DominicanDancecel91 #sexist

[Serious] The pain of seeing a Stacy and knowing you'll NEVER fuck her. Whitepillers on this forum how can I ascend to Whitepill ASAP?

I've been Blackpilled for a year now. Although people don't give me repulsive looks, I'm still completely INVISIBLE to foids. With the ever increasing standards of foids along with Chadlites lowering their standards and dating FAR below their looksmatch (therefore wiping truecels and normies completely out of the dating pool) it's pretty obvious that incels including me on this forum HAVE NO FUTURE in dating.

The biggest pain in life is looking at a tall, hot Stacy standing near you or a Stacy in a short, tight dress sitting next to you on the train while you look at her PERFECT body features and smile and knowing you will NEVER get to be with her.

I get more depressed everyday knowing that no woman will ever give 2 shits about my existence all because of how I look and I want to get over this and move on. I know that going down the purple pill route (denying that I have no chance at all) is COPE and the Whitepill (being happy with being TFL) is the way to go if I want to be happy in life so...

My question to fellow Whitepillers on this forum is... from your experience how do I ascend to Whitepill as quickly as possible?



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