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"Female sexuality is anti-social and dysgenic. It must be restrained for the good, and indeed, the survival, of the human race.

We begin with the truism that evolution selects for reproductive success and not any other trait. There is no restraint on evolution selecting for horribly anti-social sexual tendencies if such are reproductively optimal.

Observed fact: Women are fiercely attracted to men who play defect in the iterated prisoner’s dilemma game that is society. (Defecting in the classic prisoner’s dilemma is always better than cooperate no matter what the other player does.)"

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I find it amusing how foids say that they "fuck(ed) someone". It's like someone saying "my car drove me" instead of "I drove my car". You stupid toilet, you were fucked. You were the object that was being acted upon.

Being fucked isn't a bidirectional thing. One person fucks the other, and the other person is the slut who takes in all the fucking. Foids fall under the latter category: when they open their legs and let men stick their dicks down their rancid meatholes, foids are are the ones being fucked senselessly like filthy, depraved whores. A foid isn't "fucking" a man when she deepthroats and chokes on his cock, she's acting as a biological cum dumpster who only exists to pleasure him and get him to cum so she can swallow all his sperm up like the disgusting semen receptacle all toilets are :lul::lul::lul: It's why a foid's roasted beef flaps are so disgusting: us men were never meant to put our mouths near that scrunched up pile of fish meat, we were supposed to fuck that thing senselessly from a distance.

Ultimately, foids cannot fuck people. They fundamentally play the role of sex toys that get fucked, used, and thrown to the side by other men. They will never be anything more than sex slaves who are anatomically and behaviorally designed to pleasure their male masters during sex. Hell, the only way whores can gain any upper hand in sex is by mimicking the body parts of their male overlords with plastic strapons, but even then they won't truly feel anything or gain the kind of pleasure they crave when they take their proper roles as submissive sluts and get spitroasted by chads.

It's one of the reasons why no one is impressed when a foid has been fucked by hundreds of men: because like all other meat, she has an expiration date. Toilets need to thus refrain from laughably suggesting that they are in any way our equals in sex and that they "fuck" other guys. Because they can't fuck other guys, they can only pleasure them before they toss her aside.

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Male feminists are traitors and cuckolds

Imagine engaging in the war against masculinity as a male, you must really hate yourself and every other male on this earth.

Of course, a man who says shit like: "Women Are better than men" is just doing virtue signaling and trying to gain "good boy points“ in society and probably get some Pussy as a reward, like: Look at me, i am such a good boy, i don’t care about personal benefit, i only care about the benefit of women, i support women, even though they don’t support me, i am so selfless and a good boy.

At least, that’s what i hope, because otherwise it would mean, he hates his own gender, which automatically means, he hates himself.
They are like white cucks who suck the cocks of blacks, because they feel guilty.

I‘m not saying, men should support each other, what i am saying is, that male feminists simply despise themselves and because by fighting against the male gender, they are fighting against themselves like self hating cuckolds, the brainwashing is working on them very well.

I hate nothing more than male feminists

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Incel Trait: getting excited about mass shootings.
It's always funny whenever a mass shooting happens, normies always wanna give up gun rights. Meanwhile, niggers shoot each other to death in the city every day and normies don't give a shit. This proves normies are actually sociopaths who only care about an issue when it affects them. This is why normies deserve to be killed in mass shootings, or better yet, when little kids get killed in mass shootings, because those kids will grow up to be bratty teenagers

On top of that, all the parents have to deal with losing a child, imagine the misery and despair they will feel. Why should us as incels care about children, when we are denied the opportunity to reproduce? It makes no sense. And going back to the gun rights, it goes to show normies don't care about the gun rights, or even understand how rights work. they will claim stuff like "when the second amendment was created we didn't have access to high powered AR-15s". Well, we also didn't have the internet when the first amendment was created, so by that logic no one should be able to say stuff online. Which is ironically what normies think in regards to this forum, they think us saying mean stuff and "Go ER (in minecraft)", is illegal, when it's not.

Fuck normies, I hope the next mass shooter reaches double digits in kills.

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Burqa are super high IQ if you think about it, they heavily limit foids attractiveness to other men, which reduces male to male competiton and cheating. Because you don't know who's a 18yr cute girl or who's a 85 yr grandma.

Also, foids can't cheat with fakeups anymore. That greatly reduces their cheat codes.

Combine this with banning foids from leaving home without a man, and many relationship related problems are reduced to a minimum.

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I noticed that feminists seem to be pretty afraid of incels, but don't understand why. I mean, incels are pretty powerless, meanwhile feminists have all the power in the west.
So why are feminists afraid of incels?

I blame it on teaching them how to read.. and giving them freedom to watch jewtube...
they will watch propoganda on how ER was an incel and how he killed innocent wymen.. and they think all incels are ERs...
and you can see this on cuckeddit.. ER is the most widely used synonym for incels...and it is not just a bias against incels..
femoids will read over and over any new related to where a femoid gets killed or attacked at night.. like they read a wymen was killed by a homeless guy and so now they hate all homeless people...
it is hardwired in their brains...but all their hate vanishes when serial killer looks like Ted Bundy... its funny...
we need sharia law to curb these femoids form destroying this earth

This is also why wymen hate trump.. cause media portrayed him as being a anti femoid... femoids are so easy to manipulate if you are a chad...

[ in GTA V of course ]

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RageFuel "You're not entitled to sex, sweaty"

If we go by this logic men shouldn't be entitled to anything.
Imagine working hard and wageslaving all month and in the end your manager says "Sure you worked hard but you are not entitled to my money, sweaty".
Or imagine paying for health insurance every month and one day you get shot and go to your doctor who says "You are not entitled to my medicines sweaty"
Or imagine studying really hard just to hear your teacher say after the exam "You are not entitled to good grades sweaty"

This is what is happening to us right now. We work hard, wageslave, earn money and except to get a foid who loves us and gives us sex but their response is "You are not entitled to sex sweaty"
For normies its even worse, they go on dates, pay for dinner, spend thousands of dollars just to hear the foid say "You are entitled to my body sweaty".

If a manager refuses to pay his employees or if a doctor refuses to give his patients medicine, it is termed as violation of human rights. Same with sex, if foids refuse to have sex with us, IT SHOULD COME UNDER VIOLATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS.

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Will there be a societal collapse where most men become incels and choose to rebel?

People have said it before, but I'm not sure if it's actually going to happen. Someone once said that as inceldom increases among men, average men won't care about jobs anymore because the main reason men were participating in the work force and earning a steady income was to remain part of society and ultimately get pussy. Since social media, feminism and the possible election of Biden, it's evident that more men are headed towards inceldom.

I myself have noticed that most of my friends and people that I know in general are doing better than me in online dating and real-life pursuits with women. However, these guys rarely end up getting the main goal: relationship and sex. The girls always string them along and talk to them casually, giving them the impression that they're not incels but they are. They just don't realise it yet. When will guys realise this? That only the top 10% of guys are actually getting any solid and progressive interactions with women.

Once men as a society realise this, then there will be change.

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Best looking people are men without makeup majority of women are ugly, smartest people are men- no denying this, fastest people are men- biological fact, strongest people are men- biological fact, best athletes are men- biological fact, greatest intellectuals and thinkers are men- facts, best poets are men-can't deny, best authors are men -can't deny, best actors are men- definetly, best singers are men- yeah, best leaders are men - 100%, best comedians are men- yes, best chefs are men- probably, best engineers are men,- yeah best scientists are men- 100%, best doctors are men- true, the prophets were all men - yeah. Men mog - 100%

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Funding will be indirectly allocated to fund more law enforcement monitoring of incels online, which is very concerning and scary. As you read further down into the paragraph, you will see the mention of “investigating and prosecuting online sexual harassment,” which has an expansive definition.

As with most campaign promises, this one will probably not materialize into anything but it’s always good to be cautious and on alert for stuff like this from politicians.

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[Serious] Why do normies stand up for trans rights, female rights, minority rights, etc. when the real victims are ugly people who are universally opressed?
Think about it. Ugly people can be part of any group. Ugly trannies, ugly women, ugly men, ugly minorities. So ugly people are literally the biggest victims of oppression on the entire planet. The number of ugly people being discriminated against is larger than the number of blacks, for instance. The 80/20 rule dictates that females literally want to genocide 80% of the male population, but somehow society only wants to stick up for the .6% of people that want to cut their dicks off or the 13% of the population that commit 52% of violent crimes.

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[It's Over] iPhone 12 Pro lets Foids measure a guys exact height from a distance

Just when you thought technology couldn't fuck up the dating market any more jfl
now thanks to (((iPhone))) foids can just point their iphones in a crowded room and immediately detect which guy is the tallest giga chad jfl
At this rate inceldom is directly proportional to the number of new inventions coming out, as every new big tech development (tinder, onlyfans, iPhone LiDAR height measuring capabilities e.t.c) fucks sub8 men's chances at dating
To solve inceldom - foids should simply be banned from using technology. Simple

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[JFL] It's ridiculous how ugly brazilians are, myself included, no wonder there are so many incels( in denial or aware) in this shithole + HUGE VENTING WALL

I was inside my house for a good 6 months, only getting out to cut my hair, today i decided to go for a run to see If my body still works after months of sedentarism and boy.. WHERE DID SO MANY SUBHUMANS CAME FROM?

There wasn't a single ethnic that wasn't subhuman, no wonder JBW is so strong here, the only half decent guys i saw were the whites ones.

I was FOGGED hard, an amazon white foid wearing heels almost towered me, bitch rlly made me fuming from inside, i wanted to break her legs on the spot, but the only thing i could do was coming back to my house after being brutally humiliated.

The foids are also ugly as hell, fat AF, short AF, small ass, no tits, fucking hell, pls Kim jong un, Trump, hitler or any world leader, NUKE this place, miscigenation was a HUGE mistake.

I forgot how ugly i was too, went to the bathroom and threw some water on my face, when my head went up and i saw my face i almost cried, no wonder i'm postmaxxing in this forum, i'm ugly AF too, definitely here to stay.

Plus my hairline is DESTROYED, i look like a mulatto avatar, the legend of silva( most common last name here in this country).

That was my statement, remember boys stay inside because the only thing waiting us out there are humiliations and mogging.

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[ToxicFemininity] Women's lives are so ridiculously easy that they shouldn't complain about rape

Seriously, the chances of any woman succeeding in life without doing anything are way higher than being raped any day. Even in third world countries where rape is supposed to be a thing, any foid can become a millionaire by selling pictures of her dirty ass without having to work a day in her life. Meanwhile, men have to work her ass off to barely afford to have a decent life. Men have to work in the most dangerous and low paid jobs you can imagine. Men die everyday in the battlefield to protect the interests of corrupt countries. Men have to deal with mental illnesses and loneliness without receiving treatment. Men are killed, robbed, kidnapped, raped everyday and in higher proportion than women. And women are crying that they're the ones who have it harder? Really? Just because one foid gets raped for being drunk and half naked at the club, everyone loses their shit? If women had at least one bit of remorse, they would realize they are actually very privileged for living in a society that values and protects them instead of complaining about "muh misogyny" every time a subhuman dares to look at them for more than 5 seconds.

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Not hating women and chads = Cuckold

And I mean literal Cuckold fetish. Imagine entering a room (maybe for mistake) and seeing the scene of Becky being brutally pounded by Chad Gigacok. Immagine seing this brutality and thinking to yourself : "well it's not their fault, it's nature after all" . Seeing that scene should ignite deep ferocious hatred in every incel with a bit of self esteem. You should totally lose it and start stabbing both of them with a rusty sword in minecraft. You should come to your sense only when the room in minecraft is a bloody mess.

"But they have no fauuult it's supposed to be like thiiiis" says the soycel cuck.Yes and you know what? Even an antilope is following its nature when it runs away from the lion. Should the lion not become ferocious and bloodthirsty just at the sight of the antilope escaping?If it is "natural" for the antilope to escape it is natural for the lion turning itself into a merciless killing machine.

And if it is natural for Chad and his harem to fuck 24/7 while laughing at us it is natural to us incels wanting to killing Chad in minecraft and rape Stacy in Dragon Quest Builders. It is our biological imperative and the only way to eliminate your rivals and finally passing your genes into the next generation.


It is basically cuckold porn on epic proportions. Have some fucking pride and let your soul burn in an endless inferno of bitterness, hatred and malignity.

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Joan’s first military campaigns were successful. In 1429, Joan and her soldiers relieved the besieged French at the Siege of Orleans, earning her the title of “The Maid of Orleans.” In May, 1430, however, her fortunes changed dramatically and she was routed and captured by the English in Compiègne. After a short trial, she was sentenced to death by burning at for the crime of witchcraft.

Thousands of people witnessed Joan’s execution, and many accounts of her death survive to this day. As she burned at the stake, the following signs were observed:

1. Her muscles contracted and tensed up.
2. Her breasts became full and began to heave violently.
3. She cast her eyes up to heaven, and her expression was not one of pain, but something approaching spiritual ecstasy.
4, In the instant before she lost consciousness, Joan moaned out Jesus’s name three times, loud enough to be heard over the roar of the flames.
5. Joan’s vagina, in contrast to the dry kindling that burned around her, became lubricated and wet.

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[It's Over] I definately want to rope before my family dies out, to make them suffer

Since they (mostly my parents) made me suffer (by putting me here in mu fucked up body), I will make them suffer emotionally from realization they were shit parents (shit mostly for making me live this life even though they had signals they shouldn't have me) and rope when they are still alive. They deserve it. Not that my death will actually move many people though which is unfortunate because I would love to make as many people miserable as possible.
Either way my choices are shit, I can't shoot myself because strict gun laws in my cucked country, I can't suicide by cops, our cops are cucked unlike American ones, that would most likely put me in jail for life, what a miserable life that would be, so I am basically left only with roping or maybe going to a shooting range and offing myself there on the spot. I'm too scared tbh, I'm such a pussy, I am scared of pain and that I may end up bed ridden for years. How can I battle this fear? I feel so demotivated in my life, that I don't even want to bother trying but I will have to soon.

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Stop stuffing your face with shit pig. A females entire point of existence is for mating and sex/sexual appeal and when you stuff a 6 pound cake down your throat you destroy those. You fuck up your biological purpose when you eat so god damn much. They're always ALWAYS giga trashy.

With guys I get it. Stressful jobs and stressful lives for jew world order society that makes you a slave. I get it. I MORE than get it. I think if you're immobilized by obesity (like 600 pounds) then there's a problem, but if you're overweight I get it. With women I don't. There is no depression for women. There's sure as fuck depression and stress problems for most men but there's no depression or stress from women. There's nothing to even remotely to sympathize with when women bloat up to the size and weight of a literal dumptruck.

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Imagine I own a fleshlight, I coom into it a couple times a week, and then every friday I would take it to the club and pass it around for people to coom on it.

I never clean it with soap, maybe rinse it with water every now and then.

Then I offer you the fleshlight for $35k (average wedding cost in USA), also even after you buy it you can’t stop me from taking it out clubs every weekend or taking it home with me whenever I want, otherwise you’re toxic and controlling. You just have to trust.

Another condition is that you regularly go down on and lick the fleshlight.

If you break any of the conditions I take the fleshlight away, half your house, cars and money, also you will owe me a third of your paycheck for the next 18 years.

Seem like a good deal?

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[Serious] The fact that normies have made the main thing about incels be that we hate women just proves that we live in a gynocentric society


Just ignore the fact that people are being bullied and treated like shit for being ugly - women are always the victims.

Just ignore the fact that there are people are living their entire life in crippling isolation - women are always the victims.

Just ignore the fact that we are depressed and suicidal and lonely and will live our entire lives having never been in a relationship or having the choice to have children - women are always the victims.

We aren't people for them, our lives don't matter. We are worthy of being considered humans only if we become taxpayer slaves and even there we lose it if we dare to ask for basic human rights

There's no winning with normies, they are the enemies and must be defeated

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Women are not equal to men. Period. They are not equal to us neither physically nor mentally.

This feminist "equality" is maintained by severe government/cuck intervention.

When you rape a woman, it's a man/men who's going to arrest/kill/lynch you.
When you beat up a woman, it's a man/men who's going to arrest/kill/lynch you.
When you harass a woman, it's a man/men who's going to arrest/kill/lynch you.

When push comes to shove, it's always men who have to step in and get shit done.

Also, governments are always forcing women quotas on jobs, forcing businesses to pay maternity leave and shit like that. Without all that GOVERNMENT intervention women would be out-competed by men 100% of the time, any entrepreneur with two neurons would avoid hiring women for serious positions.

Feminist equality= government, mostly men, enforcing unfair advantages to females.

And obviously, the government doesn't interfere when it's men that have the lower hand, like in the sexual marketplace. Thus, inceldom

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[Theory] Slut-shaming is natural and essential. High IQ post.

Evolution not only shaped our body it also made us think and react to things the way we do. Our behavior isn't random, it should benefit our genes, thus it should benefit us. And being intolerant towards sluts is essential for us men in order to survive and pass our genes. Here is why:

Imagine there is a tribe. Half of the men don't tolerate slut behavior and will never invest their resources in a slut. Another half dgaf if their woman is a slut. Now think, who will be more successful in passing their genes? Men who hate sluts! Why? Because those who tolerate this behavior have higher risk of being cucked by a slut and raise someone's else children thus not passing his own genes thus eliminating this behavioral pattern. Look around, evolution shaped our behavior because 99.9% of men (except cucks:soy:) would rather have relationship and children with a virgin or someone with a low body count because evolutionary that gives us better chance of raising our own offspring. Easy as that. So when cucked media is telling us that we are bad for hating on sluts they are dismissing the fact that it was fucking hardwired in our head to be unapologetic towards this shit.

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Why the mythical non-existant foid orgasm is the reason why you are rotting in Inceldom

The reason why foids forsake their biological imperative of mating with their looksmatch is because they chase useless things like "foid orgasm". In their warped minds goodlooking = chad = good sex = foid orgasm & ugly = incel = bad sex = no orgasm
Countless studies and experiments and also a huge wealth of anecdotal evidence have shown that foids are ruthlessly selfish and self serving animals and only care about their pleasures - which is why they dont care that they are perpetuating inceldom at an ungodly rate and would rather chase after "orgasms" than settle for their looksmatch
The Dogpill exists purely becase of the foids unnecessary need for orgasm. Thats why they choose a canine animal with a grotesque dick to fuck because it takes a lot to get a foid to orgasm. Dogpill almost accurately mimics and simulates rape which is why foids love the dog pill so much. The wild uncoordinated primal thrusts of a dog penis closely resembles those of a rapist thats why the dogpill is soooo appealing. In this futile search for orgasm foids bypass and over look a large number of males who inturn become incels.
The cock carousel is very appealing to foids because they are forever chasing the elusive foid orgasm. They waste their youth and virginity whilst chasing muh orgasms and they disenfranchise their looksmatchs whilst in this trivial pursuit. These disenfranchised men become incels.

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[LifeFuel] Incels should hunger strike for pussy

Worst case scenario you die of starvation. Best case scenario foids will be forced to fuck your malnourished body. Its a win win situation. Imagine if all subhuman males -led by an incel Gandhi- decided to hunger strike until the sexual market accommodates them. A hunger strike is the most effective way to create change. Women went on hunger strikes to win their rights, now we will go on hunger strikes to REMOVE their rights.

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[Theory] My new theory on why women get tattoos, septum piercings, unnatural color hair, hair shaven on the side and shit like that

They hate themselves and think they don't deserve a loving relationship. So they're subconsciously signaling to good men that they're worthless whores so that those men stay away and only fuckboys and guys who don't care about them come to pump and dump/abuse them, because this is what they deserve in their own opinion.

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[Discussion] Life’s rules don’t necessarily apply to us

Maybe this is water is wet, but common advice, rules and suggestions by professionals don’t really apply to us because of our situation.

I will use myself to illustrate. I’m an oldcel virgin and want to blast steroids as one final chance at ascension. My life has been full of depression abuse and shit in most aspects. Now if a doctor said don’t use steroids (beyond my TRT) because it can be unhealthy, that may be true but he’s inserting his own values. As an old ass incel my life is not worth much. So if I die literally who cares? I can safely use steroids that come with risks but I fully accept the risks because the potential benefits far outweigh the risks.

This wasn’t meant to be another steroid thread, I just used that as an example. I can come up with another if I’m unclear. What about you, anything that doesn’t apply to you because inkwell?

NoCopeOnlyRope #sexist #dunning-kruger #quack incels.is

[Serious] Body Dysmorphia Isn’t Real

Body Dysmorphia is just a shitty diagnosis created by bluepilled cuck psychiatrists to shut down the naturally blackpilled people and label them as being mentally ill. For example, if you went to a psychologist/psychiatrist and complained that you were depressed/anxious that you were balding, they would diagnose you with BDD, when in reality, you’re a completely rational person who realizes the life consequences of going bald and how people will treat you as a result and the extent to which it will hinder the quality of your life. If BDD was normalized, people would become more blackpilled and eventually, society would start to collapse.

2Headpats4You #dunning-kruger #sexist #quack incels.is

[Discussion] Intelligence is only found in patriarchal species.

The females are bigger than the males in most species on the planet including, insects, molluscs, fishes, and reptiles. Mammals and birds are the exception; they contain only patriarchal species in which the males are bigger, stronger and more dominant. Mammals and birds must have evolved a patriarchal gender balance independent of eachother as well as intelligence.

Some say that cephalopods are intelligent because they can be conditioned to repeat certain behaviour but they are very r-selected; they lay around 100 000 eggs at a time and don't raise their offspring. Birds and mammals are intelligent and are taught about the world by their parents at a young age, especially if the father partakes too.
It appears as if intelligence, teaching and monogamy* only appear in patriarchal species which are a minority on the animal kingdom.

*Though there is a norm of monogamy among many species, female cheating has been observed in all known species of birds except for one.
The pattern among mammals is probably similar.

ionlycopenow #psycho #dunning-kruger #quack #sexist incels.is

Why do normies treat female validation as if it's worth shit?

It's not. Some useless whore picked a Chad over another guy, that doesn't mean the Chad is somehow superior overall, just means he was born better looking. In fact foids make species more stupid when they're allowed to be the ones picking mates. Plenty of species went extinct due to sexual selection.

Their validation isn't worth fucking shit. In proper times their "validation" meant you clubbing them over the head and raping them since they're too fucking weak to be able to fight back and do anything about it really. Never forget that, any time a foid tries to shit talk you you or even the weakest guy could easily slap her in the face and rape her right there and there's nothing they could do about it. That's a gender strength mog that can't be overcome

anon1822 #sexist #dunning-kruger incels.is

My parents really don't understand the current dating market or the blackpill, no matter how much I explain.

It seems like I keep having the same conversations with them, especially mom cause I don't tell dad these things, he loves me too much and it would break his heart.

I keep telling her women are gold diggers and are all after money. She kinda agrees that many of them are (but not all of them lmao). I tell her all women nowadays are evil and manipulative and bad in all kinds of ways (she agrees that many are bad but says that not all of them). Telling her they're all after handsome guys always feels awkward though cause it makes me sound like a whiny bitch that has complexes about his looks. She tells me I'm handsome so I have to deflect and say that they're all after guys with muscles and thugs and assholes. Yeah mom, I'm handsome, me and my bald head and my thick glasses and my fucked up teeth and my horrible frame and fat belly (looked even worse skinny) etc...

Tbh they're nice people. They just can't see it, they don't understand.

Mom tells me to go out and meet girls. Like it's that easy. Sometimes I tell her it's impossible and she tells me to go the park and pick up girls lol. Or some other things like that. Or that she'd love to find me some girls lmao. That would be the most awkward shit imaginable and the girl would think I'm some retarded pathetic loser autist who can't get a date by himself so his mom had to step in. Which would be accurate but I'd rather die than go through that.

So when they comment about grandkids or me getting a girlfriend or something I just try to tell them it'll happen in the future or something equally placating. Well, I still let my guard down sometimes and try to drop blackpills but I'm going to try to keep my mouth shut more.

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Not only do women have a smaller brain, but the part responsible for managing complex abstract things has 3 times less neurons than we have.

Giving them equal rights as men is too big of a burden on them. Its beyond their capabilities to vote or participate in the workplace or decide a future for their country.

We need to stop this oppression and treat them as special needs who have 3 base goals - get resources, get sex and raise children. They shouldn't be burdened with extra responsibilities.

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A song about modern women and how over it is. Music and lyrics by me. Lyrics:

Did no wrong
Just need to wait
Waited till
It was too late

What can I do or say?
To cure your mental spaying

There has never
been a way
Can't accept
This rigged game

What can I do or say?
To cure your mental spaying

What can I do or say?
To cure your mental spaying x2

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Even of u ever het a gf she sucked so much dick before

This thought really scares me it always bashes on us for wanting a pure girl yet these foids only want chad /chad lites. It disgusts me kissing a foid knowing how much cum she swallowed :feelsrope: For real all I want is a pure girl but it seems its to much to ask While foids out here asking for a 6ft white muscled 25 cm dick good hair good bone structured guy Life is so unfair no matter how hard I try no one is interested in me no one will ever love and it’s all because of my looks (for u it fags reading this I made a thread long ago debunking ur blue pilled shit stated all the things I tried and asked u guys how I could improve more jfl I know u fags couldn’t give me one reason ) I would give up everything to be a chad i wouldn’t care if I would be homeless Having one leg etc because foids still would love me how much more proof do I have to bring out for people until people acknowledge our suffering even my worst enemy I wouldn’t wish him to be a ugly incel because wishing that on some one is the worst thing you could wish to happen to some one looks are worth more then a diploma We live in a age where girls can get free money for legit doing nothing It is unfair and it’s racist against us incels. Yes I’m calling it racist since we are always viewed as non humans pedo rapists mass murders yet when we make a joke that allniggers are criminals we are the bad ones Jfl at society I legit tried everything to get attention from girls Even back in my blue pilled days as a kid Like many mother they tell you to dress nice be nice be respectful and what did it bring us incels ? Nothing legit nothing They need to talk about the black pill in elementary schools so the ugly kids know what the need to do to increase there looks later down the road u legit have incels turn gay because they want to feel loved it’s fucking gay as fuck and those should be shunned but I still understand why they would do it love is a basic human need while we incels never get it

Ps sorry for typos hella tired and sad

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>Real life isn't some blockbuster movie covid might've been made up in a lab by China but the fact that it's spread all around the world and is causing serious economic damage to countries is undeniable.

It’s causing ECONOMIC damage because of the lockdown. Nobody is actually dying from it. By percentages, I would have known a person ATLEAST in the United States who got or even died from covid, but I haven’t. Not only this, but places have been caught purposefully inflating coronavirus death tolls. 100,000 might have died from covid, but is it a coincidence that 0 people died from car crashes? Or strokes or Alzheimer’s?

oh and of course let’s talk about how black lives matter protests are continuing on yet...no black lives matter protestors got corona... hmmmmm now why can I go to jail for not wearing my mask alone outside but BLM can organize in the tens of thousands? Surley this is some serious virus, no? SURELY these protests with TENS OF THOUSANDS, there would be people in the crowd with corona And people would be dropping dead?

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[Serious] Rape is just a made up concept so Chad can keep all the women for himself

Just think about it. Sex is the only thing in the world that's a good thing that can "traumatize" you if you have to do it with an ugly male. Imagine if pizza is a foid's favorite food but she claims she's got PTSD because an ugly male bought pizza for her. It's the same kind of bullshit like "emotional support animals" or when women use "anxiety" as an excuse to get out of any form of responsibility. Females lie through their teeth and they'll say any kind of bullshit if it suits their needs. Femnazis have fought hard to make it so males can be convicted of rape with ZERO evidence. It's literally just an imaginary crime that soyboys will use as an excuse to round up ugly males like we're jews during the holocaust. Foids can just go down to the police station, claim you raped her and even if you have a perfect alibi with video evidence that you were nowhere near her at the time you'll still get the death penalty. That's assuming the simp inmates don't castrate you and let you bleed to death before you can make it to the electric chair. Being an ugly male in 2020 is considered a crime worthy of capital punishment. If you're ugly, you can be walking down the street and a foid can claim you slapped her ass and everyone in the surrounding area will lynch you while they tape it and post it on Youtube to get a billion likes. Women are modern day nazis the world over. A cunt can post a video of an ugly male being senselessly murdered in America and women in Russia, China, India, and Brazil will all like the video despite not speaking the language. Hatred of ugly men is instinctual to whores, they don't need spoken words to convey their feelings. Persecution of ugly men is a universal concept, even aliens will understand it when they invade our planet.

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[Blackpill] Women are like selective psychopaths

While a psychopath is not able to care about anyone, women might be able to care about an animal, or a baby, but never about a grown man who isn't their son/close relative at least.

I swear, how little they care about men is something that's giving me the creeps these days. I wouldn't be able to feel that indifferent and sadistic even towards my worst enemy. Yet they do it with men who never did anything at all to deserve it. Even if they have been romantically/sexually involved with a man, they might just move on and these men become as worthy as dirt to them overnight.

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[ToxicFemininity] Foids are responsible for environmental destruction

All the reasons for our environment getting shittier can be traced back to foids.

Traveling? Foid trait, almost all travel bloggers are foids who want to try exotic cock. Plastic? Waste? It's foids who buy a lot of useless shit they don't need like shitty home decor, cosmetics that don't work, new clothes every other week because muh fashion -- a man buys something when he needs something, "shopping" for the sake of shopping is innately foid behavior (maby also some soyim who'll buy their shit action figures, funko pops etc. ). Cars? Most men would prefer humble rural life but foids force men to move to cities and waste hours in traffic just to keep on wageslaving (for a company that further destroys the environment and produces shit no one really needs) to buy her expensive things.

I wouldn't be surprised if foids were the biggest consumers of factory farmed red meat because they lose so much blood every month and from what I've seen in vegan groups they're incapable of doing a five minute google search to find plant sources of iron or maby buy a supplement.

Foids literally shit out hormones into the water and turn the friggin frogs gay.

Foids are innately egotistic and don't care about others and the world they live in: the state of the environment doesn't affect them directly so they don't care. Of course foids are the biggest supporters of all the meme "environmentalist" organizations but they're a bunch of hypocrites who do jack shit. A foid will kvetsch about the planet dying in the streets, only to come back to the bed of her chad boyfriend who works for Shell, rides a Diesel-fueled truck and produces a lot of waste to impress foids. Meanwhile she'll call the hippycel who rides public transport, wears his hemp clothes and lives with parents to reduce carbon footprint "a creepy loser" and will call the police if he dares to look in her general direction.

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[Blackpill] Bluepilled men never observe what women are doing

When sub-Chad men actually pay attention to womens' actions, they see that they're almost always on their phones.

But it somehow never occurs to them WHAT these women might be DOING on their phones.

It's as if Tinder isn't a thing, in these mens' minds. It's like online dating, texting, etc. was never invented.

Normie men right now when it comes to women and dating are like the soldiers in WW2 that were still riding horseback and using swords, instead of using machine guns and tanks.

They have no idea how over it is.

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[Serious] How can you be motivated to do anything as a man, and a fucking incel to boot, in the west in 2018?

Seriously, it baffles me how some people here still manage to muster motivation to work and study hard, have projects, etc.

Society hates people like us so fucking much. The system is entirely designed to fuck us if we do any minimal transgression. Shit like having cartoon porn or a foid from your work saying you touched her are already enough to ruin a lifetime of hard work and effort.

Seriously, how can you not feel a crushing mix of hatred, depression and utter lack of motivation at this point?

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[Serious] Not putting your child on HGH if he's a manlet around age 13 should be considered child abuse

Everyone know that height is crucial to dating success but also in professional life. Your peers respect you more, your decisions seem more "correct", your hostility is seen as "hard line" instead of being a jackass. It absolutely amazes me that society still doesn't acknowledge the blatant abuse and shit that short people get.


Instead of being a manlet, if your parents put you on HGH as a teen, you'd be guaranteed probably at least half a foot more of height.

5'4" manlets would be 5'10" MINIMUM.

King of manlets 5'8" would be 6'2" MINIMUM.

Not giving short kids HGH is the same thing as not giving a disabled child a wheelchair. If you're past 13-15, and still a manlet, it's over :feelsrope::feelsrope::feelsrope:

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[Story] I overheard two old women talking about their teen daughters on the street

Woman 1: "...how old was your daughter?"
Woman 2: "15"
Woman 1: "Yeah, that normal of that age, we can't do anything about it. Mine was with 14"

That's all I could hear, I increased my speed to get out of earshot.

They certainly weren't talking about their first periods considering no girl has their first periods that late nowadays and the "we can't do anything about it" comment. They were talking about the ages their daughters first got fucked.

99% of the people nowadays consider it normal and acceptable for underage girls to fornicate with guys around their age but wouldn't consider it normal or acceptable for them to marry, especially if with a significantly older guy. Western culture= done for.

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Now bear with me here, because I suck at putting my thoughts into words on account of being an autistic reeeeeeeetard, but I'll give it my best.

Even just the name of the "platform" fuels the egos of foids, think about it. OnlyFans, as in, the only people they'll have to interact with on the platform are fans. They'll never have to deal with trolls, detractors, criticism, and whatever other undesirables they could imagine. There's only her willing, beta fans ready to spend money on her for being born with an axe wound between her legs, just so they can get (mostly) PG pictures, that aren't any different from what you could find on Google for three seconds' worth of effort. :soy: It further encourages this narcissistic, goddess complex that modern foids all seem to have.

Just a shower thought I thought I'd air.

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[Venting] Have to learn another language because of clown world

All I want is this stupid government paper that tells me I'm a good mindless slave who can't think for myself (high school diploma-I dropped out.) because it gives me the ability to not be totally fucked when my parents croak, yet the requirements needed spit in my face 24/7. Apparently I have to learn a second language and they practically forced me into Spanish. What fucking state of the cucked government, to make you learn a language that's not the main language of the country. Especially the language of the invaders that are pouring over the border to make a (((New diverse inclusive world))).

I mean holy fuck, imagine how insulting it would be to be Swedish or something and to have to learn Somali. I'm sure that will come into the curriculum in a few years time. Maybe Germans are going to be forced to learn Arabic :lul: :lul: :lul: :lul: :feelsclown: :feelsclown: :feelsclown: . Ontop of the poverty and crime invaders bring apparently also comes the forcing of you by the government to assimilate to them. Who can dispute this new world order and the oppression of minorities when the majority is literally forced to accumulate to your world view? You would be oppressed if the government didn't hold the leash on proud locals because they would instantly kick out the non locals, but the government is holding the leash and is actively supporting the non locals.

Clown world when the government is cucking its own people to accommodate for some poor retards across the border. If the governments actually cared about their people anymore this wouldn't happen. More proof everyone is on the same side in the top, and you're on the other side.

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[JFL] "Only weak men dislike Women with high partner Count"

remember seeing a reddit thread a while back about partner count.
And this cuck literally said "oh so thats why my gf is like that, she has slept with over 300 guys"
and I was fucking rolling on the ground like I had been torched by an american GI in the pacific, 1944.

Also, average partner count is around 5-7 when they do studies.

Imagine even just 3 men, breathing heavy and sweating on the woman you are with, putting their tongue, cum and saliva in her mouth, the mouth you are kissing, that is kissing your kids goodnight.

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[Soy] There are grown men out there that are seriously intimidated by certain women.

Imagine? :feelskek:. Whether it be their boss, wife/girlfriend, or just a random foid in a bureaucratic position, they are seriously intimidated by them and bow to their every command. Any woman in a leadership position that wants to be taken seriously is comical to me. All you have to do is just look at her face and know that her mouth has come in contact with dick and semen to laugh her off as nothing more than some bitch in a suit. Imagine her in a legitimate survival situation and her fake demeanor would drop instantly while looking for some chad to hunt and build a shelter for her. Any man that actually fears a woman is a :soy:.

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Chads of the tribes got all the women while the lessor men slaved away and eventually the lesser man would get tired of that shit and would murder all the Chads and his sons while keeping his daughters and the other women for themselves and they would fuck until the tribe collapse and they're bastards split off and created new tribes and even then not every guy Got a Woman because the betas would fight and kill amongst themselves.

Sometimes jealous Chad's would kill other top men for more women but most of the time it was the betas doing the killing through poisoning Chad's food, killing him when he slept or just plain beta uprising.

And throughout history as civilization developed we used to have little Snippets where men knew what women were capable of and can do the kept them and check and to be forewarned about Chad.

Dad used to tell his kid that he was the man of the house while he was gone because Dad knew that once he walked out the door the mom or daughter would do something stupid like bring Chad's over because there's nobody to keep them accountable while he's away so the son had to be accountable.

Chad had to play secret agent and sneak through the house or get the girls somewhere alone because the brothers and the dad would kill his ass if they found him.

It's just now in this feminist empowered era that Chad can walk through the door and fuck a lady's daughter and then as he's walking out the door get a goodbye blowjob from her mom while he goes to pick up some money from his bitch that he's living with. A feminist Society is not natural and anybody trying to talk about nature and natural selection in a civilization is a retard.

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[Serious] I daydream about having a daughter and punishing her in various way
Slapping and hitting her here and there, grounding her, shutting off the internet, taking away her devices, taking away the car keys, not giving her any spending money, etc

This is my revenge fantasy to get back at women

(Transcended Trucel)
Josef Fritzl maxing is legit way to get back at them. too bad we won't get a chance to do it.

I will never understand Fritzl tbh

(Total Imbecile)
He married his wife at 17 and he was 21 at that time

He got to experience his wife in her teens and early 20s, what else could a guy ask for