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THE MUD flood happened. Best to come to terms with that fact now. For
the remainder of this read, I am more than happy to play the part of the
tour guide and show you the hidden reality buried beneath us. You have
been warned though. The implications are glaring. We have been lied to,
again. His-Story has been hidden from us. Therefore, it is not, nor will it
ever be my intention however to convince you that it happened. Many
will kick and scream and only move forward should somebody drag them
by the hair, but I refuse to do that. Debates are elementary. Sometimes a
gentleman scholar simply offers to hold the door open, which is precisely
what is happening at this very moment. At the very least it can be said that
you noticed.
Once more, the aim of my writings is not to convince you that the
Millennial Kingdom of Messiah happened upon the earth. I mean, I believe
it went down, or else I wouldn’t have written a book on the subject. A
literal and physical thousand-year reign with Yahusha HaMashiach
holding the scepter. That is why the mud flood is so important to the
discussion. It serves as a divider of sorts—a mile marker. The mud flood
was a reset, more like a series of interconnected resets, intended to erase
the Millennial Kingdom of Messiah from our consciousness so that
HaSatan could go about doing his work.
Admit it. You’ve walked up and down lonely avenues such as these your
entire lives. You’ve passed repurposed buildings posing as libraries, and
others which go by false identities such as “Gothic Revival.” After noting
the buried windows and doors in your peripheral vision and wonder who
in their right mind would start the foundation of a building with only half
or a third of a story or less, you pushed the uncomfortable feeling aside
into the back alley of your consciousness with the thought of a movie or
a New York Times bestseller or the two planes that magically toppled
three buildings on 9/11—anything Illuminati sponsored.



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