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[Serious] Do normies realize they are getting fucked?

Obviously normies have it better than incels, but the average man is still oppressed, the only people who are truly benefiting from the current system is Chads and foids. The average man often has to be a slave and a cuck in his relationship, and he has to marry a used up whore who will likely divorce him or end up in a dead bedroom marriage with. Not only that, but they are forced to wageslave and pay taxes like slaves while women can make infinite money on onlyfans, twitch, etc.

@ionlycopenow has elaborated on this, but lots of men have to cope with drugs and alcohol to deal with the harshness of this society. They clearly aren't living on god mode like foids and Chads.

So why are normies so defensive of this shitty social system? And I'm not talking about trying to score good boy points in hopes of getting crumbs of Becky pussy, I genuinely think they do not realize just how set up society is against men.



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