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RE: Commenters are posting blatant sexist stereotypes and generalizing all men without even trying to answer the question. It's so disheartening to see sexism against men receive so much support. Am I the only one seeing this??

Why do you think there are so few female serial killers?

because women aren’t good enough to get away with it more than once!

acting like them aside,

women are embraced by every aspect of society and accepted no matter what

men are shamed and treated as disposable by every aspect of society, and told to man up no matter what

with the way men are treated is it really a shock some lose total connection with reality and have no empathy or emotion left?

these traits don’t lead to becoming a serial killer, but all serial killers have them for a reason. it leads to a passion for revenge against others, or a passion for feeling in power for once when they have been denied it all their lives but told by every aspect of society they should have it.

of course those threads just bottle it down to “men think they are more important than others”, does everyone not think this of themselves? and “testosterone”, which doesn’t cause violence but allows men to pursue goals far more than women and if a mans goal has been shaped by the world around him to get revenge or to feel accepted by force, you now have a serial killer.

of course there is outliers such as psychopaths and sociopaths but i wouldn’t base everything around an outlier group.



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