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Second, in all the media-driven hysteria about the Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Bill one glaring fact has been consistently omitted. The fact is that Ugandan law is typical of most African law in that it tends to be very harsh in the letter, but very lenient in the application. I doubt very much that anyone arrested under the new law (if it passes) will receive anything close to the jail terms allowed for in the bill.

Third, and most importantly, there is one easy, guaranteed method of protecting oneself from ever being subject to the Anti-Homosexuality law in Uganda: Don't Commit Sodomy! We all seem to forget, in the dense propaganda haze of American popular opinion, that homosexuality is defined by voluntary sexual acts. Homosexuals are no more compelled to commit sodomy with each other than a married man is compelled to cheat on his wife.

In my opinion, the Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Bill is still too harsh in the letter. I would prefer something closer to the approach several American states have taken toward marijuana: criminalise it but minimise the penalty and turn a blind eye toward discrete violations. Indeed, this would be my prescription for dealing with homosexuality (and all sex outside of marriage) in the United States. This would preserve the basic freedom of choice for people who choose to inhabit various sub-cultures out of the mainstream, yet provide the larger marriage-based society with the legal power to prevent sex activists from advocating their lifestyles to children in the public schools or to flaunt their sins in "pride" parades through the city streets.

However, since I didn't write the Ugandan bill and have no power to redraft it on my own terms, and since the alternative to passing this bill is to allow the continuing, rapid, foreigner-driven homosexualisation of Ugandan culture, I am giving the revised Anti-Homosexuality Bill my support.

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Swaziland: Asians Evicted From Home

Following Swaziland's decision to ban all Asian people from entering the kingdom comes news that a group of Asians have been evicted from their home and banished from the area simply because they are Asian.

The incident happened at Mgazini, according to the Observer on Sunday newspaper in Swaziland.

The newspaper reported on Sunday (24 July 2016) that a group of 12 'Asian nationals' were ordered out of an area on the outskirts of Mankayane.

They had rented a homestead from a local resident, but were later ordered out of the area by the area's chief's representative Indvuna Xolani Vilakati. The Indvuna or headman reportedly did not meet with the Asians, 'but only heard of their presence in the area'.

The newspaper reported, 'Vilakati said he ordered them out because they had not been reported to the area's authorities and therefore accommodating them in the area with unknown motives would cause problems for them.'

The newspaper said residents saw the Asians in the homestead and their presence was reported to a member of the area's bandlancane (council). The newspaper said the residents were concerned about 'foreign people being accommodated in one of the homes'.

The Asians left the area when requested.

There are heightened tensions in Swaziland following a decision by the Swazi Government to set up a committee to investigate immigration of people from Asia, mostly India and Pakistan. Meanwhile, the House of Assembly suspended issuing entry permits to all Asian people.

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The homophobic comments, made on a public platform earlier this week by Umzinyathi District Mayor, James Mthethwa, that he intends clamping down on homosexuality and that gay people spread AIDS, have no place in our society.

The DA [Democratic Alliance] will report Mr Mthethwa to the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) and ask the commission to investigate his offensive and unconstitutional comments. The SAHRC, which is tasked with supporting constitutional democracy and with promoting respect for the human rights of all South Africans without fear or favour, is the appropriate institution to probe these comments.

Mthethwa reportedly made the comments at the launch of the Umzinyathi Community Health Work Training Project in Dundee, KwaZulu-Natal. According to the Sowetan newspaper, he said he was concerned that homosexuals were bringing shame to communities and were responsible for the spread of HIV.

He also said homosexuality needed to be stopped "before spreading to other places". Alarmingly, he went on to say that community health workers would run a door-to-door campaign to educate locals "about the dangers of homosexuality".

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A little-known party has sought permission to show US President Barack Obama the differences between a man and a woman through a nude protest.

The peaceful demonstration against homosexuality will begin at 10 am at the Freedom Corner, on July 22 and 23, said Republican Liberty party leader Vincent Kidala.

"The procession shall be carried out by approximately 5,000 totally naked men and women to protest over Obama's open and aggressive support for homosexuality," Kidala said in a letter to the county commander on Monday.

"In fact our party has a network of prostitutes in Nairobi, Nakuru and other counties. This is where we shall get all these people whose number we expect to increase," he told the Star on phone.

He said the prostitutes agreed to participate free of charge since they will lose customers if homosexuality is legalised.