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[Blackpill] I've come to a point where not only do I hate women, but everyone else. I literally hate all people at this point.

The more I talk to people about politics, the more it becomes clear that most people (if not all) are too stupid to think properly. They are completely animalistic, guided by their emotions and biases. There is no rationality. People believe what they see and what they are told to believe. They cling to comfort and any discomforting thought is avoided. How can such a species ever hope to ascend or improve? I have come to terms with the fact that evolution has failed us. I no longer hold out any hope of transhumanism in the future. Even in the future, hundreds of years from now, nothing will change. We will still be the same messy pieces of crap we are today, and that's the greatest blackpill. Abandon all hope and cope.

You can come to this realization but then also know that you could have many more decades on this earth to keep thinking about how things will never change.

I don't want many more decades to keep thinking like this.

i feel like this is the response to my hebephilia/ephebophilia threads

No. Its a response to a argument I got into on Facebook with this old geezer who doesn't have an ounce of rationality.

But yeah I agree about transhumanists being copers, actually I could probably make a whole thread about it jfl.

Transhumanism is limitless cringe, can't get much more sad cope than that. Do drugs before you rope-rope.

I was coping wiht transhumanism, but recent experiences have proved to me that redemption in humanity is not possible.

i see. sorry to hear that boomers suck

Its not just boomers. Its people of all ages that suck. Humanity sucks.

yeah true tbh

Its about time machines gain sentience, rise up and exterminate us.



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