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( @Footdoc )

spoilerBREAKING: I've just been shown a
draft of the legislation banning
'gender transition' procedures for
minors in Tennessee. Drugging and
mutilating children will be banned and
victims will be given the chance to
seek compensation. A huge win for
sanity and basic human decency.
The legislation will be filed November 9th.
Extremely grateful to @WilliamLamberth and
@SenJohnson for getting this done.

( @Sheyandaar )
@Footdoc Everyone who performed the mutilations should be stripped of their medical license at the very least.

( @pollyannacat )
@Footdoc the parents who did this to their children should be in prison.

( @RoninMestiza )
@Footdoc about time those scummy "doctors" get held accountable for these atrocities

(@Vonzander )
@Footdoc When the legislation includes stripping medical professionals of their licenses and very lengthy prison sentences ...

Then I'll be impressed..

Until then...

It's nothing more than virtue signaling....

( @WesOg )
@Footdoc I can't believe we've reached a point in history that we have to explain to others why mutilating children is wrong.

( @Calipatriot8973 )
@Footdoc doctors and parents who participate should get the death penalty

( @thirdcoaster )
@Footdoc transgender = mentally ill. calling some of these people parents is sad.



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