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[Blackpill] Chad gets better grades in HS because of his looks

Most adult females are sexually attracted to teenage boys, there are plenty of "teacher bangs her student" stories to prove that point. Women make up around 75%-96% of all HS teachers or 77% in US. So a young 15 year old chad has mostly female teachers or in some cases all female teachers. And most of those teachers are superficial women who want to fuck him and will give him a pass whenever they can.

Anecdotal evidence of this:

I once watched a talent show which had 1 female judge and 2 male judges. One of the performers was a 17 year old chad with decent but not amazing vocal skills. As soon as he finished and it was time to vote the female judge smashed the button to send him to the next round while both male judges rejected him. She then began begging them to change their decision saying "but didn't you see how cute he was?" This renowned professional dancer was begging two male judges to give the guy a chance until one of them gave in and sent him to the second round.

And this is what must be going throughout chad's teenage years. Grown women lustiing after him and breaking their profesionalism and granting him favorable treatment.



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