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Mythos especially has this technological aspect to it. From what I've gathered from the colleagues in the other orders, a lot of them are quite strongly drawn to cybermagic. Mythos has this, because it's completely without any templates, without any taboos, any drawn boundaries, because it's completely new, and everyone who works with it does it differently. And not just the different orders, but different individuals as well.

Yes, by being new, Mythos has no dogmas, nothing anchoring it. That's why I find it interesting, also the fact how marginal it still is. Because, how many people are actually fucking doing it here?

Well, over the 15 years I've been trying to proselytize about it, it's gotten a lot better. When I started, people would've crucified me. Now, I get invited to perform rituals.

Mythos needs to be de-demonized. It's not any darker than any other path.

It's completely neutral, and from the feedback I'm getting, a lot of people are heaping praise on it because it gives you very quick, real results if you do it correctly. Which usually doesn't happen with neopaganism or ceremonial magic, and that's not me saying this, those are the words of people leaving those paths for the Mythos.

I think that comes mainly from Mythos working a lot with those cosmic powers. It's not Geocentric, it's not Heliocentric. The same way it's not tied to any dogma, it's not tied to any particular part of cosmos.

It's explicitly beyond those boundaries.

Yes. It's a Trans-Yuggothian system. It's completely beyond Pluto. Which is good. You don't have to deal with those Geocentric entities, like, say, the Gods of Earth, who are tied to our sphere, our planetary sphere, this concept. They are completely beyond that, and so, you are working with powers, energies and entities that are completely, "beyond the threshold."

Which is great, because, when you think about it, you start to wonder, what mess it's going to cause when people get to Mars, colonize it, and start doing magic there? How are they going to do planetary correspondences there?

Jan "Koubič" Kouba #crackpot #magick audiolibrix.com

At 16 I had my first contact with the Mythos, maybe even 15. I had a dream that, well, among us, the occultists and magicians working with Mythos, we call dreams like those our "Call of Cthulhu" experiences, or, our opening of the door to Cthulhu. It's simply the moment when you make contact. For me, I had a dream where I was running from a building that was being demolished. The classic horror atmosphere, you think, "Don't turn around!", so of course you do, and there was a giant biomass ripping the building apart.

The fact that this entity exists and is in the Mythos, I found out only about 10 years later.

So that was an "Aha!" moment for you, right?

Yes, exactly. Hydra, by Henry Kuttner. I was like, "Damn, I have to translate that story."

I'm not a Mythos practitioner, but thanks to you and Sarkir I definitely got to know a lot about this. I know that people can do this in the traditional intellectual-ceremonial way, and, it'll probably work to a point, but at some point, I can't imagine it working anymore.

It's because this is Mysticism. This entire path is, first and foremost, mystical. It's not magic, it's mysticism, it's about contemplating the laws of the entire cosmos, magic isn't going to help you much here.

Right. So, if we'd classify magic as, influencing reality and the creation of various causalities, that's not how you operate, you mostly go the mystical path of looking inward and discovering various otherworldly spheres.

The manipulation of the macrocosm can still be here, still be present and work, but, it's not the primary goal. The primary goal is gnosis. That's how I'd say it.

Everytime I get asked why I'm doing this, I say that it's to have a chat with them.