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Blacks commit 60% of the murders in this country.

Blacks make up 24% of the population in poverty.

Whites make up 42% of the population in poverty.

You’ll have to come up with another reason why these people are violent murders other than poverty.

@Apolitical The problem is nigger DNA. Black "people" are subhuman primates, which causes them to behave the way they do. No amount of education or wealth redistribution will ever change this. Sorry cuckservatives, but your mantra of "one race, the HUMAN race!" is a lie.

@brextremist @Apolitical how are we in a world that we even have to explain this to tens of millions of Whites?

Truly the most sophisticated and successful brainwashing operation in history was launched on our people post WW2

@BillyBravo @brextremist @Apolitical let the blacks loose in their neighborhoods. It’s the penultimate redpill having to live among them and experience their true nature. The ones that don’t die from natural selection.

@Apolitical I have it on high authority that jew bankers are the cause of black violence

@Apolitical the single highest correlating factor that predicts violent crime in a given city is how many blacks live there. Higher than any economic factor.


Don't northern blacks commit a lot more violence than southern blacks?

I wonder if that is due to northern blacks having vitamin d deficiency. Blacks need a lot more sun than whites to make the same amount of vitamin d, and they aren't evolved to live in places like New York.


@disavower @Apolitical They are actually the cause of the socioeconomic conditions they live in.

Crime causes poverty.

You can predict economic factors with race as well to some degree.

@Apolitical A frequent guest on Howard Stern in the early days had a theory; “Niggers are animals”
It appears substantiated.


Data from NYC really screams: “it’s the genes & their expression, my nigga!”



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