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Why normal people hate incels

People on this site often say that normal people hate incels because they are simply ugly, short and *insert bad genetic trait here*. However I believe that in addition to that normies had us because we shatter their ego and their self-worth. The reason for this is that normies believe in the just-world fallacy, and that all the good things in life that they posses they have because they are such a great person and that they put in hard work. When and incel comes around and says, "I have a hard life because of factors outside of my control, life isn't fair", normies react with hostility because it suggests that maybe all the good things THEY have are not a result of their efforts and hard work but from traits they were born with. They seriously believe that getting what you want in life is really easy (because it was for them) and that if you don't have a good life you're lazy and stupid because it's so easy to achieve, right?




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