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During the darkest days of the covid hoax, I was a political exile in Mexico, unsure if I would ever be able to return to my homeland. Thanks to Vlad Putin, the Satanists have relaxed their scamdemic and I have been reunited with my home, library, diaries and photo albums.

I had written Canada off but that was premature. Sure, politically and culturally, it is on life support, like most of the satanist-infested West, but the economy is still humming. People are resilient and determined to rebuild. Canadians generally are nice people. Like the man in the Home Depot parking lot who volunteered to help me load a heavy toilet into my car.

I realize I love this country where I have lived most of my 72 years. I love the weather, except winter which I will spend in Mexico. I love the Canadian Football League which I have been following since 1960 when Russ Jackson was the QB of my hometown Ottawa Roughriders. I love my friends, the cannabis, the lakes, the albacore tuna and the medium roast coffee. (They don't do medium roast in Mexico.) I like being able to speak the language. I belong here and will fight to help restore this country to what it once was, the best place to live on earth.



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