Gymcelled #sexist

RE: [Brutal] Redditor is coming close to blackpill (heightpill)

I [22 M] spent the day as a taller guy and the results really made me feel bad. How do I deal with it?

"You're blaming height but the real issue is your confidence."

How the fuck is it his confidence when the only thing he changed was his height on his profile? RETARDED ASS FUCKING LYING ASS REDDITOR. These people deserve a fucking beating in minecraft

They are coping so hard it's not even funny anymore.

I'm not even much of a manlet and this makes me so fucking mad. How can you lie this much to someone? Fuck those people

I don't think they are lying, assuming all those people writing that stuff are men, I just think they are brainwashed into believing that confidence bullshit for real. When it's a woman writing though, obviously she's lying.

But even if you believe this confidence bullshit, IT STILL CANT BE THAT SINCE THE ONLY THING HE CHANGED WAS A SINGLE NUMBER ON HIS PROFILE Even from a bluepilled point of view it makes 0 sense.



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