Various Incels #sexist

RE: [ToxicFemininity] Wtf is this, JFL

Pink Pill Feminism

"RadFemTears" -- soon on reddit. Actually, wait. Wahmen are oppressed that's why they (men that they hired off their onlyfans money that is) had to create this totally not hateful site.

Women deserve to freely express their thoughts and opinions on the internet without getting censored or banned.

We all know what their "thoughts and opinions" look like: hate men, kill all men, emasculate 99% of men, round up sub8 men in concentration camps, etc.

Take the pinkpill JFL

take the pinkpill: no matter how privileged foids already are, they still will feel themselves oppressed as long as men exist.

when have women EVER been sensored for their radical feminist views?

(Just here to read)

Could you imagine if women suffered real sex based oppression? They would literally kill themselves in a week

B-But queens do get oppression you inkwell!

What retardation they have there. Man hate is everywhere, no one will take the pinkpill down, but they will try to take down the others. They are also not very mainstream, like reddit and twitter. image



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