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(Small rant) Ever since my healthcare teacher in high school brought up her husbands height (6’4), I’ve lost all respect for her.

I’ve know her for a year and a half. At first she was chill but near the end of my senior year, she was a total passive-aggressive, cold, snarky bitch and it was so evident that she was specifically acting like this only towards me, not to the other students. I’ve witnessed her switch moods like the switch of a light whenever she had to talk to me. I always knew her fakeness was going to catch up to her. Her mask finally fell off. I sadly never got the last laugh because I sent her an email the last day of exams asking what I got on my assignment but she didn’t respond to my email (she always responds to students emails). Also, her dumbass didn’t bring in her laptop the day of my healthcare exam, so I couldn’t even check what marks I got on my assignments which lead to me emailing her. This also isn’t the first time she hasn’t responded back to me in emails for school-related things. But what has made me lose all respect for her was when she mentioned her husband for some reason and it wasn’t even correlated to what she was saying to the class and mentioning that he is 6’4. She just had to say that. Imagine if he was 5’7? There’s no way she would say that out loud. Considering that she is 5’5-5’6, that bitch is 1 foot shorter than him. But anyways, when she said that her husband was 6’4 just for teehee sake, I had nothing to say to her. I was just so baffled of what she thought of her husband, just some 6’4 figure, and no mention of his personality, passion, love, etc.? I think we can all agree that someone filled with emotion is what makes someone a favourable trait. But for blackpill sake, the real truth is that most women are cold and senseless. That is what my healthcare teacher is


Nothing makes women feel more secure with themselves than feeling superior to the other women around them. Most women strive for this as much as possible, and men are their favorite means to this end. Today male height is a tremendous factor in the status he can offer a woman. Because her husband is very tall, she feels proud and loves flaunting it as doing so helps her to feel better than other women, and subsequently more secure with herself.

Men are status objects to women. Imagine if men had an increasingly noticeable habit of always bringing up the fact that their gf or wife had huge tits, even in situations where it’s not even relevant. Imagine how shallow that would seem. Women do this all the time with height and no one bats an eye.



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