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Actually, evidence does exist of a worldwide flood!
It is the interpretation of that evidence, indeed the interpretation of all fossil evidence, which support the truth of the bible and the lie of evolution as the source of all life.

You think millions of years created the Grand Canyon? I suggest that it could have been created in one year and flow dynamists have proven it is a distinct possibility. Many years to lay down the sedimentary layers seen in the sides of the canyon but only one year of erosion is needed to actually cut the swath with the power and force of water should Teutonic plates shift.... (Interesting)

How did sea fairing and formerly existing proven fossils get at the great heights of the Himalayas? Teutonic plates shift and raise those mountains into position! Interestingly enough... this might correspond with the end of the worldwide flood... (Interesting)

Fossils. How do fossils exist? Bacteria and other living creatures consume most living flesh very quickly. Kill a pig in the forest and come back a year later. Very little evidence exists and most scientists know that this is the criterion to consider when a fossilized remains is discovered. Why was it preserved? Something has to have covered that remains in order to preserve the creature. A worldwide flood would stir up sediment like nobodies business and that sediment would cover many organisms very quickly. A plethora of dead organisms worldwide will and are very apparent and if you search, you will find this to be true.
Unfortunately, Satan knows this fact very well. Much of the truth of the Great Flood has been covered up and held back or diluted through misinformation and lies.

You are given a mind that can search out the truths and separate the lies from the truth. God is truth. I suggest you check the facts before jumping to any conclusions.



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