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[Venting] Covid-19 doesnt make sense

low effort corona Threadmaxxing ngl @Anonymous MG


This shit doesnt make sense to me

Why the fuck do you need to shut down the entire fucking planet for a harmless flu ?
Way more people die from the normal flu .
Corona death count is pathetic .
The rate at which it spreads is pathetic .

What is the scheme behind this ?
i cant grasp it .
Is it to make us inject mandated Vaccines with Nanobots to control our minds ?
Distract us from the side effects of 5G by blaming it on a virus ?
Is it to make the population infertile and thus population control ?
Is it to shutdown the Hongkong protest and collective rebellion in general ?
Is it just the first step on the way to NWO 2.0 ?

You cant seriously believe they would shut down
just for this fucking flu .
There has to be some hidden agends behind this .
My autism makes
me feel the need to have some sort of explanation for this .



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