Eschewcel & Pumkin #sexist #pedo

[Blackpill] Cuties is a very good introduction to the blackpill.

The director of the film managed to show all the decadence of foids, which begins as soon as they are 11 years old and even before for some.
The film DOES sexualize foids, actually exactly how they are. Even girls from the most pious families feel this urge to be sluts and will take the first opportunity that comes along because they are born sluts.

Watching porn in the toilets. Wanting 15 to 17 years old dicks. Watching twerking clips during the prayer. Disrespecting everything their parents' traditions. Learning twerking moves imitating sexual positions. I mean the youth, at least a real part of the population, is exactly as described in the movie and only think about chads from the moment they have their first period.

I highly recommend you to watch it, just to be able to talk about it with full knowledge of the facts. It's available on netflix, but also on rarbg for example. If you want some boobs to help you wanting to watch it, just go to 28:00

fuck me I didn't think these girls would be so damn sexy! just downloaded the movie and just skipping to see skin. not going to watch this actual trash movie but god dam these girls got really tight bodies. you aren't going to see a 40yo woman with this type of body that's for sure! this movie is just exemplifying exactly what men are sexually attracted to



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