON'T CARE if she likes you, she's your property, and can't exert any control over your mind like women can do to their boyfriends today. People on this forum argue "even if I get a wife assigned to me, she won't like me, so what's the point". See, the problem with this thinking is that you are looking at it through the lens of modern society, where a woman gets to choose her partner, so female validation is seen as valuable. In a society that enforces monogamy, you would no longer value such female validation, it would be completely worthless. Therefore, you would be able to be married and never worry "does she like me", it wouldn't make a difference to you.

theheightpill #sexist #wingnut

theheightpill #sexist #wingnut incels.co

[Venting] Normies DO recognize blackpills they just don't care.

Blackpills are controversial and hard to talk about in real life, but the past couple years I've literally not given a fuck and have spat blackpills to coworkers and family and realized that normies will agree with you about them. Talk about how women live on "just exist" mode to any man and they won't deny it. Argue about which sex has it harder and make make them realize how shitty their lives actually are. Talk about tinder to them; have them make a girl profile of an average girl. Bring up natural birthrates and how there's a fuck ton more men alongside hypergamy or whatever blackpills are on your mind and as long as you explain it to them they'll agree. I am a boss at my job, so maybe I have an intimidation factor to my younger coworkers, but none of them disagreed with me; same with my dad. The thing that normies and your family will do though is tell you there's no reason to be thinking like that, or that not all women are like that, or that's just the way it is, or whatever bullshit cope they feel like telling you. Normies are too easily swayed by herd mentality and because it will always be the entire female population against us, they will always side with them because they think it'll help them get pussy.

rightfulcel #psycho

rightfulcel #psycho incels.co

[Serious] Remember to exploit and fuck up any normie you can

Does not apply to fellow incels of course, but remember they never showed you any mercy so why should you be nice to them and not try to fuck them over in a sneaky way? Wear a recorder and record everything they say. Idk be creative. There is NOTHING wrong with doing this. Before you are like "muh fellow men" remember that none of them gave a shit if they were not a sub human, they were bystanders to bullys who bullied you, never invited you anywhere etc. Exploiting is playing by their rules nothing more, nothing less. Fuck normies tbh.

AccountError #sexist #psycho

AccountError #sexist #psycho incels.co

Anyone who goes ER against society and the status quo is a hero

tbh ngl society is evil and it deserves everything it gets tbh ngl

especially if they were incel and down- trotted by soyciety

Why do you think 10 men at the same time would make it more major? I think if they were spread at ten different times randomly it would cause more of an impact. A virus that killed a few thousand people has the whole world on lockdown. Imagine if there were random ER's that happened with the goal of ending cuckdom and inceldom, normies would put an end to it in less than a week. Random people working on their own, or in small groups, can almost never be caught.

ToxicMisogynist #sexist #psycho #conspiracy

ToxicMisogynist #sexist #psycho #conspiracy incels.co

Kind reminder: women want you dead

They hate you, they think you deserve to die simply for being born with inferior genes. They feel no pity. Looksmaxxing such as surgery is also futile because they will still sense your inferior genes and hate you for it. But if you hate them for rejecting you, treating you like shit for years and smothering the little that remained of your already low self-esteem, you're a radical inkwell and terrorist, and if you dare to release some steam by writing about your homicidal thoughts instead of acting on them, you can expect the Mossad to barge in through your door any second and take the rest of your life away.

Women are just awful. They're the worst. It seems like they've been trying to drive me into killing myself for as long as I've lived, so it's completely justified to feel a little bit of resentment towards them, don't you think? Every time I hear news about violence against women, it feels like justice.

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finncel #sexist #psycho incels.co

[Discussion] How does rape happen?

If a woman's cunt is dry, you can't put your dick inside her.
She needs to be aroused for you to fuck her.

Also, I saw some statistics that women tend to get orgasms during rape.
So if she liked it, is it really rape?

Arthas93 #sexist #psycho

Arthas93 #sexist #psycho incels.co

Unfortunately, foids have completely twisted both the meaning and the law that decides what rape is.

As such, if a Chad breaks her jaw while he has forced sex with her, then it's "just some rough foreplay, teehee".
But an ugly man looking at her from across the street is "OMG, that creep is looking at me! I am literally being raped right now."

Foids have created something like "selective rape".
If it's a Chad then it's not rape. No matter what he does or how he does it.

Rape in the past wasn't a crime because of the sexual act, it was a crime because it "took away the chastity of the woman."
Today the average foid have less chastity than a prostitute. They give free sex to literally hundreds of Chads, Tyrones and even dogs.

One undesired sexual intercourse with an ugly man doesn't change even a single atom in anything for the foid.
The next hour she is back at the club sucking Tyrone while she gives her pussy to a goat.

In fact, as we have seen recently, if a guy gets rich, foids will pop up and claim that he raped her 30 years ago when he sneezed near her in an elevator. They have no problem making up false rape allegations.

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cryptic__egg #sexist #psycho incels.co

[Serious] Why do females feel the need to show themselves in public?

In Islamic cultures foids are quite rightly expected to cover their faces in public. What foids fail to understand is that being visible is inherently sexually provocative; your body is designed to attract the opposite sex, and simply allowing men to see it is inviting them to try to have sex with you. In the case of rape foids try to argue that it is never the victims fault, but in most cases the fact that she was wearing revealing clothes is what caused the attack. By revealing her body and face, she was indirectly inviting men around her to attempt to take her. It's ridiculous that foids in the modern age try to deny that any of this is true. We know that humans will be sexually drawn to other humans of the opposite sex, so how can anyone claim that knowingly displaying yourself in public is not a sexual act?

The world would be better if foids just covered themselves. Not only would they likely be protected from the sexual advances of men that they would be teasing by showing themselves, but they make the act of showing themselves more significant for the men they do love. Nobody wants to date a foid knowing that she is on display to everyone throughout the day. Your partner is your property, not the shared property of every man on the street.

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RodgersSecondAdvent #psycho #sexist incels.co

[RageFuel] The fact that women love being raped and humiliated is what makes me unable to have even a grain of respect for these subhumans.

Your average bluepilled numale will shudder at reading the title or throw a massive tantrum in order to uphold his fantasy of the scrupulous, fairer sex. He may deny it because his female "friends" tell him otherwise as only he's stupid enough to take anything that leaves the mouth of a foid for true. #believewomen

Women love being raped, they love being humiliated, they love being dominated, they love feeling small, they love being used as sexual objects and are utterly apathetic when it comes to being respected.

You only need to look at what arouses them the most. A much taller, broad, dominating, deep voiced, brash man. When they say they prefer "confidence", they mean arrogance and narcissism. A relationship with a female couldn't be further removed than a relationship you have with male friends where your friendship is defined by mutual respect and the acknowledgement of standing on equal foot. A female will expect you to take the initiave at all times, outrun agency. In a situation where this happens to not the case, its attraction towards you will dwindle considerably.

Think of the popularity of fifty shades of gray, how females on the rape subreddit try to rape bait men. The biggest enemy of equality are females themselves.

Don't believe whatever a female tells you she's attracted by. Think of my previous thread where females rated their arousal towards bonobo's as minimal when the plethysmograph registered something entirely different. They have both subhuman self-awareness and are massive liars.

Tell me, how the hell am I supposed to respect these creatures that can hardly be viewed as people?

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HeebJesus #pedo #sexist incels.co

[Venting] "Illegal" porn

Think about it like this: you can watch videos of people getting their dicks cut off and fed to them by cartels, you can watch videos of people smearing shit all over their faces, you can watch videos of women barfing into one another's mouth, you can watch men and women getting raped, you can watch women sucking a dog's dong, you can watch a man getting penetrated by a horses dick, you can watch people fuck corpses, but if you instead fap to 12 year old lolis in compromising situations, you are automatically given a life sentence and become the most hated person in the world. Does anyone see the problem in that? A woman hits puberty when she's 11 or 12, not 18. If she's old enough to bleed, she's old enough to breed. Another thing our cucked feminist controlled legal system thinks is so unacceptable that it must be made illegal is revenge porn. If a woman willingly sends her partner videos and pictures of herself nude, but acts like a filthy fucking whore and cheats on him, so he decides to upload her pictures, that's HER FUCKING FAULT. Maybe cheating on men and stepping on their toes is a form of abuse that should be punished by the law?

Seriously, we pamper women like they're fucking children.

Uglyme #sexist #conspiracy

Uglyme #sexist #conspiracy incels.co

[It's Over] The reason why your mom keeps saying you're handsome

Your mom and your female relatives already know it's over for your ugly ass but they still tell you how handsome you are. Why? Cause they want you to keep trying so you can eventually take care of a (filthy and useless roastie whore) poor and abused single mother. It's a big complot, all women, even your mom, know that ugly men's final fate is to wageslave to death to maintain an old and wasted roasty with three kids from different dads. They are convinced that's the best we can get. So next time your mom tells you how handsome you are and that you will find a girl she's actually telling you this: "look, I know you're ugly and no girl is gonna be interested in you, but I need you to keep thinking you are and keep trying cause many of my friends' daughters are partying and fucking like crazy right now and they're gonna need an ugly idiot with a stable job when they decide to settle down, and that guy will be you" No woman thinks an ugly man has a good future, not even your mom.

ThoughtfulCel #sexist #conspiracy #quack

ThoughtfulCel #sexist #conspiracy #quack incels.co

We live in a society where its a competition of who can be the biggest victim.

It's a slow process of feminizing men, making them more docile and soft. And giving women fake empowerment.

Women are too stupid to realise they are being manipulated for government and corporate gain, so they welcome this empowerment. Why wouldn't they? They get to fuck chad and be considered equal to a man for doing absolutely nothing.

This is why there is no going back.

Men in higher power have convinced women that they can be men to, forever ruining the balanced structure of female and male relationships.

As a result men are becoming softer, less masculine. If men are less masculine this means they will be less outspoken and more willing to accept terrible work conditions and environments.

If you want to blame anyone for society as a whole shifting to being offended by stupid shit like "sexualization" or "toxic masculinity", blame the government that is purposefully making you lose more and more testosterone every year for monetary gain, pushing gay and transgender agendas, and censoring everything, thus reducing any artistic or cultural value.

In short, humans deserve to die and I deserve to rule what's left of earth

LOLI BREEDING (aka Napoleon de Geso) #pedo #psycho

LOLI BREEDING (aka Napoleon de Geso) #pedo #psycho incels.co

How to deal with low IQ parents of loli who don't want mature man but rather fuckboy?

Very big problem, even if I somehow convince loli to cuddle and creampie(after 4.5 months coronavirus ends, can only ldar and looksmax now :feelsUnreal:) that still leaves daddy and mommy who are obviously normie npcs and will only want partner for loli as mainstream media dictates: teen fuckboy to have fun with and later betabux. Can't get cucked because of overprotective parents if I ever manage to ascend, I'd probably rope right then and there :feelsrope:

cryptic__egg #psycho

cryptic__egg #psycho incels.co

[Serious] Suicide is a completely reasonable action

Before I became blackpilled I would often seek advice from normies on dealing with suicidal thoughts. The advice they would give generally sounded nice, but id didn't give any great instructions and I felt confused as to why I couldn't improve my mental state. It seemed like wanting to rope was irrational but I couldn't logically talk myself out of it.

Since then, it's become obvious that there is nothing wrong with my mental state at all. When you don't have any hope of finding love because of looks, are too low IQ to succeed in education and are failing socially, what else is there left in life o actually do? I am not skilled enough for the majority of hobbies, so my time is empty. Normies try to convince us that this is a problem, but really it's just our reality. Some of us find copes, but some of us just don't and there is no reason for us to do anything.

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streetlyte #sexist #dunning-kruger incels.co

[Blackpill] Proof that being ugly is a legal liability

We've all known and joked about forever that the difference between sexual harassment and flirting is whether or not the girl finds you attractive. It is a tragic reality that most normies refuse to acknowledge but they know deep down is 100% true.

Consider this scenario - pretend you are at a typical normie hangout spot. A bar, a party, a football game, whatever. There's a girl that you've been talking to and had a couple drinks with. You think it's going well and you're hitting it off so you make a bold, low-inhb move and full-palm grab her ass cheek. What happens next?

Your hand on her ass is an objective, inarguable event that just occurred, but something else is happening at the exact same time. It is 100% up to her SUBJECTIVE experience whether or not a crime was committed. Her subjective experience to your hand on her ass literally determines if you are a criminal or not.

If she liked it and/or likes you, no crime was committed. You are legally, and solely by her subjective experience, NOT a criminal. However if she didn't like it, you just committed sexual assault and now you ARE a criminal.

What determines if she liked it or not? Your looks. And being ugly means your chance of being a criminal are substantially higher, with the more attracted she is to you directly correlating to your likelihood of her pressing charges.

Even if she was the kind of girl that really doesn't want chads grabbing her ass (lol), do you really think she would report Chad to the police? She would at WORST tell him "hey not cool man," and stop talking to him.

But if she doesn't find you attractive? Congrats inkwell, you just committed sexual assault and your fate is completely in her hands.

TLDR women are a joke

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mNFwTJ3wz9 #sexist #psycho incels.co

[RageFuel] Ted Kaczynski was ratted out by chadbro who was convinced to do so by a foid(wife).

Before his identity was known, the FBI used the case identifier UNABOM (University and Airline Bomber) to refer to his case, which resulted in the media naming him the "Unabomber". The FBI and Attorney General Janet Reno pushed for the publication of Industrial Society and Its Future, which led to a tip from Kaczynski's brother David, who recognized the writing style.

David's wife, Linda Patrik, first suspected Theodore and urged David to read the manifesto when it was published. David recognized Ted's writing style, and the criminal defense lawyer the couple hired notified authorities.

VirginAutistManlet #sexist #dunning-kruger

VirginAutistManlet #sexist #dunning-kruger incels.co

[Blackpill] Being incel has taught me EXTREME PATIENCE (hypothesis)

I use to never understand why all women (and some men) are in a rush, in debt, impulsive, bored easily, and it made me realize, its because they've always had their base needs such as water, food, shelter, affection, social acceptance, intimacy and sex have always been met, so they cannot handle not getting what they want right now.

When you go without some of these base needs for years and years, even decades, what does it do to you?

Your mind & body becomes accustom to never being able to get base needs, desire after desire, thought after thought, being blocked from intimacy, being blocked from affection, blocked from sex, everyday you crave it, you don't get it, weeks go on like this, months, years, decades, and eventually not getting those base needs met, your brain develops (in a torture-like brutal mental state destroying way) the ability to understand that you cannot get what you want, even if you crave it everyday, you become accustom to not being able to get what you want right now, for years and years. This is especially true if you never developed a drug, alcohol or prostitute habit.

I believe my life of inceldom is why I never developed the materialistic lifestyle, how can I care about those extra things, trinkets, gadgets, etc, when my base needs have never been met? If you're starving from lack of affection, intimacy, touch, etc - and craving it for your entire teens, 20s, and 30s, and still haven't got it, why would you care about materialistic shit? I believe for me I can't move onto materialism until I am getting base needs met in an intimate relationship with a female.

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gymletethnicel #psycho #conspiracy incels.co

[Serious] Realistically, when will being a short man be considered a legitimate crime punishable by death or life imprisonment?

I am not talking about the current society where being short just fucks you over in every single aspect in life. Being short is basically already worse than being a murderer to some people.

Though I wonder when it will be that manlets have to fear for their lives and will get hunted down by governments of the world.

I personally think it'll take another 50 years at the very least because there are still manlet world leaders. Though there is no doubt in mind that a time will come that short men will be treated as bandits.

It won't happen in the foreseeable future, but when digital gulag becomes real, we shortcels will surely get some good number off our social score. Simply because big data and algorithms will prove us being prone to disrupting public order and committing suicide due to our traumatized mental condition.

One way is by 'believe women', and if a short man tries to approach a woman, she reports him for rape. Which she gets tons of attention and sympathy for, and she is seen as a 'hot girl' who men want to go after.

Ap0calypse #dunning-kruger #sexist

Ap0calypse #dunning-kruger #sexist incels.co

The invisible language

1. Its easy to be confused by what female bluepillers say when you take their words at face value. The relationship type they are referring to isn't what we are looking for, its a inferior imitation and lacks mutual sexual attraction. Females are sometimes willing to tolerate a minimum amount of unpleasurable sex with unattractive males in exchange for the emotional and financial resources the fake relationship provides. Feminists seeks to remove the need for this entirely, they avoid openly saying this with clever language usage.

The only type of relationship theoretically attainable to unattractive males is an over-glorified friendship with the male exchanging resources for the chance to maybe have sex if the female agrees to tolerate it. The female will not fuck us because she wants to, she does it because the cause (tolerating sex/romance with a unattractive male) is overweighed by the effect (financial,emotional,stability) it provides. They can grow to potentially care about you overtime, but purely in a platonic way.

2. When a female goes on reddit to virtue signal, she is well aware that a male with insufficient genetic sexual dimorphism-aesthetics will never be sought after by females for sex out of innate urges

3. Females get no benefit from telling us this truth: it hurts their perception and spreading it will make the endgame of feminism unattainable

4.To convince herself she is doing the morally right thing, she tells herself that unattractive males benefit from the illusion of romance a fake relationship supplies

Mainländer #psycho #sexist

Mainländer #psycho #sexist incels.co

[Experiment] Ever noticed how it's impossible to truly respect sexually passive people?

Cucks and leftists say it's something cultural. Maybe, but I think it's our innate feeling of honor and the fact we biologically know the person who fucks is in a dominant/superior position while who's getting fucked is inferior/submissive.


Notice how the beautifully, sad tone of the song she's singing gets demolished by the contrasting scenes of her sucking cock and getting fucked on camera. It immediately stirs a feeling of lost dignity on us.

Would you be able to respect that girl after seeing it? Would you be able to have her as your doctor, your lawyer, your professor?

I wouldn't. After you see someone getting fucked like that, there's an innate (IMO) feeling of contempt, especially if the guy fucking her isn't her husband. This is related to honor, I think some foids and cucks don't experience it (some foids do however, just see how many feel ashamed and isolate/kill themselves after such videos emerge to the public, even if the consequences of it aren't that dire).

Active sexuality isn't shameful. I wouldn't really give a fuck if there were a video of me fucking a foid on the internet. It could perhaps create some minor inconveniences in my life or something, but I wouldn't cry over it at all. If someone told me they saw the vid, I'd say "yup, that was me fucking the girl in the vid" with a straight face, unlike girls whose videos get published and they do everything to either make people believe it isn't them on the vid or giving some other excuse like "I was raped!", "I was pressured!", etc, even if she's having a blast in the vid.


Now imagine your doctor/lawyer/professor being feature in a video like this one. The foid is rimming the guy while he farts on her mouth.

Would you really be able to respect someone after seeing the person doing that? Some foids and all cucks can do it, but it's impossible to me.

Would you be able to not feel bad it it were your daughter, sister or mother? I wonder how they manage to do it.

Foids wants us to be ashamed of our masculine sexuality. They want us to feel sorry about "toxic masculinity", to force ourselves not to like young developed girls like it's perfectly normal to do as a straight man.

This is what Roosh V talks about with his inversion theory, cultural marxists want to invert everything.

Masculinity is superior to femininity. Men are superior to women. Men are strong, women are weak; men are assertive, women are passive; men are the ones who go to the front line and risk their lives battling fiercely when push comes to shove while women and effeminate faggots cry and piss their pants. Men are the ones who have to do the hard work which is vital to society as well.

[scene of the movie “300”]

Contrast the scenes above, of women getting fucked and sexually humiliated, with this scene of masculine, heroic, strong men bravely fighting to defend their land. The feelings of respect, honor, admiration come up immediately.

Women are supposed to be our subordinates. They have the key role of bearing children and that's it. They inferior to us and unnecessary in everything else they can do.

GeneticJoke #sexist

GeneticJoke #sexist incels.co

[Blackpill] When a woman says a man is "good in bed"

It simply means he has a big dick, AND THAT'S IT.

She just doesn't say it outright due to not wanting to look bad or shallow or a complete slut, or just out of being shy and high inhib.

Even if she described him as "fantastic in bed" as opposed to "good", it still leaves a bit to the imagination of the coping dicklet. Is it his PIV technique and the way he moves his dick in and out of her (the motion of the ocean) ? Or maybe it's the way he fingers and licks her pussy. Or could it be that he is just an attentive lover, always considerate towards her and listening to what she wants ?

Nope. It's just that genetics has blessed him with a large piece of flesh between his legs.