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Never forget this nuclear cuck


How does...that make...sense.

Only savages believe in collective guilt.


chapter 24 of das kapital, marx says that the original acumulation of resources by the bourgeoisie was achieved by stealing common land, therefore any person that has any money to this day is partner in that original sin.

translate that bullshit to this and there you go, numales slicing their dicks right off and chugging soy to get rid of the curse of masculinity

lol "common land."

Amorphous herd animals that had no individuality used to graze there!


Even animals have territory and run off their competition, hoarding resources/females

Yeah, and if the competition wins, it's their territory now, it's not like they're "squatters" or "illegal invaders," that's just hypnocratic bullshit, putting people to sleep, having them dream that the land is theirs in spite of their feet not being on it.


the entire western white race has collective guilt for slavery and racism. They are super guilty and seething at the n word for things they never committed to people that never experienced them. There is 0 logic in this world.

There's plenty of logic, it's just not evenly distributed throughout the population.



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