Andrew Anglin #racist

[From "Lesley Stahl is a Disgusting Old Jew and America Actually Hates Her"]

Jews are seriously deluded people, who think that their own people are beloved among the goyim, and can’t stand to face the fact that if Jews didn’t control everything, the goyim would never choose Jews as their cultural figures.

Jew Maggie Haberman apparently genuinely believes that Jew Leslie Stahl is one of the most beloved figures in American journalism.

Haberman writes for the New York Times:


The NYT is an absolute scam by Jews to make midwits and women feel like they’re smart, and it’s really disgusting.

The Jews will appeal to any weakness in the goyim.

But the appeal to the unearned vanity of midwits is the most offensive to me personally.


Listen, Jews: it’s hard to make the goyim care about some young plastic surgery Jew woman. But a 75-year-old plastic surgery Jew woman? No one wants that.



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