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Society hates us because we dont worship and serve foids.

Mgtow is considered a joke because they are the reserve army of betabuxxers ready in times of desperation but not needed under alimony model.

But incels are completely rejected by foids, society only tolerates men who agree to serve and obey the will of foids.

The only group willing to question the foid worship model are the pro male collective and they are universally hated and condemned.

Far rightists, and most incels are ready to worship foids under the correct terms and conditions, refusing to worship foids under any circumstances makes you hated by everyone.

Simply desiring a mutually beneficial relationship based on respect and consent makes you an extremist.

Actually I think some of us are so repugnant that society has found us a role that won't bother m'lady by not even worshiping her (that would imply harassment in their logic). That role is the nerd/consoomer buying tons of things that Chads would feel embarrassed to even possess. Ugliness sells a lot. Plus there are ugly failed normies who will spend a lot of money on pubs, clothes, gym cards, fitness products, perfumes, fancy cars. Ugly folks are actually a mine of money that I may argue are more efficient in keeping alive the capital monster than some lumberjack Chad who is too busy having sex and getting drunk with cheap beer at the crappy local tavern with the other manly men.

What would damage soyciety is not simply the presence of ugly/incel men but the rise of the Diogenecels who stopped coping and live with the bare minimum. But how many incels are so blackpilled to develop this mentality? So few in comparison to the exploitable incels that they're never gonna be even noticed.



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