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10 Steps to Tyranny

1) Create a new human disease (virus) that kills off the weak and immune-compromised (complete).
2) Spread Covid-19 around the planet (complete).
3) Create "vaccines" for that virus that cause blood clots and life-threatening myocarditis (complete).
4) Spread so much fear about Covid that at least 70 percent of the planet (or at least the USA) gets inoculated (only at 50 percent now).
5) Spread fear-mongering propaganda of a new "variant" (called Delta) that's even "more deadly" and "more contagious" than the original virus (just begun).
6) Blame all vaccine injuries and deaths on the new "Delta Variant" (just beginning).
7) Require every vaccinated person to get their "Delta Variant" inoculation, which either instructs the recipient's cells to produce billions of toxic protein prions that drive the patient insane and cause heart failure, or the vaccine contains the ultimate "payload" of virus-mimicking pathogenic proteins that overdose the recipients' immune systems, killing them.
8) A new mass event "occurs" that cripples all communication between the populace, and the Chinese Communists start "herding" in from our southern border.
9) Another mass shooting event "occurs" that's made to look like a Trump supporter who is "anti-vaccine" and right-wing extreme.
10) All guns are confiscated from all remaining, unvaccinated Americans and the Republic is lost.

Communism and depopulation in America come under the guise of being "patriotic" and accepting your own vax-termination out of fear of Covid-19 and its variants.