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RE: what counts as "ascension"?

Banging a cute, virgin, aryan jb who is between 15-19 years old, with a looks-rating of at least 8 PSL.

And you fuck her raw with no condom, and creampie her, and she has to be lustfully in love with you, so much that she would rope if you ever broke up with her.

THAT is ascension. Everything else is cope and cucked.


That's exactly right. Over 80% of males are incels because of not being able to get virgin, aryan jb's. It's brutal out there, Sub8 is law.

Wtf??? How am I "diminishing and trivializing" the suffering of incels if the vast majority of men are incels?

Are you implying that if most men suffer inceldom it's not a big deal?

It is a big deal. And I fucking hate cucks who try to make inceldom a smaller issue than what it really is.

Imagine living your whole life completely alone without a cute, jb, aryan gf sucking you off every morning.


And the fact that this is the case for most males just makes it even more suifuel.

And the fact that men have to cope by settling down with non-virgin, non-aryan non-jb foids because of this is simply TERAMEGAGIGASUIFUEL.

It's rather rope than settle with a non-virgin, non-jb, non-aryan foid.


No, the coper here is you thinking that foids who are non-virgin, non-jb and non-aryan count as ascension.

If you wanna cope and "ascend" with subhuman foids that are not virgin, aryan jb's then do it, but you know deep down that it's cope and that nothing compares to being loved by a pure, aryan jb.

I'm the biggest incel ever, don't come here and tell me I'm some fakecel when I have suffered way more from inceldom than you ever will.

I used to fuck escorts and I even had a fwb relationship with a Dutch milf, but I was still incel.

Why? Because I was coping with subhuman foids, none of the them were ascension, not even the milf. She was a used up subhuman foid not being worthy of having as a gf or wifing up, so that's why I only had her as a fwb.

A fakecel like you would never understand my pain.


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We should start raping chads' and normies girlfriends to cuck them
Or normies who think they're better than us because they have a gf. That way, every time they are with their beloved girlfriend, they'd know she was used by us, the men who they despise and see as inferior, and there's nothing they can do about it :rich:

I'd rather kill than rape

Wanting to compete with savages for some monkey pussy is a waste of time. They should be DEALT WITH and society should fall back into the hands of strong willed men. Not effeminate fuckboys and their whores.

Normies, Chads, Tyrones deserve death.

Normies for the most part are beta buxxes.
But a Chad who has had 20+ foids in his bed is a fucking hoarder. I would break his legs, then throw a brick to his face. Make sure that he can live the rest of his life IN PAIN, suffERing like I've suffered my entire existence.


I'd rather kill than rape


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Dating is exclusively made for losers, too afraid to come out of the closet and be gay.

Dating a woman is the gayest thing a man can do. Hear me out, let's apply logic for a second.
All gay guys try to be a pale copy of an annoying bitch. When you hate on gay people, you actually hate on people mimicking annoying bitches. Now, bitches get annoying real fast. Soon enough, you end up with a cliché of a gay man. Soon enough, you're just fucking a gay dude with a vagina and loose tits. And that, my friend, makes you fucking gay.
Only dating young hot chicks isn't gay, but you need to dump them before they turn into gay dudes. For "people" who say that settling with a chick and having babies with her is the non gay way, they are wrong. Not only you end up with a fag with a vage, you also end up with little fags. Nothing is gayer than child play. Your whole life turns into watching fags do faggy shit, instead of shooting shit, working on shit, building shit etc.
Prove me wrong.

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Women don't deserve any rights and patriarchy has never existed.
There wasn't a single historical period when women had it harder. Reproduction, security and food were always guaranteed to any female. A single woman was always much more valuable than hundreds of men, their lives were to be saved first in any situation while men were always treated as disposable cattle. Ordinary men never had any privilieges. Men would rather solve her inconvenience than help their suffering brothers. Even strong leaders were manipulated and blackmailed by their own wives.

Even muslims treat women much better than thier own brothers, it's usually the muslim boys who are being abused, molested, trafficked, enslaved, turned into suicide bombers (while women are simply forced to cover their bodies and not whore around). Even when women had no rights they had no responsibilities either. It's the men who were forced to sacrifice themselves while women didn't really care because they would be spared regardless of the outcome. Even female nazis were simply shaved and humiliated while their men were tortured and killed.

Women don't care about the politics nor religion either because they can always attach themselves to a man or the government.
They don't care about raising generations of weak men and the collapsing society because they will eventually feign submission and skinwalk as conservative maids or turn into born-again virgins. Being a female is the most foolproof thing in existence, all she has to do to spread legs which is the life's ultimate cheat code.

A 5 minute blowjob is considered to be more valuable than a month's worth of hard manual labour, dignity, values, utility, progress, innovation and thousands of sacrificed lives.

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My skull size and southeast asian nigger nose falios me so hard

Its so over if u have a sea nigger nose. Its hideous and everyone that has it need to be exterminated. Gutter rat slave filipinos are worthless slaves abroad.
imagine if i looked like this face app w a smaller nose and better coloring + more hair (i shaved all my hair off 2 months ago from blackpill roid rage when i was 16). I would be LTN in this morph instead of sub human lite
Its sucks but u dont get to decide the quality of ur parents genetics or urs. Selfish niggers!

so im gonna need a shit ton of surgeries/hardmaxxes like palate extension & braces + LL to 5'10 + Bimax + Canthoplasty + Aegyo sal implants + skin lightening or a good tan

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RE: Russian army pushed back in Ukraine

Luhansk oblast is still under russian control as is half of Donetsk oblast.Now what area did the ukrainian army really manage to take?

Yeah but they are going to loose Kherson soon, maybe the reason Russia is loosing so bad is because alot of their soldiers are chechen and siberian subhumans rather than ethnic Russians, race does play a factor in war since certain races are superior to others which is probably why Russian army did so poorly. Chechens and Siberians are near the bottom of the racial hierarchy while Ukrainians have Nordic blood.

A bunch of Drunktard shitskin siberians vs militant nationalist white Ukrainians, the better fighter is a no brainer. Putin should have chosen more white Russian soldiers instead.

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defending troons is against the rules now
users who defend troons, or say retarded stuff like "troons are based" will get warnings, and then will get banned if keep insisting on this retardation. nuff said


Based. I remember that Phreddy guy was defending troons to the death, thank god the forum reset and his acc was deleted.

after the kf controversy i cannot tolerate troons being defended, troons are literally destroying the internet and censoring everything.

I hope old posts don't count. I have lost all sympathy for these assholes, they are getting extremely authoritarian. I defended them strongly before, I've since made myself more informed about them, they've exceeded all limits in my eyes and can fuck off.


after the kf controversy i cannot tolerate troons being defended, troons are literally destroying the internet and censoring everything.

Man I hate trannies more than you but I am not upset about this case at all. Kiwifags used to go on incel websites and larped as users and tried to dox our members. Finally trannies did to them what we couldn't do all these years ago.

I don't like nigger rioters either but when they are curb stomping some white liberal traitor I also don't mind their antics as much. Or when a nigger kills a mudshark and her mixed race children.

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RE: Can sexbots solve inceldom?

I will never live to see that kind of technology

I don't feel anything with rubber foids.. I want foids I can beat the shit out of.. and make them cry... the idea of me doing incel things like beating a foid is very exciting.. no one will give damn if I beat a sex bot.. which kind of sucks.. I want to do something anti social
[ in Minecraft of course ]

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RE: We should accept trans men

(pariah anti hipocrisy)
Trans people are sick degenerates, and they have too much acceptance from society that even encourages their repulsive degeneration.

These sick faggots do not need our acceptance.

No we shouldn’t they choose to become incels by trying to become a “guy”.


This is gonna sound like a conspiracy, but in the documentary "what is a woman" by Matt Walsh, There's a tranny who talks about Pharma companies making MAJOR FUCKING PROFIT of trannies. Anyway the documentary is shit, but only that one section was interesting.

Its not a conspiracy. Its a simple reasoning. If your identity doesn't exist if you don't take hormones, then you are simply a human bag of excrements used by scientists to sell pharmas. Imagine if theres a war, shortages of pharma occur, many trannies simply stop to BE... Their identity is the hormones they took, no doubt about it. Their brain chemistry, all depends on external hormones... even their phisical appearance depends on the alterations made possible by scientific progress... This is enough to tell you what trannies want to do and which one is their political stance, of course they want to keep relying on state services, because witout it they don't have access to their own identity, they cannot BE.

(Mister Spice)
I swear where do all these faggot supporters come from all of a sudden? A thread about wanting to fuck traps now this shit?

''Trans men are basically incels''

No they aren't, they are foids (who deserve to gag on my dick of course)

Also bold of you to assume that i give a shit about men's rights


Also bold of you to assume that i give a shit about men's rights

Yes it was obvious you prefer foids rights.

(Mister Spice)

Yes it was obvious you prefer foids rights.

Aren't you the one who supports LGBT degenerates and feminists?

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How you would rate this Tranny?
I thought he was a woman

You will never be a real woman. You have no womb, you have no ovaries, you have no eggs. You are a homosexual man twisted by drugs and surgery into a crude mockery of nature’s perfection.

All the “validation” you get is two-faced and half-hearted. Behind your back people mock you.

Your parents are disgusted and ashamed of you, your “friends” laugh at your ghoulish appearance behind closed doors.

Men are utterly repulsed by you. Thousands of years of evolution have allowed men to sniff out frauds with incredible efficiency. Even trannies who “pass” look uncanny and unnatural to a man.

Your bone structure is a dead giveaway. And even if you manage to get a drunk guy home with you, he’ll turn tail and bolt the second he gets a whiff of your diseased, infected axe wound.

You will never be happy. You wrench out a fake smile every single morning and tell yourself it’s going to be ok, but deep inside you feel the depression creeping up like a weed, ready to crush you under the unbearable weight.

Eventually it’ll be too much to bear - you’ll buy a rope, tie a noose, put it around your neck, and plunge into the cold abyss. Your parents will find you, heartbroken but relieved that they no longer have to live with the unbearable shame and disappointment.

They’ll bury you with a headstone marked with your birth name, and every passerby for the rest of eternity will know a man is buried there.

Your body will decay and go back to the dust, and all that will remain of your legacy is a skeleton that is unmistakably male.

This is your fate. This is what you chose. There is no turning back.

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I should have guessed this sooner, I knew there was a reason these drinks are so addicting and terrible for your health. I got terrible cavities and high blood sugar from getting addicted to Monster Energy drinks, they really are a very evil/terrible company, even though they are very sweet, delicious and addicting to drink. Kikes are evil and probably have satanic pacts to make the most delicious drinks that fuck up your health the most, other energy drink companies like Rockstar or Redbull don't taste anywhere near as good as Monster energy which is way more addicting.

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Don't make anything easier or more convenient for women. Sex-"work" is better illegal so there are more risks and thus it's more fair. If some whore is gonna spread her legs and have her whole life covered, at the very least she should have to troll dark alleys and increase her risk of getting her head potentially smashed in as a result of said whoring.

You want women to have even more cushy-type help? What next ... They can get tax breaks on being whores too? Increase taxes to support whores on OnlyFans as well? Poor woman only makes ten times more than me by HAVING SEX ... Curse this inequality! LOL. Who the fuck is giving me a penny for sex? Think before you preach.


Don't make anything easier or more convenient for women. Sex-"work" is better illegal so there are more risks and thus it's more fair. If some whore is gonna spread her legs and have her whole life covered, at the very least she should have to troll dark alleys and increase her risk of getting her head potentially smashed in as a result of said whoring.

I vehemently disagree. "Sex work" prohibition works. The result of having to make foids "walk in dark allies" is that only the most lowly, drug-addicted, ugly foids will engage in the trade. It makes it unappealing to be a prostitute and to hire the services of one. Yes, society can't truly get rid of prostitution but it can sure make it as tacky, expensive and tasteless as possible (and dangerous) by forcing hookers and their clients into dark alleys...into slinking around like criminals. What's the end of not wanting to make it easy for women? To encourage monogamy. Increased competition for foids from prostitutes = less power for them to delay marriage in order to "party around in their 20s."

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(Xanax Bar)
There's a reason women were treated as property up until 150 years ago.

There's a reason women were treated as a property up until around 150 years ago. They're not exactly children in terms of emotional intelligence, but they're the next closest thing and they never grow out of it. Women will quite literally throw tantrums and act like children on purpose to see your reaction, because they want to see how you'd react if she had a child with you.

There are deep evolutionary reasons women act the way they do. Women only want the top 20% of men. Why? Because she only has so many eggs, and childbirth is a potentially dangerous process, so she only wants to do this with the best man she can get. Women only go after tall men with strong jawlines and broad shoulders. Why? Because those things are indicative of high testosterone and stronger bone structure, which means more muscle mass/upper body strength, which means he'll be a better protector. Ect, ect, ect.

Women are biologically driven to let thier emotions and instincts guide thier actions. That's just reality. Giving them the same power as a man especially in politics has been a massive mistake. They are just more emotionally driven and more apt to let feelings cloud rational judgment. There is simply no place for emotions when it comes to determining the fate of society. Men of the past realized this, and that's a big reason why for pretty much all of human history (with some exceptions), women were barred from making important political decisions.

yes man theyre retarded, but i don't think they're fair detectors of good genetics,they only see something aesthetic like a chad or sometimes go for normie brad lanklets but they can have diabetes,bad eye sight,bald in their 30s idk you name it. Sometimes they go after whatever media tells them, like slav foids with negroes whose more ugly than a monkey

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(((They))) are fighting for a grey alien leftist NWO filled with Trannies and forced vaccinations. Jews pray to their grey alien gods everyday in their Kabbalah rituals that one day israel will take over the world and form a global ZOG tranny empire. I wish Hitler won WW2, then we wouldn’t have to deal with (((them))). These are who the jews are working for

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I feel like social media and tech has fucked women's perceptions of the opposite sex, far more than porn has for men.
If anything onlyfans has finally dispelled the idea that men have "unrealistic beauty standards"; it on the contrary showed how diverse their tastes in women really are: "thicc" women with average and below average faces are in demand and are competing with skinny girls, and with it there came the adult influencers involving outright obese women, tall women, short women, older mature women, goths, geeks, Brazilian butt lift types, tiny flat chests, androgynous girls, even dwarfs... watch the faces of the e-thots -- they range from the sculpted like Olivia Wilde's, to average looking amateurs to fat ugly obese girls. Women of all shapes and sizes have their Simps now and can make either a side income or full income by selling sex. Its a far more uniform picture of when you look at what the average woman imagines under "attractive guy":
* 6ft0+ V shaped torso w/broad shoulderz
* muscles like a 100m sprinter or calisthenics expert (low body fat %)
* trendy haircut with youthful hairline
* square, stubbled jaw
* Good looking eye area
she'd like to think she has a "type", but upon closer inspection you will discover it's the same underlying Chad skeletal type in different genetic colouring outfits (white European or mixed race Tyrone, black hair, brown hair, dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, green eyes, brown eyes), there is rarely any real diversity in it, the furthest from the 'hunk' ideal is the alternative sub 6ft pretty boy like Zac Effron, Jared Leto and Zayn Malik, but it pretty much ends there. Women may not get consumed by pornography, but they are exposed to the most conventionally attractive men picked up by sophisticated tiktok, Tinder and instagram algorithms.

HikikunDeformis , Bangkok or bust & bonesmashing #sexist blackpill.club

why do incels preach just lower your standards bro
Well I don't have much experience with women outside the internet. I was hitting on one local fat chick and she ended up with another man. I never met her IRL.
A few others online from places like Brasil, Uk etc

There is only 1 time in my life where I very directly hit on a 40+ year old chubby female. Back then I was so suicidal that my inhibitions went away. I groped a few women in the streets and I would always run away afterwards. But I felt like this one female with shitty looks might accept me.

So after I touched her ass I just stood there. I think she was scared of me so she didn't over-react. She asked why I did it and I very politely asked her if I could do it again. Naturally if she would let me I would make my move here and then. I would never waste an IRL chance to bang anything willing. I used to mastrubate like 8 times a day and was very horny.

But most of my life I spent being terrified of women. Because an entire group of highschool girls would laugh at me nearly every single day. I still fear teenage girls way more than adult women.

(Bangkok or bust)
Pigfuckers think others can fuck pigs (obese women). So they simply can't understand why an incel would turn his nose up at a landwhale.

People who hold unusual attractions think others do to. It's unusual to be attracted to obesity, disability, diseasssd, deformed and old age folk etc.

Of course they then jump to the extreme that we only want "hot girls", but that isn't the reality.... The reality is most incels just want a non fat foid of reproductive age.

I think some guys can fuck anything and have zero disgust threshold, hence they project that in other men your being too picky, but that is max 5-8% of men with zero standards.

It is all pure, unadulterated cope. Nearly nobody here can "date down" because they aren't even good enough to dumpster dive.

It is like Looksmax idiots thinking they can just inject high doses of unsaturated steroids or tren or take toxic SARMs & suddenly become Chad. Chad is the result of a multitude of factors, not just muh testosterone stupidity ... There is no magic pill besides $$$ & risky surgeries.

But they are mostly all broke or unwilling, so they move the copepost somewhere else.

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RE: Please rope if you're an incel and don't hate women

I hate all women, even most fictional ones. I can barely even watch anime at this point because I know that behind every cutesy female voice there is a slit eyed Japanese whore that does not match the anime girl personality. Even drawings trigger me these days if text is involved. I can picture the annoying female cunt voice in my head and it makes me rage.

I am dropping the idea of paying for sex because after every mastrubation I am filled with murderous rage for women. If the sex was bad and I paid for it on top of it I could snap and choke that prostitute out with ease.

Martyros #sexist #racist blackpill.club

Most incels are cucks

What I have noticed in all of these years on incel forums, is that the vast majority of incels are actually closet cuckholds who deserve their inceldom.

This may sound harsh of me to say, but I'm not saying this for the sake of sounding malevolent, it is simply an objective observation based on my analysis of the mainstream incel way of thinking.

According to the mainstream incel, you are an incel if you can't get laid with a foid. It sounds simple enough. But if you have a high-IQ, you will notice something extremely cucked about this definition.

This definition doesn't take into account what kinds of foids you can't get laid with. It puts all kinds of foids in one single box.

This implies in a very subtle manner, that all foids have the same worth, no matter what physical attributes they have.

Race, for example.
Curry, Nigger, Gook, Beaner, Aryan.

Prime JB, mid-20's roastie and 30+ gigaroastie.

Petite, middleweight, landwhale

Sub5 gretchen, Sub8 becky and 8+ stacy

Virgin(Perfect), 1+(Ew), 15+(Eeewwww)

According to the mainstream definition, you are incel NO MATTER what type of foids reject you.

So according to this definition, if you get with a Gook, who is mid-20's, middleweight and sub5, who has a bodycount of 15 +, then you're "no longer incel"

Is it just me or doesn't this sound extremely cringe and cucked?

Not only is this cringe and cucked, it's also cope and very delusional.

If I ever got with a foid like that, not only would I still be incel, but I would also be extremely miserable, knowing that I'm coping with a subhuman foid.

Every man in the world knows what he truly desires, a VIRGIN, ARYAN, JB FOID.

This is the only true way of ascending. It's the only thing that will truly make you proud of yourself, and live a healthy and fulfilling life.

If I "ascended" with a fat, gook foid who had a massive bodycount and was sub5 PSL, I would end up roping because of the shame and humilliation of knowing that I couldn't get a prime, virgin aryan jb. And had to settle for such a monstrosity.

But according to your average, faggot, soyboy, mainstream "incel", I would be a "fakecel normie who ascended'

What a sick fucking joke.

This is why I'm glad that most incels are roping. They rope because stupid, disgusting, low-value foids don't want them.


BettERtoreigninhell #sexist blackpill.club

RE: Why sub5s CANNOT get past lookism

26 yo and this is enough because at this point is completely over
I got compliments / iois from foids back then, do not ask me f they were honest or I misunderstood them because I am not-NT so I am not able to understand this btw no-one ever insulted me for my looks, I do not know how to rate because if you rate normie-tier that ugly manlet you clearly have an other rating system

Not even spreading their legs is a ioi. Women are liars and manipulators or else I'm Chad.

1)My classroom foid mate when I was 18 : you're definitely more good looking than him (typical bully fuckboy)

2)Once a guy I knew was criticizing me and a girl said "at least he's better looking than you" and this dude was a chad lite womanizer. I was 17.

3)School trip, 16 years old. My classmates were talking to some girls who where on school trip too. I was in the background staying silent. Before leaving one of the foids points at me "oh and you're hot".

4)My first BPD : I feel intimidation by good-looking guys like you

5)Landwhale manipulation techniques my last gf used

-You're the only guy I ever felt attracted too

-You were so sexy when you were paying the cashier. I'm jealous.

-all the guys I see are so insignificant compared to your unique looks

And yet I'm the ugliest man alive.

WOMEN'S WORDS MEAN NOTHING. They always have an agenda, play mind games and by adulation they feel they can control you. Sometimes they straight bullshit you just to see if you are fool enough to actually believe them. Most of you inkwells are so naive you almost trigger my fatherly instincts jfl

Various Blackpillers #transphobia #psycho #homophobia blackpill.club

RE: Do you would date a Trap?

(Bangkok or bust)
Fuck hell no. They are for faggots.

Boys are turning into traps coz our gynocentric male-bashing society makes them feel evil, contained and bad to be a male.

They are all anti-man agents too. Bring back patriarchy and we won't see such freaks.


If a Trap looks like Sue Lightning, Hunter Schafer or Somik Chan do you ascend with it?

No advantages.

If "she" looks passing and good it is chad only

yes I would fuck a trap
in the head with a baseball bat 100 times to make sure the cunt dies

Guys seem to develop shallow attitudes after "transitioning". Thus they voluntarily forfeit their main potential advantage over real women. So, even if you could, why date someone like that? Just for the dick or ass? Forget about it. Not that you could date them anyway, because they often become just as vain and insufferable as women, if not worse because they make it the core of their identity. Even women might have more personality.


Seems like the userbase consists of faggots

Yet when i said i would fuck a FTM or a black girl, i got called gay

FTM is even worse than MTF
either way the act of fucking a tranny is gay no matter what

卐 ангел смерти 卐 #wingnut #moonbat #psycho blackpill.club

Why us Incels should worship Mao Zedong


Mao kiIIed 45 million normies in the great leap forward, thats more than both Hitler and Stalin combined! (Yes he kiIIed more than Hitler, even if you believe in the holocaust story)

He should be given a special place in our hearts for kiIIing the most normies in history. May he be remembered! @JosefMengelecel @Zensfy @DominicanDancecel91

LatAmIsHell , ATF & Amsterdammaxxing #sexist #homophobia #wingnut blackpill.club

Were the nazis cucked?
The Wehrmacht popularized the march "Erika", which without contest I'm sure it would be cheerished by simps. It talks about a faithful women (which is as false as the likelyhood of the reich surviving after the war on itself.) and uses it to motivate german troops. This kind of cope only could be used by an extreme bluepiller. Hell, even the high ranks which in theory were beyond antifeminist allowed power to some of the women in their circles, namely Magda Goebbels (which also it's worth mentioning wasn't a virgin at her second marriage with Goebbels, even though he cuckqueaned her thrice-twice which can be interpreted as Goebbels just marrying not to be seen as an inferior, which says a lot about nazi german society)

This doesn't end here. The reich awarded not one, not even two but three women with the fucking iron cross; the highest honor in the nazi regime. The propaganda machine censored anti-fakeup campaings in the late 30s, which is clearly the nazis simping for women while a literal fucking world war was happening and being lost. By 1937 17% of the members of the nazi party were literal foids.

Hell, I might even assume the soviets were more based since they raped the living shit out of the german foids once they defeated their feminist reich.

The Nazis were not that cucked by default compared to Europe throughout history; however, they ended up getting cucked when they failed their war (which they started all by themselves), many of their men were killed, all their women were raped and the remaining men submitted. All thanks to the Nazis, Germans still continue to submit, as we can see with the German culture of shame (oppressing their own people but welcoming every foreigner) and more recently with the war in Ukraine where they're reluctant to oppose their "masters" (and biological fathers), Russia.

Can't get any more cucked than the Nazis in 1944 and 1945. Not even modern society compares.

Ernst Röhm was leader of the Sturmabteilung and was a minister chosen by Hitler, who knew that Röhm was gay but didn't give a shit. Most probably too much of a truecel to get women so gaymaxxed like a lot of young men do nowadays.

pornoddio & dsar9013 #sexist #racist blackpill.club

RE: Ukraine - the future incel kingdom

Foids from slavcountries are all attracted to money, that's why I told incels hundreds of times that they can get an ukraine pussy easy. I don't want it because I am volcel, but if I was an incel offidoffi oneitis teenlove validation ponywaifu tradwaifu addict I would simply take an EE femoid, since it is extremely easy to get one, everybody can get it, my neighbor has one and he's just a boomer with a pension.

True, some guy on /pol/ pointed out that none of the Ukrainain whores are coming back they will stay in Poland or Germany and fuck Chads/Chadulah/Tyrone. Dumb fucking Ukrainian retardcels fighting for a kike controlled country, they did it to themselves. As Bill Greathouse would say it's their own damn fault (for electing jews to rule over them). They will have more virgin men that are young, than Japan.

dsar9013 & Kloxx2011 #sexist #psycho #transphobia blackpill.club

Incels don't seem angry anymore
I remember back in 2014-15, pretty much every incel wanted to go on shooting sprees and hated normies, wanted to go ER etc. I know now, some were joking, but there was a lot more anger back then in general, even if society as a whole was no where near as bad as it is now. Maybe because back then incels were millenial? Seems like most incels now are just cucks, and don't really talk about going ER, or hating normies... I wonder if it is because incel zoomers are just more cucked than millenials? Or if incels just got used to it, maybe they are coping with onlyfans or twitch thots, pretty sad state of the incel community though.

With the fact that foid streamers and onlyfans being wildly successful I can see that a lot of incels are turning to cucks and severe simps.


With the fact that foid streamers and onlyfans being wildly successful I can see that a lot of incels are turning to cucks and severe simps.

I think this and the incels to tranny pipeline is basically the main reasons, but just incels in general are more depressed, less angry and pro violence, it's a soyification of the incel community, it's very depressing, I had hoped one day me and my incel brothers would rise up in rebellion against society, but that doesn't look like it will ever happen now. Incels are just too cucked nowdays.

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Is it actually possible to talk about inceldom/blackpill in real life without dying of embarrassment?

Imagine: At a convivial dinner at a local food joint with some fellow and his family, I get bold and introduce incelosphere subjects. I was having a meal with Bob, his wife Mary, and their twin sons.

I go on to explain taboo blackpill theories and throw out phrases like "sexual marketplace," "ovulation cycle", "Sexual Revolution", "female erotic capital hoarding by Chads", etc, with a level of panache and flow rare for me and which filled me with a little pride. It's pleasurable having an audience. It's pleasurable holding forth! However as I developed my points and went deeper into the topic I began to lose my confident tone on noticing their patient faces changing to reflect some mixture of unease and pity. I felt it in my bones that they came to perceive my little weird lecture as the rationalizations -- the shameless self-justifications -- of a lonely weirdo as to why he was a lonely weirdo. Before getting into the social and political implications of sex robots I bailed and pretended I had nothing else to say on this topic I deeply regretted raising.

Bob's wife Mary pauses a few seconds and says "that's interesting. Huh, never thought of these things."

One of the twins snickers.

I know I've ruined the evening for myself so I make an excuse about having to get home early. As I exit the restaurant, Bob--genial, avuncular Bob-- follows me out to the sidewalk to have a little word with me. He leans in close and, with his characteristic gentleness and intimacy, says, "hey buddy, look, it's going to be alright, okay? Most people will find someone and I'm certain you will too. My friend Eric is very sociable and he could hook you up!" I say "thank you, thank you Bob. We'll talk about it later. I'll see you later." The feeling of humiliation is out of control.

I keep having this nightmare. I don't know any of these people.

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The true reason behind womens' aversion towards dick pics
Many copers think that it's because they are too sensitive to like the mere vision of an erected dick. Jfl no. They love cocks much more than men love vaginas. What disturbs them is the uneasy cognitive dissonance if a duck without a face attached. They see something that signal mating and arousal but they can't judge us that mating will fertilizes her with a fully human being is some atrocious monstrosity.

Now if a 6'3" Chad sends them a full naked picture showing off his physical superiority with his face clearly visible while he's holding his 9 inch dick she'll begin drooling like an Indian in front of an empty street during a diarrhea attack; like a Chinese in front of a Bruce Lee movie, like a negro in front of an open car with keys attached, like an American Indian in front of a slot machine, like a Latino when a big stockpile of cocaine has just arrived ready to be dealt : basically A LOT.

Just another reminder it's always you the problem.

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RE: JFL at Jordan Petercuck

If a mainstream figure says the blackpill is real, and having sex is really just as impossible as incels believe it is, that public figure will be seen as empathizing with killers, terrorists, and LOSERS.

"Women don't want to fuck ugly guys. And since they don't have to, they won't." People act like that's some sort of hate speech and completely imagined by men who refuse to take responsibility for their own lives. Well, you can say it's imaginary, except that it is actually real for all of us actually experiencing it!

Critics always point to the outliers to dispel the blackpill. ''Not all women refuse to fuck ugly men!'' Well - duh. There are 8 billion people on Earth, so yes there are exceptions. It just turns out there are a lot more ugly men than women who are willing to fuck them.

It blows my mind how badly people want to avoid certain truths. I think the public subconsciously believes that accepting the blackpill may act as the first step to accepting that 'fairness' and self-determination are notions that only really exist inside humankind's own heads. I think it's the same reason so many people refuse to believe that free-will is an illusion, despite the overwhelming evidence.

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If you're pro-pedo, you are also pro-gay
Incels always claim pedophilia is good because it's natural to be attracted to teens. If that's the case what makes homosexuality different? Animals and the Ancient Romans were also gay, and, surprise! They tend to be pedophiles too.

So as you can see, it's a bit of an oxymoron to hate gays and love children.


Attraction to teens is by definition not pedophilia. Pedophilia is attraction to pre-pubescent children. Girls get their period around the age of 11-12. After period girls are capable of getting pregnant and giving birth. That's why pedophilia and homosexuality are both mental illnesses because they both have in common the harmful attraction towards sex that does not produce an offspring.

Ancient Greeks might have been more open towards homosexuality so the art confuses normies into thinking that faggotry was common. It coudn't be because today when faggotry is super normalized about 1% or less of men are faggots. On the other hand attraction to teenagers is normal and affects most men despite the stigma behind it.

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Ultimate counter-argument to "you don't die if you dont have sex"
Assuming they wouldn't let ugly men dying either if a virus made sex with women a necessity like drinking/eating/sleeping and after 4 days without a blowjob you explode.


This "you don't die if" logic opens the gate to any kind of abuse and neglect as long as you are granted water, meals, healthcare and a bed.

If they counteract with "not giving sex is different than forcing to have sex" they are moving the goal post thus invalidating the idea that only the essential tools for surviving really matter/are something you're entitled to.

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Being blackpilled actually helps me with not having a relationship.

Honestly I don't even care about them anymore. It doesn't matter how attractive a female is, she is still a female. I love to compare the females (Lookist beasts) to racists as no matter how attractive or charismatic they are, they are still discriminating against someman. I literally haven't developed a crush in my whole life (not that big of a feat, I'm not even 18 yet) by just taking the blackpill early, and now I could imagine myself becoming a faggot more than I could imagine myself with a woman. I still want sex but honestly it's not that big of a deal for me, yet...

(Lonely Poorcel)

and now I could imagine myself becoming a faggot more than I could imagine myself with a woman

Jesus christ what is with the high number of homosexuals :rope1:


Jesus christ what is with the high number of homosexuals :rope1:

Ostracization and Loneliness is swarmed with depravity and perversion.

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My last foid "friend" cut me off

I made a lot of foid friends during my bluepilled days. I posted about how one blocked me because I "identify as an incel and is proud of it".

I was more close to this foid, and genuinely considered her a friend. She knew I was an incel and posted here. She told me not to, and that this space is toxic. I was there for her so much during all her family drama, and helped her with her college assignments. She said not to worry about being a virgin because there are plenty of men and women who are virgins into their 30s. She's also a virgin. But only because she couldn't secure a chad. I never held it against her. She is chubby and has short hair and looks androgynous af and thinks she deserves a Kpop Chang. I never told her any of this to her face cuz I genuinely cared about her because I knew the shit that went on in her life. And she knew the shit that happened to me, how my entire life was singlehandedly ruined by a femoid.

Eventually she said she needs to take a break from me, because I blame everything on women not having sex with me.

A few weeks ago I was giga suicidal and asked her to call me. And she said she's not ready to be friends with me again. I told her that I always did right by her. And she said I was being narcissistic. And told me that I shouldn't depend on other people.

Last night I realized that she had stopped following me on instagram. I unfollowed her as well...

Still friends with her on fb, and she hasn't blocked me on Whatsapp. But day by day, the only thing these foids prove is that Incels are right about foids. She was always confiding in me when her life was falling apart around her. And now that things are going great for her, she decided that I was the only negative thing in her life and cut me off. Fucking brutal.

I literally have no friends anymore. Not a single one. Male or Female.

Sure there are those who would consider me a friend, but they would all deny the blackpill, and through extension, all my problems.

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Sex is a Biological Need

TL;DR: If you think that sex is not a biological need then you need to see a doctor or turn in your man card.

Any time you hear someone say that he does not need sex, it is either because he is coping or because he has never felt love. It is akin to saying that you do not need to have a healthy diet or wheels on a bike, and I can prove it without a single source because it is just that easy.

Think about what happens when a baby is born. What happens (in civilized countries where they do not drown, circumcise or eat it) first? Immediately, care is applied to the baby. The mother holds the infant closely and talks to him/her. The father, if he is around, gives the mother what she needs so that the baby can survive. As the baby grows, the parents shower it with love and attention. What is it called when this does not happen? Child abuse. If we do not need love, why does it negatively affect you as a person when it is not received in your early stages of development? This is a question that no bluepiller can answer without committing suicide or outright lying, more so after what I type next.

After a period of time you grow out of needing your parents to kiss you goodnight and buy you giant balloons when it is your birthday. Now, there is something else you need, namely sex. In the days of old before industrialization ruined everything, this was not that hard to obtain because you would be married off at an early age or at least be courting a foid so that you would not go ER on your tribe or community. If this is not achieved, the effects are almost invariably disastrous: ERs, as mentioned earlier, depression, coping, crime and other terrible things. Studymaxxing is completely unnatural and one of the primary reason why there are so many incels and frustrated men out there today. While you are memorizing useless facts so that you can program a better refrigerator for Chad, he is living the way his ancestors did and having plentiful sex with young women. A lot of time is spent sitting down, inactive, which is abnormal for a young man. Over time, as the copes run out and one grows up, he realizes that he wasted or is wasting his youth, something that is happening more and more to men in the West today. Do you suppose that so many young men would be dropping out of society if they had a girl at their side? No. [...]

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Society hates us because we dont worship and serve foids.

Mgtow is considered a joke because they are the reserve army of betabuxxers ready in times of desperation but not needed under alimony model.

But incels are completely rejected by foids, society only tolerates men who agree to serve and obey the will of foids.

The only group willing to question the foid worship model are the pro male collective and they are universally hated and condemned.

Far rightists, and most incels are ready to worship foids under the correct terms and conditions, refusing to worship foids under any circumstances makes you hated by everyone.

Simply desiring a mutually beneficial relationship based on respect and consent makes you an extremist.

Actually I think some of us are so repugnant that society has found us a role that won't bother m'lady by not even worshiping her (that would imply harassment in their logic). That role is the nerd/consoomer buying tons of things that Chads would feel embarrassed to even possess. Ugliness sells a lot. Plus there are ugly failed normies who will spend a lot of money on pubs, clothes, gym cards, fitness products, perfumes, fancy cars. Ugly folks are actually a mine of money that I may argue are more efficient in keeping alive the capital monster than some lumberjack Chad who is too busy having sex and getting drunk with cheap beer at the crappy local tavern with the other manly men.

What would damage soyciety is not simply the presence of ugly/incel men but the rise of the Diogenecels who stopped coping and live with the bare minimum. But how many incels are so blackpilled to develop this mentality? So few in comparison to the exploitable incels that they're never gonna be even noticed.

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I respect black men for being willing to walk away from foids

Black men are the only ones who are willing to walk away from foids when the foid becomes unpleasant and unreasonable.

In all other cultures men must acquiesce or try to control the foid.

Attempts to control the femoid never work and of course is unecessary and stressful labor for men, if a foid is defective just walk and let her be strong and independent.

When you buy a product and it is defective you are allowed to return it to the manufacturer for a refund.

Same with foids, you shouldnt need to control them, you should be able to return her to her father or mother stating that she is defective and unliveable.

No one would expect you to drive a car with an engine that doesnt work, why then deal with a foid who is argumentative, disruptive and all round PITA.

This is true. Nignoggers that walk away from femoids do it for real. A nignogger is much more rational than your average normie. The point is that a negro observes reality, he's convinced by it. I never needed to explain a thing to a negro multiple times, they get it immediately.

So if a negro is convinced of something he's going to act according to the knowledge he has.

Whites don't do that. Whites keep spamming obsessively new stupid memes such as teenlove, offidoffi, tradwaifu, oneitis, and the list goes on and on. Basically we have this bulk of blackpill knowledge, it's all highIQ empirically tested evidence, the whites are not even considering it, they go around spamming one delusion after the other.

And white MGTOWs? What a bunch of idiots. The negro MGTOWs had to separate and create their own groups, because the white infested MGTOW spaces are too stupid to be real, they're all about discussin obsessively about muh traditionalism, muh coping with religion, muh jordan cuckoldson, they're all grown ass men and still quote Peterson like they are teenagers that don't know anything about life.

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RE: It's over

I have to agree completely with your comment in bold. Women evolved highly intuitive eugenicist senses and other biological attributes when it comes to picking a mate. The end goal of women is to pick a mate that can support themselves and their progeny when it comes to resources. They choose tall Chad because he looks dominant compared to other men; in caveman times lesser men were servile to Chad or be ******, hence it ingrained in women's brains. In modern times tall handsome chads still look like winners but also are assumed to have resource acquisition because they move up in ranks easier and are socially treated better than say a child looking manlet. Nevertheless, the problem with modern day society is careerism and cultural decay of nuclear family values. Hence, as women become more career oriented; they will find that all the potentially viable, genetically healthy average males they rejected in the past will work against them in the end. These careerism women sacrificed their fertility in turn for their vain ego, narcisstic tendencies and materialistic comforts. Hence, when their maternal instinct tells them desperately to procreate with any 'good' male they can find; they soon realize they are too old now, and no male wants to procreate with them because they have better options available elsewhere (i.e. younger, more fertile women with looser standards that are willing to compromise. Or men simply using escorts and staying bachelor's). In summation, career-driven women are a biological dead end in terms natural selection because their vain ego, narcissism, inability for self reflection and unrealistic standards in a mate is their downfall in the end.

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Online people mock curry confidence.


But the most confident guys out there are the asians. I have never heard of an asian that wasn't in possession of situational awareness. The asians never discuss their microdong, the asians k1ll themselves when their asian social facade is uncovered. For this reason I think the asians are the most confident race out there. Nobody surpasses asian confidence.


They tell you to be confident and at the same time mock confident men

When online people discuss confidence meme, they just refer to situational awareness. The curries online that ask for bobs vegana are sure confident, but they get ridiculed nonetheless.

When redpillers discuss "confidence", they mean in reality "confidence company man", because they are descendants of scammers that operate in the low level Ponzi blocks, some of them are millionaires, but vast majority is dirtpoor and ideologically inferior. They don't even believe that change is possible, afterall they were born from parents that sold supplements for a living. When you deal with redpillers and other inferior underlings, usually best solution is to genocide them, like it was done in russia for classes of normies that were't salvageable anymore.

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RE: Why did tradition exist in the 1st place?

Agreed. Basically, civilization required that men share the good of female erotic capital equitably (enforced monogamy). This reduced intra-male sexual competition. Tolerated polygny = intensified competition over mates and at least some of its historically attendant nastiness. So funny how incel researchers will say stuff like "teach men not to define themselves by their success at sexual conquestst" as if women themselves don't use knowledge about a man's reputation with women as a criteria for selecting him, so men are forced to care about it. "Teach men not to judge themselves by sexual conquest" = also means "teach men to become okay with a sexual marketplace artificially lopsided in favor of women in many ways which reduce male wellbeing." What's the degree of male frustration they're willing to tolerate? It ain't just incels that are "frustrated." The next tiers of guys who have to deal with modern roasties are nearly as resentful because roasties' perception of the increased demand for their sexual availability (a result of polygyny) increased their bargaining power and entitlement. Hence narcistic roasties being able to demand "open relationships" and the soys going against their natural "mate guarding" instinct to placate them. I'd rather be an incel a thousand times over than that soy.

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RE: Your not entitled to sex

Sexual relations with post-pubescent lolis is more natural and healthier than homosexuality and women engaging in Chad sharing.


Sexual relations with post-pubescent lolis is more natural and healthier than homosexuality and women engaging in Chad sharing.

Pedophilia is a predominately homosexual trait.

Perhaps, but then again feminism has turned foids into goofy stupid cunts who spurn men and get a cruel chuckle out of it. Am i i supposed to aspire to be with clownish rodeo whores? How is that actually earning anything?

I get it but if we cant change the system we outta play by the rules.


Pedophilia is a predominately homosexual trait.

The definition of pedophilia is attraction to pre-pubescents. Attraction towards reproductively viable lolis is not unnatural, but I get it, women have abused their collective power to shame in order to get peak-aged lolis off the sexual/marriage marketplace. But the wonder is, since women are using the privilege of being "artificially boosted" in this way in order to delay marriage and share Chads in the meantime, it immediately calls into question why they should continue to receive this artificial boost and be protected from intra-sexual competition with angel-faced peak aged lolis. The degenerate behavior of young women -- their gleeful partipication in culturally sanctioned polygyny -- is making women as a collective lose their power to shame.

It's exactly because no one is entitled to anything than one shouldn't feel guilty to insert his ochinchin in every female past their first period as they're not entitled to safety for the same logic. But children shouldn't be abused cause they're gross. A bullet in the head is more than sufficient in Duke Nuk'em.