Shawntheimmortal942 #conspiracy #wingnut

(video link is another TheQuartering link from Shawn. Still thinks we should take what that deranged sex pest Neo-Nazi thinks. Also Ted Cruz and Badass are words that never belong together.)

DAMN! Who knew Ted Cruz had it in him? One minute he’s going on and on about being “chosen by god to be the next president”(BTW how did that work out, hm?) and now he’s putting his foot down on Hollywood to cut the shit out!? Did the beard change him? I know characters become more serious and badass when they grow a beard in games and movies but does this also apply to feel life? Wow...Go Ted! Like Jeremy said, it doesn’t matter what political party you’re on...can we all admit that this censorship sucks!? To all you SJWs, Wanna know WHY disney doesn’t make a full on gay or lesbian romance movie? It’s because they want that sweet china money so Disney will just sprinkle in that little woke powder but in the end if China says Jump then Disney will say how high and eat the Chinese government’s shit with a smile. You want your high budget film full of “representation”? Your target isn’t the U.S.A, it’s the CCP.



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