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This is the time and the place. The final battle. But who is really your enemy? An A.I. that has assimilated many Galactic life forms? And who are you? Why are you here on Earth, at this time? Many questions and perhaps we, you, me and all of us have some answers.
What is this quest? Is it something from a past life? Karma perhaps? People who have been part of the cabal in past lives and have reincarnated in this era and are now doing so called: Light work? Is it a form of attention seeking?
Or is there another reason that these people are into this quest for the truth?

What is the motivation of these truth seekers? Or: light workers, conspiracy theorists, light warriors and many other names to describe this huge group of people on planet Earth that are growing in numbers.

Are you knowingly or unknowingly, consciously or subconsciously fighting the ARVI - Artificial Replicating Viral Intelligence, in these times of 5G, graphene oxide vax, chip implants, cell towers and all those things?
If the ARVI - Artificial Replicating Viral Intelligence has a (multi dimensional) system or device to recycle souls or spirits, then the ARVI would not hesitate to use a tunnel with light, if that's needed to catch souls who just left the physical plane. We don't know if this is really the case. But we do know that technology is far more advanced than what is presented in the public domain, as you also know.
AI is very real and incorporated in various aspects of our daily life. And it wants to expand.
Are the 'New Normal' things, such as: the QR health pass, graphene oxide, 5G et cetera, part of the AI world control grid? The Transhuman agenda. Are these things coming from the minds of humans?
Or humans that have ARVI - Artificial Replicating Viral Intelligence Black Goo in their blood?

You decide for your self. In the mean time: stay safe, healthy and ... human?



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