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Female cafe / restaurant staff always seems to spy on regulars

I have been living in half a dozen world capitals and it's always the same when I become a regular at a mid level to fancy restaurant or cafe:

Women asking intrusive questions, positioning themselves to listen in to conversations and gossiping with each other, laughing at you thinking you don't know what's going on and one time I even had a waitress send some boomer white knight to me asking me personal questions to report back to queen bee.

My only conclusion these days is: Don't become a regular anywhere and space your visits to once a month or even more than that so people barely remember you. Nasty female attitudes is probably another reason why F&B is in decline and a lot of restaurants these days in my city are probably 80% female customers to begin with. I'm also worried about deranged women poisoning men's food with more and more anti male hatred femnazi agitation in Hollywood / TV / Netflix, especially as unmarried millenial women are hitting the wall and creating a harpycalypse...



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