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do women have hobbies

[Saint Chincel]
And no shopping isn't a hobby so what do they actually do

… I grew up with 8 women … non of them had any hobbies or things they really liked except shopping , drinking wine and shouting no man in the mix except me … just me with a bunch narcissistic psychopaths

no they dont have hobbies, their only hobbies include. sex, dating, and thats all.

why do you think the vast majority of men have more copes.

[Saint Chincel]
Oh an killing there kids cant forget that they love that shit
Don't even go to prison some of them

[Saint Chincel]
Destroying reputation with lies all of them do that

the only hobbies i see them do is painting or drawing or whatever. not even interesting pieces …

Their hobbies consist of getting banged by chad, partying and pushing ugly guys to suіcіde for fun.

They love shopping for batteries, for their vibrators.

Female hobbies include
1)chatting shit
2)sucking Chad's dick
3)seeking validation
4)manipulation/mind games
5)tormenting incels

Knitting maybe?

[Fiesta Payasos]
Banging chad, go shopping, take slutty selfies, receive attention by orbiters, watch reality shows about chad and Stacy, watch yt videos about make up and whore techniques. …

No. There was this time sitting next to this foid in my maths class … I shit you not all her and her friends did was watch movies and eat. … The smartest girl in the class … watched Kim Kardashian. Had no hobbies either. Even if they are not stupid they will do absolutely nothing with it.

… sucking money out of men's wallets.

They masturbate in front of a camera …

They are drones …
What they do on their pass time, is basically do what others are doing.
Lame ass creatures.

There's a few women with talents like art, but … there's a solid reason STEM and important roles in business are ran by men.

OysterSauce #psycho #sexist incels.net

[On supreme sicko Nathan “Leucosticte” Larson setting up yet another pro-rape incel site]

Nathan Larson is fuсking awesome. Not every electoral candidate has the balls to not only ѕhit on women but also publicly defend incels AND pedophiles. He makes me wish I was from Virginia.

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Incel laws.
These are laws made to minimize the suffering of the specie, and to protect incels and females.
They are to maximinze the health and happiness of both the incel and female.

1. Law of clothing. Girls must wear modest, non-sexualized clothing when out in public. The only exception are special areas such as beaches and specially designated areas.
a. This will help incels and females. Incels will no longer lust and feel bad. Females will no longer recieve sexual harassment from strangers.
b. If a female disobeys this law, there is no fines or fees. Just that anyone is allowed to touch her breasts or butt, if and only if she is wearing the clothes of a wh*re.

2. Law of murder. For every 1 murder, 1 year of prison. This may seem like a low amount of time, but in times of incel, males often fall victim to mental illness and do not behave rationally such as in times of prosperity. In times of prospoertiy, the punishment shall be higher, such as two years. Murder is evil and punishment is needed, however, one must realize that rotting in prison is cruel punishment.

3. No cruel punishment. Prisons will be coed. Males will consentually fuck other females, rather than raping other males. Males will get exercise, health foods to decrease mental illness, and computers for entertainment. Sex will use condoms and contraceptives so that criminal genes do not spread.

4. Racial equality. There should be a reasonable distribution of raсes in the leaders of each State and Nation. For example, if there are 80% whites in a State, then roughly 80% of the leaders of the state should be white. This does not have to be an exact number. For instance, if 10% of the population is mexican, then 20% of the leaders of the state as mexicans exceeds the reasonable amount of racial equality.

5. Cheating penalities. In order to prevent the crimes of false marriage extortion, cheating must be discouraged. For each instance of cheating, 5% of alimony is reduced. There is one exception, sexless marriage. If the marriage is incel, then the incel may cheat without suffering penalties. Furthermore, during divorce, if the marriage was proven to be sexless, the incel does not have to pay alimony. Furthermore, there is an alimony ceiling of 500k. If marrying rich, not more than 500k can go to the divorcee.

6. Monopoly. Not one raсe, tribe, or state should control all of the media. Rather, media should be divided into racial/tribal equality, according to the proportiions in law 4.

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What would you call a black stacy? No I dont mean black trash i meam the rare and elusive actually decent looking black girl

Ive only ever seen one back in high school and she was a major fuсking wh*re.

She’s still called a Stacy, who is out of reach for any incel, I don’t think her skin changes the fact that she has beautiful looks, she still has an unattainable vagina to incels and is only available to chads.

No such thing as a "black Stacy"

I have never seen a black stacy, the highest in looks that I've seen a black girl in, was a low tier becky.

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Everything about femoids points to beastility, Big Muscles big cock Tall they would fuck king kong if he was real

These dog fuckers have gone through mental evolutionary degradation soy fags and cucks are at fault for men being so weak and not regulating their bullshit. Any SOY fаg ORIBTOR on here should be met with the same venom as a sl*t.

GeneticFailure #sexist #crackpot incels.net

Cucks need to stop with the personality BS

It's been a meme forever, but these cucks really think women care about personality.You will never hear a foid saying ''you have such a bad personality.You'll never get a girl'' instead it's ''you're so ugly.No girl would like you.Kill yourself asap you misogynistic creep'' That's all they care about

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Women are Stupid

I'm really tired of women in social media, media, everywhere. They preach beliefs and people, mostly men believe and supported them. Worse, these male supporters would even come from this forum. I never physically attack a woman nor assaulted anyone and yet the Nazis make it sound all men are doing it.

Am I the only one who's getting tired when women kept saying all men are evil? All men are trash? rаpe culture is is a norm, which is stupid. I graduated virgin and every men in my batch are single at that point. These Nazis have no concept that most men will leave college without getting sex while women would be at their 20th laid. They let the assholes damage them and make incels pay for the consequence, which is ironic. We're not the one who hurt these women. We're not the one who cheated on these women...and yet we're the one cast out and seen as evil? We are the one condoned and shamed? While thousands of chads have a pass card.

The rationality doesn't make any sense. Incels haven't hurt any women when compared to the exes these Staceys cry about in their social media. Incels are identified as worst part of humanity, worse than Chads who actually hurt and traumatize women.

Where is the sense and logic in that? The Chads hurt more women than incels and yet being an incel is worse?
And there's your another proof to women's stupidity, everyone. They are even rewarded for being foolish.

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Anti-incel commercial

This commercial really pisses me off!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWl-bfvPMKo

Whoever came up with this commercial was definitely trying to make fun of incels but failed because they have no idea what they're talking about. The fact that the guy's name is chad and the second girl's name is stacy can't be a coincidence. Where to even start. The notion that any femoid would turn down a literal chad, or the notion that chad would get rejected as badly as an incel would. The only thing this commercial got right was the femoid. Look how unapologetically rude and insulting she is in rejecting him. She doesn't just say no, she has to make it clear that she'd rather go over boring paperwork than speak to him. Typical self righteous c*nt who thinks she's too good for the world. That really makes me want to use your product. I'll bet a feminazi wrote this. Fuck this commercial, and fuck turbotax. I don't even know what their company is about and already they've made me pledge to never do business with them. If I ever need whatever service they provide I'll be sure to use their competitors out of pure spite.

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Incels dot co as FBI Sting Operation or PSYOP:

Incels dot co

They will reject your application if you do not provide what they would consider a detailed psychological profile of yourself.

They also seemingly-randomly delete accounts for no reason, including those that have contributed much and are in good standing.

The more information an investigative agency has, and the more they can remove what gets in the way of an investigation, the better.

I don't think it's a stretch at all, even tho I am of course only guessing. But I'd almost be willing to put money on it. It would explain the requirement for getting in amounting to a lot of potential self-incrimination, and explain the need to narrow down any possible suspects should an act of violence happen again.

There has been enough attention drawn to incel-related violence to warrant an effort like this. As soon as it looks like something may go down, IP addresses are traced and people are kept an eye on.

Even tho most of us are smart enough to use proxies...the thing about going without sex for a long time is we tend to be smarter than the average individual. If I dig, I'm sure I can even find studies and proof verifying how being with a woman lowers a man's intelligence. A guy in the YT mgtow community posting a video on it once a while back.

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving.

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Daily reminder that soy cucks gate-keep science, yet cannot debunk black pill evidence.

"Burderino of le proof! Inkel article cherry pick on the popsickle!" - cry the remnants of the soy mob, the most pathetic low-life scum who never got over the fact that the founder of inceltears evolved from NPC to a person and shut down the cuckqueers hive for being the man-eating wannabe internet gestapo it was. Alas, one cannot police thoughts and be an NPC, a creature to which thoughts are not a concept, but I digress.

What the raging cucks mean is that black pill proof is not proof because supposedly the articles that confirm blackpill (and even include respective conclusions in the summaries made by the authors) are not legitimate ("cherry picked" or not real). This magical spell - and all NPC "arguments" are in their perception irrefutable magic spells - is intended to "unpack" the science behind the black pill, declare our analysis baseless and claim "victory" because we don't carry the burden of proof, all despite never having been a part of the incel discourse in the first place.

As numerous as these "cherrypickerino, le burden" posts are, no ITard has ever provided evidence for their claim. One would expect that with a 16/7 routine of watchdogging, stalking, doxing and other things that involve screenshotting they would be more than capable of doing that, but apparently this is not the case.

Instead they claim that you don't carry burden of proof for your statement because your proof is "bad". Who cares that the statement "your proof is bad" requires proof as well? After all you inkel are a bad person for not having been born Chad and having a non-negative IQ.

And this is yet another reason why there's no debating NPCs. The moment you allow them to have a say in any topic on equal terms, they will claim privilege (e.g. not bear the burden of proof while you have to do so). This happens because they are mindless Stone Age automatons that only speak strength and consider all concessions a weakness.

TL;DR: memes write themselves


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foids created a police state in order to subjugate man, and create an caste system based on looks

we literraly have an caste system of truecels,incels,normies,chadlites and chads , and normally man would control foids with force, but you if you try do that you are arrested, we literraly have no freedoms in order to give foids "equality" which is a load of ѕhit because they can do whatever they want with us meanwhile we are arrested for even looking at their direction, man who are worse looking are literraly being harrased by the state daily meanwhile good looking man can do whatever they want

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Incels are not racists

I just want to say that we are not racist. I approve both these deaths with equality.(black and white) I don't care about the color. I am color blind.
I saw their pictures, faces and their arrogance in their eyes and face..these are the kind of women who have made me mentally and physically sick..
Good riddance.

”White woman shot dead by cop after ‘threatening to shoot him’ - but Kansas cops now say it’s unclear if she even had a gun” - Daily Mail
”Here’s what you need to know about Breonna Taylor’s death” - New York Times

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Attractive women have beta male fetish

I really don't know why, but young and attractive females, the ones that I saw on Instagram or Twitch, you know "the streamers", only fans creators and fit influencers are always have sissy beta male as a partner. I really doesn't know why females choose men weaker and looking worse than them.
Is that a special domination mechanism? Or they choose the weakest ones because of their money to get even more money from their beta buxx partners?

Anakin66 #psycho #sexist incels.net

If I it wasnt for my religion holding me back i wouldve been a mass shooter in minecraft

Im a christian and i firmly believe in everything the bible teaches . So i lm well aware gunning down lets say a soriority house full of hot women whom i greatly desire yet hate so much at the same time. I've lost sympathy for women and only show sympathy for them in specific circumstances but for the most part i loathe them. Every attractive foid i see is a brutal reminder of my failure as a man. To court,Dominate and eventually impregnate a foid so my thousand plus year old lineage can live on as it always had. But no its reached a dead end. Im that end.im genetic garbage. FUCK FOIDS!

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The overall nature of females is a Blackpill itself - evolutionary BlackPill

If you go and visit sites like r/femaledatingstrategy or heartlessaspergers.com you will see that females itself dropping a massive blackpill in their opinions, behaviours and quotes. They will literally tell between themselfs, in closed, safe communities that they will never date an Asperger's or ugly, short, ethnic guy. Because when safe, female will always drop a BlackPill, there's zero chance of female not doing that when feeling safe, secured and not judged by their actions. Females are simple, brutal, fake and will make everything to see low class male dying. Due to our primitive evolutionary past, we enjoy gore and death of members of our own kind, humans are secretly enoying that weaker individual is being brutally beaten or killed. Because this cleans the gene pool from the weakest ones. This behaviour is very common in almost every advanced animal, we're no diffrent.
Human female acts no diffrent than females or other species, watch how brutally female mantis threats male or how brutally shoebird mother threats the weakest hatchling, they're much muc more examples of how primitive and brutal the nature is, life and nature are the most brutal blackpills. If you wanna see our true nature and nature of females, watch animals and then watch human behaviour. I guarantee to all of you that this will be the most painful realisation

Females are made to lie, evolution made them that way, they will tell you one thing, think about other and the result is always opposite to what they previously said
It was not a huge shock and revlation for me, i've read a ton of books about our evolutionary past, and the evolution of our species is very brutal, we're still, basically a primitive tribe of chimpansees, we're sharing 98% of genes with them, If you wanna see how brutal and primitive chimps are go and watch documentaries about them on National Geographic or BBC Earth. We're just a little more advanced chimps, evolutionists are tend to place Homo Sapiens as third spiecies of Chimpansee.

Also incles aren't beta's, in nature beta's are tyhe second most powerful members of herd, incels are Omaga's. Omega's are always bullied by the other males of the herd, they eat last, and if they lucky - have the weakest females to mate with. But in most cases they end their lifes childless

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Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power

so if you have no sexs you have no power, and therefor you are the lowest cast in society, just like us

agree , society in contradiction make believe that sex does not matter that what matters are the feelings but they lie about it, also sex is all about power and control to women