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Dating is exclusively made for losers, too afraid to come out of the closet and be gay.

Dating a woman is the gayest thing a man can do. Hear me out, let's apply logic for a second.
All gay guys try to be a pale copy of an annoying bitch. When you hate on gay people, you actually hate on people mimicking annoying bitches. Now, bitches get annoying real fast. Soon enough, you end up with a cliché of a gay man. Soon enough, you're just fucking a gay dude with a vagina and loose tits. And that, my friend, makes you fucking gay.
Only dating young hot chicks isn't gay, but you need to dump them before they turn into gay dudes. For "people" who say that settling with a chick and having babies with her is the non gay way, they are wrong. Not only you end up with a fag with a vage, you also end up with little fags. Nothing is gayer than child play. Your whole life turns into watching fags do faggy shit, instead of shooting shit, working on shit, building shit etc.
Prove me wrong.

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Women don't deserve any rights and patriarchy has never existed.
There wasn't a single historical period when women had it harder. Reproduction, security and food were always guaranteed to any female. A single woman was always much more valuable than hundreds of men, their lives were to be saved first in any situation while men were always treated as disposable cattle. Ordinary men never had any privilieges. Men would rather solve her inconvenience than help their suffering brothers. Even strong leaders were manipulated and blackmailed by their own wives.

Even muslims treat women much better than thier own brothers, it's usually the muslim boys who are being abused, molested, trafficked, enslaved, turned into suicide bombers (while women are simply forced to cover their bodies and not whore around). Even when women had no rights they had no responsibilities either. It's the men who were forced to sacrifice themselves while women didn't really care because they would be spared regardless of the outcome. Even female nazis were simply shaved and humiliated while their men were tortured and killed.

Women don't care about the politics nor religion either because they can always attach themselves to a man or the government.
They don't care about raising generations of weak men and the collapsing society because they will eventually feign submission and skinwalk as conservative maids or turn into born-again virgins. Being a female is the most foolproof thing in existence, all she has to do to spread legs which is the life's ultimate cheat code.

A 5 minute blowjob is considered to be more valuable than a month's worth of hard manual labour, dignity, values, utility, progress, innovation and thousands of sacrificed lives.

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Do you want ukrianian birthing center to be hit by russian rocket?

Babies are ugly, stupid, annoying disgusting little shitters and deserve to be set on fire, and even more - if they ukrianian babies. Thoughts and prayers, that one of russian rockets hits into ukrianian birthing center and detonates ugly shitters, with even more fun if some of them not killed right away, but tossed by shockway through windows, screaming and shitting as little shits they are

Uhhh look at bebe, bebe made poo poo uuuhhhh


Tfu on you ugly parasite, your kind needs to be detonated


And kemono waifu is also not for making those nasty bebe parasites, but for living life of kemono friends. Tfu on traditional values


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We should start raping chads' and normies girlfriends to cuck them
Or normies who think they're better than us because they have a gf. That way, every time they are with their beloved girlfriend, they'd know she was used by us, the men who they despise and see as inferior, and there's nothing they can do about it :rich:

I'd rather kill than rape

Wanting to compete with savages for some monkey pussy is a waste of time. They should be DEALT WITH and society should fall back into the hands of strong willed men. Not effeminate fuckboys and their whores.

Normies, Chads, Tyrones deserve death.

Normies for the most part are beta buxxes.
But a Chad who has had 20+ foids in his bed is a fucking hoarder. I would break his legs, then throw a brick to his face. Make sure that he can live the rest of his life IN PAIN, suffERing like I've suffered my entire existence.


I'd rather kill than rape


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After good fap to hentai lolis - why should I be interested in old ugly post prime 18+ femaloids?

Unless they have loli features and youtfull style, of simple nice youtfull girl (but this type is better in hentai, not so in reality, where simplicity in style most often also means simplicity in mind, of being basic narrowminded villager, not kemono friend), or crazy quirky girl, but not anything disgustingly mature, by face, and by style

Natural females need to be exterminated, and replaced by physically and psychologically permanently young artificial waifus

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RE: Can sexbots solve inceldom?

I will never live to see that kind of technology

I don't feel anything with rubber foids.. I want foids I can beat the shit out of.. and make them cry... the idea of me doing incel things like beating a foid is very exciting.. no one will give damn if I beat a sex bot.. which kind of sucks.. I want to do something anti social
[ in Minecraft of course ]

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I noticed that feminists seem to be pretty afraid of incels, but don't understand why. I mean, incels are pretty powerless, meanwhile feminists have all the power in the west.
So why are feminists afraid of incels?

I blame it on teaching them how to read.. and giving them freedom to watch jewtube...
they will watch propoganda on how ER was an incel and how he killed innocent wymen.. and they think all incels are ERs...
and you can see this on cuckeddit.. ER is the most widely used synonym for incels...and it is not just a bias against incels..
femoids will read over and over any new related to where a femoid gets killed or attacked at night.. like they read a wymen was killed by a homeless guy and so now they hate all homeless people...
it is hardwired in their brains...but all their hate vanishes when serial killer looks like Ted Bundy... its funny...
we need sharia law to curb these femoids form destroying this earth

This is also why wymen hate trump.. cause media portrayed him as being a anti femoid... femoids are so easy to manipulate if you are a chad...

[ in GTA V of course ]

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We incels have inherited the legacy of Jesus

I hate the church and Christianity, but Jesus was one of us

He died a virgin, was rejected by his own community, rebelled against Jews and the government. Taught societal rejects to "Turn the other cheek", cause there's no point in going ER. We should renounce this world and LDAR. Just give up. This world is a disloyal hoe

Successful, good looking, rich Christians should just die. They are the complete antithesis of Jesus

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RE: Russian army pushed back in Ukraine

Luhansk oblast is still under russian control as is half of Donetsk oblast.Now what area did the ukrainian army really manage to take?

Yeah but they are going to loose Kherson soon, maybe the reason Russia is loosing so bad is because alot of their soldiers are chechen and siberian subhumans rather than ethnic Russians, race does play a factor in war since certain races are superior to others which is probably why Russian army did so poorly. Chechens and Siberians are near the bottom of the racial hierarchy while Ukrainians have Nordic blood.

A bunch of Drunktard shitskin siberians vs militant nationalist white Ukrainians, the better fighter is a no brainer. Putin should have chosen more white Russian soldiers instead.

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( FailedArtist)
15k people getting executed in Iran

Only 15,000?
I hope all the simps who took part in the protest end up in a mass grave to feed the worms.

HAHA, based as fuck. They really are very smart for doing that. Never allow feminism or women's rights movements. They can easily look at how all feminist women in western world are complete whores and see what feminism leads too. hey don't want their daughters fucking niggers and their sons to be incels. They actually have empathy for their children, unlike the white liberal, racetraitor Christniggers that gave white women the right to vote and fuck niggers.

HAHA this is great.All the foids and soyboys who tried to make a mess of there country will be rightly punished for it.

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Why Foids Belong In The Kitchen.

They do. Foids should have all of their rights taken away and be sent back to the kitchen where they belong.

If they don't then they will continue to be sluts and ride the Chad carousal.

Foids should have no rights. Our ancestors understood this. It wasn't until jews pushed feminism that people started to believe in "Gender equality" Nonsense.

Men are superior to foids. They are far smarter stronger and taller. Foids are weak and emotional.

Foids are all grown children and should be treated as such. The hierarchy of man>Foid>Child needs to return.

Foids should also not have to right to say "No" To sex. Martial rape should be legal. Foids should also be disciplined when they misbehave by being spanked.

I support arranged marriages as a solution to Inceldom. Every man is entitled to his looksmatch.




they should make me a sandwish while doing the dishes and sucking my cock all at the same time, anything else?

the kitchen is truly their rightful place, considering how much stress the average women goes trough nowdays, they might as well enjoy it

We cant do nothing just accept that they are all Whores and move on

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Wtf is happening in Iran?
Two weeks of daily riots and rebelling against government. All the talk about how police is super harsh against protestors and then we are treated to dozens of videos of whores disobeying and men doing nothing.

Imagine being an Iranian and not beating the shit out of these cunts. A grown man walking away from teenage girls when he could single handedly slap the snot out of 5 of them and chase away the rest of them from the premises. But instead these sluts remain unpunished like western uppedy whores.

It's good that a government actually kills the feminists though, that'slifefuel, irancels if they exist are very privileged, I wish I lived ina country like that except with white people.

Can you imagine being the security guys and being allowed to just slap women all day long?

It is nothing new unfortunately. I know some will say it is 100% the cia or some undermining tactic from a foreign regime. I won't say it's not possible.

But I've met some Iranians back in 2010 and they were already like this : pro fem, pro liberal, etc.. Obviously not allof them but quite a few. If you look at before/after pics of Iran or Afghanistan, there were already foids dressed in short skirts wanting to be "free".

The only thing maintaining strict rules for foids are MEN USING FORCE. Once these guys decide to be pro feminist and open, you see the consequences

Summer of 69, that's what's happening.

76 people were died in the protest. Among them 4 foids and 2 kids.

70 of them are men. 92% male casualty.

Men Simps are literally giving up their lives so that foids can freely roam around the streets half-naked.

It's the summer of 69, all over again.

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RE: what counts as "ascension"?

Banging a cute, virgin, aryan jb who is between 15-19 years old, with a looks-rating of at least 8 PSL.

And you fuck her raw with no condom, and creampie her, and she has to be lustfully in love with you, so much that she would rope if you ever broke up with her.

THAT is ascension. Everything else is cope and cucked.


That's exactly right. Over 80% of males are incels because of not being able to get virgin, aryan jb's. It's brutal out there, Sub8 is law.

Wtf??? How am I "diminishing and trivializing" the suffering of incels if the vast majority of men are incels?

Are you implying that if most men suffer inceldom it's not a big deal?

It is a big deal. And I fucking hate cucks who try to make inceldom a smaller issue than what it really is.

Imagine living your whole life completely alone without a cute, jb, aryan gf sucking you off every morning.


And the fact that this is the case for most males just makes it even more suifuel.

And the fact that men have to cope by settling down with non-virgin, non-aryan non-jb foids because of this is simply TERAMEGAGIGASUIFUEL.

It's rather rope than settle with a non-virgin, non-jb, non-aryan foid.


No, the coper here is you thinking that foids who are non-virgin, non-jb and non-aryan count as ascension.

If you wanna cope and "ascend" with subhuman foids that are not virgin, aryan jb's then do it, but you know deep down that it's cope and that nothing compares to being loved by a pure, aryan jb.

I'm the biggest incel ever, don't come here and tell me I'm some fakecel when I have suffered way more from inceldom than you ever will.

I used to fuck escorts and I even had a fwb relationship with a Dutch milf, but I was still incel.

Why? Because I was coping with subhuman foids, none of the them were ascension, not even the milf. She was a used up subhuman foid not being worthy of having as a gf or wifing up, so that's why I only had her as a fwb.

A fakecel like you would never understand my pain.


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( faded )
Why holes are always whining about rape
Why holes are always whining about rape and misogyny 24/7 and would accuse me of rape if I even tried talking to them but for $100- $150 many young holes let me fuck them in every position and do almost whatever the fuck i want to them and then act like sex is like drinking a fucking cup of coffee. This just shows how greedy and vile and lying Chad chasing hypocrites all holes are and why we need to make “rape” legal so that holes cannot monetize their pussies (invideogame)

Brutal no reply everyone is out with their gf tonight

(Copexodius Maximus)
I guess it’s like property theft. You gotta pay or get to lust after you. If you don’t, then she feels something was taken from her that she didn’t give and was not treated like a human when she had no say. At least that’s my attempt at deciphering the female mind.

This is why I’m barely active in this forum anymore. I posted about how all your posts get buried and no one interacts with them, but unfortunately i think no one saw that post and it got buried jfl. :honk:
Only come here cause I like many of the people here.

Good take, holes are really hypocrites, acting like sex is not a big deal, doing OF and posting near naked on Instagram but then screaming sexual harassment when a trucel like me tries anything with her. But when I give whores $100 they have no issue opening their legs for me and letting me use their pussies (invideogame) and suddenly it isn’t rape. This cuck logic makes no fucking sense and why holes should have 0 human rights. :Anger:

For Wahman , Rape is sex with non Chad

But let's be real, why is anything good or bad ? Why is murder evil , why is helping people good ?

Here's a thought experiment proposed by Wittgenstein. Imagine there's a book which contains all the propositions ( facts) about the world. It would not have a single moral statement.

You will find statements like, X killed Y etc , a descriptive statement. But you will never find a statement saying "X is good" or "Y is bad".

We project "good" and "bad" onto the world. All moral statements either express attitude, command or emotions.

They can't be true or false, anymore than "open the door ! " is true or false or " 🤮 Vanilla ice cream " is true or false.

So yes, "rape is bad" can't be true or false. The same goes for "rape is good".

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Jewish Question Mega Thread

((Franz Boas))) Was the jew created race denialism: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Franz_Boas#Early_life_and_education

(((Karl Marx))) Was the jew who created communism: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karl_Marx#Childhood_and_early_education:_1818–1836

(((Betty Friedan))) Was the jew who created second wave feminism: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Betty_Friedan#Early_life

(((Lucian Grainge))) is the CEO of Universal music group: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucian_Grainge

(((Greg Lansky))) Is the owner of the porn website "Blacked" : https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greg_Lansky The entire porn industry was also created by jews: The adult film industry in America came to exist, and was allowed to flourish, thanks almost entirely to the work of Jewish trailblazers.

(((Larry Silverstein))) Was the owner of WTC 7 which somehow collapsed on 9/11 despite never being hit by a plane: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Larry_Silverstein

(((Joe Slovo))) Was a jew who helped Nelson Mandela overthrow apartheid: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joe_Slovo The entire anti apartheid movement was also lead by jews: https://www.jta.org/archive/south-africas-reform-jews-leading-jewish-struggle-against-apartheid https://christiansfortruth.com/former-mp-george-galloway-confirms-anti-apartheid-movement-in-south-africa-was-led-entirely-by-jews/

(((Albert Bourla))) Is the jew behind the (((Pfizer Vaccine))) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albert_Bourla#Early_life_and_education The covid vaccines are created by jews also: https://www.jpost.com/health-science/who-are-the-jews-behind-the-coronavirus-vaccines-649405


(((George Soros))) Is the jew who runs the open society foundations which funds leftist groups: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Soros#Early_life_and_education
His own son admits he does what he does because he's a jew: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/07/17/magazine/george-soros-democrat-open-society.html



Brutall Racepill For Blackcels

Black men are over a hundred times more likely to rape a White woman than vice versa. Source: http://news.investors.com/ibd-editorials-viewpoint/082613-668778-epidemic-of-white-on-black-violence-is-a-fraud.htm?p=full

Most South Africans believe that life was better under apartheid. Source: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/398136/end-south-africa-josh-gelernter

Life expectancy in South Africa has decreased since apartheid ended. Source: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/398136/end-south-africa-josh-gelernter

The South African murder rate is the 10th highest in the world. White farmers are killed 4x more often than the general population. Source: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/398136/end-south-africa-josh-gelernter

Blacks in South Africa are not indigenous inhabitants, but rather arrived just before White explorers. Source: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/398136/end-south-africa-josh-gelernter

In South Africa, a child is raped every three minutes (175,000 children/year). Source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/8107039.stm

In urban areas of South Africa, more than one in three men has admitted to committing rape. Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/11/27/south-africa-rape-study-m_n_788722.html

In South Africa, rape is seen as “a legitimate activity” and committed out of boredom. Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/11/27/south-africa-rape-study-m_n_788722.html

In South Africa, 7% of men have participated in gang rape. Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/11/27/south-africa-rape-study-m_n_788722.html

In South Africa, 78% of men have committed violence against women. Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/11/27/south-africa-rape-study-m_n_788722.html

“Out of the 1500 [chess] grandmasters in the world, only three or four are black.” Source: http://worldchess.com/2015/12/15/the-racial-gap-for-titles-among-american-players/

Only 54% of Black men between 25-34 have high school degrees, are employed, and are not currently incarcerated. Source: http://blogs.baruch.cuny.edu/lexingtonreview/?p=36

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(Note by submitter: regarding the Amouranth abuse case)

RE: Lifefuel for Chinkcels

Her chink husband is gigabased

Most likely they started dating as normal people. He was a rich betabuxxxing Chink and she was a white whore. She probably cheated on him and did a lot of bad things. There is no way a woman of her looks remained loyal to that chink for 5-7 years.

Once she started earning money she became independent. He realized that he needed to control her cash flow to control her and so he did. When the time for her to leave him came he exposed the fact that he is in control of most of her cash making her cry on the internet.

Make no mistake. She does not care about him. He only came out on top because he was blackpilled and had a giga high IQ of 150 to play that bitch

Xanax Bar & I_need1cm_chinToWin #sexist #racist blackpill.club

(Xanax Bar)
There's a reason women were treated as property up until 150 years ago.

There's a reason women were treated as a property up until around 150 years ago. They're not exactly children in terms of emotional intelligence, but they're the next closest thing and they never grow out of it. Women will quite literally throw tantrums and act like children on purpose to see your reaction, because they want to see how you'd react if she had a child with you.

There are deep evolutionary reasons women act the way they do. Women only want the top 20% of men. Why? Because she only has so many eggs, and childbirth is a potentially dangerous process, so she only wants to do this with the best man she can get. Women only go after tall men with strong jawlines and broad shoulders. Why? Because those things are indicative of high testosterone and stronger bone structure, which means more muscle mass/upper body strength, which means he'll be a better protector. Ect, ect, ect.

Women are biologically driven to let thier emotions and instincts guide thier actions. That's just reality. Giving them the same power as a man especially in politics has been a massive mistake. They are just more emotionally driven and more apt to let feelings cloud rational judgment. There is simply no place for emotions when it comes to determining the fate of society. Men of the past realized this, and that's a big reason why for pretty much all of human history (with some exceptions), women were barred from making important political decisions.

yes man theyre retarded, but i don't think they're fair detectors of good genetics,they only see something aesthetic like a chad or sometimes go for normie brad lanklets but they can have diabetes,bad eye sight,bald in their 30s idk you name it. Sometimes they go after whatever media tells them, like slav foids with negroes whose more ugly than a monkey

just date a troon bro #sexist blackpill.club

A roastie offended me. Then I offended her.

I am merely walking around my apartment complex late at night, smoking a cigarette and in la-la land in my mind, thinking my thoughts, ruminating on various things. Then I reach on the sidewalk a roastie (she had just entered it from the parking lot) who, a few steps ahead of me, keeps glancing back at me nervously. I was not thinking about her (though I did notice she was in my "erotic view" so to speak.) In any case, the fear she evinced about me offended me greatly. It wounded me. It hurt me. Now I'm ruminating about this insult as I continue to walk behind her...as I increasingly take pleasure in causing the very discomfort of hers which offended me so greatly. I realize that I must soon get off the sidewalk and head towards my entrance. Before I do, I pretend to run real REALLY FAST right behind the roastie and then make a sharp left turn near her. Her frightened and alarmed surprise -- and my belly laughter as I walked away from her -- have made my week. Perhaps my month. Perhaps the year in sheer "wininng-ness."


To be clear, I didn't physically alarm her like I made it sound-- as I knew she was apprehensive about me behind right behind her, all I had to do was make the sound of someone speeding up. I remained in place and shuffled my feet to make the sound of someone sprinting suddenly. It was so slight and it scared her. I hope my belly laugh made her feel insulted like I was by her fear.

Vincent561 & BlackPilledOverdose017 #sexist #homophobia blackpill.club

I look 8+ and have a wife, but I like incel ideology. Am I in the right place?
Hi Guys

So, as you can see in my post count, I'm new to the incelsphere.
I wonder if I'm in the right place. I like a lot of the incel ideology. I hate feminism, and can't stand the LGBTQ+ community, because of their hypocrisy and misandrism.
I think a patriarchy similar to Japan in the past would be great. I also like the evolutionary explanation that incels offer for male and female behavior - it makes a lot of sense to me.

But as I understand it, incel means involuntary celibate, and I'm not really celibate. I have a wife (a very nice one, not a feminist).
And also I am definitely 8+ looks wise, according to the girls I met 10. Girls say I'm very handsome. (I won't post pictures.)

So I wonder if I'm in the right place. Can I be here, even if I'm not celibate?

No you are not in the right place.

You can not be an Incel or be on Incel forums if you have a wife and are a 8/10 in looks.

You are just black pilled.

But you seem good. You hate feminism and LGBTQ freaks so that's good.

Just spread knowledge of the black pill and black pill talking points somewhere else.

FailedArtist , ATF & HikikunDeformis #transphobia #racist blackpill.club

defending troons is against the rules now
users who defend troons, or say retarded stuff like "troons are based" will get warnings, and then will get banned if keep insisting on this retardation. nuff said


Based. I remember that Phreddy guy was defending troons to the death, thank god the forum reset and his acc was deleted.

after the kf controversy i cannot tolerate troons being defended, troons are literally destroying the internet and censoring everything.

I hope old posts don't count. I have lost all sympathy for these assholes, they are getting extremely authoritarian. I defended them strongly before, I've since made myself more informed about them, they've exceeded all limits in my eyes and can fuck off.


after the kf controversy i cannot tolerate troons being defended, troons are literally destroying the internet and censoring everything.

Man I hate trannies more than you but I am not upset about this case at all. Kiwifags used to go on incel websites and larped as users and tried to dox our members. Finally trannies did to them what we couldn't do all these years ago.

I don't like nigger rioters either but when they are curb stomping some white liberal traitor I also don't mind their antics as much. Or when a nigger kills a mudshark and her mixed race children.

various commenters #racist blackpill.club

Cameroon was brutally cucked by Switzerland
The nigga who made the victory goal of Switzerland is a Cameroon native :ROFLMAO:

(Bangkok or bust)
No true english man scored in Englands 6-2 beating of Iran. They were all black men apart from Jack Grealish, but he is of Irish descent.

What a joke, France and Germany didn't deserve 2018 and 2014 cups, their adversaries at the time were actually playing with their citizens born in their country while those western european cucks were playing with imported niggas.


No true english man scored in Englands 6-2 beating of Iran. They were all black men apart from Jack Grealish, but he is of Irish descent.

Support Japan. They are racially homogeneous and ready and raring to crush the mongrel dogs of the west.

Blacks excel in most sports (except swimming) and whites excel in everything else (computer science, engineering etc...). Which race is more important concerning the development of civilization?

I don't watch games where countries have niggers. A nigger just isn't representing Germany. Sports are dumb already but even dumber when there is no reason to root for one team over the other.

AsianBoss #transphobia blackpill.club

How you would rate this Tranny?
I thought he was a woman

You will never be a real woman. You have no womb, you have no ovaries, you have no eggs. You are a homosexual man twisted by drugs and surgery into a crude mockery of nature’s perfection.

All the “validation” you get is two-faced and half-hearted. Behind your back people mock you.

Your parents are disgusted and ashamed of you, your “friends” laugh at your ghoulish appearance behind closed doors.

Men are utterly repulsed by you. Thousands of years of evolution have allowed men to sniff out frauds with incredible efficiency. Even trannies who “pass” look uncanny and unnatural to a man.

Your bone structure is a dead giveaway. And even if you manage to get a drunk guy home with you, he’ll turn tail and bolt the second he gets a whiff of your diseased, infected axe wound.

You will never be happy. You wrench out a fake smile every single morning and tell yourself it’s going to be ok, but deep inside you feel the depression creeping up like a weed, ready to crush you under the unbearable weight.

Eventually it’ll be too much to bear - you’ll buy a rope, tie a noose, put it around your neck, and plunge into the cold abyss. Your parents will find you, heartbroken but relieved that they no longer have to live with the unbearable shame and disappointment.

They’ll bury you with a headstone marked with your birth name, and every passerby for the rest of eternity will know a man is buried there.

Your body will decay and go back to the dust, and all that will remain of your legacy is a skeleton that is unmistakably male.

This is your fate. This is what you chose. There is no turning back.

dsar9013 #racist #conspiracy blackpill.club

I should have guessed this sooner, I knew there was a reason these drinks are so addicting and terrible for your health. I got terrible cavities and high blood sugar from getting addicted to Monster Energy drinks, they really are a very evil/terrible company, even though they are very sweet, delicious and addicting to drink. Kikes are evil and probably have satanic pacts to make the most delicious drinks that fuck up your health the most, other energy drink companies like Rockstar or Redbull don't taste anywhere near as good as Monster energy which is way more addicting.

various blackpillers #kinkshaming #sexist #conspiracy blackpill.club

Without porn males would literally explode
Watching porn makes you higher inhib, lowers your testosterone, makes you more anxious, depressed. all planned to control males

yeah so imagine if there was no porn and we were in todays social climate. there would be so many rapes no female would be safe. i think then females would want more masculine guys instead of pretty boys because in dangerous societies females prefer more masculine men. males would be way more aggressive if porn did not exist in todays age

imagine being a incel nowdays and watching porn because you can't get a girl to fulfill your needs and then that makes you even more anxious, depressed and high inhib than before, seriously jfl at being born male at 2022


imagine being a incel nowdays and watching porn because you can't get a girl to fulfill your needs and then that makes you even more anxious, depressed and high inhib than before, seriously jfl at being born male at 2022



Watching porn makes you higher inhib, lowers your testosterone, makes you more anxious, depressed. all planned to control males

yeah so imagine if there was no porn and we were in todays social climate. there would be so many rapes no female would be safe. i think then females would want more masculine guys instead of pretty boys because in dangerous societies females prefer more masculine men. males would be way more aggressive if porn did not exist in todays age

I’m working to ban porn but the fucking cucks of my race refuse :anger::anger::anger:

(Bad Santa)

I’m working to ban porn but the fucking cucks of my race refuse :anger::anger::anger:

Yeah you jews have a lot to answer for

I've thought alot about the porn vs. no porn allowed hypothesis... And concluded yes, we would be better off if all porn was banned.

various commenters #senpai_noticed_us #transphobia blackpill.club

( UncleSpertz )
Lol my thread about ftm foids was mentioned on some liberal forum as was some of your posts
And of course the responses were low IQ remarks that are non debateable.

Those who were mentioned

@dsar9013 @bettER_CHOices @diacylglycerol82

various Blacvkpillers #transphobia

( HikikunDeformis )
THAT FUCKING TRANNY LOOKS BOTH 12 AND 42. A monstrous combination of looking like a little boy and looking like some bald middle aged guy. :mouth::mouth::mouth::mouth::mouth::mouth::mouth:


( dsar9013 )
LMAO, that's funny, you're right they never responded to any actual posts, and JFL at them bitching about incels sitting in judgement as if anyone gives a fuck what we think.

No argument or critical thinking whatsoever as always. These liberal incel hating guys are dumb as shit

( diacylglycerol82 )
FTM should prove the personality meme. So you are ugly and low status, but think and act like a foid unlike us toxic men.

The problem being people can virtue signal about being with an FTM, but I think most will discover the personality meme will do nothing in front of the blackpill.

It would be funny if FTM start joining the blackpill and become "incels" as they have led their whole lives with entitlement.

various Blackpillers #transphobia #wingnut blackpill.club

RE: Can MtF trannies acquire female privilege? Do FtM trannies acquire male oppression?

MtFs regardless of quality get all sorts of attention and favors from desperate fools. Seen the sad phenomenon for myself. I don't know about FtMs, but "male oppression" is mocked wildly, men are supposed to take a nuclear apocalypse without wavering while women can complain about not getting the right clothes.

MtF trannies become women in order to escape inceldom and being treated like shit. this is why it's mostly ethnics or sub 5 white men who go down this path, if you talk to these trannies in SEA they will tell you that they became that way to escape poverty and receive positive attention everywhere they go.

FtM trannies are delusional women that ruin their lives to become men because they fell for the "women are oppressed" meme and they quickly realize that being a dickless manlet is a hellish existence.

In America MtF still have to serve in the draft whilst priviliged FtM are still considered foids.

This shows sjw and transphobia is an absolute joke, Biden is sending "foids" to their deaths but no one gives a shit.

If they look like a male then they might lose immediate privileges, but if their real sex is discovered they will retain a little bit of that automatic foid privilege.

Yeah, the wokecel and cuckcel to tranny pipeline has been well established and is pretty much known openly. Leftists openly mock and hate incel men because they want them to be trannies. If a wokecel hates being bullied and mocked by leftists they can convert to being trannies and then get higher on the leftist oppresion totem pole than a woman. So he can become a tranny and then tweet to JK Rowling that he wants to fuck her and then cut her throat and he'll still be allowed on twitter because he's a tranny and JK Rowling is a TERF and has less privilege than him on the leftist social totem pole. That is why being a tranny is often so appealing to leftwing incels and even women hating incels are accepted in the tranny community, as long as you frame it as hating on "TERF" (anti tranny) women. That's why I don't like/trust leftwing incels, they will inevitably become tranny freaks who end up stabbing the incel community in the back and become woke Antifa tranies.

Various Blackpillers #transphobia #psycho #homophobia blackpill.club

RE: Do you would date a Trap?

(Bangkok or bust)
Fuck hell no. They are for faggots.

Boys are turning into traps coz our gynocentric male-bashing society makes them feel evil, contained and bad to be a male.

They are all anti-man agents too. Bring back patriarchy and we won't see such freaks.


If a Trap looks like Sue Lightning, Hunter Schafer or Somik Chan do you ascend with it?

No advantages.

If "she" looks passing and good it is chad only

yes I would fuck a trap
in the head with a baseball bat 100 times to make sure the cunt dies

Guys seem to develop shallow attitudes after "transitioning". Thus they voluntarily forfeit their main potential advantage over real women. So, even if you could, why date someone like that? Just for the dick or ass? Forget about it. Not that you could date them anyway, because they often become just as vain and insufferable as women, if not worse because they make it the core of their identity. Even women might have more personality.


Seems like the userbase consists of faggots

Yet when i said i would fuck a FTM or a black girl, i got called gay

FTM is even worse than MTF
either way the act of fucking a tranny is gay no matter what

JBSLAYER , Absolute Penguin & ULTRAVISIONARYBLACKPILISM #sexist #fundie blackpill.club

Andrew Tate has converted to Islam
Allah u Akbar !!! He was too based to stay as a Christcuck

Tamim al-Dari reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “This matter will certainly reach every place touched by the night and day. Allah will not leave a house or residence but that Allah will cause this religion to enter it, by which the honorable will be honored and the disgraceful will be disgraced. Allah will honor the honorable with Islam and he will disgrace the disgraceful with unbelief.”

Source: Musnad Aḥmad 16957

Grade: Sahih (authentic) according to Al-Albani

Disclaimer : I'm only a cultural Muslim, so I don't care about Islam being false. What really matters is the cultural values of Islam

( Absolute Penguin )
My parents are Muslim but I grew up Americanized I never got a sex slave

I kinda gave up on religion cus I never benifited from it living in USA

jfl there is some goat herder in the Middle East with 3 submissive virgin wives while I rot on .club


Muh Western liberals ....

Liberalism is the fruit of Christianity

Caging at your alleged hatred for the Jews when you literally worship a Jew who died 2000 years ago.

Mark my words, Christianity played a great role in the downfall of Roman Empire, and it is still playing a role in the downfall of western civilization.

But just in case, you are a pagan larper, keep your role play to 4chan and stormfront. Cause in real life, you guys are one big internet meme

Yeah muh islam meanwhile now Turkey will become atheism hell hole
Turkish woman literally has the highest body count in the world JFL

various commenters #racist blackpill.club

( Unknown Man )
I'm starting to hate black people.
Fuck these monkeys; fuck their rap music, fuck their traditions, fuck them in every way. The KKK was always right; burn these niggers and send them to fucking Africa for God's sake.

You’re JUST beginning to? Welcome to the party pal!

(Unknown Man)

You’re JUST beginning to? Welcome to the party pal!

Yeah, I was convinced that they were good, but after watching that video of four niggers raping a mom in front of her son, I just changed.


Yeah, I was convinced that they were good, but after watching that video of four niggers raping a mom in front of her son, I just changed.

Sad shit man, also that video in which negroes set on fire a hobo theyre evil

The longer you're around them, the more you'll start to hate them although there is a minority of high IQ blacks but its either a hit or miss.

(Unknown Man)

Sad shit man, also that video in which negroes set on fire a hobo theyre evil

They are evil and lame, i will never talk a nigger again and i will never listen to rap music, fuck these niggers, this is what I'm listening to Proud member of the Ku Klux Klan

(Unknown Man)

The longer you're around them, the more you'll start to hate them although there is a minority of high IQ blacks but its either a hit or miss.

This whole race is just doomed, I'm glad I'm Arabic


This whole race is just doomed, I'm glad I'm Arabic

Keep enslaving them.My European-American ancestors lost that opportunity a while ago.

(Unknown Man)

Keep enslaving them.My European-American ancestors lost that opportunity a while ago.

Nah man, your ancestors didn't lose shit, it's the jews who made them feel like they are Americans when they are just low tier Africans

Its the kikes that took over the control and made negroes first class citizens like trannies and roasties as well , in this globohomo society..but well its also whites fault for giving in

Ethnic cleansing

( Napoleon de Geso)
Twerking shgould be made into crime, punisheable by publick lynching?

various commenters #sexist blackpill.club

Why are men happy to die in war, while women flee and fuck other men?
Something I don't quite understand. Ukraine is like a hotspot of feminism. You've got femen there, this ultra feminist group that uses their tits to promote feminism. And they always talk about equality, quality, equality, and how the ukraine war is a war for freedom and equality. Yet now in the ukraine war, the men there fight and die, and their women flee the country and fuck other men in other countries. Why are men ok with that?
And why are men in the west constantly talking about equality when they are the only ones who will have to fight and die in wars?

Women are not born with moral compass and natural hypocrite.

Feminist will keep screaming about feminism until it's inconvenient for them (i.e. going to war), now suddenly women are the lesser being to men so they don't have to go to war.

IMO feminism is is merely manifestation of women's nature. They'll shed no remorse their men die in war, demand equality when it's convenient, they'll fuck whoever wins the war.

Why give Ukraine as the sole example of this? Russian women are notorious whores even among whores which are all women. The odds of deployed Russian servicemen getting cucked are very high.

And they are being cucked by choice. Ukrainian men can't even legally flee their country. They are fucked.

feminist are more than happy to use men as meat shields, and will rationalize it as men are the causers of wars, in their insane little minds if their boyfriend died protecting them from a robber, both the actions of the robber and the boyfriend are canceled by each other, because they are both male, feminism is a subprotect of marxism, which divide society in a bunch of classes instead of individuals, such as "women, poor, rich, men, black, white, jew, etc" and then these groups have historical debts based on perceived oppression. in their insane logic a black women who is a billionaire lacks the privileged of a white homeless guy.

and the same apply to feminism, somehow they think the soldier being blown up to pieces defending his country is equivalent to the one invading the same country, and in the end both this soldiers are only following orders by Mega Wealth and Politicians, because they are too scared of getting killed for desertion.

BettERtoreigninhell #sexist #racist blackpill.club

The true reason behind womens' aversion towards dick pics
Many copers think that it's because they are too sensitive to like the mere vision of an erected dick. Jfl no. They love cocks much more than men love vaginas. What disturbs them is the uneasy cognitive dissonance if a duck without a face attached. They see something that signal mating and arousal but they can't judge us that mating will fertilizes her with a fully human being is some atrocious monstrosity.

Now if a 6'3" Chad sends them a full naked picture showing off his physical superiority with his face clearly visible while he's holding his 9 inch dick she'll begin drooling like an Indian in front of an empty street during a diarrhea attack; like a Chinese in front of a Bruce Lee movie, like a negro in front of an open car with keys attached, like an American Indian in front of a slot machine, like a Latino when a big stockpile of cocaine has just arrived ready to be dealt : basically A LOT.

Just another reminder it's always you the problem.

Various commenters #transphobia blackpill.club

RE: We should accept trans men

(pariah anti hipocrisy)
Trans people are sick degenerates, and they have too much acceptance from society that even encourages their repulsive degeneration.

These sick faggots do not need our acceptance.

No we shouldn’t they choose to become incels by trying to become a “guy”.


This is gonna sound like a conspiracy, but in the documentary "what is a woman" by Matt Walsh, There's a tranny who talks about Pharma companies making MAJOR FUCKING PROFIT of trannies. Anyway the documentary is shit, but only that one section was interesting.

Its not a conspiracy. Its a simple reasoning. If your identity doesn't exist if you don't take hormones, then you are simply a human bag of excrements used by scientists to sell pharmas. Imagine if theres a war, shortages of pharma occur, many trannies simply stop to BE... Their identity is the hormones they took, no doubt about it. Their brain chemistry, all depends on external hormones... even their phisical appearance depends on the alterations made possible by scientific progress... This is enough to tell you what trannies want to do and which one is their political stance, of course they want to keep relying on state services, because witout it they don't have access to their own identity, they cannot BE.

(Mister Spice)
I swear where do all these faggot supporters come from all of a sudden? A thread about wanting to fuck traps now this shit?

''Trans men are basically incels''

No they aren't, they are foids (who deserve to gag on my dick of course)

Also bold of you to assume that i give a shit about men's rights


Also bold of you to assume that i give a shit about men's rights

Yes it was obvious you prefer foids rights.

(Mister Spice)

Yes it was obvious you prefer foids rights.

Aren't you the one who supports LGBT degenerates and feminists?

bonesmashing & beyondRepair&4everBroken #sexist blackpill.club

Don't make anything easier or more convenient for women. Sex-"work" is better illegal so there are more risks and thus it's more fair. If some whore is gonna spread her legs and have her whole life covered, at the very least she should have to troll dark alleys and increase her risk of getting her head potentially smashed in as a result of said whoring.

You want women to have even more cushy-type help? What next ... They can get tax breaks on being whores too? Increase taxes to support whores on OnlyFans as well? Poor woman only makes ten times more than me by HAVING SEX ... Curse this inequality! LOL. Who the fuck is giving me a penny for sex? Think before you preach.


Don't make anything easier or more convenient for women. Sex-"work" is better illegal so there are more risks and thus it's more fair. If some whore is gonna spread her legs and have her whole life covered, at the very least she should have to troll dark alleys and increase her risk of getting her head potentially smashed in as a result of said whoring.

I vehemently disagree. "Sex work" prohibition works. The result of having to make foids "walk in dark allies" is that only the most lowly, drug-addicted, ugly foids will engage in the trade. It makes it unappealing to be a prostitute and to hire the services of one. Yes, society can't truly get rid of prostitution but it can sure make it as tacky, expensive and tasteless as possible (and dangerous) by forcing hookers and their clients into dark alleys...into slinking around like criminals. What's the end of not wanting to make it easy for women? To encourage monogamy. Increased competition for foids from prostitutes = less power for them to delay marriage in order to "party around in their 20s."

卐 ангел смерти 卐 #wingnut #conspiracy #racist #transphobia #ufo blackpill.club

(((They))) are fighting for a grey alien leftist NWO filled with Trannies and forced vaccinations. Jews pray to their grey alien gods everyday in their Kabbalah rituals that one day israel will take over the world and form a global ZOG tranny empire. I wish Hitler won WW2, then we wouldn’t have to deal with (((them))). These are who the jews are working for

Bangkok or bust #sexist blackpill.club

I feel like social media and tech has fucked women's perceptions of the opposite sex, far more than porn has for men.
If anything onlyfans has finally dispelled the idea that men have "unrealistic beauty standards"; it on the contrary showed how diverse their tastes in women really are: "thicc" women with average and below average faces are in demand and are competing with skinny girls, and with it there came the adult influencers involving outright obese women, tall women, short women, older mature women, goths, geeks, Brazilian butt lift types, tiny flat chests, androgynous girls, even dwarfs... watch the faces of the e-thots -- they range from the sculpted like Olivia Wilde's, to average looking amateurs to fat ugly obese girls. Women of all shapes and sizes have their Simps now and can make either a side income or full income by selling sex. Its a far more uniform picture of when you look at what the average woman imagines under "attractive guy":
* 6ft0+ V shaped torso w/broad shoulderz
* muscles like a 100m sprinter or calisthenics expert (low body fat %)
* trendy haircut with youthful hairline
* square, stubbled jaw
* Good looking eye area
she'd like to think she has a "type", but upon closer inspection you will discover it's the same underlying Chad skeletal type in different genetic colouring outfits (white European or mixed race Tyrone, black hair, brown hair, dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, green eyes, brown eyes), there is rarely any real diversity in it, the furthest from the 'hunk' ideal is the alternative sub 6ft pretty boy like Zac Effron, Jared Leto and Zayn Malik, but it pretty much ends there. Women may not get consumed by pornography, but they are exposed to the most conventionally attractive men picked up by sophisticated tiktok, Tinder and instagram algorithms.

Martyros #sexist #racist blackpill.club

Most incels are cucks

What I have noticed in all of these years on incel forums, is that the vast majority of incels are actually closet cuckholds who deserve their inceldom.

This may sound harsh of me to say, but I'm not saying this for the sake of sounding malevolent, it is simply an objective observation based on my analysis of the mainstream incel way of thinking.

According to the mainstream incel, you are an incel if you can't get laid with a foid. It sounds simple enough. But if you have a high-IQ, you will notice something extremely cucked about this definition.

This definition doesn't take into account what kinds of foids you can't get laid with. It puts all kinds of foids in one single box.

This implies in a very subtle manner, that all foids have the same worth, no matter what physical attributes they have.

Race, for example.
Curry, Nigger, Gook, Beaner, Aryan.

Prime JB, mid-20's roastie and 30+ gigaroastie.

Petite, middleweight, landwhale

Sub5 gretchen, Sub8 becky and 8+ stacy

Virgin(Perfect), 1+(Ew), 15+(Eeewwww)

According to the mainstream definition, you are incel NO MATTER what type of foids reject you.

So according to this definition, if you get with a Gook, who is mid-20's, middleweight and sub5, who has a bodycount of 15 +, then you're "no longer incel"

Is it just me or doesn't this sound extremely cringe and cucked?

Not only is this cringe and cucked, it's also cope and very delusional.

If I ever got with a foid like that, not only would I still be incel, but I would also be extremely miserable, knowing that I'm coping with a subhuman foid.

Every man in the world knows what he truly desires, a VIRGIN, ARYAN, JB FOID.

This is the only true way of ascending. It's the only thing that will truly make you proud of yourself, and live a healthy and fulfilling life.

If I "ascended" with a fat, gook foid who had a massive bodycount and was sub5 PSL, I would end up roping because of the shame and humilliation of knowing that I couldn't get a prime, virgin aryan jb. And had to settle for such a monstrosity.

But according to your average, faggot, soyboy, mainstream "incel", I would be a "fakecel normie who ascended'

What a sick fucking joke.

This is why I'm glad that most incels are roping. They rope because stupid, disgusting, low-value foids don't want them.


LatAmIsHell , ATF & Amsterdammaxxing #sexist #homophobia #wingnut blackpill.club

Were the nazis cucked?
The Wehrmacht popularized the march "Erika", which without contest I'm sure it would be cheerished by simps. It talks about a faithful women (which is as false as the likelyhood of the reich surviving after the war on itself.) and uses it to motivate german troops. This kind of cope only could be used by an extreme bluepiller. Hell, even the high ranks which in theory were beyond antifeminist allowed power to some of the women in their circles, namely Magda Goebbels (which also it's worth mentioning wasn't a virgin at her second marriage with Goebbels, even though he cuckqueaned her thrice-twice which can be interpreted as Goebbels just marrying not to be seen as an inferior, which says a lot about nazi german society)

This doesn't end here. The reich awarded not one, not even two but three women with the fucking iron cross; the highest honor in the nazi regime. The propaganda machine censored anti-fakeup campaings in the late 30s, which is clearly the nazis simping for women while a literal fucking world war was happening and being lost. By 1937 17% of the members of the nazi party were literal foids.

Hell, I might even assume the soviets were more based since they raped the living shit out of the german foids once they defeated their feminist reich.

The Nazis were not that cucked by default compared to Europe throughout history; however, they ended up getting cucked when they failed their war (which they started all by themselves), many of their men were killed, all their women were raped and the remaining men submitted. All thanks to the Nazis, Germans still continue to submit, as we can see with the German culture of shame (oppressing their own people but welcoming every foreigner) and more recently with the war in Ukraine where they're reluctant to oppose their "masters" (and biological fathers), Russia.

Can't get any more cucked than the Nazis in 1944 and 1945. Not even modern society compares.

Ernst Röhm was leader of the Sturmabteilung and was a minister chosen by Hitler, who knew that Röhm was gay but didn't give a shit. Most probably too much of a truecel to get women so gaymaxxed like a lot of young men do nowadays.