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The Sun remains quiet. A Coronal Hole Stream arrived this morning and though it only brought the Solar Wind back to normal, it was enough of a change to set off a Geomagnetic Storm and Instability which is continuing as I write this. There have been no Earthquakes over 5.5.

We are being affected today by Directed Energy Weapons, Detrimental Light Codes, Planetary Energy, Electronic Harassment, Targeting, Solar Energies, and Long-Range Acoustic Device.

Since most of the things affecting us are attacks be sure to keep your aura cleared and your protection up.

All of that explains why I feel like crap today. I am very fuzzy-headed, hurting, and can’t see well. The Geomagnetic Storm can cause headaches, loud ear noise, burning skin, itchy skin, hot flashes, sweating, irritability, anxiety, difficulty sleeping, and exhaustion. Drink extra fluids to flush out the toxins.

I have been seeing where Australia has been posting in their news that the Supreme Court overturned the election. According to Phil, that is true. They cannot announce it here until they get the justices to safety somewhere in the world. For some reason, Roberts is under the protection of NATO. I wonder why?

Phil did a live last night to discuss current events and intel. He said that the White Hats are in charge of CERN and have turned it into a directed energy weapon. They used that to blow up the Georgia Guidestones as a message to the deep state. It was put in that spot to block the beneficial energy there from being used as many places throughout the world have been. They will be destroying them also. A historic obelisk in Vigan City in the Philippines was ‘hit by lightning’ and damaged today.
Good things are happening so don’t lose hope! Trump posted a video about his airplane (Airforce One?) that is being redesigned. He said it will be back in the air in the fall if not sooner. The fall is not long and it will probably be sooner.

Keep your eyes open and enjoy the show!