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Please try to defend CHAZ or CHOP or whatever the fuck these animals call themseleves for what they’ve done without sounding like an asshole. These cites have been abandoned by the people who claim to be for the people yet lets it fall under the control of radicals! This went beyond justice for George Floyd and now this is just showing the mainstream what the left has become...the far left has taken over the left. There’s chaos and what do the dems do? Nothing...nothing! They are so scared of being seen as racist that they’ll let their cites be taken over by these people. Again, to the fucking idiots who try soooo hard to paint me as a racist...I have no problem with peaceful protests. Period. I may not agree what you’re protesting but you have every right to do it, I do not condone RIOTS! Now can we all agree that this CHAZ shit has been taken too far? Can we? Can we stop with the left and right bullshit and agree that these people are doing more harm than good? Can we have that agreement or are you just gonna keep doubling down while businesses and homes are burned down by rioters? If you don’t think it’s so bad then go watch Memeology101’s videos about what’s going on in CHAZ or the nextnewsnetwork’s coverage of it. Can we as decent human beings say that this is fucked up and needs to stop? Is this really the hill you want to die on when even black business owners are suffering because of this too and even the ones rightfully calling you all out? Or do their lives not matter because they don’t support your fascism? There’s a fucking virus going on...we don’t need this.

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Colonel-Knight-Rider #fundie #pratt deviantart.com

Remember, watchers: if you ever hear me speak out against the lockdown or how the media depicts the reasons for the lockdown, that does not mean I want to harm you guys by exposing you to danger. My words are only "harmful" if people act on them by putting themselves in danger. To the best of my knowledge, no one I know has acted on my lockdown criticisms or caught the virus as a result. Thank goodness!

I also do not condone any rash decisions people might make based on my speaking out against the lockdown—that's tempting fate, which I don't encourage anyone to do. There's a reason why I tell a group of knights in a cartoon of mine to keep their visors down in the presence of others.

Shawntheimmortal942 #wingnut #racist

Shawntheimmortal942 #wingnut #racist deviantart.com

I remember seeing a pic of some white people being pretend enslaved by a black guy out of some white guilt BS and imo that shows the SJWs final destination, white SJWs want to be enslaved By minorities. No wonder SJWs are pushing being a cuck as “progressive”

It”s garbage. I heard disney was planning on buying twitter but somehow Disney didn’t do it XD Twitter is too woke for Disney.

There’s nothing to apologize for, even I thought Trump was gonna lose to Hilary hell I actually thought Trump did make fun of a mentally disabled reporter but then I saw this video

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Yes! Yes! Yes! How much do any of you wanna bet that some woke dipshit celebrity will try to pay for both of their bail or start a fucking petition to free looters and killers? It wouldn’t surprise me if tomorrow I see an article or video where “Free David Dorn’s killer!” Or “Free all cop killers!” Fuck off.

R.I.P to David Dorn and any innocent people who were killed in the riots by these fucking animals. Where’s BLM when black cops are killed? Or supporting black people who don’t agree with BLM’s politics? It’s alllllllll for the agenda, it’s you‘re either with us or against us to them.

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https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=akllkJwcnGc So much for black lives matter, hm? So BLM decides Who’s black now? You all realize that you just proved Terry’s point, right? Who am I kidding? A ham sandwich has more self awareness than the flying checkmarks. Also what do you mean there’s “no such thing as black supremacy“? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_supremacy hell there are black people who want all white people to die...isn’t that black supremacy? How about the rwandan genocide?

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SpecialGuestStar #pratt #dunning-kruger deviantart.com

Where is the science that justifies social distancing except in the spittle sector of your mouth and nose?

Where is the science that shows the probability of fomite (surface) transmission, when all we get is that it is possible if some virus gets on a surface, but they didn't evaluate infectivity of the virus found?

Where is the science that says people can't go outside where the virus does not live long in the sun but must be locked inside?

How are these the least intrusive restrictions on individual liberty to achieve the state's goal to slow the spread of the virus?

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Colonel-Knight-Rider #wingnut #pratt deviantart.com

Wanna know why this quarantine is all based in fear?

We fought the Revolutionary War during a smallpox epidemic and were not afraid in those days. Not only that, but we fought World War I during a Spanish Flu epidemic, and fear did not stop us from victory back then either. The country has grown too soft, and we've been boxed in for too long. As my good friend Scott/SpecialGuestStar says, it's time to get out and go.

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Shawntheimmortal942 #wingnut #conspiracy #sexist deviantart.com

Goddamn, Bill! You want Joe Biden to win so badly that you’ll tell a woman who accused Joe of sexually assaulting her...to shut the fuck up? Can Trump derangement be an official metal illness, please? This guy's children could be violently raped in front of him and he wouldn’t say shit if it was Joe or any democrat running against Trump or a republican. Quarantine must be really getting to Bill’s head because goddamn! Now I know he’s not gonna get cancelled because the far left don’t even believe their own “progressive” BS but now telling people who accuse his party’s candidate to shut the fuck up if they were sexually assaulted by Biden or any democrat? I know there’s always doubt, always believe in the facts and not just believe all women because yes...there are women that would lie about being raped. I love this new slogan for the left “Vote for Joe Biden and shut the fuck up if he sexually assaulted you!” Comes out smoooooooth...just remember to swallow!

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Dpareja #moonbat forums.fstdt.net

(on the anti-lockdown protesters, who have carried weapons, signs saying things like “sacrifice the weak”, and so on)

This is basically the next Tea Party: a protest by people with legitimate grievances against government being hijacked and co-opted by rich right-wingers to support policies that are against the best interests of the protesters.

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Shawntheimmortal942 #wingnut #crackpot deviantart.com

Read an article on Sankaku(Yes, I get my news from a hentai site XDD) about SJWs disowning Notch(the creator of Minecraft) and J.K Rowling(creator of Harry Potter) because they’re so butt hurt that they don’t agree with them politically. So these children are plugging their ears, shutting their eyes and screaming until they get their way by...saying Hatsune Miku made Harry Potter and Minecraft. Twitter...is a hell of a drug. This is what happens when parents don’t discipline their children.

This whole thing reminds me of this scene from Mommie Dearest archive.org/details/MommieDear… 9:23-9:29

Seriously, please grow the fuck up! I don’t like Rowling virtue signaling about refugees(which by the way, has she even housed ANY since then? She has mansions so it’s not impossible.) or her retconning Harry Potter characters into being gay or whatever for brownie points but is too lazy to write these characters being such. However I don’t pretend she doesn’t exist! I think rational people can just disagree with someone but it’s SJWs we’re taking about and they’ll unperson and demonize anyone who disagrees with them because they’re a hive mind who hate different opinions. Hopefully for Christmas, these fucks can get some common sense and decency under their tree.

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Colonel-Knight-Rider #fundie deviantart.com

(because child abuse is TOTALLY okay if the parents say you brought it on yourself. Keep in mind CKR wants a family of his own.)

-You think I don’t know that I’m “questioning” my parents by being on social media? Well, duh! Of course, I am! But that doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll abandon all of their teachings. What I didn’t say in the poem I wrote was that I was the source of their acts of physical aggression because I was a disobedient child in those instances. It’s not their fault. It’s mine.

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Colonel-Knight-Rider #fundie #psycho deviantart.com

I think you're conflating two events by mistake, which is not surprising considering how much you've gotten factually wrong to the point where I find myself laughing. First, you still don't seem to understand that I made Dad mad. I pushed his patience past its limits that day. It's my fault that he punched me (although Mom scolded him for this afterwards and he apologized). Second, I wasn't trying to protect myself when running from my parents trying to wiggle my tooth. I was selfish. I was weak. I didn't defend myself. I made myself vulnerable. Running away from them was not a strength but a weakness. I should've toughened up and let them wiggle it no matter how much I feared losing a tooth, which would've prevented me being pinned to a bed. I was scared, sure, but I knew rightly that losing a baby tooth is part of the natural order of things. In reality, I was not at war with my parents. I was at war with myself, much like I am now.

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Connor Murphy #quack #crackpot #fundie youtube.com

Connor Murphy explains how science and religion may not have to disagree. He connects religions such as Christianity and Buddhism together into one truth through spirituality. He tells how the story of Jesus could have happened without breaking the laws of science.

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Shawntheimmortal942 #wingnut #racist deviantart.com

I fucking love this movie! 5/5! This is an amazing movie that everyone should see and fuck everyone who tried to kill this movie, I really hope they make a sequel or at least another stand alone DC film with the same atmosphere as Joker or at least add a very tense one. It’s really funny how ”The Clowns” are just ANTIFA and yet the left tried to destroy this movie because it’ll “incite violence“. All it takes is a white guy to breath and ANTIFA will cause a fucking riot, you motherfuckers hated this film because it showed the world what pieces of shit you are and how you tried to mask yourselves by saying you’re “anti fascists“ yet “punch Nazis” was a thing which pretty much is “punch anyone who doesn’t agree with me”. I’m glad this movie made over a billion dollars and I’m glad Joaquin Phoenix won the Emmy, it’s a shame that WB went on to make Birds of prey and Batwoman when they had couod‘ve made a sequel to Joker instead or another DC villain movie. Why? Is this some kind of masochist fetish WB has by making woke films that bomb? You saw how the woke crowd treated you, bitching on Twitter about someone shooting up the theater which got the police involved, the military getting involved, constantly begging hell the media was fucking jerking off at the thought that someone would get killed at screening of Joker and then acting disappointed when nothing happens. These bitches were right about one thing, there was a death when the movie was released and people saw it...and it was the left’s credibility!

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Shawntheimmortal942 #sexist #wingnut deviantart.com

(he is reacting to a YouTube video by far right YouTube personality TheQuartering, who has been chased out of the Magic The Gathering community for sexually harassing cosplayers, saying “I wouldn’t even rape you” to people, and espousing far right and Neo-Nazi political beliefs, as well as being a spiteful and crude bully in multiple nerd communities)

Why? Why? Why? Why? Why!? Does every industry have to go broke to slap some sense into them? I MEAN C’MON! Anakin as an Incel? These people are paid millions to make a show, movie, or comic about their fan fiction where men suck. Civil war 2 had Captain Marvel locking people up without trail so she should become a fascist in her next series, right? It makes sense! These ass pats must feel amazing for so many of these companies to bend the knee and lose millions. Lemme try for a sec...ALL MY CHARACTERS ARE GAY! Now I wait.

It’s just more SJWs who hate men and only see men who get angry as “white male rage” and not character development.

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Shawntheimmortal942 #wingnut #psycho #sexist deviantart.com

Gotta love it! I knew that this would blow up in the left’s face but they just kept pushing and pushing these fucking witch hunts! I know there are good things that Metoo did but it was also used as a fucking weapon used by spiteful women to ruin the lives of men! So now it’s “believe all women but if it’s against someone I vote for then give them a chance and due process” it’s a mouthful, sure but these feminazis are known for their big mouthes...and it’s not always used for yelling! HA!

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Shawntheimmortal942 #wingnut #pedo #sexist deviantart.com

I have heard there are better alternatives than patreon and if you can find them then I recommend abandoning this sinking ship! When you get banned for a NSFW drawing of an obviously mature Hex Maniac with big tits and you lose all that money because she “looks young”...Ya gotta leave! Now they want you all back? This is get woke go broke and they are suffering for it and I’m not losing sleep over their own failure. If you have a patreon and you haven’t had any trouble then keep at it but always have a backup since Patreon is getting ban happy, this goes out to all the NSFW artists out there to find better alternatives! This is what happens when you try to do business with the woke crowd, the creators who are actually profitable leave while your site is full of communists. Keep that iron wall up and strong, Patreon! I’ll sleep soundly with the sounds of your crumbling business and cries of “why!?”...maybe I’ll touch myself...I will touch myself XD

Edit: Patreon begging people to come back by claiming they’re “cutting the bullshit” mobile.twitter.com/Patreon/sta… when they’re just making more bullshit! You can’t say “Creativity over everything” but add in the fine print “Except if your political views are different than ours and if so then fuck you, you fucking nazi!” Eat shit, Patreon!

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Shawntheimmortal942 #wingnut #dunning-kruger #crackpot deviantart.com

Also gotta love how the left leaning news shitheads went straight to “russian bots” when talking about people leaving the Democratic Party, it’s like they never considered that someone has a different way of thinking than them. That’s why they created bullshit like “Internalized misogyny” and “internalized racism” its because they blame society for the way you think and not you for being an individual who has different opinions. The Democratic Party is now a hive mind and if you dare to stray from the path then you’ll get shamed, demonized, you’ll lose your job, get de-platformed by people you thought were your friends. THIS is why Trump is winning so much! You can blame racism all you want but ask yourself this...do you really want to live in a world where the slightest disagreement turns into a major issue? Do you really want to live in such minefield because you’re scared of offending someone? Are you fine with people screaming “racist, sexist, homophobe, etc” just because they lost an argument? People like to act like they’re living in fear ever since Trump won and I think they are living in fear but it’s not because Trump, it’s because the left are pointing guns at each other with itchy trigger fingers just ready to tear each other down. Is that really a better alternative? “Well, don’t offend people, it’s easy!” The left made the O.K hand signal a sign of “white supremacy”...nuff said.

Colonel-Knight-Rider #fundie #racist #homophobia

Colonel-Knight-Rider #fundie #racist #homophobia deviantart.com

Umm, yeah, no. No, I do care about those communities. I'm fine with them being represented in cinema. I wouldn't call Lillies of the Field one of my favorite movies of all time otherwise. What I'm not okay with, and what you don't seem to get (or want to accept) is why current 21st century Hollywood is doing that sort of thing: to make themselves appear more "woke" to their target audience and get their money and praise. Modern Hollywood is exploiting racial minorities and LGBT people in America by treating them as popular trends, or moneymakers, or attention-grabbers, or Oscar bait instead of as people. Maybe bigwig Hollywood producers do care about those groups, or maybe they don't—I'm not a mind-reader. But, either way, do you not see how dehumanizing being treated as fashion trends instead of as people is to those groups? The problem is not who gets represented in cinema but how they're being used for other people's personal gain. I feel sorry that people of color and LGBT people are being exploited by those greedy sons of guns at the top who want to look more "woke" but are as greedy as the average Hollywood producer has always been.

Another fundamental problem is that Hollywood’s handling of race relations has deteriorated over time. Consider, for instance, Lillies of the Field or Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? They handled race relations beautifully by presenting both black people and white people as smart but in different ways (there is, after all, no such thing as one kind of smart), all while showing that we all have the same capacity for good regardless of skin color. Now, in the 21st century, we get movies like the aptly-named Guess Who? and Get Out or TV series like The Neighborhood, which convey messages such as “White people bad, black people good,” or “White people dumb, black people smart.” This is not to say that Hollywood is incapable of going back to how it used to handle race relations—a rare gem like Bob Hearts Abishola, created by the genius who brought us Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory, presents both races as different kinds of intelligent and shatters cultural barriers to show how much we’re all alike even though we have different skin colors, accents, and manners of dress. But still, I’d like to see more of those positive messages from Hollywood.

Colonel-Knight-Rider #fundie

Colonel-Knight-Rider #fundie deviantart.com

-Why would I lie to you about empathy considering that’s what you want to see from me? Of course, we both got angry at each other eventually. But I will tell you that I wrote an apology last October, in which I even gave credence to his argument that I don’t understand how gay people work, to which he has yet to respond. On a related note, for a guy who’s going on and on and on about empathy and accepting people as they are, this journal doesn’t appear to contain any message like that. I wish you’d practice more of what you preach, but I doubt that’ll come true.
-Excuse me! You are not in a position to tell my parents, or anyone’s parents for that matter, how to raise a child without saying it directly to them. You don’t know them, and they don’t know you. And besides, they said I need to forgive them because forgiveness is what Christianity is ultimately all about, so I do forgive them. It’s not good to hold on to grudges, especially those towards people you don’t know. That said, I need to let go of my grudge against Realshow because I don’t know who he really is and because he’s moved on to other projects.
-I never said my parents yanked out my baby tooth. I said they wiggled it to test how lose it was at the time. When I disobeyed them by throwing a hissy fit, they punished me for disobedience so I would never again react like an immature child to having a deciduous tooth wiggled. And it worked!

Shawntheimmortal942 #conspiracy #wingnut

Shawntheimmortal942 #conspiracy #wingnut deviantart.com

(video link is another TheQuartering link from Shawn. Still thinks we should take what that deranged sex pest Neo-Nazi thinks. Also Ted Cruz and Badass are words that never belong together.)

DAMN! Who knew Ted Cruz had it in him? One minute he’s going on and on about being “chosen by god to be the next president”(BTW how did that work out, hm?) and now he’s putting his foot down on Hollywood to cut the shit out!? Did the beard change him? I know characters become more serious and badass when they grow a beard in games and movies but does this also apply to feel life? Wow...Go Ted! Like Jeremy said, it doesn’t matter what political party you’re on...can we all admit that this censorship sucks!? To all you SJWs, Wanna know WHY disney doesn’t make a full on gay or lesbian romance movie? It’s because they want that sweet china money so Disney will just sprinkle in that little woke powder but in the end if China says Jump then Disney will say how high and eat the Chinese government’s shit with a smile. You want your high budget film full of “representation”? Your target isn’t the U.S.A, it’s the CCP.

Shawntheimmortal942 #wingnut #homophobia #racist

Shawntheimmortal942 #wingnut #homophobia #racist deviantart.com

Seriously stop! Your face is hamburger! Stop it! m.youtube.com/watch?v=em3Gg86F…

I’m not a twitter guy but goddamn, Disney! You gotta own EVERYTHING even everyone’s tweets who uses may the fourth b-Nope! You’re not owning my ass, Disney! Sheesh, that was close! One wrong move and I would’ve been rebooted into the main villain against Safespace and snowflake...Nazi! Or Homophob-ick! Race-mist? Trans-morphic...phobic! A-Not-see! Shit-lord! Wait, wasn’t that taken back by kek people? Sex...fist? Wait, that’s just fisting XD Ha! Wait, what was I talking about?...Eh, it wasn’t important.

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Communism Nihilism #wingnut #sexist jameslucrative.tumblr.com

Looks like Biden is gonna win the primary. If Super Tuesday belongs to him, it would take a miracle for Bernie to pull through. I’m sure Bloomberg is more mad than Bernie, because he threw so much money around and it didn’t do shit for him. This is the essence of the soul for capitalism you are witnessing, and you all can’t keep up.

I kind of sympathize with Bloomberg, he’s the ruthless cut throat boomer capitalist who is a perfect reflection of the American environment. He doesn’t care about rights, equality, efficiency, he’ll save face for the cameras but he knows America is a gangster country.

Biden does too but Biden puts on the fake smile. The fake smile that destroys any self love you might have as you grow up being told you don’t deserve anything. And I mean ANYTHING. Free speech? Self determination? Love? Family. You all take turns saying these things are not rights or changing goal posts of what a right even is, and it’s all in that shit grin smile.

Bernie is just a conman and knows you college kids will throw money in the well and make a wish for social democracy. Hell, maybe he does believe what he says. He knows European capitalism works, and wants that for America. I’m not a mind reader. But America isn’t Europe. It certainly isn’t better for it, but that’s the way it is. We all exploit third world labor, but Europe was smart enough to keep their own slavers happy rather than just make them slightly better housed slaves. America isn’t.

So I hope Biden wins. Not for anyone’s sake, but so you lose hope. Hope is a cancer on your mind. You tell yourself things that just aren’t true. Like you ever had a chance, that your voice matters, that people care about you, that you just need to work harder.

It’s self mutilation and it makes me sick. It makes me sick to see people work so damn hard for nothing. We live in an age of sexual dependency but noone is getting laid “because we’re not entitled”. Where the president can almost start world war 3 every day with a retarded tweet but we can’t shit post ajd just get banned “becaus we’re not entitled”, we could be shot in the back of our heads and someone would call us entitled expecting not to be murdered. That’s the reality. The reality is this world is a cauldron of hatred and savagery. Noone wins, noone is happy, suffering immeasurable. And every time you get up for school, work, self improvement, you lie to yourself that it’s for a cause. That things are going to get better.

Your hope is holding you back. Obama ironically coined that hope and change slogan, and now Biden reflects the cold hard truth that it’s hopeless.

Time to take your medicine baby.

Shawntheimmortal942 #wingnut #psycho #sexist

Shawntheimmortal942 #wingnut #psycho #sexist deviantart.com

(submitter’s note: someone doesn’t like that I posted his defense of artists who made pedo-pandering work!)

Just want to say this first but I hope you all know the drill! Don’t attack ANY of these people, if any of you do then I will condemn it! To the people I’m responding to, please consider making a DA account and talk to me. I don’t shut off my comments hell you can talk to me in notes and it will be private, I promise you. Niam2020...the asshole who called me a fucking pedo! It’s one thing to call me sexist, racist or any of your fucking buzzwords but calling me a fucking pedo is way over the fucking line so go fuck yourself, you scum fuck! You are fucking garbage! I would never stoop so low to call someone a pedo just because I disagree with them so fuck you! If you’re not going to give me the same kind of decency then I don’t give a fuck what happens to you! GO DIE IN A FUCKING HOLE!

So I just found out the shit I say has been quoted and responded to by people in this site called fstdt.com and they seem to really love me! Here are some comments! This is from a journal I made about Patreon going up in flames because they got woke and are now going broke

and look at these tags

Tell me where in my journal am I being a pedo? People like this like to use words without knowing what they mean! It’s only a matter of time before SJWS run out of names to call people because words like sexist, nazi, homophobic etc etc are losing their meaning because of people like this. Also I love how they didn’t put the link to the video I put in my journal. Hmmmmmmmm~why tho?

How am I sexist? Or a psycho or a wing nut? I’m calling out how so many people are all for “Believe all women no matter what” but when it comes to Biden he’s protected! Shouldn’t he have been cancelled the minute he was smelling and touching women and little girls so inappropriately? I mean, what’s the point of protecting Biden? He obviously can’t beat Trump! Again, how does this post make me a wing nut, psycho, sexist? Hell there are far left people going crazy because they don’t want to vote for Biden.

Colonel-Knight-Rider #wingnut #homophobia

Colonel-Knight-Rider #wingnut #homophobia deviantart.com

I wasn’t always like the person you described in this journal. For years on DeviantArt, I never said anything about homosexuality, knowing full well the risk of discussing what is still a touchy subject to this day. Plus, any real Christian will tell you that hatred is a sin. Not until my conflict with Realshow early last year did I give in to the temptation to be more openly conservative after seeing many other Deviants do the same. This in turn led to the domino effect of misdeeds you’ve convicted me of.

I don’t need to learn what homophobia is. I know what it is. That’s why I never said anything that could be read as such for the first 4.5 years of my DA career. Realshow’s demand that I change my views was the straw that broke the camel’s back. And now, I'm under the impression that you're demanding the same of me.

Shawntheimmortal942 #wingnut

Shawntheimmortal942 #wingnut deviantart.com

(Submitter’s Note: Even more whining from shawn and his “get woke go broke” meme that ignores Captain Marvel’s existence)

I’m not a football fan but goddamn how the mighty have fallen! So that woke well dried up, hm? Look, everyone has every right to protest and have their voices heard but when you bring business and money into it...there’s a limit. These companies love money and social justice isn’t paying the bills so what’s the alternative? I’m not saying you can’t protest but when you bring these companies into it, they’ll suck you dry until you’re not profitable anymore. You gotta keep your politics and your business separate. I know SJWs are gonna cry censorship while trying to censor others but they’re too fucking stupid to see the hypocrisy.

Dpareja #moonbat

Dpareja #moonbat forums.fstdt.net

Oh, and since apparently the US media has collective amnesia on the point, let's just remember that the US overthrew the democratically elected leader of Iran, Mohammad Mosaddegh, in 1953 after he planned to nationalise Iranian oil supplies, replaced him with a brutal dictator, the Shah, and has been butthurt ever since 1979 that their nice compliant puppet state stepped out of line and tossed out their hand-picked leader.

The US has wanted regime change in Iran for forty years and they're about to go and get it by any means necessary.

If any other country did this sort of insane shit, they'd be decried as a rogue state.

The US is a rogue state and the entire regime needs to be overthrown and all the leaders past and present put on trial in The Hague.