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RE: More GC comments and peak transing on r*ddit over trans issues and men in women's sports.

Is the tide turning? Or is that subreddit just less likely to have woke people on it, since it's about speaking one's mind and not about being politically correct?

My favorite comment on that thread, lol:

“Transphobia isn't a real thing. It was literally made up to make people feel bad for using common sense.”


Nah, I think the comments on that thread are pretty reflective of the opinions of the general population of the US.

I used to have a job that required me to travel all around the US, so I think I got a good sense of what Americans who aren’t extremely online think. Most, especially on the younger end, are willing to respect transgender men or women at least as far as new names and pronouns (maybe not so much non-binary people because everyone can tell it’s ridiculous attention-seeking behavior) but that’s about it. They don’t support men in women’s sports, they don’t support all these ridiculous changes in language and they’re usually pretty angry when they find out about these things happening. All of these things are being pushed without a popular mandate.

It just goes to show how much TRA ideology has overstayed its welcome. If they had just stuck with the basics like asking people to use their new names or pronouns, they probably would’ve succeeded, but they’ve pushed for so much more and for increasingly ridiculous things that the house of cards is going to fall down.



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