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(Answer to a question as to why there is no footage of a certain crash between a cruise ship and a Venezuelan navy ship)

because the point of sinking the boat is to kill the children on it, just like the train that crashing in LA. If those children, the illuminati's child sex slaves that Trump rescued, make it onto television then the NWO and illuminati are done for, for all time.

The only thing they can do is try to kill the kids by sinking the boats. You will see insane shilling about the boats and why they are empty, why the hospitals are empty.

The underground city is several levels deep, it's bigger than Chicago, Boston, Houston, Miami, NYC and LA all on top of each other. the sheer quantity of humans that the marines are pulling out of the tunnels is unfathomable. there was an entire civilization down there.

If they can kill the kids before you see them, then it would all have been for nothing and their faction can rise once more and do it all over again. The HMS resolute is a US NAVY icebreaker, MILCOM dropped the goods the other day.

So not only is the captain of that venezuelan ship confirmed fucking ZOG trash, but so is Coumo. It's entirely possible that the corona deaths are actually military operational deaths from clearing the tunnels.



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