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[From “Stormer Editorial Board Reiterates Support for One-State Solution in Palestine, Controlled by Hamas”]

Over ten years ago, the Daily Stormer endorsed a one-state solution in Palestine/”Israel”, fully controlled by Hamas

It is time again that the Stormer Editorial Board reiterate this position: the Daily Stormer officially backs a one-state solution to the Palestinian problem, wherein Hamas is installed as the governmental entity of the entire Palestinian territory

It will of course be the decision of the Hamas authorities what they do with the Jewish occupation population, but it is the opinion of the Stormer Editorial Board that the Jews be pushed into the sea

The Stormer also modestly requests that our team be allowed to build a statue of Adolf Hitler in Tel Aviv[…]
The Daily Stormer Editorial Board does not recognize any form of governmental authority in Palestine other than Hamas. That means that we also do not recognize the false authority of the shill Mahmoud Abbas and his fake government, which the Editorial Board recognizes as a Jew shill group designed to pacify the Palestinian people[…]
The Board would like to fully repeat its position that the Jews should be pushed into the sea, but that the Board will fully respect any decision that Hamas authorities choose to take in dealing with the filthy Jew occupiers

The Stormer Editorial Board once again wishes swift victory to Hamas in their battle against the Satanic Jew occupation force

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[From “Taliban Publicly Flogging Sodomites, Sluts, Thieves”]

Unlike every other faggot government, the Taliban doesn’t play games

They don’t arrest you for a crime and then say “here, let me give you a quick blowjob before I release you back onto the streets to do even worse crimes”

The Taliban will crush you

The Guardian

The UN has condemned the public flogging of more than 60 people, including more than a dozen women, by the Taliban in northern Sari Pul province[…]
Taliban’s supreme court confirmed the public flogging of 63 people, including 14 women who had been accused of crimes including sodomy, theft and immoral relations. They were flogged at a sports stadium

Here is the basic fact: the Taliban is the basic model for every government on earth

Every government should send delegations to the Emirate of Afghanistan, and learn the ways of the Taliban, and then run their government like this

The Taliban is the only entity on earth that has figured out how to effectively run a government

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I had no idea Japan was killing lesbians.

It’s pretty silly, really.

Lesbians aren’t like gays. They’re not a real thing. All you have to do to make them stop being lesbians is get some man to have sex with them. Super easy. Lots of people do sex, you just put the penis in the vagina and give it a good pounding.


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[From “Watch: Russian Schools Giving Students Shooting Lessons While Americans Learn Anal”]

It sucks America is not more like Russia

America could actually be a much better version of Russia if we were simply not fat pieces of shit


Fourteen-year-old Russian schoolboy David learned something new this month: firing accurately with a Kalashnikov is trickier than with a pistol

With other pupils, he got to try out the weapons as part of basic military training – a feature of the school programme that was dropped in the final years of the Soviet Union but has been reintroduced since the start of Russia’s war in Ukraine[…]

Would you want your kids learning this?

Or how to get rimmed?

For me, it’s not a hard question to answer, but I guess it’s a real stumper for some folks

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[From “France: “Liberated” Moslem Teen Thot Gets Patrolled by Classmates, Ends Up in a Coma”]

In Islam, you cannot slut it up and face no consequences

This is why they don’t have feminism: if a woman tries feminism, she ends up in a coma

It might seem hardcore

But what women have done to the Western world is a lot more hardcore than this

[url=https://www.theguardian.com/world/2024/apr/04/girl-14-left-in-coma-after-attack-by-teenagers-outside-school-in-france]The Guardian[/ur]

The French government has launched an urgent investigation after a 14-year-old girl was severely wounded and left in a coma after being beaten outside her school by three other teenagers in the south of France[…]
Her mother, Hassiba, said in media interviews that her daughter had been bullied by a fellow pupil for two and a half years, raising the possibility this could have been over her behaviour and clothing being deemed un-Islamic[…]

It sounds like people don’t appreciate that

Maybe as her mother, it was your responsibility to tell her not to wear slut clothes?

Maybe this is your fault?

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[From “UK: “Conservatives” Pass Total Ban on Smoking (To be Phased in Over Decades)”]

Remember: these people tried to force-vaccinate everyone with a deadly gene therapy

Food might be a little bit more regulated in the UK than in the US, but not by much

Infographic on obesity in th UK

Actually, that’s only half as obese as the United States. But still. It’s a health crisis

Smoking, by the way, is not a health crisis. When’s the last time you heard of someone dying from smoking? People die from vaccines and obesity all the time

So: why are they so obsessed with shutting down nicotine? Is it because it increases both testosterone and brain function?


British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s plan to ban anyone aged 15 and under from ever buying cigarettes passed its first parliamentary vote on Tuesday, although dozens of his own lawmakers voted against it[…]
But 57 Conservatives, including Business and Trade Secretary Kemi Badenoch, voted against the plan[…]

57 isn’t even 1/5 of the “conservative” members of parliament

Britain is a failed state

They are harder on cigarettes than they are on immigrants, that’s for sure

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[From “Rat Bastard Alexi Navalny Finally Dead”]

The Russian democracy advocate, rat fink and neo-Nazi race traitor Alexi Navalny is finally dead

I don’t think Putin had him killed. I mean that, I’m not just saying it to shill. There’s no obvious benefit in killing the guy, when you’ve already got him rotting in Siberia for the remainder of his miserable life

Frankly, he was probably triple vaxed[…]After the fake poisoning event, he was in Germany in late 2020 when the Pfizer vax was first being distributed[…]and he was in some kind of healthcare facility, meaning the vax would have been mandatory

However, if the Kremlin did kill him, I support it. I was the number one person calling for him to be hanged long before the fake poisoning event. Russia belongs to Vladimir Putin, The Hammer of Christ. Calling for the deposal of Putin is no different than calling for the death of the King in the Middle Ages[…]
Alexi Navalny was a long-time scam artist and political agitator, in the manner of a classic Russian subversive. Hilariously, he was a neo-Nazi, calling for the breakup of the Russian Federation in order to solve the issue of Moslems in Moscow. I have no idea if he was actually a racist, or if this is just the most obvious path for a political agitator. He was probably actually a racist. Most or all Russians are (at least the men). But “get these fucking dagis out of the metro, bylat!” is the only real viable path of attack in Russia. If you try to do that faggot gay shit, randos will just beat you in the street. Then the cops will show up and beat you even worse before they drag you off to jail[…]
I think, legitimately, the most likely cause of death is the vax. Living in Siberia is difficult, and taxes the body, similar to the way a sports player taxes his body. The Siberian gulags have old school stuff too, where they make the workers do physical activity

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[From “US Troops Do Spread Sodomy, Actually”]

In a recent clip from a Polish mall (which doesn’t have a lot of context), US soldiers are walking around in uniform, presumably trying to sniff out some pussy

They are confronted by a man who starts accurately accusing them of being in his country to “spread sodomy.”

He then asks: “Is it George Floyd culture, or sodomy?”

This is extremely heartening

As you know, I’m very critical of Poland for their anti-Russian agenda, which has led them to ally with the United States and promote the US war against Russia. However, the cost of this alliance is that the Americans are in their country, forcing the gay agenda down their throats

An alliance with the US government is not ever just a military alliance. It has all of these other dynamics, which include the US modifying your culture, and pushing so-called “Western values,” which relate to sodomy, George Floyd, and the empowerment of women

A lot of Poles appear to be waking up, and realizing that while they may have been treated unfairly by Russia nearly 100 years ago, things have changed a lot, and Russia is not the threat. Russia is not going to invade Poland. That is an insane claim. Russia is their neighbor, and they could have a good relationship

Russia has even been floating the idea of giving them parts of the former Ukraine to take over. This is one of very many olive branches that Putin has offered

The other option is total gay anal, round the clock, in public spaces in front of children, as well as a total invasion from Africa, and mass abortion and divorce

It’s not a hard decision

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[From ““Psychopathy Far More Common Among Women Than Previously Thought””]

I don’t understand the concept of a “woman psychopath”

All basic female behavioral traits line up with the definitions of psychopathy. They don’t feel guilt or remorse of any kind, and they only act in self-interest, and will lie and manipulate to get what they want

That’s all women

The Guardian

When it comes to a typical psychopath, the suited and booted Patrick Bateman from the novel American Psycho might spring to mind, but, according to one expert, the number of women with the neuropsychiatric disorder could be far greater than previously thought[…]

It’s not just white liberal women, by the way[…]
Ask white conservative slut Boebert, who was jacking off her new boyfriend in the theater after abandoning her husband

Ask the South Korean whores

Women are just women

White women are the worst, except for obviously blacks, but women are all just natural “psychopaths,” if you have a yearning to use that term

I don’t think it’s a useful term

I also don’t want to hear about the “dark triad”

Mostly, I just want to talk about Jews, and how they can be completely exterminated, possibly with a bioweapon

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[From “On the Deeply Personal Nature of My Agenda to Abolish the Age of Consent”]

The Jews put gigantic pictures of nearly nude women everywhere

They flood the entire internet with porno to the point that the average age for first seeing a hardcore porno is now nine (9)

Then they declare that[…]you will go to prison for hiring a hooker[…]
I’m not “pro-hooker,” necessarily

I’m anti-fornication[…]
Outlawing prostitution is a part of the agenda to spread sexual promiscuity throughout society

Both Saint Thomas Aquinas and Saint Augustine said this would happen if the government attempted to regulate hookers[…]
(From this, you can extrapolate that all state regulations on heterosexual sex are wrong[…])
Before the government regulation, women had one basic choice: “hooker or wife?”[…]
When they wiped out “hooker,” they wiped out the decision between the two. It’s not a coincidence that the countries that still have strong marriages – Moslem, Asian, and some Latin American ones – still have legal but discreet prostitution[…]
Jews used to run prostitutes, because they were just involved in every slimy thing[…]Now, Jews do porno – which literally is prostitution with a camera – while outlawing standard prostitution

Jews were at the forefront of feminism, pushing everything related to that agenda[…]
An age of consent on prostitution would be appropriate, because it’s a drastic decision for a girl to make. Marriage, however, is not a drastic decision, and it is traditionally made in consultation with the girl’s father[…]
I advocate lowering the age of consent primarily as a hymen protectionism measure[…]There is no reason these bitches should be in school[…]the younger she is the more able she is to acknowledge the husband as the new father[…]
The part about abolishing the age of consent being a deeply personal issue for me is a joke (it’s very funny), but the larger point is not a joke at all: the age of consent is an attack on the family

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[From “Baptist Youth Pastor Suicides After Being Seduced by Teenage Girls”]

Probably 99% of cases of teenagers having sex with older adults in positions of authority over them are women having sex with teenage boys

Because the basic nature of sexuality is that men do not prey on women, but the reverse

But of course, the opposite is going to happen sometimes as well – teenage girls will prey on older men. In general, men are more responsible, and they will resist this, but we are not perfect

We are dealing with human biology here

“Sexually assaulting children” – why are we living in this fake reality, based on this moronic fake language?

I had to go through this and see if he was a homosexual[…]He is heterosexual, and we are talking about teenage girls, not “children”[…]

“Regrettably[…]Jarrett Booker took his own life, refusing to face the consequences of his actions,” the church’s elders and deacons said[…]

Oh, fuck you

What a horrible thing to say after a man dies like this

How do you think his wife feels?

This is a group of “elders” who decided to release that in a written statement. No sympathy. Absolute scumbags

Are the sluts going to take responsibility for their actions?

Oh no, because women can’t be responsible for actions, right? That’s our values in a democracy?

The only thing a woman can be responsible for is flying a Palestine flag. Otherwise, whatever she does is men’s fault

But also, they have all the same powers and responsibilities as men, and probably even more[…]
If they were “assaults” then why did it take years for it to come to light? If your daughter came home from Baptist youth church (lol) with bruises, what would you do? Shrug it off?[…]
There’s nothing perverse about having sex with teenage girls. That’s just biology[…]
The Taliban is right about women

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[From “Cool Hamas Soldiers Let 17-Year-Old Jew Hostage Keep Her Dog, Release Both Unharmed”]

These hostage releases are really bad for the Jew narrative

They are saying that Hamas are barbarians, and yet they are releasing all of the hostages in very good condition

They even let them keep their dogs, and kept the dogs very healthy

Probably, some of these Jews would rather go back to Hamas rather than continue living with the Jews

New York Post:

The father of the 17-year-old high schooler freed by Hamas Tuesday had been searching for weeks for her missing Shih Tzu to bring to her on the fated day of their reunion — only to find out when she was released that the beloved pooch had been in captivity with her the entire time[…]

How is Hamas evil if they take care of your dog?

That gay bastard Pete Buttigieg tortures animals and kills them

Hamas is friendly to animals and cares for them

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[From “French Cocksuckers to Ban Smoking on All Beaches and Public Parks, Turn Everyone Gay”]

France, like China, is a smoking country

However, unlike China, France is a vagina country

If I was a vagina, I would want people to smoke, as it would make help to cover the stench emanating from between my legs[…]But women are too stupid. Also, women are filthy, and they like to spread that sickening stench

The big reason vaginas hate cigarettes though is that they increase testosterone. Women want men to be weak and pathetic

I recommend smoking to increase testosterone. I recommend it for children, in fact. At Halloween, I pass out packs of Marlboros for boys[…]
To girls, I give color-coded paperclips

The peak achievement of a woman is to color code files. They will always fail, because they are so unbelievably stupid, but I will give them the chance

The Guardian

France is to ban smoking on all beaches, as well as in public parks, forests and near schools[…]
“From now on, no-smoking areas will be the norm,” said the health minister, Aurélien Rousseau

Rousseau then vomited up over 30 pounds of gay semen. Bystanders were shocked when he began eating the semen he had vomited up. However, homosexual experts noted that homosexuals enjoy semen “going down the second time more than the first”[…]
I legit think that the Jew fears the cigarette

Surely, there are some nefarious kikes who don’t want the goyim smoking because they know it makes them much smarter[…]
They completely invented to the stupid hoax that cigarettes cause cancer

Actually… for the sake of being reasonable here, it is logical that inhaling smoke all day is going to irritate your lungs, which could cause cancer. Plus, modern cigarettes have a bunch of chemicals in them, because the filthy Jew government refuses to regulate foodstuffs

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[From “Alcoholism is a Hoax, You Gay Retard”]

Ever since I explicated, as part of the Illness Revelations, that alcoholism is a valid and perfectly healthy lifestyle decision, I’ve gotten messages falsely claiming that this information is inaccurate. In fact, it is completely accurate, but probably, the language needs clarification[…]
“Alcoholism” is a hoax created by Alcoholics Anonymous. “Addiction,” as a general matter, is a baseless fraud invented by ninnying women and embraced by the psychiatric industry as an extremely profitable swindle[…]
These people claim that “addiction is a disease,” which is an utterly nonsensical statement on its face. What is a “behavioral disease”?[…]
There are people who drink too much, and end up behaving badly. However, here’s the thing: all of these people have serious personal problems that do not involve alcohol[…]
Following the above explanation of how people drink too much because they have personal problems, people use drugs for this same purpose[…]
In terms of the “addiction” element – even for the hardest drugs of all, detox/withdrawal takes one week (don’t argue with me that it could be up to two weeks – average is one week)[…]You feel like shit, sleep a lot, have diarrhea. For a week. Everyone can do that. It’s very easy. That is not “addiction.” It’s detox[…]
I am a staunch defender of Adolf Hitler, and also the most prominent Putin shill in the English language. That might seem counterintuitive, but it’s really, really not. Hitler was against Slavs, but that is a complicated thing, which had a lot to do with hundreds of years of history, and then the Bolshevik Revolution (Hitler was aggressively anti-communist, obviously). I wish there would have been a deal between Hitler and Stalin, because Stalin was no Lenin, but that didn’t happen[…]There is a quote from Hitler where he says “the Russian concept of civilization is whatever keeps the vodka flowing”[…]
“Drunk driving” laws absolutely are communism

Andrew Anglin #sexist #psycho dailystormer.name

[From “Return of Justice: Taliban Reintroduce Public Stoning and Flogging of Women”]

After losing a war they spent twenty years fighting with a humiliating surrender, the US tried to claim “yeah, but at least the Taliban will be more liberal now that we’ve influenced the country with our values of democracy”[…]
Actually, they’re just picking up where they left off

Because traditional Islam is traditionalist, meaning it doesn’t change because the year changes and the latest cellphone upgrade is released

The Guardian[…]
To refer to this as “women” returning to the “darkest days” implies all women are whores and therefore going to get stoned

In fact, when you stone women for being whores, very few women are whores[…]They get married to older men when they are 14, and don’t have sex with another man, ever, unless their husband dies and they get remarried[…]
I hate to say it: but what about men’s rights?

Don’t men have a right to live in a society that is not being destroyed by out-of-control slut women?[…]

“[But] I represent Allah, and you represent Satan”

So true

Reminder: Western media will typically translate “Allah” as “God” – except in cases where they want Moslems to look very alien and backward[…]
It may sound wrong, given that they are technologically very primitive, but it is true: the Taliban is the future

The only societies that are going to survive into the future are the ones that put very strict sanctions on women. Everywhere else, people will simply stop breeding

The Taliban will survive, the Amish will survive. Various other Islamic groups will survive, but I can’t think of any other extant Christian groups that are likely to survive if they do not seriously alter their views on women and start smashing these bitches’ heads in with rocks when they go rogue

Andrew Anglin #sexist #conspiracy #racist dailystormer.name

[From “France: Country in Shock After Macron Refuses to Join Depardieu’s Lynching”]

We keep telling you people that Macron would just be a normal leader if the circumstances were normal. That isn’t a defense of the fact that he is a shill. He is a shill for the Americans, therefore the Jews

However: he is constantly making statements bucking the Washington/globalist/Jew agenda[…]
Now he’s defending a beloved French actor accused of “sexism” and “harassment”
The Guardian[…]
That’s not just a defense of the actor specifically, it’s a denouncement of the entire metoo movement. He’s saying “manhunt,” though in English we would say “witch hunt”

Macron went deep on the defense

“I’m a great admirer of Gérard Depardieu[…]He has made France known across the whole world. And, I say this as president and as a citizen, he makes France proud”

Critics[…]condemned his remarks as “despicable”, with one opposition politician calling Macron “the promoter-in-chief of rape culture”

Well. If that’s the case, I support it[…]
He was helping the country by being diplomatic envoy to North Korea of all places. And in North Korea, they don’t have feminism. Men are allowed to joke around about sex, and in fact, it is considered creepy and weird if they don’t make some sexual jokes. Normal people assume a man is a pervert if he doesn’t make sexual jokes. In a normal country, everything is the reverse

But notice they are attacking him over North Korean comments – because he knows that in the sickening, satanic West, you can’t act like a normal man[…]

François Hollande[…]“No, we are not proud of Gérard Depardieu, when, while looking at a young girl of 12 years old riding a horse, he sexualises her”

Firstly, this is France

Secondly, you can’t tell the age of an Asian[…]
Thirdly, who cares? The North Koreans don’t

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[From “Hitler was Right and You Filthy Rats Know Me and My Friends Would All Say It to Your Weasel Faces”]

The Jews released a video of a white man in his fifties lecturing his teenage son about how saying “Hitler was right” is hatred[…]
The father confronts the lad[…]It is then revealed that they are in front of a synagogue[…]
The video implies that “Jews are just humans like us”

Firstly, Jews are not human

Secondly, no man is going to make a big emotional scene with their son like that[…]
If I caught my son posting anti-Hitler material, I would not take him to the local Nazi offices and tell him to go tell the Nazis he hates Hitler. Instead, I would slap the shit out of him and force him to watch internet documentaries about how Hitler was good[…]
The whole thing is supposed to be a reference to the “Holocaust”[…]The Holocaust is a hoax and did not happen. If it did, I would understand the motivations for it, and some people might say that it should have happened[…]
What I want to go into is the claim that me and the boys would not be outside synagogues yelling “Hitler was right” if we could. I would be doing that every day, if I could, and I would be encouraging others[…]
The issue is not “oh it’s so sad to say these things because Jew blood-drinking child murderers are really nice people.” Jews mass murder children. They are not good people. No one feels bad for them, and many would like to see them gassed in fake shower rooms as a just response to all of these crimes[…]
I’m a person who did stand up to the Jews, and you can go see what they did to me. I can’t even have a personal checking account. I literally can’t buy things on the internet, and have to pay rent in cash[…]
It’s not simply edgy teenagers that are going to be saying “Hitler was right.” After what you’ve done, every single thinking person on the planet is asking themselves: “Why exactly was it that Hitler was mad at these people? Did they do something like this?”

Andrew Anglin #transphobia #dunning-kruger dailystormer.name

I guess it’s worth reminding everyone that these “hate crime” statistics are always fake, usually in multiple different ways. They include comments on the internet as “attacks,” they rely on self-reporting, they include any incident, even if it has nothing to do with sex/race/”gender.” The ADL is the most ridiculous with their “rising anti-Semitism” statistics. You open that up and it’s like “some Jew said he saw a post on 4chan that hurt his feelings.”

I’m not going to go look at the anti-tranny crimes in the UK. I don’t care, actually. If people were running through the streets and no-scoping trannies CS:GO style, I would not care at all. I mean, you shouldn’t kill people, that’s wrong, but if I read about it happening, I literally would not care at all, and would actually just chuckle.

I remember wiggers, and punk rock, and edgy Marilyn Manson satanism. I remember raves and glow sticks and those balloon pants.

It all seems so very innocent now.

And it doesn’t seem that long ago. It feels like we’ve rocketed from some edgy stuff and some “let them do want they want in their own bedroom” stuff into “hi, I’m your son’s teacher and he’s gay so I sent him to have his dick cut off. If you complain, you’re going to prison.”

I guess the primary change is that there is no longer any kind of metric for normalcy. No one has any idea what “normal” means. Nothing is true so anything is possible.

I regret bearing witness to all of it.

Elvis Dunderhoff #sexist dailystormer.name

[From "Watch: Female Officer Accurately Blames 11-Year-Old for Creating Porn of Herself"]

If she made the video, it’s her fault

I don’t understand who else’s fault it would be

New York Post

Two Ohio cops are being investigated for their response to a sexual misconduct case involving a child after a video of them appearing to blame the 11-year-old girl for creating “child porn” went viral

Two Columbus police officers, a female and male, were seen talking to the girl’s father on their front porch, six hours after he allegedly called to report that a man online had manipulated his daughter into sending him pictures of herself, doorbell camera footage shows

Oh, yes

An evil man was surely responsible for mind-controlling her[…]

The female officer is heard telling the dad his pre-teen daughter “could probably get charged with child porn” if she produced the images[…]


Your princess is committing a felony, old man

You should have covered it up rather than calling the cops on her

What were you thinking???

I hope the bitch gets charged

I’m so sick of this entire “everything is not her fault” thinking

She definitely lied to the man about her age, too. Guarantee that

And how are we supposed to believe the man found her? Obviously she found him

The cops should have kicked in the door and dragged the girl to jail

Elvis Dunderhoff #sexist dailystormer.name

[From "14-Year-Old Mexican Girl Runs Away from Home, Has Sex with Entire Marine Corps Base Over 20 Days"]

Girl escapes home, boards a military base, has sex with everyone there for money?

“Why would men do this???”

New York Post:

A US Marine was taken into custody after a missing 14-year-old girl was found inside the barracks at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton in San Diego and the teen’s family said she was sold for sex and raped by the man

The teenage girl, who has learning disabilities, allegedly ran away from home on June 9 and was reported missing by her grandmother on June 13, according to the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department[…]

It’s just amazing that no matter how low down and dirty a female goes, all of their actions are the fault of men

In every case

Andrew Anglin #sexist #racist #psycho dailystormer.name

[From "Woman in a Coma Since She was 3 Delivers Healthy Baby After Black Takes Advantage of Unused Womb"]

I’ve been talking for a long time about various ways to totally remove women from society while men maintain the ability to reproduce

Women – at least when they are conscious and capable of mobility and speech – create far too many problems for society to sustain their presence long-term[…]
If we could build these artificial wombs, then we could simply kill all women outright – potentially in fake shower rooms with electric floors[…]
It turns out there is a much easier solution: simply induce women into comas, then allow men to come in and do their business and come back and pick up the kid 9 months later

The blacks, once again, are on the forefront of technological solutions[…]
If I am elected to Congress next November, I will be introducing a law requiring all women to be put into comas
New York Post

The woman, 29, in a vegetative state for decades, had been unknowingly raped by a male nurse[…]

How much has it cost to keep her alive?[…]
Regardless, you’re looking at millions of dollars being paid by someone to keep this woman alive for literally no reason. It’s only logical that she would be pumping out babies. Even if you are some type of feminist radical and don’t agree with my plan to induce all women into comas, if you’ve got one just laying there, why not use it for reproduction? What is even the argument here?

Of course, it’s unfortunate that a black was the one to impregnate her, because we really don’t need any more black people[…]
If we do this on an industrial scale, and require all women to be put into comas, as my bill proposes, we will be able to keep the costs down, due to economy of scale[…]
I’m sure AOC will make claims like “this is a sexist policy from the patriarchy,” but no one takes her seriously

Elvis Dunderhoff #sexist #psycho dailystormer.name

London Cop Rapes Dozens of Women, Puts Them on a Diet, Forces Them to Clean His House While Naked

This dude is based.

Maybe instead of being put in jail, he should… be made the ruler of England?

New York Post

A British cop, who served in London’s Metropolitan Police force, has been described as one of the country’s most prolific sex offenders in history as he admitted to numerous sex crimes over an 18-year period[…]



Several victims bravely told the court that Carrick would lock them in a closet under the stairs in his home for hours on end without food. Some of the women were forced to clean his house while naked

Carrick would physically abuse and demean some of his victims, including belt-whipping and urinating on them, The Guardian reported. He also controlled some of them financially and in some cases, made sure the women cut off contact with other men and their children entirely

The court heard that Carrick called his victims “slaves,” “fat,” and “lazy” and told them when they could eat and sleep

Men who respect women are the biggest faggots of all. Like literally, respecting women is gayer than taking a dick in your ass from other men

Conversely, everyone who does not respect women, and kidnaps them and makes them do house cleaning in the nude, should be given extreme power to make decisions about society

Andrew Anglin #homophobia #racist #conspiracy dailystormer.name

[From "Coerced by Declining American Empire, Kenyan Court Tries to Force People to Do Sodomy on Each Other"]

Gay sex in Africa is a Jewish conspiracy

That’s not a joke[…]
The US State Department and the National Endowment for Democracy, as well as, frankly, the US Department of Defense, all play a role in coercing African governments to force their populations to have gay anal sex with one another

If you just spend a minute attempting to process this, you will understand how the United States received the moniker “The Great Satan”

Life Site News

Kenyan lawmakers and religious leaders have expressed outrage after the country’s Supreme Court ruled[…]to allow homosexuals to establish pro-LGBT organizations[…]

The tolerance of gay anal activities, including rimjobs and fisting, is always a sign of a culture in absolute decline. In fact, history shows that the embrace of these activities, which also include eating poop mixed with your own semen out of another man’s anus, denote a civilization as standing on the precipice of utter collapse[…]
Africans have a significantly lower average intelligence than that of the white, Asian, Semitic, Indian, and Arabian civilizations we would be comparing them to in an historical analysis[…]If Africans were to reject the social agenda being pushed on them by the Jews, that they would punch well above their intellectual weight class[…]
It is the epitome of foolishness to embrace the sickening values of a dying society like Western civilization[…]
The US is a blight and a cancer on the world[…]open rebellion against the universal order that defines all matter[…]
It is the patriotic duty of the American people who are not in league with the Jews to stand with other countries against the American state

Andrew Anglin #fundie #psycho #racist dailystormer.name

[From “Yes, Misery is the Natural State of Man. And That’s Fine.”]

The Illness Revelations have been bogged down in various boondoggles for weeks now. We need to return to the Path of Glory. We need to return to my original notes. We have no choice

I must reestablish the themes. Remember, one of the original themes was that life is supposed to be miserable[…]
Having watched an interview of Jew bastard Rodney Dangerfield recorded months before his death talking about how life was miserable and he couldn’t wait to die, I noted that everyone is miserable, but that Jews experience a special kind of misery as they do not have the hope that comes from faith in Jesus[…]
I’m a Christian, so I have a bias[…]It’s also very obvious that human suffering is a constant and doesn’t really relate very much to the government, or to any other situational circumstance[…]Plenty of things to be miserable about historically. Before the modern era, about half of kids would die before they were ten[…]
There are things about modernity that are uniquely bad, there are also a lot of things that are uniquely good[…]
You have to be able to control your own emotional state, or you’re basically a slave. You also have to accept that the material world we live in is a dark place and that life is a tough journey through darkness[…]
The earth realm is a place of struggles. When one struggle ends (say you solve the mass child death issue with antibiotics and sterilization techniques), then another begins (maybe your government is taken over by the Jews). The struggle and the suffering is the purpose of existence. It is the nature of material reality, given that we are separated from the presence of God

The only thing that will ever make anyone truly “happy” is alcohol. And trust me, the viability of alcohol as a mood enhancer is extremely limited. It does not take long to hit “diminishing returns”[…]Overconsumption of alcohol leads to significant reduction in quality of mood

Elvis Dunderhoff #homophobia dailystormer.name

[From "BRICS Countries to Meet in South Africa to Plan Heterosexual World Order"]

There is a new world rising

A world where penises will be inserted exclusively into vaginas, and no other holes


BRICS leaders meet in South Africa next week to discuss how to turn a loose club of nations accounting for a quarter of the global economy into a geopolitical force that can challenge the West’s dominance in world affairs[…]

It’s not really a joke that this is all about anal sex

It really, actually, is all about anal sex

Which is not actually “sex,” by the way. Just so you understand

The Americans want to force their value system on other people. That is their prime agenda. Most countries just want to make money, and don’t care about forcing people to do thing against their will

Andrew Anglin #sexist #transphobia dailystormer.name

[From "Chess League Bans Trannies from Women’s League, Proving That Women are Intellectually as Well as Physically Inferior"]

The fact that women suck at chess proves that they really are inferior to men

With the sports, you can say “oh well, of course they are physically weaker, but what does that matter in modern times???”

Being bad at chess means they are intellectually inferior[…]
We must start from the point of “women are inferior to men and therefore should be treated differently by society”

I mean, we treat people with Down syndrome differently, do we not?

Personally, I think women should be banned from making their own decisions. That is to say, they should be “disenfranchised.” But regardless of how you think this issue should be dealt with, the fact that they have to ban trannies from playing chess because otherwise women will be destroyed by vastly more intelligent men pretending to be women, proves that women are mentally inferior[…]

The world’s top chess federation has ruled that transgender women cannot compete in its official events for women until its officials make an assessment[…]

Good luck fighting the tranny lobby

The tranny lobby is superior to the vagina lobby for the same reason men win all these competitions – because men are superior to women

I support trannies being in everything designed for women, of course. Because it proves, over and over again, that women are inferior to men[…]
There is a reason there are no women geniuses in any field, and the women who were competent at certain things usually had a husband who was competent in those things (how much did Percy help Mary with Frankenstein?)

Furthermore, this whole concept of “women’s sports” and women’s chess or whatever else was retarded from the beginning

Women should stay at home and have kids


End of story

Elvis Dunderhoff #sexist #psycho dailystormer.name

[From "Bosnian Bodybuilder Livestreams Murder of Ex-Wife, Murder Spree While Being Chased by Cops"]

Bitches think it’s a game

Then shit gets real

New York Post

A Bosnian bodybuilder live-streamed the brutal murder of his ex-wife on Instagram Friday — before going on a shooting rampage that ended with his suicide

Nermin Sulejmanovic, 35, filmed at least three videos documenting the violent spree that left three innocent people dead and three more injured in the northeastern town of Gradacac[…]
He then turns the camera to his ex-wife, whose face is bloodied and disfigured from injuries, local outlet Telegraf reported


That’s the face you make when “shit just got real”[…]
At time of writing, 4chan has links to the video, if anyone wants to see it. I’m not gonna watch it, personally. But maybe I’m just getting old

For the record, the guy is both on steroids and a Moslem

I’m not going to blame any man for beating and murdering his wife who was a whore and presumably trying to steal his kids while she was going around having sex with other men. I don’t support it and I don’t endorse murder, but I really do understand why a man would do that

But killing random people on the street?


I mean, if you were seriously going to go out in this manner, you would think you would find her boyfriend/boyfriends and get them, rather than random people. But yeah, I mean. Bosniacs


At the very least, stories like this should be blasted all over the media, like “BITCH BETTER WATCH IT – SOME DUDES OUT THERE AIN’T PLAYING”

Somehow, the media is focusing on “violence against women,” despite the fact that the bitch clearly deserved it and the guy also killed randos on the street who definitely did not deserve it

Andrew Anglin #racist dailystormer.name

[From “James Earl Ray Day Marred by Technical Difficulties”]

Hello friends, and happy James Earl Ray Day

Sadly, on this sacred day where we honor one of the most important figures in our nation’s history, a man who stood up for freedom and for the rights of all Americans, we are still undergoing a technical process

You’re only seeing this if you’re on Tor, or if by some miracle the site is up at dot in. But I want to just weigh in and explain

Using the cash from the donation drive, the astronomically expensive upgrade should end the ongoing off-on problem of downtime that we’ve been experiencing for the last year or so

We want to take our time, and make sure that the bullet hits the target. That is to say, we want to blow the brains out of the site’s problems. We want to hit the nasty problem of ongoing downtime right in the face with a .30-06 bullet fired from a Remington Model 760 rifle

I’m not a tech guy, but I’m still right in the middle of this job, working as a spotter to make sure we get a clean shot, breaking the jaw, shattering the vertebra, and severing the jugular vein of the technical glitches

I’m exhausted and have not slept much, engaged in these chats and following instructions on backend processes

You’re going to be happy with the results, when the problem of downtime we’ve been dealing with is laying cold on a slab in the morgue

Elvis Dunderhoff #conspiracy #wingnut #racist #fundie #homophobia dailystormer.name

[From "Russian Children’s Commissioner Says ICC War Crimes Allegations are a Farce"]

The Jews in the Ukraine are literally kidnapping kids and selling them into sex slavery with the Jews

The ICC is claiming that denying the Jews cheap sex slaves is a crime

That’s what’s actually going on here


Russia’s commissioner for children’s rights on Tuesday dismissed International Criminal Court (ICC) allegations that she was responsible for unlawfully deporting children from Ukraine as false

The Hague-based ICC on March 17 issued arrest warrants for President Vladimir Putin and Children’s Commissioner Maria Lvova-Belova for the war crime of unlawfully deporting children from areas of Ukraine occupied by Russian forces[…]

Russia is a Christian, heterosexual country

The Ukraine is a satanic cesspit fighting a war to force gay anal fisting on the people of the Donbass

People wonder why it is so important to the hohols that they control the Donbass – why they are willing to lose hundreds of thousands of men in order to conquer this territory – and it is because Zelensky told them the anuses of the young boys who live there are “extra juicy.”

Seriously – why else would they care? It makes no sense unless you consider that the Ukraine is an anal country, totally obsessed with ass

Look into Azov. This is a satanic death cult that is completely fixated on gay anal

Also, go look at the Ukraine flag on Twitter – they are always coupled with the homosexual pedophile “rainbow” flag

It is child abuse to allow children to stay in the Ukraine. Russia should be kidnapping children directly from their parents and sending them to Russia, but instead they only take ones without parents, and the ICC says they should just leave them to die or get analized

It’s sick

Andrew Anglin #sexist #racist #conspiracy dailystormer.name

[From "Germany: Top Politician Demands Someone Stop Fat, Ugly Woman Attempting to Provoke WWIII"]

There are two things that really get women hot: black guys and mass death

Annalena Baerbock is like “I came here to start a nuclear war and fuck black guys – and I already fucked all the black guys in Der Nigger Town”

She then raided the cookie stash and ate a whole jar of cookies before crying and passing out drunk

What a creepy-ass cracker


German Chancellor Olaf Scholz must “stop” Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock before she becomes a “security risk” and pushes Berlin towards a conflict with Moscow with her “thoughtless statements,” Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Soeder said on Wednesday during a German political festival[…]
Soeder referred in particular to when Baerbock told the European Council in January that the EU was “fighting a war against Russia,” words that sparked uproar at the time. In mid-February, Baerbock herself conceded that the remark was a mistake

You people think I’m joking about war getting these sluts hot

I’m not joking in any way at all

I might say it in a silly way, to highlight the silliness of the thing, but it is just a fact: women are turned on by the idea of mass war. Go look at the supporters of this insane Ukraine war, which literally has no point that a man could ever process as being logical or reasonable. It is just all women going nuts, saying they want to have sex with Zelensky, and calling for a land invasion of Russia

Women as a group are a security risk

Jews couldn’t find men to support this insane Jew agenda, so they released the sluts as a standing army suppressing and oppressing men

They need to be locked up in cages

They are making a complete mess of everything that men spent millennia building and they think it’s funny

Andrew Anglin #racist #dunning-kruger #conspiracy #transphobia #ableist #wingnut dailystormer.name

["The Retardality of Evil"]

Remember “the banality of evil”?[…]
It was related to[…]Eichmann’s “trial” in Israel[…]The Jews went and kidnapped him 15 years after the war and gave him a fake “war crimes” trial before executing him (by hanging! Like he’d gotten caught killing a nigga for his Air Jordans!). It was like, one of the most extreme, bizarre acts any state had ever done, and definitely not banal[…]
The term was not used in reference to the evil Jews and their non-banal acts, but to the Nazis supposedly trying to exterminate the Jews[…]
Eichmann testified that there were so many bodies buried under the ground that wherever you walked blood would start squirting up out of the ground like something out of a hentai[…]
Let’s go ahead[…]and allow that particularly[…]malicious human actions are “evil”[…]
•The allegations of the Jews, of rollercoasters of death, masturbation machines, a cage with an eagle and a bear, the Wall of Eyes, the Wall of Death, changing the color of people’s eyes[…]
•The real world actions of the Jews, such as inciting black people to do a violent revolution because a gentle giant OD’d[…]faking a viral pandemic[…]sending out a retarded teenage girl to lecture grown men[…]other various sadistic and maniacal Jewish behaviors[…]
We would be talking about “the retardality of evil”

Because the stupid Jewish lies about white people’s behavior, and the actual behavior of the Jews against white people, are fundamentally retarded by nature[…]
The whole child tranny thing is the worst example[…]
The purpose is[…]to drastically reduce the population. All of these kids are sterile[…]most of them kill themselves. It would be really easy to just kill the kids. Instead, the Jewish Pritzker family has built an ideology around “synthetic biology”[…]
There is absolutely zero reason that people who believe in global warming and who are okay with child trannyism wouldn’t just simply send their kids to be sacrificed to the weather gods

Andrew Anglin #racist #conspiracy #wingnut #sexist dailystormer.name

[From “Colorado: Trump Barred from Appearing on Primary Ballot”]

Fake elections for a fake country

America is not a country

It’s a slave colony for the Jews

Think about it


Trump is disqualified from serving as U.S. president and cannot appear on the primary ballot in Colorado because of his role in the Jan. 6, 2021[…]

Of course, this is a setup for a SCOTUS case on whether or not January 6 is the same thing as the Civil War[…]
These people are cartoons

They are shadow figures projected onto the wall of the cave that is the Jewish slave colony

If you take it at face value: people are still allowed to vote for Trump, they just have to write him in. So they are simply exploiting the fact that a certain number of people are idiots, and won’t be aware of the nature of the situation[…]
Exploiting the stupidity of morons to manipulate the outcome of elections is not good governance

As I’ve said six million times: if the people are as stupid as the government believes they are, then why can they vote?

Remember: “democracy” in the minds of the average person means “people have a right to vote.” It’s confusing, because people can also vote in North Korea and so on. But that’s what people think the term means

So, you have a right to vote, but also the government can manipulate your vote. They can do this weird ballot shit, they can censor information. They can do all the things that North Korea does before an election

The difference in North Korea is that the government actually cares about the country and the people

Did you see the video of Kim crying and begging women to have more children to strengthen the nation?[…]
The United States is a Jewish slave colony

The slave drivers are women. Most men have a woman in their home, ruling over them, enforcing Jewish slave colony rules on them

Andrew Anglin #wingnut #racist #dunning-kruger #homophobia #forced-birth dailystormer.name

[From “Conor McGregor Declaring Himself King of Ireland is a Matter of Historical Necessity”]

Although I do not support it[…]it has become clear to me that it is a matter of historical necessity that Conor McGregor seize control of Ireland and declare himself King Conor I of Ireland[…]
So-called “Northern Ireland” needs to be forcibly ethnically cleansed, but the first ethnic cleansing needs to be the cleansing of brown people from the current borders of Ireland[…]
Conor should put the word out that the current government has six hours to flee the country or surrender, and kneel to the King, swearing fealty. Conor should maintain control of the lads, and keep them from rushing in and lynching the current traitor government[…]
Certain of these corporations will want to keep the tax scam going, and will put pressure on the United States government not to sanction the country, but I do not think these efforts would be successful. Conor should therefore order, on the day of the revolution, for everyone in the country to max out their credit cards, and obtain as much cash as possible. He should also[…]attempt to turn the country’s reserves into Bitcoin[…]
The removal of the immigrants will end the housing crisis, and of course, the material wealth of the immigrants should all be forfeit, beyond what they are able to carry on their person as they are marched to the Northern Ireland border[…]
The border with Northern Ireland should be totally militarized immediately, and concentration camps should be set up along the militarized border[…]
When Conor I decrees an immediate end to gay marriage and a closing of all of the abortion factories[…]the majority of the priests are going to back him[…]Making moves to try to depose the King of Ireland will necessarily mean trying to reestablish divorce, gay marriage, and abortion, which is just going to look very bad[…]
Foreign television will need to be turned off, replaced with nonstop jingoistic propaganda

Elvis Dunderhoff #transphobia dailystormer.name

[From "Everyone Shocked as Famous Tranny Flight Attendant Living Ideal Tranny Life Commits Suicide"]

Never in my life would I have expected a tranny to kill himself

We are headed for utopia, but in utopia, if all the trannies are killing themselves, it will be very sad

Perhaps we need to use 5G mind beams to stop trannies from being able to ponder suicide?

New York Post

Transgender flight attendant Kayleigh Scott — who gained fame after appearing in a United Airlines commercial — was found dead Monday in her Colorado home. She was 25[…]
Details surrounding the end of her life remain unclear, but several of her friends did reveal that she struggled with depression

He struggled with depression

Because he cut his dick off and pretended to be a woman

The sexual fantasy is maybe fascinating for a little bit. Maybe it creates a euphoric feeling, especially when combined with all the drugs. But sooner or later, trannies wake up from the sexual fantasy, because life can’t be a continual sexual fantasy, and they find they do not have a dick and will also never be a woman. They are aging and facing decades of emptiness and loathing, no longer able to draw interest from men

According to tranny theory, you are going to have happy and fulfilled men in their 80s who are trannies after having decided to mutilate their bodies when they were 9 or 10. This is obviously insane, and simply thinking about it from that perspective puts into light how moronic it is

I have tattoos from when I was a teenager that I deeply regret[…]
The great thing about life is that you can grow and change throughout your life. However, if when you’re a teen or preteen, you decide to mutilate your body with drugs and surgeries, then you’re stuck with that forever

Andrew Anglin #racist #conspiracy #sexist dailystormer.name

[From "I’m Glad There is a Race War in France (Even If Whites Aren’t Fighting)"]

All of these immigrants that white people have agreed to flood their countries with are going to roost mercilessly. The brown folk, the refuse of the world who we wanted to play daddy to, are harrowing and apocalyptic chickens[…]
The cops killed some Arab “youth” who was “fleeing the scene of a traffic stop.” His mother filmed it, and demanded a revolution, and the collective brown population obliged her[…]
Though the riots center around the suburb of Nanterre, the entire city is on fire[…]The immigrants are killing cops and seizing their weapons. This is now a war

Of course, this is the age of total censorship, so we can’t really confirm what is happening on the group, beyond what we see on video[…]
The global Jewish media is largely refusing to comment, showing only pre-approved clips, and pushing the narrative that this is France’s George Floyd. It is very similar to George Floyd, in that it is a dumb race hoax drummed up by the media[…]
The Moslems in France are not like American blacks. They are, instead, capable of a high level of organization. The blacks will just do violence because it is personally fun[…]
The Arabs in France have the clear goal of conquering France and forcing whites to submit to them[…]they can control the chaos that the blacks create[…]
The cops are fleeing the brown people[…]
I’m sure some of that is not wanting to be accused of racism for using deadly force – which is the only force they could possibly use here[…]
The most amazing thing about this is the media narrative. A race war is not at all amazing. Anyone with any common sense would have expected that[…]
My hope is that whites will see this, and they will remember it[…]
The first thing we need to do is stop listening to women. Then, we need to find a solution to the immigrant problem. After women, the biggest obstacle is the government, which is controlled by the Jews

Andrew Anglin #racist dailystormer.name

[From "Hero Who Protected New York City from Unhinged Violent Black to be Charged with “Manslaughter”"]

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness[…]!

Daniel Penny[…]will face a charge of second-degree manslaughter[…]

The mob called for charges, and the DA responded to the mob. It’s literally a state-sanctioned lynch mob

This individual Neely had been arrested forty-two (42) times, including multiple times for assaulting women[…]
He was a threat that we’ve all seen in the centers of every city in this shithole country

This is George Zimmerman v. Trayvon Martin all over again, except that wasn’t on video, so the court case was designed to determine what happened[…]
This is a 24-year-old man, a marine who served this country, who is going to go to prison for 10 years, losing some of the best years of his life, because he did the right thing[…]
Imagine a story where Commissioner Gordon arrests Batman because some criminal on drugs died when he was saving people. That would never happen in fiction

The DA admits the death was accidental, or they’d charge him with murder. He was trying to restrain a violent lunatic[…]
This is Biblical – in our society, good is called evil and evil is called good. You want to chop up a teenage girl’s healthy tits off[…]? We’ll give you an award. You want to save people’s lives? You’re going to prison[…]
Show this picture to anyone in the world outside of America and Western Europe – Asia, Latin America, and yes, Africa – and ask them to point to the criminal:

More than 85% of the world – that same 85% that opposes the war in the Ukraine, by the way – is going to point to Neely as the criminal

Most black people in America don’t even think like these Jewish-backed activist “protesters”

Most black Americans would say: “you know, that nigga been wilin’, he finna pop off, white dude, he be just tryin’ get the nigga to calm hisseff”

Elvis Dunderhoff #sexist dailystormer.name

[From "12-Year-Old Florida Girl Steals Dad’s Car to Meet Man for Sex"]

Oh the slut stole the car to go get FUCKED????

I’m a conservative, now let me tell you how she is actually the victim somehow!

I don’t know how she is the victim right now. Let me think about how she is the victim, and then I will get back to you!

But we know for sure that she is the victim, and the only issue right now is coming up with a convoluted explanation as to how she is the victim and this is the fault of men somehow

Please stand by while we put together that narrative for you

New York Post

A 12-year-old Florida girl stole her father’s car and picked up her 14-year-old friend to meet an online predator in Louisiana, officials said this weekend

Baby-faced Jade Gregory, of Union County, was reported missing last week after she hopped behind the wheel of her parent’s Ford Taurus, went to meet her pal Khloe Larson, then drove out of state[…]

We still haven’t figured out the full story of how this is men’s fault. We will be getting back to you shortly

But so far we have:
•Abused the innocence
•She didn’t understand
•She didn’t know what a penis is
•Mind control
•Secret words to manipulate the subconscious mind

Stay tuned and we will have a very clear story about how this girl’s choices were not actually her own choices, and were in fact, somehow, the fault of men

Andrew Anglin #homophobia #conspiracy #wingnut dailystormer.name

[From "Does Marco Rubio Have AIDS?"]

Florida Senator Marco Rubio, who is from Cuba, has transformed into something completely different than he was in 2016, leading many to wonder if he has AIDS

Rubio’s appearance has changed more than would be normal for any man in a period of 7 years. In 2023, he looks very unhealthy, his bubbly cheerfulness having given way to cold skeletal wasting

AIDS (Acquired Immuno-Deficiency Syndrome) is a homosexual condition that is also commonly known as GRIDS (Gay-Related Immuno-Deficiency Syndrome)

Rubio, a Senator and pro-war activist, is widely believed to be a homosexual, which would put him in the prime category for developing this homosexual condition

During the 2016 campaign, several pictures were released showing Rubio dancing at a homosexual establishment (“place of dirty business”)

The Florida Senator is a regular guest on the TV show of gay rights activist Tucker Carlson, where he promotes Chinese TikTok conspiracy theories, as well as conspiracy theories about extraterrestrial visitors. His politics are as compromised as his immune system, and patriotic Americans hope that he dies of AIDS

Conversely, the Editorial Board of Daily Stormer hopes he pulls through, but we are calling on him to resign from his position immediately, given that his condition clearly prevents him from successfully doing his duties, and because he is a ridiculous figure from a foreign country who is constantly trying to bully Americans into fighting wars for him

Daily Stormer #sexist #dunning-kruger dailystormer.name

In a newly discovered essay on the threat of the age of consent entitled “On the Social Dangers of a Minimum Age for Marriage,” Aristotle argues against the establishment of an age of consent

In the society of my time, there is no established minimum age for marriage[…]I have heard of proposals from certain factions of society advocating for the establishment of a minimum age for marriage, and I must warn against the social dangers of such a concept

Firstly, let us consider the matter of promiscuity[…]If they are not allowed to do so in the context of marriage, they may turn to promiscuity and other immoral behaviors. This is especially true for young women[…]
Moreover, if a minimum age for marriage were to be established, it would only serve to undermine the institution of the family[…]If young men and women are denied the right to marry when they feel ready, then they will be denied the opportunity to start their own families[…]
Furthermore, the establishment of a minimum age for marriage would be a violation of the natural order of things. Human beings are naturally inclined towards procreation[…]If young men and women are denied the opportunity to marry and procreate when they feel ready, then they will be forced to go against their natural inclinations[…]
If a minimum age for marriage were to be established, then this could be used as a pretext for denying young men and women the right to marry, even if they are ready and willing to do so

In addition, the establishment of a minimum age for marriage would only serve the interests of a select few[…]They may be misandric women who view men as oppressors, or men with bizarre and unhealthy relationships with their mothers[…]
It is therefore in the best interest of society to reject this policy and to reaffirm the importance of marriage as a fundamental building block of a healthy and prosperous society