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[on someone (the OP) being the victim of a completely fabricated and obviously false call to Child protective services. The report was full of blatant lies ]

I don't understand why everyone is so up in arms about the person who called you in... There are several professions out there that they are mandated reporters when it comes to child abuse.

Since you claim and proved your innocence (well done) I'm sure the reporter saw several things that added up which raised an eye brow which warrants a report.

Blows my mind that people are up in arms when someone called you in and it turned out to be a false case. The day child abuse goes on and it's not called in, they are furious that no one did anything to save the child. Now, when it's called in, they are pissed at the person who called them in...

I trust the system enough that I'd rather more calls come up empty than child services not getting any calls at all. Unbelievable that this many people are against system which protects against child abuse.

Try having it happen to you, out of the blue for no reason at all your family is the victim of a modern day witch hunt.

I understand that aspect of it but as I said, some people are mandated reporters.

If there is a possibility, they have to report it. Failure to do so would result in them losing their job and possibly ending their career path. Call it a witch hunt if you must, I see it as someone who is looking out for the children. This doesn't mean you don't have some nut cases out there, that'll call with hardly anything to go on, services know this but they are still going to give it a look and do their job. If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about.



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