These filthy peasants! They are revolting!

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A Better Way Forward for Men

In case you haven’t noticed, masculinity is under attack. Male space, a vital and healthy part of any functioning society, has dwindled to all but nothing. In today’s gynocentric world that space is shamed, attacked and coopted in the name of empowering women. All this leaves men isolated and their issues neglected. The mental health field only offers more of the same neglect, plus a hefty dose of shame from misandric practitioners whose bread and butter is peddling the toxic masculinity narrative to women.

This is destructive. This is unacceptable.

Fortunately, we have the people, the technology, and the will to put an end to the isolation, and an end to the neglect. XY CREW is male space; a peer-support platform that uses a combination of online video technology and real-world events to connect and provide service to men across the world. We’re building a community like no other.

We’ve discovered that when men connect away from the influence of women, great things happen. Many of our members are rebuilding and reshaping their lives after suffering years of chronic abuse in relationships, ruinous divorce decrees, parental alienation and false accusations. Others are moving on from the wreckage to improve their professional and business lives. Still others are improving their health and fitness. In a world that sees men merely as “human doings,” XY CREW is a place of friendship and support created by men who see you as an actual human being.

XY CREW provides peer support and service that is available around-the-clock, every day of the week, anywhere in the world. We host live online meetings that give men a place to share their lived experience, struggles and wisdom without interference, judgment or apology. In that environment, we see the lives of our members consistently, and often drastically, improve.

Every man reading this is just one click away from joining a community of brothers, a Crew that has your back in life. When was the last time you felt like you had that?

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The number of Japanese who study German has halved in just a decade. Part of this is the EU’s appalling woke propaganda.

If you study Italian or Hindi, you will literally study Italian or Hindu culture, history, arts and so on. In German studies, you will be lectured on Nazi guilt, analsex, feminists and the importance of staying childless, democracy, the rule of law, diversity and gang bangs.

It is a disgusting moral lecturing and brainwash that no totalitarian cult in the world matches, not even the old Soviet regime or North Korea.

The would-be-students in Tokyo are greeted with alarming brainwash and misinformation, images of brown and black “New Germans”, ridiculous lies about the biology of men and women, and utter pseudoscience such as political correctness and antisemitism.

Abortions, prostitution, childlessness are all good-to-go. Gay sex and genital mutilations and drugs and idiocy are now Western mainstream.

If you study English, you talk about the weather and family; and Spanish, about weather and food. In German, you talk about racism, guilt and holocaust. It is the most insane, unnecessary and mostly self-inflicted collapse of a society in all of human history, comparable only to farewell of the Ostrogoths and Aztecs.

The final blow to the former land of poets and thinkers was undoubtedly the politicization of German grammar. In the Germanic languages, we may take most verbs and turn them into persons by adding -er.

Grammatically speaking, that noun is then masculine. Semantically, however, we know it refers to both genders, thus is neutral. But not so the leftists who feel that a “doer” or a ‘swimmer’ are offensively male privileges. Therefore they insist on a grammatically unambiguous female ending -(er)ess, preceded by an asterisk *.

All major regime media, newspapers and journals, textbooks and magazines and even the radio in Germany must now use BOTH –masculine AND feminine– endings. Thus, a simple address “Pirates, distinguished swimmers!” becomes “Pirates and Pirat*esses, distinguished swimmers and swimmer*esses!” All German texts are thus deliberately made stupid and eyesore.

Japan needs to investigate this crap and close it all down, also to save Goethe and for Germany’s sake.

Napoleon de Geso #sexist #elitist ncu.su

Wouldn't be better for wellbeing of clients to amputate eyes of prostitutes and put artificial ones instead?

Clients of prostitutes may be not good looking men, and that may result in decrease of service quality by prostitutes doing her job worse (or even refusing at all), and ugly men feeling insecure and being insulted and receiving emotional damage, if see prostitute looking at them with disgust

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Why are Vaxxoids like this?


>Be Pureblood Christian
>searching for Christian stuff
>end up at a website worse than reddit
>see recent thread there (3 hours ago)
>read first comment in the thread
>commenter is filled with madness
>calls people "incels" and "assholes" for not getting vax juice
>Implies you shouldn't date unless you follow the narrative
>why are vaxxoids so angry?
>why are vaxxoids npcs?
>why are vaxxoids like this?
>feels tired anons
>link below
Anyone getting covid/vaxxoid fatigue yet?

Probably a boomer. Definitely not walking with Christ.

I don't think the people are Christian there. Seems to be a place to mock Christians and anyone who goes against the current zeitgeist.

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Prominent white supremacist Nick Fuentes is claiming that men and women having sex with one another is gay, and that being celibate is the only way for a man to truly be straight.

“Think about it this way: What’s gayer than being like ‘I need cuddles. I need kisses… I need to spend time with a woman.’ That’s very sus,” Fuentes said in a December 2021 episode that resurfaced on social media. “‘I need to spend time with a woman!’ That’s a little sus.”

Earlier this year, Fuentes admitted to his followers that he kissed a girl when he was in high school, which made him lose incel credibility. He said that he never wanted to kiss a woman again, which only fanned the flames since that makes him a voluntary celibate pretty much by definition.

So on America First, he defended his identity as an incel.

“Gay people do date girls all the time,” he said. “All these gay people are coming out and saying, ‘I’ve had more girlfriends than Nick. I’ve had sex with more girls than Nick.’”

“That actually makes me really more heterosexual than anyone,” Fuentes said.

“If we’re really being honest, never having a girlfriend, never having sex with a woman really makes you more heterosexual, because honestly, dating women is gay, having sex with women is gay. And having sex with men is gay. Really it’s all gay.”

“The only really straight heterosexual position is to be an asexual incel,” he said, not using the term “asexual” correctly (asexual people aren’t attracted to any gender, whether or not they’re celibate). “That’s it. That’s all there is. Being a MGTOW [men going their own way, another word for the misogynist online subculture] incel is really the straightest position that you can have.”

“Having sex in itself is gay, I think. I think that it’s really a gay act,” he said. “I think, really, I’m like the straightest guy.”

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(Context: wingnuts react to meme denouncing conservatives who listen to metal and punk.)

Metal isn't really about rebellion. Some artists intend to be rebellious with their music, and subgenres were born out of opposition to certain trends, but that's the extent of it. In general, metalheads only really care about music. Just because something is fringe or extreme doesn't mean it's a conscious rebellion against anything.

(deleted user)
People who think metal is about rebellion will always be posers

I’m old enough to remember when being punk was being anti establishment. Now it’s nothing but pro establishment hypocrisy

What an unnecessary and hateful post, and no I’m not a republican. OP, great job creating divide in a community while accomplishing nothing.

I’d say I’d look forward to your reply, but it seems you’re too scared to reply to most comments here

Bitching about shit on social media platforms is real rebellious!

I literally can't think of a more safe political stance to follow than modern leftism

That sub and this meme sucks, poser

(deleted user)
Punk is when you dont offend people

Yeah Nazis were big conservatives. It's not like they tried to burn the fucking planet down and rebuild it with shocking new ideas. They were all about conserving what was already there and maintaining the status quo.

Being for a socialist nanny state isn't exactly anti-establishment either.

Laissez fair!

Following the crowd and bashing a whole group of people just cause you have differing opinions? Sounds like a bootlicker to me

Your point? That was a staged event so you should probably try to do a bit of research & learn some truth.

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Abbott says Texas could challenge Supreme Court ruling that states educate all, including undocumented

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) on Wednesday said his administration may challenge a Supreme Court ruling that states must provide free public education to all children, including undocumented immigrants.

“Texas already long ago sued the federal government about having to incur the costs of the education program, in a case called Plyler versus Doe,” the governor said on “The Joe Pags Show.”

He added that “the Supreme Court ruled against us on the issue about denying, or let’s say Texas having to bear that burden.”
Plyler v. Doe is a 1982 Supreme Court case that rejected the denial of public education funding for children who are undocumented.

“I think we will resurrect that case and challenge this issue again, because the expenses are extraordinary and the times are different than when Plyler versus Doe was issued many decades ago,” Abbott said.

The Hill has reached out to Abbott for comment. 

Abbott has also been a leading opponent of the Biden administration’s decision to lift Title 42, a Trump-era public health rule that prevented migrants from seeking asylum to stem the spread of COVID-19. Abbott sent a bus full of immigrants to Washington, D.C., last month, in what the White House called a publicity stunt.

The Texas governor, who is running for reelection this year, also temporarily ramped up border inspections for trucks crossing into Texas, creating logjams that cleared only when Mexican governors pledged to increase security measures on their side of the border.

Abbott’s remarks follow the Monday night leak of a draft Supreme Court opinion overturning Roe v. Wade, the landmark case that established the right to an abortion in the U.S. 

That report has prompted some activists and advocates to question what other Supreme Court precedents on basic rights could be overruled in the future. 

Boskov01 #fundie #dunning-kruger #pratt #elitist deviantart.com

what's funny is, even their beloved old crone RBG is on record as having called Roe a bad ruling. Does this mean she'd defy the left to overturn it? Probably not. But it's ironic nonetheless. Still, the old bat did one thing right. Her ego got in the way as she refused to retire and allow Barry to appoint a replacement all so she could "greet the first woman president" in Hilary. Instead she had to cling to life for a few more years to try and live beyond President Trump's four amazing years but instead did the world a favor and kicked the bucket, allowing President Trump to replace her with a constitutional originalist.

So once again, the most meaningful act that a Leftist has done for America, is that they died. Says quite a lot about the left in that they do more good by dying.

May RBG burn in hell.

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All future wars (if the Planet and our race survive this recent ongoing secret space war over Planet Earth and the human race’s survival that is) will be Quantum and Scalar wars with the following weaponry deployed:

Cyber wars based on advanced algorithm hacking with advanced morphing and substitution of bits to reframe anything and everything desire using scalar and quantum physics (Maxwell’s 4th Law), anti-personnel neutron devices detonated in the sky, special high altitude detonated EMP devices that do not harm the power grid or electronics but are neurotoxic (stopping all heart and brain/CNS activity), hived bots of all sizes, self-propelled, gliders (dumped in mass from high altitude by the hundreds), crawlers with facial and building recognition cameras (some can drill their own entry holes in glass or other materials and are microscopic sized or bug sized, very fast crawlers and slow crawlers too) with anti-personnel charges that can be remotely detonated, hived robots of all sizes, hived clones, hived androids, hived transhuman supersoldiers (part electronic and part mechanical because special hybrid computers now exist that are living tissue merged with strange new circuits)
Quantum time warps will be used through Josephson junctions and actual battles will become very strange and surrealistic, far beyond what most of the public can fathom. This is just about here and ready to be deployed if not already deployed in secret.
As you know secrecy is no longer needed because unless the mainstream monopoly media and News Cartel present the truth over and over again(which they probably never will do), this is all far too incredulous and spooky to the masses and if one was to try and tell them, they would laugh at you and call you a conspiracy theorist. Only a small %tage of truthers are able to grasp these truths.

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[Comments under "Richard Spencer: The Case for Abortion"]

From TW:
Brad, in Alabama blacks get 62% of abortions, Hispanics 5% and Other 2% And I wonder many how many of the white women are aborting black spawn.Would you deny abortion to a white woman raped by a nigger? Should women who get abortions be charged with murder? If not, why not if you believe the fetus is a human?


Legalizing the murder of White children is a very stupid strategy for controlling the Black population.

Alabama’s Whites would not be bending the knee to any number of Blacks without the moral collapse manifested in abortion, addiction and materialism

From Dart:
Not really. Those are genetic liberal children. Killing them reduces the frequency of genetic liberalism within the White population. Blacks are pretty much politically irrelevant and aren’t the political enemy of Whites. White libtards are the enemy. Without White libtards, Blacks wouldn’t even be a problem at all. We could have mutually beneficial separation and everyone would be content with it. Only White libtards motivated by deranged utopian fantasies are driven to force everyone together. So it’s good when White libtards voluntarily kill themselves off, through whatever means available. Overly permissive Western breeding practices, originating in the papist idea of love marriage, allowed genetic liberals to grow to a dangerously high percentage of the population. Reducing their numbers is the only way Whites will survive

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Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah ripped into the White House on Wednesday for considering widespread student loan forgiveness. He argued it could amount to a slippery slope for other types of debt forgiveness.

"Desperate polls call for desperate measures: Dems consider forgiving trillions in student loans" the Utah Republican wrote on Twitter. "Other bribe suggestions: Forgive auto loans? Forgive credit card debt? Forgive mortgages? And put a wealth tax on the super-rich to pay for it all. What could possibly go wrong?"

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With great sadness, I have concluded, based on many years of beating my head against the wall with know-nothing know-it-alls, that the vast majority of American citizens are just too stupid to remain free today. Unlike our nations Founders, or our Greatest Generations, current U.S. generations are simply no longer suited for freedom and liberty.

I know, it's politically incorrect to use the term "stupid." But as I explained to my kids, ignorance is the absence of information and knowledge. Stupidity is when you know better but do it anyway!

This doesn't apply to everyone today, just most. But if the shoe fits, kick yourself with it! I won't waste time with the laundry list of examples readily available. If you can't figure this out with just a few key examples, then the shoe does indeed fit.
In a previous column, I discuss how every living American has lived under a steady diet of lies from their government, their entire lives. I referred to it as Death by a Thousand Lies. Because modern Americans have been raised and still live under a constant flood of lies their entire lives, the vast majority find it much easier to buy lies than to find truth, especially in a "cancel culture" where the truth is not allowed to see the light of day.

Fact is a vast majority of Americans have never even read the Charters of Freedom. In fact, most don't even know what the Charters of Freedom are. Most who have read these documents, can't even properly interpret the words that appear in our Charters of Freedom. If they could, they would know better than to fall for the Convention of States scam that has taken in huge sums of money to lead people to a different form of national suicide.
Inescapable Rule #1 for idiots - Nothing on earth is free, nothing!

Rule #2 - In the end, FREE stuff will cost you everything!

To be clear, any nation too stupid to be FREE, won't be!

blkpilled & Basic_Snow1 #elitist #sexist thepinkpill.co

Reason #127642 of why I don't have any real female friendships


Separatism from moids: 👍🏼

Separatism from moids AND male loving bitches: 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

I refuse friendships with men bc, well... it's an obvious answer. But I also find I just can't befriend women either. I've tried over and over again but all women are male lovers/panderers in one way or another. I hate them too and dread being around them. It's not even an exaggeration, just sit back and observe how much these dumb women talk about moids in conversations.

I relate. I have no friends because women my age are all married slaves to their fat worthless husbands. I can't relate to that shit and I sure don't want to!

BeardedLuckDragon #psycho #wingnut #ableist #conspiracy #crackpot #elitist deviantart.com

(Submitter’s Note: Okay Ted Kaczynski, now surrender to the FBI)

Well the government says it wants to mind control the population and live forever, so I'm thinking the city life itself isn't helping the modern human. We're designed to be in nature, not buildings getting juiced up on industry products. All of our energies got out of wack when humans clustered into cities and autism boxes, maybe we should go back to cabins and tents out in the woods? Stardew Valley doesn't have to be a dream, it can be reality for about $1,000 - $100,000 depending on the amount of acreage and if you want a house installed first. Hunter gathers and agrarian societies tend to be a bit more stable since modern economics keeps inventing problems and products to keep citizens distracted from how depressed life got in the last 40 years.

Macedonian Anon #crackpot #elitist #racist #wingnut boards.4chan.org

Albanians, thanks to their Islamic culture and geographical isolation, are overwhelmingly inbred. They hence exhibit:

*Excessive repetition of surnames
*Ridiculous numbers of disabled offspring.
*Lower life spans.
*Cognitive & emotional issues

Albanians have far more genetic defects than any other ethnic group in the continent, and the number of disabled, psychotic and criminally predisposed Albanians is likewise exponentially higher than the continental average. Albania is unique in that it is the only nation with an abundance of missing parenthood records regarding the existence of paternal grandparents. This is due to the fact that the father and grandfather are often the same. The end result is a nation of mentally and physically degenerated freaks.

>Lowest iq in the white world (even lower than turks)
>Most inbred ethnicity in europe, easily recognizable from their deformed pan-like head shapes
>Islamic as, fanatically so in Kosovo
>Used to be arnauts in the middle ages (servants for turks who subdued christian uprisings)
>The Turkish word for Albanian literally means "those who march first" because they were used as cannon fodder against European armies
>Most criminal nationality in europe, involved in every type of crime in every corner of the continent
>Invading literally every advanced nation in existence. More of them live outside albania than inside, Even Finland had a mass shooting done by an Alboroach
>Aggressive and belligerent, have no self control and start fights all the time
>Can't build a country, there isn't a single city or area with an albanian majority that is 1st world
>Wiggers, arab-wannabes
>Ugly as fuck

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[From "Separate Website Exposing Subversive Frauds in Music Subcultures and Explaining Music History to be Launched"]

In witnessing a lot of divisions and breakdowns of society[…]I have decided that we will be launching a separate website to discuss matters relating to Music and Subcultures, along with Subversive themes along the lines of their history but especially with the themes that have overtaken them today and have distorted their original form

It will focus a lot on the subcultures related to Goth, Punk and Metalhead and related scenes

I want to keep this topic separate from this website, especially because it is also more based on American problems within these Subcultures and I cannot exactly vouch for any bleeding of the degeneracy that may be spilling over into either the German, UK or European Scene in general.

From what I understand in Germany, the scene is still thriving and generally good and I still find a lot of Great New Music acts and everything which come out of the Fatherland

But if any social issues which I report in the American Music scene exist in any form whatsoever in the European Countries, we would be so grateful to hear anyone’s feedback on this, but I will still always believe the American one is the worst[…]
The website we will launch will focus on history and other attributes behind the American Music Scene, especially in how the Jews and Ulster Scots completely have a monopoly on Rock ‘N’ Roll and its development[…]It will discuss how degeneracy has been even much more of a problem with the American scene compared to Europe and even the UK at that[…]
It also gets hard to discuss this topic without bringing up the Jewish Problem and even the reason why the Nazis suppressed Jazz [rightfully so][…]

Darien X, Karl Ramstrom & Jeff Coffey #dunning-kruger #elitist #psycho #racist amren.com

RE: Student ‘Feared for Life’ After Being Chased by Woke Mob Targeting Allen West

(Darien X)

I have never met a Black person in my life who wasn't Racist.

Almost 100% of even the “nice” ones are two faced, they put on a front when with whites. I’ve known some that act like us when one on one, but then like jive ghetto negroes once around them. Their true selves.

(Karl Ramstrom)
I have no sympathy for this - or any - white person (student or otherwise) attempting to use a "person of color" to shield them from charges of "racism". Neither negroes, border jumpers, or rice-eaters from Southeast Asia are our allies. If they were they'd pack up, sell their belongings, and leave our country on the next flight out. Pandering to some of them is not a good strategy because the end goal (at least from the standpoint of a white advocate like me) is to force even the "benevolent" ones (at gunpoint if necessary) onto the first jet flight out of here. And to do this for all one-hundred-million-plus of them until they are gone. Because when you start incorporating fried-chicken munchers, taco-crunchers, and dog-eaters as "necessary" in order to restore white America then all you're doing is coping. It is for this reason I cut Donald Trump loose for good after he lost in 2020 (legitimately or not) since he engaged in Warp 9 negro pandering toward the end. Because this is a white struggle, not a multiracial one.

(Jeff Coffey)
I agree. Playing the "allies" game is a dead end.

It's time to do away with that tripe once and for all. I have FAR more interest in hearing what fellow Whites have to say on any given matter, and I almost exclusively want to hear what they have to say on matters related to the future of our (that is: White) civilization.

Not to pick on miss Malkin (or mrs? I don't know), she is an intelligent person, but she is no more intelligent than millions of White people out there who are the ones that should be speaking on priority.

Greg Norman #elitist espn.com

THE LIV GOLF Invitational Series has attempted to clarify CEO Greg Norman's comments that referred to the Saudi Arabian monarchy's alleged involvement in the death of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi as a "mistake," a remark that drew widespread criticism, including from Khashoggi's fiancée.

On Wednesday, during a news conference in London to promote LIV Golf's first event at Centurion Club, June 9-11, Norman was asked about Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's alleged complicity in the 2018 killing of Khashoggi, an American citizen. LIV Golf is being financed by Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund, which is controlled by bin Salman.

"From what I heard and what you guys reported, just take ownership of what it is," Norman told reporters. "Take ownership no matter what it is. Look, we've all made mistakes, and you just want to learn from those mistakes and how you can correct them going forward."

Khashoggi was killed inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul in October 2018. The Saudi crown prince has denied involvement in the killing.

foundring #conspiracy #elitist #racist #wingnut youtube.com

No Russian Ever Called Me a Cracker - Original Song

when I was a lad I was head of every class
I asked my dad how long these good times would last
he said ‘hey son, they’ve never really begun
cuz you’re racist for being born Caucasian’
look around you and you will see
it’s a Clown World with NPCs
they will judge you begrudge you because you won’t conform
to the norm you’ve been warned


by the age of 18 my ADHD led me to the 88 keys
easier to make it as an Asian lady it seems
my dreams to bring these songs overseas grew wings
leaving me counting all these sheep
people still sleeping through this life
we need to keep speaking truth through the lies
I believe we’re all equal inside then why must I get in line to survive


spent most of my youth you know becoming best at piano
do you want proof I knew how to play Tatum when I turned 22
it’s true I’m underrated and I have the wrong hue
I might be the greatest someday they will see you for what’s inside
why keep stumbling through life in disguise
rise remember we’re born into light
don’t lose sight or be frightened it’s alright


ol’ daddy Vladimir said Nike no likey
kikes deleting the whites from airwaves
it was whack to be black way back in slavery days
don’t let the pendulum sway the other way
now that I’m older my songs are getting increasingly bolder
some friends are starting to give me cold shoulders
I thought I told ya that I’m playing the Joker until it’s over
when the world awakens and celebrates
states and nations of every race
they will bait us so we separate
but not this time every liar pays the price


ol’ daddy Vladimir said Nike no likey
kikes deleting the whites from airwaves
it was whack to be black way back in slavery days
don’t let the pendulum sway the other way
no Russian no no no Russian ever called me a cracker
no Russian ever called me a cracker
no Russian ever called me names

gcochran9 #elitist #racist archive.ph

Guns, Germs, and Steel revisited

In particular, Diamond argues that people in PNG are significantly smarter. "in mental ability, New Guineans are probably genetically superior [my emphasis] to Westerners”: p21. This is sufficiently odd that readers of GGS often refuse to admit that Diamond ever said it.

In arguing that the last actually are first Diamond dismisses the entire field of psychometrics. It’s a ballsy approach – implying that the whole field is just crap not even worth discussing. It’s how I deal with astrology or gender studies. It’s how everybody should have dealt with Freudian analysis.

The problem is that aptitude tests actually work. A one-hour paper-and-pencil test gives a reasonable estimate of a student’s general problem-solving ability.

Regional scores on IQ tests and other educational tests ( PISA, etc) do track regional differences in S&T achievements. Not perfectly – northeast Asians have the highest scores but have not made the largest contributions to the development of modern technology – but pretty well. Populations that have low average scores on such tests have contributed very little to the development of modern science and technology.

Diamond acknowledges, “We see in our daily lives that some of the conquered peoples continue to form an underclass, centuries after the conquests or slave imports took place. The transistor leapt 8,000 miles to launch an electronics industry in Japan – but it did not make the shorter leap to found new industries in Zaire or Paraguay. The nations rising to new power are still ones that were incorporated thousands of years ago into the old centers of dominance. Prospects for world dominance of sub-Saharan Africans, Aboriginal Australians, and Native Americans remain dim.”

Why should that be so? If hunter-gatherers are ” probably more intelligent”, why doesn’t it show? Where’s their Paul Morphy, their Ramanujan, their George Green? If Aboriginals are so smart, why aren’t they rich? Why do they flunk algebra?

BeardedLuckDragon #sexist #dunning-kruger #elitist #pratt deviantart.com

Colonel, women don't need to make sense, they need to feel safe. Men better make sense, and it doesn't matter if we feel safe, or we'll get our asses kicked out in the parking lot. I don't think women have to be unaccountable, but alpha chads like to get laid, and one poorly timed argument betwixt an delta/omega/gamma thinker and an delta/omega/gamma feeler can ruin the night as the alpha's lady friend eats their ears off over some blunt comment. In essence, as long as men need pussy more than honesty, and as long as women get to think in cycles with their emotions, it's mens' fault.

micropenis29 #elitist ncu.su

the joy of taxing the poor

the poor should be taxed more heavily than the rich

and the ultra rich shouldn't be taxed at all

yes, in the long-run, taxation should be eliminated altogether (as i've said many times)

but given that we're going to tax some people, those people should be poor people

the poor should subsidize the rich for 2 main reasons:

1) it incentives the poor to become more productive and to become rich, which in turn increases societal wealth

2) it decreases the burden on the rich--who tend to be society's most productive people anyways--which leads to faster economic growth

if we want to eliminate poverty sooner, we need to soak the poor!

TitaniumDragon #elitist #dunning-kruger #psycho reddit.com

Kill/sterilize all the criminals for a few centuries and see how much the crime rate falls by, and also look at the effects on other things (rates of drug addiction, gambling addiction, IQ, etc.)

Studies suggest that criminality is roughly 50% heritable and has a high rate of comorbidity with impulse control disorders and negatively correlates with IQ, so we would predict a significant negative trend in crime, lesser negative trends in other impulse control disorders, and a positive trend in IQ. However, it wouldn't surprise me if there were some weird side effects.

m05sHqz2 #elitist #psycho #racist #wingnut archive.wakarimasen.moe

Slavs don't come to korea. We don't want you. Only ethnic koreans are welcome. If you don't have the blood, fuck off. We want order, a united race, and our own country. We have no ambitions to be a world empire. We will beat the shit out of you if you come. Go to europe with the rest of the commie fags. If britain, the british and not the muslim jihadists, want any respect, kick these retards out. At this point, I kind of want north korea to sort of invade us and kill the chinks and the foreigners. But fuck commies. Fuck man, are there any single raced nation anymore that isn't a commie fuckfest. Oh yeah japan what happened to you, stop importing chinese commies. May both our nations, although we hate each other, fight off these immigrants and preserve civilisation

Also russia, the chinese is literally the nazis of asia and they will rurn on you. They will build roads to the west to promote their commie ideology and rape europe to be their colony. By sanctioning putin, you give him no choice but to ally with china. Even if you win, then what. Russia will have enemies all around and have no choice but to get raped by china helplessly. I hope you have a plan

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Herd moons/women – Jack of all trades for herd, parallel processing D+ {Gossip and work one task}, need to conform with one another {Especially other herd women}, uses double speak, has no sense of humor, overtly concerned about chaos and emotions, wants validation, only reason large soycieties can exist, like your bratty little sister, you complain and have babies for your tribe, like the pregnant new hire with no experience who wants to become the boss. You took a red and blue pill, but you're not purple pilled and want to be?!? What would alpha women think of that? You wouldn't know, alpha women know better than to bother with the herd.

Herd suns/men – Specialists for herd, batch processing D+ {Thinking about sex or how to get it}, need to protect and provide for herd women {Usually the dumbest ones}, uses single speak, has a sense of humor, only reason large soycieties can exist, overtly concerned about stability and simplicity, wants sexual favors, like your adult child room mate, you work to have sex with your tribe, like the new hire who wants to have sex in the bathroom. You are blue pilled... so blue pilled because sex only, what a cuck. You know what alpha men think of that, they tell you on a semi regular basis.

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Top 10% of the tribe:

Alpha – You are mentally, physically, and spiritually capable, you hate to lose, you lead the tribe, like your CEO. You are purple pilled.

Beta – All the benefits of the Alpha with none of the ability or responsibility, you are easy to get along with and laid back, you help lead your tribe, like your shift leader. You are pink pilled.

Delta – Workers, often suffer from workaholic lifestyles, you work day and night for your tribe, you gather, you hunt, like your manager. You are yellow pilled.

Omega – Intelligent and great at forming master minds and using non physical abilities to compensate for their small stature or crippled form, you think for your tribe, like your share holders. You are white pilled.

Gama – Very specialized members of the community that are fantastic at the 1 to 3 things they do, but tend to lack self awareness and have a bit of a temper problem, you make armor and weapons for your tribe, like your technicians. You are red pilled.

Sigma - You are physically capable like an alpha, hard working like a delta, and intelligent like an omega, you are a loner type, you left the tribe or exist on the outskirts, like your travelling sales agent. You are green pilled.

Zeta – You are good at everything, spiritually capable like an alpha, easy to be around like a beta, you want to take over the tribe or topple over the current regime to create a new one, you want to take over the tribe, like another company's share holders buying out your company. You are rainbow pilled.

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There are many very positive activations happening throughout the dimensional fields that will generate rapid 3D Breakdown and Enlightened Contact that greatly support collective humanity to be spiritually initiated towards choosing heart-based freedom, loving kindness and planetary liberation via the disclosure timeline. Simultaneously, the mainstream media distraction beats the war drums and transmits mind control signals to dampen this massive inpouring of solar plasma light, benevolent goodness and humanitarian support moving us rapidly towards a collective planetary event. The factions currently infighting within the Controller groups are desperate and using every resource at their disposal, in forcefully redirecting the collective consciousness to focus on the agents of chaos by provoking war and misdirection that further encourages compliance to tyranny, violence, separation and fear narratives. Sadly, the heavy burden most awakening people carry is the difficult realization that the majority of intelligent people around them will only glance superficially at some enormous disclosure event of great importance, disregarding any semblance of critical thinking, common sense and reason.
During this cycle, the extreme outer pressure caused by the planetary Emerald Cosmic Clock Initiation and the result of shifting timelines may cause an estrangement from certain social circles, including friends and family members that are deeply entrenched in the 3D narrative. Thus, many stuck in the mind control narrative are still harboring emotional conflicts of persecution and traumas that contribute to unresolved subconscious fears of facing the unknown.
Some people may double down by digging their heels even deeper into the controlled narrative by staunchly denying any evidence that is contrary to their 3D belief system doctrine, which are usually based in similar thoughtforms being reinforced by their immediate social circle.

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There is a lot of etymological truth in this video series for anyone who cares about the true origins of all these deities that they are unwittingly following by continuing to be a part of whatever organized mainstream religion they are involved with and still loyal to. I am by no means trying to discredit the existence of God, on the contrary, but the point that’s being made is that the “God” that is spoken of in scripture is very much of this earth and not the original creator God that you’ve been told he is. Yahweh, the God of Bible is in fact the Dragon Baal who is Moloch who is Cronos who is Zues/JeZues who is Horus/Isis who is Ra who is Odin/Woden who are ALL constructs of the Demiurge and likely Fallen Angels or Nephilim Demigods. In fact the entirety of the English language seems to have been designed as on big neverending curse word when you break down the etymological origins of many of its words. Unfortunately I do not have time to learn Greek or Latin and am stuck with the language I know.

On a side note it appears that this guy used to be “Truthiracy”, a channel that Eric Dubay claims is a Gatekeeper. I’m not sure why but it’s yet another example of how some of the best stuff comes directly from the bought and paid for deceivers. Though I can assure you that no one is paying me and I don’t make a dime off any of my content and refuse to even put a few simple AD’s on the website as not to slow down the load time. This blog costs me money in the end. I only care about the actual truth, something that has not always been palatable or comfortable for me to accept and come to terms with. But I suck it up and concede what needs to be conceded and will put it all out there when faced with undeniable evidence and lines of logic. In the end one needs to make up their own mind and formulate their own customized opinions. Like I always say, no single person ever has all the answers and I’ve yet to encounter anyone who’s complete body of work I agree with 100%.

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>economy going down the drain
>blackpill evolution leaves men virgins
>women are sociopathic whores, men are weak narcissists
>war and instability everywhere
>jews, trannies, faggots everywhere
>you can only get a job if you graduate top of your class in STEM - suck the "education" system's dick, gulp down propaganda 24/7 and thank them for it, blow thousands, deal with insufferable normie subhumans daily
>curricula becoming more and more demanding
>maybe if you have connections, but even this is being sidelined
>normies are becoming more volatile and backstabbing than ever
>you VILL go to war, you VILL die a virgin, you VILL die poor, and you VILL die alone
>if you return, it's the same shit all over again

I sincerely hope the nukes fly and irradiate this shithole forever. If we're lucky, the rulers of this world will also get caught in the crossfire too.

>inb4 obligatory retards that will call me a demoralizing shill

It's over. Bros, it's been an honor serving with you - but everything of value has been destroyed and pissed on.

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South Korea's new president-elect is a political novice who shot to public attention as a prosecutor for his uncompromising investigations into some of the country's most high-profile corruption scandals

But conservative Yoon Suk-yeol's hawkish stance on North Korea has drawn some controversy, while his misogynistic pledges and his insensitive remarks on issues ranging from poverty and the Ukraine crisis have been widely criticised
Born in Seoul in 1960, Yoon studied law and went on to play a key role in convicting the former president Park Geun-hye for abuse of power

As the country's top prosecutor in 2019, he also indicted a top aide of outgoing President Moon Jae-in over fraud and bribery, in a case that tarnished the Moon administration's upstanding image
Despite his role in Park's ousting, Yoon fired up support among disgruntled conservative voters by offering a chance at "revenge" against Moon -- even going so far as to threaten to investigate Moon for unspecified "irregularities"

Even Yoon's wife [Kim Kun-hee] claimed his critics would be prosecuted if her husband won because that's "the nature of power", according to taped comments released after a court battle
As an avowed anti-feminist he has pledged to abolish the ministry for gender equality, claiming South Korean women do not suffer systemic discrimination -- despite voluminous evidence to the contrary

On North Korea, Yoon has threatened a pre-emptive strike on the South's nuclear-armed neighbour if needed, a claim that analysts have pointed out is wildly unrealistic
So far, Yoon's camp "looked as though they were simply copying and pasting foreign policy phrases from the US Republican presidents' speeches," she added

He also made a string of gaffes on the campaign trail, from praising one of the country's former dictators, to belittling manual labour and Africans

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[From "France: Macron Wins by Massive Margin"]

I said repeatedly, from the beginning, that there was no way Le Pen was going to win this election. Frankly, I didn’t even bother covering it very much, as the only interesting part were the Zemmour memes

But frankly, I had no idea that the gap was going to be this big. I thought it would look more like an American election, with a slim margin of victory for Macron[…]
The left keeps talking about how democracy has failed because their candidates don’t get elected. I would like to assert that democracy has failed because my candidates do not get elected[…]
Both right and left agree that democracy has failed, so we need to accept this reality[…]
This never made any sense, this universal suffrage idea[…]
How can you possibly believe that peasant rabble has the collective intelligence to guide the ship of state?[…]
The Founding Fathers spoke at length of the problems of democracy before it was ever even implemented at scale

This is why it is so frustrating to hear Tucker Carlson ramble on about how “real democracy has never been tried”[…]The 2020 election was hoaxed, but this was primarily a result of extreme Jewish neurosis – it’s not like Trump was ever going to actually do anything[…]
I believe strongly that Trump came in in 2016 thinking he was going to do something. Then it became clear that the Congress would refuse to go along[…]
Trump was trying to repeal Obamacare, and John McCain came in[…]
Trump’s election was a quirk, a glitch in the system, but the system was able to easily deal with that[…]
I think the initial American Republic idea was fine. This had voting, but only stakeholders – determined by land-ownership – were able to vote[…]
I would also not be opposed to any kind of new system that established some kind of tyrannical autocracy based on vulgar populism. An autocracy can actually be held accountable

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It's time to bring the Dani tribesman of Indonesia into the 21st century. [Inside the remote Indonesian Dani tribe who cut off the tops of their fingers when a loved one dies and keep mummified bodies of ancient warriors, By Tariq Tahir For Mailonline, November 17 2017] Undoubtedly, they long for democracy, and all the modern things we have here.
Let's pack six or seven families into a big home in Chappaqua, N.Y., where Hillary Clinton lives, or the Kalorama section of Washington, D.C., where Barack Obama lives. Maybe Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell would have them move next door.

Then our finest elites can experience the diversity and cultural enrichment they advocate, and watch these Stone Age wonders run around naked, display the mummies of ancient warriors and cut off the ends of their fingers when relatives die.

After all, we've been enriched by child rape and genital mutilation. Why not this?

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I'm so sick of niggers eternal victim complex. Here you have a rich world-famous absolutely cushioned guy claiming that you can't suffer if you aren't black, to a people that probably suffered the most in Europe the last 500 years.

Makes me vomit. Fucking ingrate.

My people (100% pure white at the time, 100% of the population) abolished slavery years after it was abolished in USA for niggers.
Let me put this in words any american retard can understand.
My white ancestors were slaves for longer than niggers in...anywhere really.
Let that sink in and marinade before you start worshipping beasts.
And you know the funniest part of all this shit? We don't scream for sympathy, we don't ask for reparations, we don't murder, we don't steal because we are not beasts.

Tell an american negro that Estonians were enslaved by every neighbour for thousands of years, they won't believe you.
Estonians were literally legal slaves in the same years while negroes were roaming free in america.

You know, I'm already asking myself if even the most redneck racist slave owner treated them like shit if there was at least one competent worker under them. I mean we're talking about people that crippled themselves to avoid work.

They have no inner monologue, no concept of hard work and no concept of tomorrow or reaping what you sow. They run on "what am I feeling right now" instincts with no regard for the future, nor the past.
Once you put yourself in their position, it actually becomes quite easy to imagine cutting off your limbs to avoid work, what in reality is happening, is that the negro lives in the moment, so to not work at the moment, he will cripple himself at the moment, neither of these actions actually make any sense if you think in the sense of "tomorrow" or any longitude.

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Thank god the slav genes are dominant. Even mutts can be saved, Italians are a piece of cake compared to that task

they all look like malnourished sminems

Italians are the ones who are malnourished. Pic related. Croat and Italian soldiers, considered by some to be the greatest mogging in human history


Damn I see why cutey POC ita girls love us. 1.85 im barely average here and a greek god in italy lmao.


Help us Croatia install superior semen in our women

Only if I see an entire Italian family, her mother and her father beg, give me compliments for my blond, handsome, light eyed and tall Croatian looks, then I will marry your sister.



I am 1.95 m and light eyed and that's something so average in my family and a 1 in 100 in your country



Still going despite your swarthy women fetishizing us en masse publicly.

1.5 million Italian women come to Croatia every year. Half of Croatians are above 50 yo. Count all the kids too, we are about 800k and rare as pure gold. Italian women are fucking feasting on us white boys

the cope of the gypsy man, come to Trieste and see how many balkan women are happily married to locals here compared to the opposite.

kek imagine trying to change my mind with facebook screenshots of some roastie who went to Dubrovnik once when I live literally next to you and I see you coming here begging for a decent pay to put some raggedy turk bread in your mouths every single day, truly delusional balkan monkeys.​

That's rich coming from a chud who's coping for an hour now due to his women ignoring his manlet ass because of a croatian chad

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Here’s MSNBC’s Joy Reid dismissing Christopher Rufo, a Manhattan Institute scholar, brought on her show putatively to debate CRT: “Are you like an expert in race or racial history? Are you a lawyer? Are you a legal scholar? Is that part of your background?”

How else could Rufo possibly understand a “theory” that says:

America is racist!
Criminal law is racist!
Policing is racist!
Arrests are racist!
Incarceration is racist!
Standardized tests are racist!
Mortgages are racist!
Oh my gosh, how am I ever going to master this complex theory? I thought the quantum field theory of subatomic particle forces was tough, but THIS? I guess I’ll be hitting the books tonight.

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The CIA created and heavily marketed term, “conspiracy theorist,” a term invented to marginalize any questioning of the politically-plotted murder of JFK, is still heavily in use today. It is still used to stop any supported argument, any facts, or even any discussion concerning disagreement with the state sponsored narrative. Anyone who utters this ignorant, idiotic, and useless phrase as a way of ‘argument,’ should be immediately ignored as they have not the intelligence to speak to any critical thinking individual. In addition, those using this term deserve no respect or reply because they have already abandoned any possibility to listen or think.

We live in a country where everything coming from the state is based on lies and deceit meant to either support or cover-up government conspiracy. Remember that the definition of the word “conspiracy,” is a secret agreement between two or more to perform some harmful or illegal act. From the original Latin, it literally means, “to breathe together;” or to agree, unite, or plot. All government, especially the American government, is completely conspiratorial. The likelihood of any truth coming from the state, state bureaucracies, state minions in enforcement or the military, or from any mainstream media, is close to zero. If any facts are considered, everything being told to the masses can instantly be seen as harmful propaganda, and therefore conspiracy.
What if all of us who fully understand what is really going on are the only one’s prepared to resist and never comply? What if all of us who take personal responsibility for ourselves and our own are the only one’s willing to risk all to save our freedom? What if we fail to convince others to fight back? If we are defeated, what is to become of everyone else? There is but one answer to that question; all left will be slaves dependent on the very evil state that claims total ownership over their minds, bodies, and souls. That my fellow man, is hell!

kljjdsflkjsd #elitist #racist #wingnut reddit.com

I haven't made a single friend at this school and no one even turns to look in my general direction anymore

I got kicked out by some hyper SJW "Hindu" students who actually appease the wretched Mlecchas whom I can never be friends with.

There aren't many people who like me here. I'm a North Indian Brahmin guy and as a result, almost all South Indians hate me (they may deny it like when I posted this on the San Jose Board but it is true).

In addition to that, I'm despised by the substantial Sikh community that lives and attends school here (last Tuesday I had this Sikh guy giving me the death stare as I browsed 4chan) not to mention the Indian Christian community.

The Muslims obviously despise me as I am a North Indian Brahmin who is their sworn enemy because of Islam's hatred towards Sanatan Dharma (my people are the most important there) and I have no interest in being friends with them.

Non-South Asians tend to dislike me as well because of my newfound hyper interest in my ethnoreligious identity that they can't relate to which I understand completely since I probably would be able to be friends with a white, black, Hispanic, or Asian identitarian either.

I hate looking at how you fucking normies are living all these cool and interesting lives and I'll stick out like a sore thumb (mid-twenties Panch Gauda Brahmin loser vs normal cool people).

Anyways, I'm not looking to make friends of this commie libtard website (I'm not that much of a loser) but I thought I might share my experiences about how this school has been a complete waste of time/torture chamber for me.

Come to think of it the only person I could ever really be friends with was that guy who I met in my second semester here. He had the same politically incorrect views on all the other groups that I have but was just better at hiding them. Obviously, his hatred of North Indians did slip out because like most South Indians he could never be friends with me or anything like that.

peace out

5nkcZJZ9 #crackpot #dunning-kruger #elitist #racist archive.wakarimasen.moe

>There are also large differences in moral character between the races, which are extremely important to civilizational success, and in this aspect in particular, all other races are grossly inferior to whites.
This difference is why I don't really include Eastern Europeans as "whites". Eastern Europeans have lived under different circumstances that shaped them differently for thousands of years. While they have full white intelligence, they don't have the full white moral character.

This can get confusing because there are quite a few Western European people living in Eastern Europe. Russia, for example, is named after the phenomenon of Western Europeans coming in to be the ruling elite of Eastern Europeans. The "Rus" that Russia is named after were a people, but they weren't Slavic like the Russian majority now and through history, they were Scandinavian. The country is named for needing the management of a Western European elite to function properly. Whenever Slavs try to rule themselves, they bring disaster upon themselves, through their inferior moral character.

Mjollnir #elitist therpgsite.com

The Right memes to Truth, the Left memes to Power.

I can hear it in your voice Pundit, just how much these people's hypocrisy gets under your skin. Some people are aligned towards the Truth by their nature, to others the Truth only has value inasmuch as it's useful to them, it has no intrinsic value.

There's a natural impulse to want to show the contradictions and flaws in their belief system, but the problem is is that they don't actually believe anything. They will "believe" whatever is convenient, whatever they expect to be rewarded and validated for believing, and whatever they think will grant them status and power for believing