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Parapsychology is by definition a science. A poll of "scientists" with no knowledge of the field is meaningless. Science is not a vote, except, of course, on Wikipedia.

I am far from expert on parapsychology, but there are repeated results. What may be speculated is that there are subtle effects not understood. One of the most remarkable of results was a blind experiment that appeared to show precognition. Turns out that what was presented was chosen by a pseudorandom code generator.

When the pseudorandom code was replace by a true random code generator (based on radioactive decay, I think), the effect disappeared.

That is "scientific investigation" and there is no "pseudoscience" involved, but something totally remarkable was overlooked. The human mind can anticipate the outcome of a normal pseudorandom code? Really? This is astonishing!

Many psychological "anomalies" might be explained by unanticipated capacities of the mind. Parapsychology is about testing explanations.

Pseudoskeptics confuse the science with what is studied, and they pretend that what is studied does not exist. But "unexplained phenomena" certainly do exist, and that's the point.



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