These filthy peasants! They are revolting!

ChattyGremlin #sexist #elitist #psycho ovarit.com

In my silly utopia-dream, all men are castrated at birth! If they would like to have their testicles back, they have to have a minimum of a college degree, a six-figure job, no criminal background, a driver's license, a perfect grade on a year-long parenting course, and the consent of a psychotherapist who has seen them for at least two years, the consent of their mother, and the consent of a female partner who the man has been with consistently for at least four years. Paradise!

Neo #fundie #homophobia #elitist descentbb.net

Your church taught the wrong thing so you wouldn't want any spiritual gifts. See Joel 2 and 3

Christianity isn't "gay" bashing. People hate us because they hated Jesus too. I don't care about being banned. You just don't want to hear what you don't agree with. If love is love, why are you so rude to Christians?

Paul Blair #fundie #elitist rightwingwatch.org

Founded by religious-right activists Dan Fisher and Paul Blair, Liberty Pastors hosts multi-day retreats around the nation where local pastors and their spouses are instructed[…]on how to become members of a modern-day “Black Robe Regiment”[…]
Last month, Blair appeared on a Truth & Liberty Coalition broadcast where he revealed that these gatherings are financed largely by religious-right activist Art Ally, founder of the Christian investment firm The Timothy Plan, and explained their purpose

The gatherings are limited to 100 pastors so that attendees have an opportunity to interact with the speakers personally “and that really helps with this transformation of their ministry,” Blair said. “Over three days at a luxury hotel, we have 20 hours of their time where we literally teach them biblical principles of civil government”

Liberty Pastors held an event in Texas in August that was dedicated entirely to the issue of economics, at which Blair asserted that according to the Bible, the government should have no role in creating a federal welfare system[…]
“2 Thessalonians, chapter 2 said, ‘We commanded you that if any man is just lazy and refuses to work, then don’t let him eat,'” Blair said. “You know, there’s a proper place for charity, but if somebody is just a slug—as [Benjamin] Franklin said, ‘Hunger is a great motivator'”

“Here’s God’s design,” Blair continued. “It wasn’t for a federal welfare system; the family is supposed to care for the family. Parents raise their children and provide for them as they’re young, and then as parents get older, their kids are to honor their parents, which means to provide for their needs as they get old. Throughout Scripture, slothfulness and laziness is condemned as sin. As I said a moment ago, [the Apostle] Paul agreed to Ben Franklin or Ben Franklin agreed with Paul: If a man doesn’t work, don’t feed him”

YourClairyGodmother #kinkshaming #fundie #conspiracy #elitist deviantart.com

Yeah, no. Fuck you too. You do NOT have my consent to make me into your fetish and you do NOT have my consent to turn my medical disorder into your kink. It DOES harm people both physically and mentally, and that is what you creeps don't understand. You're so blinded by your lust you can't even see our crying.

"I particularly see no problem with people liking diapers for fetish reasons, and I don’t think it’s an ableist thing." - You're right, it's also a pedophile thing, a kink out of the humiliation of others, and their pleasure in their own filth. It's fucking disgusting no matter how you slice it.

"People who have diaper fetishes are not targeting people who have to wear diapers." - Yes, they are. They trivialize and dehumanize us by turning our medical conditions into cute "sexy" costumes they can use for sexual pleasure while we suffer. It's sickening you don't see the problem in turning people's genuine pain into a kink.

"Do I find it entertaining that people fetishize my hair color or my breasts when they serve another purpose? Not really. But is it realllyyyyyy gonna harm me at the end of the day? No." - I thought the same thing about my appearance before I got sexually assaulted because someone made a fetish out of me, my body, and my disabilities.

"So I ask of you my friend to please not label anyone with a non-harmful fetish as a monster." - I am NOT your fucking friend, you pervert. And it is NOT "harmless" fetish: it's dangerous, disgusting, and dehumanizing. It will never be the "UWU innocent" thing you try to doll it up as. Whether these pervs realize it or not, they ARE hurting others and making jokes out of us.

"I’m speaking as someone who has two DL buddies." - They are not your buddies and they are not mentally-sound. Get them help or leave them out of your life.

Also, thanks for the article: it made me hate you sickos even more. Stay the fuck away from me, disabled people, kids, and this website.

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child #elitist #racist #psycho 3edgesword.blogspot.com

[From "Worthless corrupt cops turn out to get funding after all"]

Years after municipal governments started living by the principles of #NiggerLivesMoreImportantThanSocietyMotherfuckas, the resulting wave in crime and disorderly vagrants plaguing every corner of the metropolis have resulted in even an extreme leftist Edmonton City Council choosing to fund the police[…]
While the public is getting ever sicker of homeless bums causing vandalism and violence and societal decay in their wake, EPS is notoriously not interested in doing anything[…]
Precious leftwing governments in Ottawa have been responsible for the biggest cause of violence on the streets of Edmonton: worthless scumbags from shithole countries who should have been pelted with bullets when they tried to cross the border[…]
Back to Gerein and his "root causes", his reference to social workers of course doesn't talk about darkies in gangs shooting each other on our streets[…]
Homelessness[…]filling an ecological niche of sorts. Homeless will collect and spawn in accordance with the amount of food available, and the degree of predators to ween them out and/or scare them away. So has the City of Edmonton taken steps to cause the benefit to being homeless to increase?[…]
That's before we look at how the Red Indians who make up the vast majority of the homeless are constantly being thrown buckets of money which, thanks to the loss of the excellent Residential School system, they don't have the education (and never had the IQ) to spend it on anything but the kind of stuff that requires first responders to carry naloxone[…]
We could solve the homeless population pretty quickly, and that's before you sign onto my excellent poisoned pizza idea. We could stop supporting them[…]
In the meantime, we give them something to lose. Their life. And we shouldn't be feeling too bad about it, they are basically trying to commit suicide daily and we keep stopping them

Indian in the Machine #crackpot #magick #ufo #conspiracy #elitist ournewearthnews.com

What about the genetic modification of humanity? We don’t know how far it’s progressed, and if it’s including everyone or most now… on top of it… few are interested… and the children are going sterile…. all of western civilization is contaminated. We’re talking a major extinction underway, and the silence is absolutely astoundingly deafening.

I bring this not as ‘bad news’ but as good news… it’s good that I’m even sharing it with you from my heart.


Geez… if someone stolen a purse in the subway, there’s be a ruckus… but if someone steals the ENTIRE GENOME of EVERY LIVING BEING… there’s SILENCE.
The final battle of the light and dark are to turn humanity away from God… PERMANENTLY… and for the genetic modification of humanity, to turn everyone in to cyborgs… including Homo Christos!!


Another BIG PROBLEM for humanity, is that people do not go LOOKING FOR CHRIST… as if Christ is supposed to come to your door someday, only to be judged as not be worthy… by you of course… yes, the dead part of you judges Christ as being unworthy of your attention, focus, or support.
If me bringing up the extinction of humanity is perceived as BAD NEWS… then good buddies… I have to say… it’s actually GOOD NEWS… because I might be a saviour of any survivors… while, I’m being judged by…. maybe… YOU!!

For me it’s GOOD NEWS, that people realize they need to SNAP OUT OF THEIR DEAD ZONE… and be given the choice to be a human who helps… or a zombie standing by the wayside, looking for another brain to eat, or a cyborg frozen in it’s tracks because it had a system crash.

I love you, even if you do actually turn cyborg or zombie…

C.T. #racist #elitist #psycho westsdarkesthour.com

[From "The Appian way"]

Christian morality is the seedbed that makes today’s secular West what it is[…]for contemporary American racialists the hardest pill to swallow is that their movement has failed because of Christianity[…]
Any racialist movement was doomed from the start, is doomed and will be doomed to failure unless it is understood that Christianity, or more specifically Christian morality, has always been the Devil for the white man. This includes the morality of today’s atheists whose worldview we here call Neo-Christian[…]
Holland hit the nail on the head when he said that National Socialism has been the most radical movement since Constantine, especially because it rebels against St Paul’s idea that there is no difference between Jews and Greeks[…]Holland also points out that the National Socialists repudiated the very essence of the emblem of the Cross: that a crucified victim is more morally worthy than the crucifying Romans. This idea persists in our times during mass hysteria phenomena such as the Black Lives Matter[…]bent the knee before primitive negroes in the most humiliating way!

Holland has said in several interviews that the central emblem of Western civilisation, Christ on the Cross (now downtrodden negroes on ‘crosses’) provides a moral framework for understanding the Woke[…]
What Angela Merkel did, opening the doors to two million refugees in anti-Nazi Germany, is ultimately an extreme form of following the parable of the Good Samaritan[…]
The term catholic derives from[…]katholikos. If we translate ‘universal human rights’ into the Greek of the first centuries of our era, we would be talking about ‘catholic human rights’[…]
Only the moral duty to dispose of the obsolete versions of Homo sapiens. This is the ultimate repudiation of the Christian heritage. And the horror that most westerners feel at the figures of Hitler and Himmler is nothing other than their continued enslavement to the archetype of the Jew on the Cross

Fschmidt #elitist reddit.com

Western culture peaked in the Enlightenment, in the 1600s and 1700s. The serious decline began in the 1920s. But technology only started declining around 2000.

I grew up in the New York City area, not a small town. America was still quite good then. I am not speaking globally, I am talking about Western culture.

Americans today are so much worse than a few decades ago that anyone with any sense who lived through these times can see it. Americans used to be decent people, and now they are the scum of the Earth.

Modern culture is relevant to coding because modern culture hates good code and only produces bad code. Modern culture is also hostile to all decent people, meaning anyone who has the potential to write good code.

Michael W. Ford & UncleSpertz #elitist #god-complex #magick #sexist incels.is

New pill: you can get pussy using magick

.club mod UncleSpertz a.k.a SpacersChoice has successfully
contacted a goetic demon.

Any incel can lose their virginity by using magick. I came to this conclusion about a month after learning about magick. Nearly every post I've made since has been magick related. Plastic surgery is for rich people. For most incels, magick is the only thing that can get them laid.

Several incels have taken my advice to heart and are now on the path to getting laid. I know at least one has successfully used magick to take a girls virginity.

I'm living the main character life, I go into public, I got people waving at me, I go to the store and people ask me for help, I go into work and I got multiple people excited to talk to me, telling me about the awesome stuff they're doing, I get hit on by attractive females

Fuck yeah I feel like a king, jus imagine being a loser who nobody notices and then one day everyone sees you for a fraction of what you are giving you the respect you deserve

This is all possible through the power of Duke Zepar, I know I talk about this a lot but it's because his power is actually fucking real and I want you guys to experience what it's like to be a chad and feel what its like to receive the respect you deserve.

Duke Zepar is no joke

Man life is good

Use magic to become rich and buy plastic surgery.

I don't need to do that. I am giving offering to a demon that can change my physical appearance.

already tried all your magic spells and none of them worked in the past but let's hope this one is any difference

You can't cast spells effectively without first developing yourself spiritually. Every single spell I posted here works, you simply were not able to make it work for you, because your undeveloped.

I skimmed over the documents and read the threads it seems like the usual bullshit not gonna lie man

I'm not asking you to read the books. Visit the .net links, and read what SoacersChoice typed you can even talk to him directly.

Megha #wingnut #elitist fxtwitter.com

(Submitter’s note: Two successive tweets)

Any “right wing” person who wastes their time “debating” leftists has already admitted defeat.

You need to be elitism maxxing. You need to make the stupids know they’re not invited to the conversation. You need to be imposing your will on the world and curating elite networks.

Losers debate. Winners give a haughty laugh from their silk gowns and shut the doors on people who are not spiritually or intellectually worthy of being taken seriously. The enlightenment was a mistake.

UncleSpertz #elitist #magick #sexist blackpill.world

Got hit on again

Went to the store to buy zepar an offering and got hit on by the cashier holy fuck I can't believe the power of Zepar, this must be what its like being a chad

Shit was funny cuz she was telling me how I look like a character from a movie

I've been getting hit on more these past few days than I have my entire life.

That's great! You should've asked for her phone number.

Yeah I gotta work on my confidence more since I'm not used to receiving this kind of attention but I'm making progress so not all hope is lost

What the fuck is zepar?

A goetia demon duke from hell.

You may ascend sooner than expected.

Man I hope so, Zepar did something to me that I have yet to here about so I think it's highly likely considering nothing I've read about him talks about people getting electrocuted.

I don't know why but I feel as if I'm more intelligent socially since I've figured out that facial expression + body language + vibe can help you read what people are thinking, I've also gotten better at socializing.

I'm not as priviledged as you sound

Such a hypothetical illusion of choice implies a demon willing to participate in a deal with me; I don't have such an opportunity to ascend

Start developing your magical abilities, get rune stones and start reading books

YourClairyGodmother #kinkshaming #fundie #elitist deviantart.com

It can be tricky, but it's not impossible to have a Biblically-appropriate homosexual marriage that obeys God. But like with heterosexual couples, sex for personal pleasure is considered just as bad for gay couples. It mainly boils down to intention. Innocent intimacy is a thing, such as the motivations being an act of comforting love between couples rather than just wanting to get yourself hard and go wild in bed. Two men sharing a bed naked isn't anymore a sin than a man and a woman. But if either couple starts getting a little too kinky or horny, THEN we have a problem. Doesn't mean you can't like sex, but it's not a game: sex needs to be taken seriously for the safety and comfort of everyone involved. Sex gone wrong leads to serious problems for everyone involved and it needs to be treated with caution. Again I'll say that romantic attraction to each other is perfectly fine for both straight and gay couples, but when methods of sex that are considered unnatural are used, problems arise. If homosexuals want to have sex, they must go into it married, take it seriously, and have innocent intentions just like heterosexuals.

woodchip #wingnut #racist #elitist #conspiracy descentbb.net

Goodhue is what is wrong with America. Burger flippers needed to make 15.00 an hour yet a policeman only make 22.00. Who wants the responsibility of life and death for 22.00? Coupled with the facts Mayors and D.A.'s want to release criminals as soon as they are arrested, can you wonder why their moral is so low. If we are not a country of laws, what are we? Just look at the smash and grab looting taking place. See any convictions taking place? What happens when the stores, including food stores, move out and you have to travel 60 mile. What do you think the ghetto-bangers are going to do. Public transportation don't go that far. Maybe you could offer to give them a ride in your shiny new ev. I'd advise against as I used to drive a school bus for the city projects middle schooler's and I know what they can do. Have fun telling me how your utopia is working out.

Andrew Stiles, Washington Free Beacon #ableist #racist #sexist #homophobia #transphobia #enbyphobia #biphobia #elitist #dunning-kruger #interphobia #wingnut freebeacon.com

Analysis: What If Woke Liberals Didn't Get To Label Everything?
Introducing the Washington Free Beacon Alternative Style Guide for Reporting on Issues of Controversy (ASGRIC)

It goes without saying: The mainstream media is run by liberal activists. This ideological bias manifests itself in several ways, including the words journalists are allowed to use when discussing controversial issues.

(1.5 paragraphs of hyperbolic whining about how journalists are forced to write)

The woke words and phrases used in media reports would make a lot more sense to the average American if these people weren't in charge—if journalists were forced to abide by the Washington Free Beacon Alternative Style Guide for Reporting on Issues of Controversy (ASGRIC):

Undocumented immigrant → Foreign-born fugitive from justice
Gender-affirming care for minors → Child abuse
LGBTQQIP2SAA+ rights → Gay rights
Drag Queen → Gender appropriator
Abortion → Extrajudicial fetal assassination, anti-life health care
Death penalty → Justice affirming care
Assault rifle → Freedom friend, justice dispenser
Racially inclusive → Racially obsessed
Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion → Six-figure consulting fees
Black Lives Matter → Scam PAC
Pro-Palestinian activist → Jew hater
Teachers' unions → Anti-child activists
Tax cuts → Restorative justice
Democracy dies in darkness → Democracy thrives on Jennifer Rubin columns
War on Women → Kinetic military action against individuals with an active uterus
#MeToo era → Brief period of anti-male activism from 2017 until Tara Reade's credible accusation of sexual assault against Joe Biden
Speak truth to power → Leave Joe Biden alone
Hillary Clinton → Crooked
Long Covid → Mental illness
New York City Subway → Public toilet
WNBA fans→ Liars
Soccer → Performative falling
Bicycle → Morally abhorrent nerd-conveying road hazard
Happy Holidays → Merry Christmas
God bless you → God bless America

Elon Musk and fentasyl #elitist #racist #sexist independent.co.uk

Over the weekend, Elon Musk appeared in a Twitter post to endorse the idea of taking the right to vote away from people without children

The billionaire Tesla co-founder replied “Yup,” to a series of posts from Twitter user @fentasyl, which argued “democracy is probably unworkable long term without limiting suffrage to parents”

The exchange came as Mr Musk continued his recent run of interacting with right-wing figures on the social network

The posts from fentasyl themselves were a response to a previous post from Mr Musk

On Saturday, in the comments under an Islamophobic nonprofit’s video, where commenters insinuated that single white women were turning France into a majority-Muslim country, Mr Musk claimed, “The childless have little stake in the future”[…]
These opinions are hardly surprising for Mr Musk, who has long expressed concerns about declining birth rates in the US and the lack of “smart” people having enough children, views which critics have argued are verging on eugenicist

ryujinomega092095 #psycho #racist #elitist deviantart.com

Why can't people just accept that since the Japanese have more bearing on my life & western society as a whole than any other asian country & they make better products & pop-culture than the rest of Asia, not only are they the only country that deserve to be the dominant economic powerhouse in Asia, but also, unlike Germany, they're too good to apologize for any of the atrocities they enacted during WWII? Why can't people realize that the creation of their very own pop-culture should excuse them from having to make any apologies or reparations for the 2nd sino-japanese war & that china doesn't deserve the appreciation or sovereignty it has?

Albertus Pikeneus #quack #elitist #god-complex godlikeproductions.com

Autistic mutants with A pos blood type who never get sick! Report for duty

Yes hello

We are the mutants mentioned by the CDC who never got vaxed and yet never got COVID

We are immune from all STDs,

Mostly with blue eye pigmentation tho there are some exceptions.

Mostly average looking people

Unless you examine our DNA which

I bet you scientist are getting a huge boner just thinking about those petri dishes

[GIF of laughing man]

There are many things I don't know about this phenomenon

Are we made by the govt?

Extraterrestrial hybrid programs?

God himself?

How many are we in number.... I have no estimation

woodchip #wingnut #conspiracy #elitist descentbb.net

Weaponizing like setting a false narrative like Trump colluded with the Russians and kept the Newsies from reporting on Hunter (still think that's old news fernman?) I don't see Bidens houses being raided (his stolen classified documents were taken while he was vice pres...not President). I get that you're smug but the pendulum is swinging the other way. Don't complain if Trump or De Santis gets inn Any questions just read my tag line. But then you prolly don't understand it anyway.

zdoctor #conspiracy #dunning-kruger #elitist #sexist mgtow.tv

RE: Population Collapse Is Coming - MGTOW

and the reasons for population decline are things like pushing whaman to be strong and powerful......more whaman graduation college......more help for whaman in almost every area. .yet they still want to be served. ,the best thing any man can go is walk away from all whaman until they become more reasonable....but as you know reasonable and whaman are two words not to be used within the same sentence. .whaman are like 3 yr olds who cry all the time. . walk away from the insanity and you should be able work less and have more if your not supporting any whaman. .STAY SINGLE GENTLMEN!!!!!. ..WORK, SAVE, AND CONSTRUCT YOUR LIFE ON YOUR TERMS. .DONT BACK DOWN!!!! .FREEDOM IS FINDING MGTOW ...AND MGTOW ENABLES FREEDOM FOR THE OPEN MINDED TO SEE THE TYRANNY WITHIN THE CURRENT SYSTEM!!!!

ryujinomega092095 #wingnut #psycho #elitist deviantart.com

Why can't the world just accept that since Japan makes better products than germany & the rest of Asia, Japan should not only be the dominant power in asia instead of china, but it would also be morally & pragmatically wrong for the japanese government to apologize or reparations for the war-crimes imperial Japan committed against the rest of Asia because said non japanese asians didn't create japanese products or pop-culture & thus don't deserve any apologies or reparations? After all, as long as Japan never challenges America's authority & they keep making more products & pop-culture for the US to enjoy, who cares how the rest of Asia is affected as long as Japan remains the sovereign power in asia?

Hunter Wallace #racist #conspiracy #crackpot #elitist occidentaldissent.com

[From "The Intellectual Counterattack on Caste"]

I haven’t been completely inert over the past few months

I have resumed my research into late 19th century / early 20th century intellectual history. I traced the roots of our current cultural decline back to this period a few years ago

There is a tendency in our circles to blame everything on the Jews or to blame it all on the Yankees or to blame it all on liberalism. We should take a closer look though at the Northern WASP elite who triumphed in the War Between the States and who ruled the country until around the Great Depression. They were the ones who fumbled the ball and lost control of America in the days of Madison Grant

How? Why?

The following excerpt comes from the chapter “The Intellectual Counterattack on Caste” in E. Digby Baltzell’s book The Protestant Establishment: Aristocracy & Caste in America

“The rise of the New Social Science paralleled the development of the Social Gospel, Settlement House and political reform movements during the closing decades of the nineteenth century[…]
It is important to emphasize the fact that most of the prominent leaders of the New Social Science, like the leaders of the Social Gospel and Settlement House movements, came from within the old stock and Protestant establishment

I’m sure many of our readers are familiar with Franz Boas and the contribution that he made in anthropology in the shift away from hereditarianism and toward cultural relativism. Boas was hardly alone in sowing the seeds that undermined hereditarianism and Victorian morals though

Note: Baltzell was a sociologist, historian and a cheerleader for the decline of his own social class. If you read his book, you will get a lot of insight into how WASPs lost control of America

Gary 'Z' McGee #moonbat #magick #elitist bibliotecapleyades.net

The task of finding reality is easier said than done.

It requires seeing how everything is connected to everything else.

It requires sacrificing both dependence and independence to interdependence.

It requires seeing past cultural conditioning, religious indoctrination, and societal brainwashing.

In short:

it requires doing as Miyamoto Musashi suggested, "Think lightly of yourself and deeply of the world"...

The cosmos created the star that exploded to create the carbon that created the earth that evolved to create life which evolved to create you. It's all connected...

The acorn's task is to fulfill its purpose and become a tree. The caterpillar's task is to fulfill its purpose and become a butterfly. The eaglet's task is to fulfill its purpose and become an eagle.

Likewise, the immature (egocentric, uninitiated, unenlightened) human's task is to fulfill its purpose by becoming a mature (soul-centric, initiated, enlightened) human.

Human maturity requires seeing reality the way it is. The reality is that nature made you a human.

And becoming a mature human requires living up to your fullest, most virtuous potential.
This kind of character creates an anti-fragile spirit despite an otherwise fragile and spiritless world.

With a character such as this, you can stand tall, strong, sincere, and fierce. You are a true force of nature to be reckoned with. A dynamo amidst dominoes. A lion amongst men.

With the sharpness of your mettle, you're able to cut through all 'golden calves', superficial hierarchies, and delusions of grandeur.

You're able to cut through all so-called 'authorities'...


the only authority is "to cut."

The only answer is to question.

Everything is a building block.

Everything is a whetstone.

The only sin is unfulfilled potential.

It is the darkest place you can sink.

It's the only thing worthy of fear.

The only true failure is to abdicate the responsibility of fulfilling your potential...


you abdicate to no one.

No authority.

No State.

No God.

Not even Death…

Chris Aldridge #elitist #fundie #magick caldridge.net

Pendants From Greece Hold More Natural Power

In the modern Greek Polytheistic community, some people may not be too explorative about jewelry or necklaces, even if they are religious.

But I am most certainly someone who loves anything I can carry with me that reminds me of, or connects me with, the Gods and Heroes, especially when its a remake of what once existed.

In the picture above, you can see my own that I recently purchased from Greece herself, Athens specifically. The coin is a replica of the Athena Tetradrachm.

More importantly, the coin is a direct connection to Athena, not just by Her frontal image, but by the AOE on the back,

AOE means Alpha, Theta, and Epsilon, or Of The Athenians. The coin embodies all that is Athena and Athens (the Goddess and Her beloved City).

After I received the pendant, I put a chain on it to wear around my neck during the day, not really giving it that much thought. I didn't even try to put any energy or blessings onto it myself. It was intended for purely cosmetic purposes.

But I noticed that when I wrap my hand around and just hold it, Athena's amazing presence comes over and calms me, no matter how frustrated, angry, sad or hopeless I may be feeling at the time. It's like a cure-all for the mind and emotions.

The only thing I can figure, as to the pendant's natural power, is that it is directly from the land of Athena Herself, and carries on that ancient connection that has existed for thousands of years.

Not even pendants that I have bought of Athena in America and placed blessings upon have had this kind of natural, never-ending spiritual strength. And of course, when you have a pendant with this kind of natural power, adding prayers, hymns or other spiritual significance along with it will only strengthen it further for you, and perhaps others as well.

I would definitely recommend to anyone wanting Hellenic jewelry for religious purpose, to consider Greek sellers. There is just a charm that you cannot get anywhere else.

Black Liam #dunning-kruger #elitist #sexist twitter.com

I don’t think pregnancy is easy, I just think it’s not as hard as women make it out… Cause like your whole body by design was made to do that shit, just like knives were made to cut it’s not hard for them to do that… It’d be hard for a spoon to cut something, but not a knife

All I’m saying is, if basic life skills like cooking and cleaning are difficult to you, of course pregnancy is gonna be hard… But if you’re not a simple sally you should be just fine… Like I said, knives were made to cut.

Andrew Edwards #elitist #racist independent.co.uk

A Conservative councillor has been suspended after he was allegedly recorded saying "all white men should have a Black slave"

Andrew Edwards, who represents the ward of Haverfordwest on Pembrokeshire County Council, is also claimed to have said black people are "a lower class than us white people"

The Welsh Conservatives confirmed on Thursday that Mr Edwards has been suspended by the party while an investigation is carried out. He has also referred himself to the Public Services Ombudsman

In the recording, first published by news site Nation.Cymru, a man's voice can be heard saying: "Nothing wrong with the skin colour at all

"I think all white men should have a black man as a slave or a black woman as a slave, you know

"It's nothing wrong with skin colour, it is just they're a lower class than us white people, you know."

Other members of the council reportedly identified Mr Edwards as the man speaking after they were sent the audio[…]
In his statement published on Wednesday, Mr Edwards said: "I am aware of such serious allegations being made against me. This is why I have self-referred to the Public Services Ombudsman for an independent evaluation

Paul Charnock #racist #elitist #dunning-kruger #wingnut #psycho thescorp.multics.org

(Note: This may seem innocuous, as the rest, which is insane couldn’t be included due to the damn character limit. The rest will go in the comments, so go to those for the meat of it)

UTOPIAN AND INDEED DYSTOPIAN fictional societies are often an impressive way of putting political and social ideas in a sort of fictional shop window, the more easily to be seen and admired, or the opposite. It is much easier, of course, to demonstrate ideas and ideologies working on paper than in practice. But also such demonstration may, if done well, have far more impact upon the reader than any number of dry ideological/philosophical tomes. A talented author can bring his dream, or nightmare, far more vividly to his readership by offering them a picture of it happening, rather than a dry blueprint or plan for achieving it. Not surprisingly, therefore, utopian/dystopian fiction has a long and interesting history. From Sir Thomas More’s eponymous 16th Century work, through those Lemuel Gulliver found on his Travels, the late-19th-Century-Socialist future vision of England embodied in William Morris’s News From Nowhere, the 20th Century nightmare visions of consumerism in Brave New World and communism in 1984, to Ursula K. LeGuin’s anarchist world of Anarres in The Dispossessed. Now we have a Nietzschean vision realised – impressively in this reviewer’s view - in American writer S.M. Stirling’s Draka series.

Minnesota Republican state Sen. Steve Drazkowski #elitist #mammon #fundie #conspiracy crooksandliars.com

Minnesota Republican state Sen. Steve Drazkowski is going viral, and he has some explaining to do. According to Sen. FuckMuppet, his state should not pass a bill to provide free school breakfast and lunch to children because he's never met any poors.

"I have yet to meet a person in Minnesota that is hungry," Drazkowski said before voting on the legislation. "I have yet to meet a person in Minnesota that says they don't have access to enough food to eat."

"Now, I should say that hunger is a relative term," added Drazkowski. "I had a cereal bar for breakfast. I guess I'm hungry now."

Ohhhhh. Well, there is poverty in Minnesota, and he should know that. It's not hard to Google. Or he could get in his car and drive around to see for himself.

Drazkowski called the bill "pure socialism," adding, "This is about the government dictating to kids what they're going to eat and how much they're going to eat."

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I fully stand with J.K.Rowling as countless women who did, because most men are just dying out of jealousy of us and want to take a piece of the cake too. Even if it comes out corrupted, broken and completely ruined. And this is something only "REAL WOMEN" would understand, because we women are the ones that is getting damaged & stolen from, so we are hurt the most by it.

Aa a result of the rise of this new WOKE movement, society now made every man today is always either a sissy bitch or misogynistic motherfucker, nothing in-between.

"THE WOKE SYSTEM" of today runs with and "claims" that it mainly wants "fairness, justice, equality and total freedom". But then ... when someone with views against trans and tries to express themselves today, they are treated as GARBAGE and fired/banned from wherever they are, is a clear sign of huge "Contradiction".

This is neither equality nor freedom. This is SLAVERY because you are "FORCING" ideas and thoughts on people or else they are ATTACKED & SILENCED.

This "Freedom" is just 1 sided and those BITCHES have taken the "Actual" freedom out of all normal people away, and is forcing everyone to either forcefully accept this NONSENSE, or just swallow their thoughts and keep shut regardless.


J.K.Rowling spoke about this publicly and thus got hated for it. The funniest thing is that the fact most of the bitches whom are hating is just following the "HATE TRAIN". They absolutely have no fucking idea "What" they are actually defending, what it means, and if it's right or wrong whatsoever. You are all just following the hordes like PIGS. You REALLY thought by adding "phobic" at the end of your fuckery is going to turn it into some of "Weapon"?

NO BITCH, it just turns YOU into a FAG! (laughing)

You are all mostly "sissy men" who just couldn't accept being inferior to women, so you went into a trip to realize that **in the end** there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING you can do about it. And NOW you are neither a man nor a woman, you have completely lost your identity, and now you are just a "unidentifiable freak" that is fucking disgusting. Good job, FAGGOTS.

... Fag, Faggotry, Faggots! ... oh god, I love english <3

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[From "Racial Destruction Goes Awry"]

The Kalergi plan from the early 20th century to politically unify Europe and destroy the European race through admixture with “the lesser races” might appear to be working as designed[…]

One passage that really stuck out for me in Amy Chua’s book, was her digression on yellow fever. She acknowledges there are a lot of skeevy WMAF couples out there, and makes a point to say that her white husband has never dated an Asian woman before[…]WMAF has become self-aware about just how low status their coupling is[…]
East Asian women are the lowest status women in the world, and so to market themselves to loser white men, they have to advertise themselves as the least feminist. Sexual Coolies serving as strikebreakers against White Feminism[…]
Asian women have crashed their own sexual market value, 6 March 2015

There is a saying among Hapas that if you want to know if a hapa boy’s father is Asian or White, all you have to do is throw a football at him. Loser white fathers don’t tend to produce boys who can catch[…]What about when WMAF pairs of high-quality 8_Gerek_Meinhardt_and_Lee_Kiefer]get together?[…]
Siphoning off the low-quality Europeans by encouraging them to trade in their children’s genetic heritage for additional sexual market value is only going to increase the average quality of the pure Europeans[…]
We can reasonably anticipate that one of the inevitable results of the Kalergi Plan, mass immigration, and the endless marketing of mudsharking provided by the media will be the production of two new genetic elites, one of higher-quality Europeans, and a second that is a super-subset of very high quality Eurasians that could turn out to have some of the highest-performance genetics ever produced by Man

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The top Republican in Tennessee’s House called Thursday’s protests over gun violence at the Tennessee Capitol an “insurrection,” drawing comparisons to the storming of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

House Speaker Cameron Sexton, R-Crossville, made the comments during an appearance on the Hal Show on 98.7 FM.

“Two of the members, Reps. (Justin) Jones and (Gloria) Johnson, have been very vocal about Jan. 6 in Washington, D.C., about what that was,” Sexton said. “What they did today was at least equivalent, maybe worse, depending on how you look at it, of doing an insurrection in the capitol.”

House Democratic leaders on Friday said Sexton is trying to “change the narrative” and demanded Republicans issue an apology for referring to parents and children who went to the Capitol as “insurrectionists.”

More than a thousand people, including many teenagers, showed up to the Tennessee Capitol calling for lawmakers to address gun violence after six people were killed — including three children — in a mass shooting at the Covenant School in Nashville.

Protesters started their rally in front of the State Capitol at War Memorial Plaza at 8 a.m. They then proceeded to the statehouse shortly afterward, entering in an orderly manner and passing through a security point operated by Tennessee State Troopers.

The demonstrations in Nashville on Thursday were not violent, and the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security said no arrests were made, no use of force incidents were reported and no property was damaged.

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Most of you are saying I need to be more positive towards white men...

How tf can I do positive posts when the majority of you're weak and are race traitors?!

You're all making me lose hope for a White Future because you're weak minded, pathetic race traitors.

You say you're tired of white women?

Well, I'm tired of you, white men.

You turn your head so easily for n0n-whites it's disgusting.

I wish you were r@cists!!!

But none of you are...

I feel like Pro White Women are more r@cists than "Pro white men"

I seriously feel majority white men are not masculine enough for White Women, you're weak and I pity you!

You can't even defend our white nations, you don't do anything!!

You don't organise, plan and do action....

You call it fed if anyone suggests anything or blame WW

"Pro White Women don't exist"
"White Women destroy White men in marriage courts"
"White women divorce me if I cheat with an asian"
"White women don't want me"
"White women don't want to be my slave"

All I hear is "white men" making excuses to race mix with asians

You disgust me

Heartless (“ᛋᛋProud Americelᛋᛋ 卐Racist卐Misogynist卐Degenerate卐”) #racist #sexist #ableist #elitist #psycho incels.is

(In response to ”[LifeFuel] 12 year old foid raped and murdered.”)

Why do news articles always censor the picture:
imageLook at her, those shark teeth, jewess nose, and fetal alcohol syndrome face.... Who the fuck is going to risk their life to rape this. How fucking stupid. I empathize and understand when its someone hot who gets raped, because all men can understand that, but for some foid this ugly to get targeted... Just eww.

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Canadian reddit (the gayest place on the entire internet) is finally turning against Jeets.

How long until total Jeet extermination in Canada is on the menu? Pics in thread.

Jeet fatigue is at an all time high in Canada.

Canadians hate Jeet’s with every fibre of our being.

Canadians have grown tired of being surrounded by smelly, dirty, slavelike brown people.

What will happen when the Leaf finally snaps from his branch?

Old Canadians are in despair at the thought of retiring around horrible, incompetent, lazy Indian’s. Who can blame them?

If Canadian redditors are openly discussing the Jeet locust swarm, how redpilled is your average non-retarded becoming?

Jeets should be worried. Only White people in Canada have their gun licenses and rifles.

Remember; never ever tip a Jeet. Always be rude to Jeets. Always make them feel unwelcome. Always speak down to them.

Trudeau wants to import brown slaves? Treat them like dirty brown slaves.

Canadian’s patriotic duty is to order food on Uber, and when a Jeet delivers it, refuse to tip and then complain with Uber that the Jeet sexually assaulted your wife so they lose their pathetic slave job.

Always undermine the Jeet menace.

If Canadian leftists want a Final Solution to the Jeet hordes, what do respectable right wing Canadians want?

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I then sat down and patiently if not too articulately, due to a large intake of vodka, explained: “God is also an anachronism, but I believe in him, as do billions of others. Anachronisms are what we need today more than ever, what with the discrediting of our past, of our national identities, and other such vile actions by woke leftists. Society needs something intangible to trust and respect; too much reality is no good.”
It is a time of extraordinary social isolation, where people report less companionship, less time with friends, and even less time with family. This is where God and his messenger, the Church, come in and play a very important role.

Yet the young no longer believe in God and do not attend their church regularly the way my generation did. What they do is complain nonstop about the crushing weight of the world on their shoulders.
Democracy has earned a resounding F where the US of A is concerned. While flirting just ever so subtly, I told Alissa how far less complicated the world was back during the 13th century, when everyone believed in God and the divine right of kings. Mind you, it was a pity there was no penicillin.

In the meantime, an obviously deranged Bagel Times daily warns of the dangers of a fascist takeover in America, but that’s because the paper has been taken over by talentless ideologues who cannot understand that not everyone in the country has had their brains fried in woke.
Monarchy might be anathema to most Americans and an unimaginable curse to many West Indians, but it is of preternatural importance to countries like Holland, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. Not to mention Japan, which has the oldest royal family ever, loved by a united people. In view of the disuniting of America, I think Uncle Sam should try the institution.

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[From "People Who Do Not Eat Meat And/Or Have IQ of Less Than 100 are Untermenschen"]

I state this with any lack of hesitancy or any regret, and I wish to give credit where it is due, for I am not the source of who has come to these revelations

According to vast research and activities we a e involved inz we have concluded that Human beings, irrespective of how good of a racial background they come from, that if they do not have a measurable IQ of at least 100 pts irrespective of Emotional Intelligence, and if they do not eat Meat as their primary diet, that such beings q e absolutely incapable and completely impotent of the mental faculties to think for themselves and make their own decisions without being a follower of someone else

As far as the Meat Eating factor in this, all credit is given to someone by the name of Gatis who is known as “Sv3rige” for having given us this revelation

As far as the IQ factor is concerned, in recent months we have become aware of this fact from a Private Intelligence Source and Scientist in Germany, whom I cannot disclose

Therefore, any emotional quality if lacking an IQ factor of 100, renders those emotions absolutely null and void, i.e. completely worthless, since the Intellectual faculties are lacking under 100 to fuel the fire of correct emotional seating and processing in the Human

This revelation completely renders obsolete the previous common understanding that an IQ of 95 points minimum is required to sustain civilization

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On the other hand, Sen. Mike Lee has loudly defended Thomas from criticism, calling the Justice a “hero” and saying he has done nothing wrong.

Lee is now attempting to fundraise off the Thomas scandal. Last week, Lee sent a fundraising email titled “Stand with Clarence Thomas.”

“The hypocritical woke Left is at it once again with their latest smear attacks against Justice Clarence Thomas,” the email reads.

The email accuses Thomas’ critics of targeting him because he stands in the way of “advancing their radical agenda” before making his fundraising pitch about protecting the Supreme Court.

“The need to retake the Senate majority and protect the Court from being manipulated, warped, and taken over by radical leftists is greater than ever,” the message says. The email then directs recipients to a landing page where they can show their support for Thomas by providing their cellphone number and email to the Lee campaign. After signing up, users are asked to donate to Lee’s campaign.

Both Lee and [Mitt] Romney have taken campaign donations from Crow. The Texan gave Lee $16,800 for his 2016 and 2022 reelection bids. He kicked in $5,400 to Romney’s 2018 Senate campaign. For his 2012 presidential run, Crow donated $5,000 directly to Romney’s campaign and gave $2.3 million to super PACs that supported his White House bid.

Corey Daniels #crackpot #elitist #dunning-kruger newamericangovernment.org

Corruption: the Achilles’ heel of all governments
All governments from democracies to socialist states are susceptible to corruption via bribes. In America and most other countries around the world there is a system of institutionalized bribery. In America, we are lucky that we have a lot less than many countries but we still have it, more concentrated at the higher levels than in many other governments.
Corruption is prevented in Randviscracy via randomly selected panels. Any decision or appointment can be contested and reviewed. Legal costs are paid by the contestor unless corruption is discovered, in which fines of the corrupt persons/entities will pay the legal costs of the contestor, their own legal fees and the costs incurred by the state, in addition to other penalties/fines.

Randviscracy is a form of government which makes extensive use of randomly selected panels for decision making. The use of randomization in governments is ancient, the Athenians used a device called a kleroterion to randomly select government representatives in a lottery system. Randviscracy takes the process much farther in that for each decision a new panel of randomly selected experts is selected. Selection is based on experience and IQ level to ensure that the panels are composed of smart and knowledgeable people. This gets to the essence of what ideal government representatives would be: intelligent, incorruptible and knowledgeable.
It would be important to keep the pool of experts and selected members a secret. In this way, people who wanted to bribe officials in the government would not even know whom to bribe. Again, as extra protection have independent panels to check the selection process on a random basis to verify integrity. These processes will help ensure there is minimal corruption, which is most government’s greatest weakness.

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[From "Our Ungodly American Constitution"]

Transgenderism was always equality’s final battlefield[…]The idea that the sexes are mutable was an inevitability once we – as a society – subscribed to the ungodly notion that we are all “equal”[…]
The greatest fault of the Constitution is the following: through the amendment and legislative process, the Constitution is grounded in nothing but the collective whims of the majority[…]
God did not make us equals[…]Galatians 3:28[…]verse was referring to equality under the law – specifically the laws of God[…]Those who are not Christians do not enjoy the benefit of this new relationship between God and Christians[…]
Even if it was not the original intention of the majority Christian Founding Fathers[…]Constitution codified equality of good (Christianity) and bad[…]
The next great failure of the Constitution was its lack of codified racial distinctions. The Constitution was written by White Christian men (some Deists) in a time when Europe was the dominant continent[…]The idea of Asian, African, or Indian equality was never considered by the authors[…]
God created physical nations. God intended those nations to remain distinct[…]
Until the 14th Amendment, the Constitution and the Bible largely complemented one another[…]
When the greatest threat to one’s survival is a swift cheetah, God created people who are not sitting around dwelling upon esoteric concepts in a subdued state getting sun burned all day[…]
Jim Crow Laws in the South tried to reconcile the federal Constitution’s “equality under the law” with the God given genetic reality[…]
God given genetic construct of black people makes it more difficult for them to function under White systems of government[…]
Constitutional Republic completely unravels on the altar of equality when it is sacrificed to the emotional appeal and dictates of women