LoveSquirrels & MyBodyMyself #transphobia

Parents across the US demonstrated in front of gender clinics today

A new organization,, organized with the Parents of ROGD Kids to hold actions in Philly, Chicago, Hartford, Ontario, DFW and Los Angeles. Check out LGBFB's website or Twitter feed for tons of great pictures. Unfortunately we were met by TRA's including one very angry and confrontational MTF. But we also had some fairly civil conversations with the FTMs. The LGBTQ++++ establishment in our state has gone completely bananas about it, over some moms with signs!

If your message made people uncomfortable, that's a good sign. If more demonstrations like this are planned for the future, I would recommend trying to get some detransitioners publicly involved as well. There are quite a few who were transitioned as minors.

I am sure future actions will involve different groups besides or in addition to parents, thanks for the good idea.

You are the REAL stunning and brave! It takes a LOT of courage to stand up to bullies - especially when they get away with playing the victim.. Seriously — if Trans-activism wasn’t a cult — then why are they so aggressive about anyone raising any questions and so ready to shut down all dialog? Why do they label anyone questioning medical interventions for kids as “transphobic”... I don’t know a single person who is transphobic. But I do know some moms who aren’t keen on their autistic non-conforming daughters being put on puberty blockers and moms or gay kids who are made to feel bad or somehow inferior for being gay or lesbian. This madness just has to stop! I’m over-the-moon happy that this protest happened and I just hope that the powers that be don’t just label this as “transphobic” and actually listen with their ears and their hearts for once!



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