TheG-flash #sexist #racist

[ on the star wars movies with rey ]

A man created a great franchise with a trilogy and prequels, then a woman comes in and ruined it with it's feminist propaganda and identity politics and obviously shoved in a strong Mary Sue character because like what KK said, in her little brain she thinks girls aren't into Star Wars and they can't relate to Han and Luke because they are male which is absolute bullshit. There are many girls out there who loves Luke and Han not because they're male, its because they're great written well characters who have to go through challenges. But no under this SJW feminist garbage, we need more female representation and diversity. I don't have anything against woman creating things, but they have to understand the material and listen to fans to what they want to see, which is why Wonder Woman was such a good movie because Patty Jenkins stayed true to the source material and created a movie people want to see. But with KK and Ruin "Potato Head" Johnson they give a shit what the fans want or think, they basically give them the cold shoulder and blasted out if you don't like our stuff then you're a racist sexist misogynist homophobic xenophobic man-babies! These people are absolutely disgusting!



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