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As someone who has seen both sides of the fence, men really have it rough right now.

I am a trans guy. Even when the world viewed me as a woman I never agreed with modern day feminism and I never agreed in the saying that men were evil. Woman were always the ones who put me down. Told me things like all men were rapists and that every time I leave the house I had a 25 percent chance to be kidnapped, raped, and murdered. As I've transitioned I realized that men actually had life hard. More expectations, harder work, shorter life span, having to hide emotions, always being shit on, etc. I think women need to take a step back and stop being assholes to men and fear mongering the Hell out of young girls into hating us. It seems like being a man is the worst thing these days.

Woman here. You're right about women. It's absolutely insane the way men are talked about when you get a group of women together. I, being young, always get some variation of "When you're a little older you'll realize how trash men are." and no, I don't think I will.

I actually went to an all girls school up until seventh grade. As I attended the school my teachers would constantly tell us things like this and tell us that if we were to marry a man and he wanted sex then even if he forced us it wouldn't be considered rape. So many girls were terrified, and on "movie days" we were legit shown borderline torture/rape porn and told "This will always be you as long as men exist".

It's just horrible to be honest. If they wanna put men doen that's fine but at the very least don't tell these women that they're just walking rape or murder victims. It's sick.



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