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[Blackpill] 11-ish YO foid goes crazy about not being able to make Chad kid her boyfriend.

Little girls first flirtation FAIL!! It's Epic!

It starts early. You think any girl at that age ever got into such a meltdown because you didn't give her clear signals you liked her? LMFAO, Chad only, no matter the age. Also this proves how foids feel about Chads, they are obsessed with them. The older ones don't show it but feel the same way, the young one simply doesn't have a filter like the older ones.

Haven describing her first crush

This one's BROOTAL as well.


Just have curly hair and be cute theory
Also she didn’t mention his personality. Is it coincidence?

As all drug addicts personality is just another drug normshits and cucks use to delude them selves. Just another high, just another day of talking to foids, another day of self-improvement to keep em selves hooked. The cognitive dissonance they have when confronted with facts is too much to bear, and so they go thinking it must be my personality. The only personality that exists is the dark-triad but that is a supplement and not the main factor for determining whether you get laid, looks and height are

(Made in Heaven)

can anyone describe what happens? video isnt working for me

11 year old slut-in-training is humorously upset and angry that a boy in her class is not picking up on her obvious signals like winks and smiles.

Thanks. I would say this is shocking, but it's to be expected that females begin mate selection around 4-5 as soon as they are aware of the world around them. JFL only reason they aren't going after men in their 20s/30s is because of social norms. Little girls certainly do mature faster than boys, I didn't even care for girls until I was like 13

Haven describing her first crush

i want to ****** **** her little toothless mouth JFL at her remembering exactly where chadlet touched her hand


Nothing a bitch slap to the face cannot solve. But white parents are too cucked for that shit.

What if you get aroused from them hearing them scream in pain?


They really do start early.
And they do show these signs.
And I never recieved them.


And agecucks think they'll find virgins in their 20s. Good luck with that.


That's some serious sui fuel. Chad wins even before puberty. JFL


Not even a teen and beyond entitled.

And LOL if you think they're playing tag. Maybe tag with his cock and her insides.



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