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FEMINISM EXPOSED: This is so hypocritical and absurd it becomes funny: 10 Instances Finland Enhanced Gender Equality. THEY CITE MALE ONLY CONSCRIPTION as gender equality and FEMALE ONLY LAWS - LOL? Feminism is a cult. Double think.

The list the fact that it has men only conscription (Finland is extreme in that it actually does jail men who don't conscript too) and women have the option of gaining milatry benefits if so inclined

It also celebrates female only loans lol

Mean time, Finald has 2:1 women to men in university, one of the reasons for this is the forced conscription, and women are paid more than men for equal work (men still earn more as they work longer)

Check out feminist response in Norway (OFFICIAL STATEMENT INCLUDED ITS SO BAD ITS FUNNY):

Lets take one issues affecting men and specifcally see what feminism (organisations not just random individuals) had to say about it. I have direct statements and policies from the feminisnt organisations. See below.

So Norway has forced male only conscription:

the ultimate form of slaverly, where men, regardless of their moral background or personality are forced to learn how to kill or face prison.

This is one of the biggest manifestations of gynocynetsicm in society and of course proof that the hypothesis of patriarchy is as robust as modern flat earth theory. Yes men create systems to benefit men by getting men to do all the dangerous and hard things (93% of work deaths, and here the milatry)

Many countries need conscription as voluntary private armies are too expensive for the nation. So it is needed. Of course the feminists know this and only want men to do it. Feminists when questioned often pay lip service, and say "yeah we support no draft, but if there is a draft women should do it too", as they know it won’t happen….. erm until it does. Norway passes both gender conscrtiption. Lets see what feminists flip flopped when shit it did happen:

Firstly one party voted against it in parliment. Many of Noways feminists organisations (NKF, IAW, WILPF) were viciously against it



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