BummerDrummer #racist #wingnut incels.co

Its not your nation nor has it ever been you retarded cumlet LMAO. For starters this land wasn't even cumskins to begin with.

The conquest of 10,000+ nomadic tribes in the stone age, then building it up for 500 years into the most developed part of the world /=/state mandated mass migrations into already existing nations. BUT, If this was 1500 or something I would have advocated for us leaving the natives alone. But the European conquest of America in the 1500's and the massive border crisis are not the same and that's very very clear.

Your sending them back to NOTHING. Immigrants helped build this country. You don't get to just say, "Aw shucks guys, we're doing fine now, have fun in your piece of shit countries now that ours is sustained and built." you moonshine drinker.

There comes a point where I think the home race or home culture has paid these immigrants in full via generational wealth. Yes, you were a slave, but now your great great great grandchild has an iphone and a car and is doing this and that when if it never happened he would have died at 10 eaten alive in Rwanda.

If whites wanted to have their magically whitey utopia they should have thought of that years ago. Its too late now. No one is leaving, and no one should have to just because cumskins have a problem not being garbage. In fact you're dying out. Your kind wont even exist a few centuries from now, and you can thank your ancestors for that.

Let's say though for the sake of "what ifs" that you are right. America should be a melting pot or whatever. How do you justify mass migrations into countries who have been 100% white since its inception? Sweden, Denmark, Norway, I mean how do you justify the mass migrations to these areas? They didn't do anything. If you won't answer anything above, please answer this.



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