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The overall nature of females is a Blackpill itself - evolutionary BlackPill

If you go and visit sites like r/femaledatingstrategy or heartlessaspergers.com you will see that females itself dropping a massive blackpill in their opinions, behaviours and quotes. They will literally tell between themselfs, in closed, safe communities that they will never date an Asperger's or ugly, short, ethnic guy. Because when safe, female will always drop a BlackPill, there's zero chance of female not doing that when feeling safe, secured and not judged by their actions. Females are simple, brutal, fake and will make everything to see low class male dying. Due to our primitive evolutionary past, we enjoy gore and death of members of our own kind, humans are secretly enoying that weaker individual is being brutally beaten or killed. Because this cleans the gene pool from the weakest ones. This behaviour is very common in almost every advanced animal, we're no diffrent.
Human female acts no diffrent than females or other species, watch how brutally female mantis threats male or how brutally shoebird mother threats the weakest hatchling, they're much muc more examples of how primitive and brutal the nature is, life and nature are the most brutal blackpills. If you wanna see our true nature and nature of females, watch animals and then watch human behaviour. I guarantee to all of you that this will be the most painful realisation

Females are made to lie, evolution made them that way, they will tell you one thing, think about other and the result is always opposite to what they previously said
It was not a huge shock and revlation for me, i've read a ton of books about our evolutionary past, and the evolution of our species is very brutal, we're still, basically a primitive tribe of chimpansees, we're sharing 98% of genes with them, If you wanna see how brutal and primitive chimps are go and watch documentaries about them on National Geographic or BBC Earth. We're just a little more advanced chimps, evolutionists are tend to place Homo Sapiens as third spiecies of Chimpansee.

Also incles aren't beta's, in nature beta's are tyhe second most powerful members of herd, incels are Omaga's. Omega's are always bullied by the other males of the herd, they eat last, and if they lucky - have the weakest females to mate with. But in most cases they end their lifes childless



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