These filthy peasants! They are revolting!

Fschmidt #elitist saidit.net

I just watched the Putin interview. I wonder who Putin thought he was speaking to. Putin doesn't seem to realize that the American people are retarded. All of the American elite, Tucker included, speak publicly with a clear understanding that they are speaking to retards. So the interview was just very strange with Tucker asking questions appropriate for retards and Putin giving intelligent answers. It is a reminder that Putin is truly human while all modern Americans are subhuman

Henry Okello Oryem #elitist bbc.com

Many have deemed Henry Okello Oryem's comments tone-deaf

In 2022, more than 2,200 people died of starvation and related illnesses in north-east Uganda, a report by an official human rights body said

But Mr Oryem argued that given Uganda's favourable climate and fertile land, people should be able to grow food for themselves

"It's only an idiot, a real idiot, that can die of hunger in Uganda," the state minister for foreign affairs told the NTV Uganda television channel

"If you work hard, there is land in Uganda. The climate is right in spite [of] climate change. If you make a double effort to make sure that you go out in the morning, you till your land, you plant the seeds, you maintain your plantation, surely, how do you fail then to get food?"

As well as killing many people, the food shortage in the north-east left nearly half-a-million people in "acute hunger", said the report by the Uganda Human Rights Commission, which was established by the constitution

The minister's comments have sparked outrage

Moses Aleper, a legislator for Chekwii county, which is part of the affected Karamoja region, told the BBC that Mr Oryem's views were "not right" and "unfortunate coming from a minister who knows what goes on in this country"

"I'm from one of the most productive parts of Karamoja where there is adequate rain and we produce food. But in situations where weather fails us, the weather vagaries set in, we definitely fail to get food. And normally people definitely get famine and eventually hunger strikes"

Mr Aleper also said that hunger in the region is often caused by "other issues beyond even human control"

Christopher Calvin Reed #elitist #fundie twitter.com

That's not how Christianity works
.. we can't really condone religions that we know lead people into eternity apart from God.... it's cruel to not give them the truth because at least if we tell the truth of the gospel they may repent and be forgiven.... but if we say nothing to those we know headed down the wrong track.... is it because we care about them or because we care about ourselves? Being confrontational is uncomfortable but so is an eternity away from God. Always love people enough to share the truth with them.

MedleyChimera #elitist #dunning-kruger reddit.com

Oh fuck off with this bullshit, most homeless people choose to be homeless because they don't want to follow the basic rules of society, like be clean, and sober. And before anyone comes at me with that "but but they're mentally ill" bullshit excuse, believe it or not but a majority of homeless aren't naturally psychotic/suffer from psychosis, its rampant drug and alcohol use that has ruined them. Legit I have been homeless before not by choice but by act of nature, the amount of people in the street because they refused to follow the basic rules of the shelter is fucking astounding. I know anecdotal blah blah but I have literally lived that, and my lived experience is not invalid.

Ask anyone who has been legitimately homeless and has had to be in a shelter, a lot of them will vouch that a majority portion of homeless aren't "sad, down on their luck, poor unfortunate souls" but instead drug addicted assholes who accost you and just piss and shit all over the place with no moral human decency left in them.

Those who attempt or even succeed at getting out of homelessness and move on with life are those worth helping and saving, those who try are worth it. The filthy scum who lay in their own waste expecting handouts and the world to give them what they want because they are homeless are the scourge of the Earth and deserve nothing.

Oh and if the homeless are so fucking good why aren't all these self righteous assholes opening up their own homes or stoops for them? Oh yeah that's right its because they know how bad it really is. As long as its not their personal space they don't care who these people harass or impede.

Pepe Lives Matter #wingnut #conspiracy #elitist pepelivesmatter.substack.com

"Why can't we go back to the status quo? At least, we had comfort. Trump is too chaotic and wild. A man of war."

My response:

The previous status quo was nothing but war, hidden slavery, murder, the military industrial complex thumb on a world and people tell me that was a great time.

No, you simply felt comfortable because no one was challenging their power in a substantial way.

When Trump decided to push back against the globalist cult, he pushed for a real war. A war that actually meant something meaningful and good.

If you don't believe me, read the Georgia Guidestones, which now lies in rubble.

We are talking about a seismic shift. A pivotal moment in history. We were born to live in this special moment.

So, no, thank you.

I don't want to return to that status quo. I'd rather fight and believe to cross into that promised land than sit like a slave and reject the destiny that lay before. Not me or the many anons longing for a better world.

I choose real freedom.
Anon character has grown beyond what people can measure. Our patience is tremendous. We've been through a fire. Both personal and collective trials have hit us like rain drops pouring from the heavens.

Yet here we are. Still standing. Still believing.

Look how far we've all come.

We are an enigma.

History will look fondly upon the anons.

We've endured the precipice with knowledge the normie simply refuses to accept. That burden has made us tough as nails. Be proud, anons.

There's one way now and it's through. Whatever may come, that day draws near.
You came by the tens of million to become part of a historic movement the likes of which they have never seen before.

We are the only ones who can stop them.

They aren't coming after me, they're coming after you.

I'm standing in their way.
We are going to see this battle through to ultimate victory.

Trump is going to finish what he started.

I'm proud to be MAGA.

Proud to be a digital warrior for the bravest man I've ever seen.

We the People.


roman_mir #elitist #wingnut slashdot.org

Except this is completely backwards in a true Orwellian fashion. It is not the wealthiest, who are gaining most from society, it is society, who is gaining most from the wealthiest.

What is society gaining from all of the bums living on the dole or all of the homeless?

How much is society gaining from one single billionaire?

Of course the society turns it upside down and sideways, insisting that the billionaires are not paying some magic fair share, the reality is that if all billionaires were to disappear today, tomorrow this society would descent into poverty that hasn't been seen for hundreds of years.

Mauricio #wingnut #magick #psycho #elitist westsdarkesthour.com

[From “Before I die”]

How I wish to witness this Malthusian disaster [energy devolution] first hand

I practically live for this reckoning, this Final Solution to the Christian Problem. Everything else is a distraction

The oil wells eventually dry up. Industry and commerce slow to a crawl. Mass unemployment. Skyrocketing inflation until money becomes worthless. Poverty, crime, riots. Anarchy rises

The System becomes increasingly draconian. Border conflicts erupting everywhere. Infrastructure is gradually destroyed. Mass starvation follows. Mercenary armies murderously repress rebellions. Armies turn rogue and create small enclaves. Then the nukes drop. Cities evaporated. Huge clouds of radioactive dust. All that useless human trash starving and rotting

Kalki’s age indeed. I must see it before I die

Mike Johnson #crackpot #elitist #fundie #god-complex newsweek.com

Speaker of the House Mike Johnson is receiving a fresh wave of backlash for his alleged ties to Christian nationalism after a video was shared online of the Republican leader comparing himself to biblical figure Moses.

A segment of Johnson's speech has since circulated online, during which he compared his path to speakership as a "Red Sea moment."

"The Lord told me very clearly to prepare. 'You ready?' 'Be ready for what?'" Johnson told the crowd, according to a clip shared to X, formerly Twitter, by the project Right Wing Watch Wednesday afternoon. "'We're coming to a Red Sea moment.' 'What does that mean?'"

Johnson said during his speech that the House speaker's race, which took three weeks, was the "Red Sea moment" that God told him to prepare for. He also said that he assumed "at the time" that God was going to "choose a new Moses" and that he would act as "Aaron," Moses' brother and a priest in the Old Testament.

"And so I work to get Steve Scalise elected speaker, that didn't happen," Johnson said. "And then Jim Jordan, who is like another big brother of mine. No, that didn't happen."

"Ultimately, 13 people ran for the vote," he said. "And the Lord had told me to wait, wait, wait. So I waited and waited and then, at the end, when it came to the end, the Lord said, 'Now, step forward.'"

vpn #elitist themotte.org

I haven't egged, paintballed, or beaten any homeless and don't intend to start, but I firmly believe that any city will be worse off if a "compassionate" genie magically conjured up 100 homeless people to live its streets; no comment on whether I think a city should welcome a "cruel" genie who's able and willing to magically poof away the same. I also understand second order effects and believe people respond to incentives. It seems to me, then, that every compassionate Times reader equals something like 0.0001 compassionate genies, and every cruel Kalispell resident 0.01 cruel genies. Mechanics and process aside, the end result is a San Fran full of growing compassion and ever more unhoused, and a Kalispell with a cruel lid on the homeless, and maybe even a reduction down the line.

The part I struggle with is, how does a society argue against compassion? Even if the rational counterarguments are themselves obvious, it seems like a fundamentally losing messaging game. We raise our children to be compassionate and we look for spouses who are compassionate. Trying to shout from the rooftops that compassion is actually bad when it comes to the homeless feels akin to telling the world that generosity is bad when it comes to tipping. Which is why I'm resigned that no matter how many articles are written about the tipping culture being out of control, it will creep up to more industries and circumstances and higher preset amounts. Similarly, I'm resigned that more tax and charity dollars will go to the homeless and the homeless industrial complex ad infinitum, because you can't argue against compassion, at least not outside of the ratsphere and among the voting masses.

various commenters #wingnut #elitist #racist #sexist gab.com

( @Halp )
People on welfare shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

( @CrossThePotomac )
@Halp Also all non-whites and women

( @ZimmerHandcrafted )
@Halp I'd go farther than that: if you are a net tax drain on the country over the course of your lifetime you should not be allowed to vote.

This would not inherently repeal the 19th amendment, but it effectively would...but that is merely a happy coincidence.

( @USMCHOG8393 )
@Halp If you are on any government assistance u should not be allowed to vote.
If u don’t own property u shouldn’t be able to vote on property tax issues. Also if you are a politician today, you should be either shot at dawn, or hanged. Sounds good though

( @DeplorableFredTN )
@Halp Only land owners should be allowed to vote. No skin in the game, no voice in governance

( @JohnnyHooker )
@Halp only white landowners should be allowed to vote.

( @Legend_of_Wiker )
@Halp wrong. Welfare shouldn't exist to begin with

( @Coolio )
@Halp To be allowed to vote you should have to pay taxes or bear arms is what Abe Lincoln wrote. Also apparently wanted to send the "free slaves" back to Africa. Bullet in the head instead before the plan got off the ground.

( @mothersmurfer )
@Halp Nor reproduce.

( @thetruthnotdoctrine )
@Halp If you got rid of Jews and their USURY!!! there wouldn't be anyone on welfare, apart from the genuine deserving sick and disabled!

( @wohl1917 )
@Halp I'll do you a couple better than that: If you are not a veteran OR own property OR have a job OR support a family and pay taxes for it all AND CAN PROVE IT, you shouldn't be allowed to vote!

( @Dannygeetar )
@Halp Neither should non property owners

( @Bilo32 )
@Halp People that don’t own land shouldn’t be able to vote.

( @Old_time_gal )
@Halp Our founding fathers only wanted landowners to vote, since they were the only ones who "had skin in the game".

( @mjdigspigs )
@Halp Women shouldn't be allowed to vote, either.

( @StevenEMichaels )
@Halp Don’t forget women. Also, remove all women from congress and government.

( @Cupcake70 )
@Halp Only property owners should vote

Nick Fuentes and Vincent James #elitist #pratt #wingnut #racist rightwingwatch.org

Vincent James and Nick Fuentes: The Rosa Parks And Martin Luther King Jr. Of White Nationalists

James: “We’ve reached millions of people. There’s a big benefit to that but it’s something—I’m not saying that I regret it, I’m just saying that it’s not easy. It’s not for the weak, that’s for sure. To go through the things that we [have]—journalists stalking us and shit like that—it’s not for the weak.”

“The fact that we have sort of paved the way and made it easier for people to talk about these things, you’re kind of jealous. It’s like, ‘What the fuck man?’ It’s like, ‘Dude, I lost my job, all these things happened to me, I lost my bank account to say these things.’ It’s kind of like, almost, you know, Martin Luther King in a way, kind of, or Rosa Parks.”

Fuentes: Yeah, We’re the first ones. We’re the ones getting beaten down and firehosed.”

James: “Yeah, it’s kind of like that, It’s almost exactly like how those Blacks were hit with fire hoses.”

ChattyGremlin #sexist #elitist #psycho ovarit.com

In my silly utopia-dream, all men are castrated at birth! If they would like to have their testicles back, they have to have a minimum of a college degree, a six-figure job, no criminal background, a driver's license, a perfect grade on a year-long parenting course, and the consent of a psychotherapist who has seen them for at least two years, the consent of their mother, and the consent of a female partner who the man has been with consistently for at least four years. Paradise!

Gabriel Guedea גדאה SIONISTA #racist #wingnut #elitist twitter.com

It's funny that they use Hitler and the devil as heroes, with esteem and admiration, of course it was to be expected from animals. I'm sorry, PALESTINIANS, this type of response when you are on fire because you are losing everything. On television they show commercials about using creams for burns. although that is not the point, although that cream may be useful to you, due to your low IQ, but taking advantage of that, you are very unoriginal and have already used Hitler a lot also unfortunately due to your low, low and disappointing judgment... the point is that there have been greater murderers in the modern world, like Joseph Stalin who murdered more than 15 million Russians and 5 million Ukrainians, but Mao Zedong still beat him with 60 million, in reality Hitler saw himself as an amateur, so as You can see that you Palestinian sissies are mediocre in every sense of the word, because you have only demonstrated your total evil in babies, please, do me the favor, in what stupid head does it fit, so much evil, so much mediocrity and so much stupidity In reality, no matter how much someone wants to help you, you are nothing more than mentally retarded with weapons, you are a danger to yourselves, you are not even on a par with Idi Amin and he won the raffle, this one He has been the most stupid dictator in all of history, the Hebrews rescued over 100 hostages that the Palestinians had captured and in their own beards, they killed the Palestinians, they rescued all, all, all of the hostages, just to tell you that still my Father can't stop laughing, since that happened... use what you want, Vespasian did more evil than Hitler, you have nothing in your brain beyond hatred, you have no culture, no imagination to even insult besides having mediocre heroes. of course like you.

Pleiadian Message from Akasha via Jen Freer #ufo #magick #conspiracy #elitist freerspirit.com

Greetings Precious Ones!

We want to congratulate those of you who put in the admirable work to raise your vibration and expand your consciousness and awareness high enough to anchor yourselves into the higher 5D timeline of the Earth Matrix Simulation. Welcome!

We know many of you are still feeling a bit groggy, perhaps wobbly, and a bit stiff and sore with continued ascension symptoms such as headaches, joint and muscle pain, and tinnitus. It will still be important for you to eat natural foods and stay hydrated, as you are in the very early stages of continued healing, DNA repair and a variety of crystalline upgrades to your once carbon-based bodies. You are in a transformation process, so please be gentle with yourselves physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Some of you are wondering why you’re still interacting (or interfacing, if you will) with individuals who are still exhibiting 3D/4D fear-based vibrations. This is because you’re still in the Earth Matrix Simulation, but, because of your ascension to the higher timeline, you now have the upper hand, and those lower-timeline beings can no longer abuse, hurt or harm you in any way. They have been sealed off into the lower timeline. The issues that may surface between you and lower-timeline beings now are for the purpose of observation and elimination, so that you may heal from the trauma(s) and continue on your ascension process.
Once you are healed, your next task on the higher timeline is leadership training. You have been handpicked to serve as leaders on the new 5D Ascended Earth Plane(t). Some of you like to refer to your physical home as a “plane,” while others prefer “planet.” Both are correct. You will notice there are no words such as “matrix” or “simulation” when we refer to 5D Ascended Earth. That is because there will be no duality/polarity games or “rules of engagement,” and this is why full 5D healing is required before you can move to your new plane(t).

Gaedhal #elitist #racist #sexist #psycho westsdarkesthour.com

[From “Catechetical lunacy”]

According to Catechism of the Catholic Church (1992), paragraph 1935:

The equality of men rests essentially on their dignity as persons and the rights that flow from it: ‘Every form of social or cultural discrimination in fundamental personal rights on the grounds of sex, race, color, social conditions, language, or religion must be curbed and eradicated as incompatible with God’s design’

The above statement is as woke and as DIE [Diversity Equity and Inclusion] as one can get. Absent the talk concerning a mythical Jewish god, the above statement could easily be stated by Joe Biden, Alexandria Occasio Cortez, Michelle Obama or Kamala Harris

The above statement does not merely seek to ‘eradicate’ inequalities in opportunity, but also inequalities in outcome[…]
Depopulation and eugenics are a path, eventually, to all humans having prosperous and peaceful social conditions

It is Christian axiology that renders so much of Western Society so crime-ridden and so needlessly miserable. Christianity is a sect of ‘the least of these’, and so it is anti-eugenic i.e. dysgenic[…]
An absolute equality in social conditions? That is madness. That is Bolshevism. And the funny thing is that the above statement[…]was written in 1992 by the ‘conservatives’ Ratzinger—later Benedict XVI—Schönborn and Saint John Paul II. One of the reasons why I converted to traditionalist Catholicism is because I quickly found out that there was really no such thing as conservative post-conciliar Catholicism. They were all sell-outs and lunatics[…]
The virus with shoes that is destroying the planet, and swiftly rendering it uninhabitable is of ‘infinite value’[…]And it is not just humanity in sum that has infinite value, but each individual also! You can’t get depopulation done with beliefs like that![…]Christian axiology—which carries over into many forms of atheism—is the number one existential threat that humanity faces

Luis Miguel #wingnut #elitist #forced-birth thenewamerican.com

[From “Ohio Pro-abortion Victories Show the Pitfalls of Democracy”]

The results of this week’s off-year elections in various states throughout the country have been fodder for much political analysis in the mainstream media, and the overwhelming consensus among Establishment pundits is that Republicans are losing nationwide primarily because of their defense of the unborn[…]
Is it really logical that only a few years after Republicans achieved a trifecta of federal government control[…]based on the promise that they would appoint Supreme Court justices who would reverse Roe v. Wade, the nation is suddenly overwhelmingly in favor of abortion?[…]
What the recent elections[…]really prove is the problem with democracy[…]
The Founders and the Framers of the U.S. Constitution were distrustful of democracy[…]studied the way in which ancient democracies tended to devolve into tyranny, including the dissolution of property rights and the erosion of public morality[…]
Created a system with so many layers of checks on the popular will. The president was not directly elected by the people; neither were senators or Supreme Court justices. There was no universal suffrage — many states had property requirements and religious tests in order for a man to be able to vote, and the Constitution did not forbid these practices

These ballot initiatives[…]are the main mechanism being used to advance abortion in the post-Roe era. And they have also been used to successfully enact leftist policies even in red states where such programs would never make it through the legislature

In Florida, for example, medical marijuana and the $15 minimum wage would never have been passed by the Republican majorities in the state Legislature or signed by the Republican governor[…]
This unfiltered majoritarianism is precisely what the Framers wanted to prevent. We are now reaping the fruits of democracy in America. A return to a constitutional republic is needed to stem the social decay

SilverBeastLaguz #elitist #crackpot deviantart.com

Teacher speaks out against Liberal Parenting

And single motherhood, too. Both of these are bad for children, because they tend not to incorporate discipline into the children's lives and make them respect everyone around them. With no discipline, children grow up to be criminals and other kinds of bad people who harm everyone around them in various ways. When you're a bad person, you might get your life snuffed out by a cop, a vigilante, or someone else defending themselves and/or their loved ones.

Here's a study showing why conservative parenting is better than liberal parenting.

Where I found it at (MSN, a leftwing website, had it): https://archive.ph/MDYMa

The very page itself with sources in some of the links to back it up: https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/restoring-america/community-family/children-liberal-parents-suffer-mental-health-issues

Evil Is Petty Award

JonFreeman #wingnut #dunning-kruger #elitist deviantart.com

Point of advice for those who are not politically anchored:

The era of "peace dividends" are rapidly drawing to close. WWIII is going to be a conventional war (ukraine as proven as such), and already everyone is putting off the obvious military spending increase as it will cut into vote-winning social programs.

It will happen, however.

So, if you're not politically anchored: start marketing to crowds who are not anchored to social programs for their income. Those social welfare funds are going to get slashed as defense spending gets an uptick in this new war climate ... meaning the woke demographics will have even less disposable income.

Neo #fundie #homophobia #elitist descentbb.net

Your church taught the wrong thing so you wouldn't want any spiritual gifts. See Joel 2 and 3

Christianity isn't "gay" bashing. People hate us because they hated Jesus too. I don't care about being banned. You just don't want to hear what you don't agree with. If love is love, why are you so rude to Christians?

Michael W. Ford & UncleSpertz #elitist #god-complex #magick #sexist incels.is

New pill: you can get pussy using magick

.club mod UncleSpertz a.k.a SpacersChoice has successfully
contacted a goetic demon.

Any incel can lose their virginity by using magick. I came to this conclusion about a month after learning about magick. Nearly every post I've made since has been magick related. Plastic surgery is for rich people. For most incels, magick is the only thing that can get them laid.

Several incels have taken my advice to heart and are now on the path to getting laid. I know at least one has successfully used magick to take a girls virginity.

I'm living the main character life, I go into public, I got people waving at me, I go to the store and people ask me for help, I go into work and I got multiple people excited to talk to me, telling me about the awesome stuff they're doing, I get hit on by attractive females

Fuck yeah I feel like a king, jus imagine being a loser who nobody notices and then one day everyone sees you for a fraction of what you are giving you the respect you deserve

This is all possible through the power of Duke Zepar, I know I talk about this a lot but it's because his power is actually fucking real and I want you guys to experience what it's like to be a chad and feel what its like to receive the respect you deserve.

Duke Zepar is no joke

Man life is good

Use magic to become rich and buy plastic surgery.

I don't need to do that. I am giving offering to a demon that can change my physical appearance.

already tried all your magic spells and none of them worked in the past but let's hope this one is any difference

You can't cast spells effectively without first developing yourself spiritually. Every single spell I posted here works, you simply were not able to make it work for you, because your undeveloped.

I skimmed over the documents and read the threads it seems like the usual bullshit not gonna lie man

I'm not asking you to read the books. Visit the .net links, and read what SoacersChoice typed you can even talk to him directly.

Lala #fundie #wingnut #elitist lalaism.substack.com

Trad is on the rise and everybody’s becoming either catholic or statist.

This is the cope of our age, it’s the way that we objectify ourselves in order to shield our psyche from the ailments of the contemporary condition.

In the vein of LARPing, we are made object, fictional caricatures of ourselves. Despondent - we time travel to a period when history has not ended and the possibility of phallic actualization is readily at hand, whether through blood or glory or the exaltation of god.

The transmutation of the structures of objective violence that marked the end of the society of discipline, means we cannot make use of these structures as a way to sublimate the emotional distress caused of a violence that is anyway present - meaning there’s nobody left to blame but us, if our predicament has turned to shit - meaning I attribute mental illness, to the unavailability of meaningfully sublimating sex drive.
However, now that there is a lack of the oppressive edifice that we have come to recognize as the Father, or for our intents and purposes, the ethno-state; we are governed by the archetype of the permissive mother, who is latently punitive, and whose punishment is of the symbolic order.
This is why every gen Z-er is embracing tradness, because it’s a more lucrative model of subjective economy that allows them to manufacture a reality of their own, through a maneuvering of language of expression.

Trad aspires to bring back a violence which can be seen and dealt with accordingly, it’s a recession towards traditional values - because in itself it’s a nostalgia of futures that didn’t and will not happen.

In itself, tradness is a way to introduce a sacred element into contemporary life.

Sacredness is always of sacrificial utility, it is a sacrifice that generates value beyond the economic by rendering an object inaccessible, therefore sublime.

Tradness aspires to make contact with sublimity in an age where even the sacred has been book-kept.

ryujinomega092095 #psycho #racist #elitist deviantart.com

Why can't people just accept that since the Japanese have more bearing on my life & western society as a whole than any other asian country & they make better products & pop-culture than the rest of Asia, not only are they the only country that deserve to be the dominant economic powerhouse in Asia, but also, unlike Germany, they're too good to apologize for any of the atrocities they enacted during WWII? Why can't people realize that the creation of their very own pop-culture should excuse them from having to make any apologies or reparations for the 2nd sino-japanese war & that china doesn't deserve the appreciation or sovereignty it has?

Padraig Martin #wingnut #racist #elitist identitydixie.com

[From “High Noon Approaches”]

When the Baby Boom Generation passes away (that is increasing due to age), the political world will really become fascism versus communism. In many ways, it already is. But the Boomer Generation has held things in place largely because of their relative size and political activism. The generation was also raised to hate both fascism and communism, while embracing soft-Marxist ideals. Almost all of them are soft Marxists[…]
Marxism at, its core, shares two underriding principles. The first is economic[…]Everything is an outgrowth of economics, not cultural or genetic[…]
Marxism “explains” that criminality is due to poverty, not a genetic propensity toward crime. Financial well-being ameliorates revolutionary desires[…]
The second element is democracy. Marxism advocates more democratic participation[…]The Trojan Horse of Marxism has always been the perception of greater freedom hiding the tyranny of the masses within the belly of the policy. The fact is, democracy can only work in genetically homogenous societies and even then, it fails. Thus, your Founding Fathers were opposed to it[…]
An emerging break is occurring, led mostly by GenX influencers and fought amongst Millennials and GenZers. They know that economics does not explain everything, and democracy may not be a good thing. They see, and more importantly live, within the racial realities that break the Marxist paradigm

The future fight, therefore, will be one that pits non-White Marxists, who are on the verge of conquering the West and taking what they want from their previous White overlords, versus Whites who galvanize (bundle) together to form fascist coalitions, even if the term is not specifically used[…]
Either way, the system is falling apart, and Boomers are desperately holding on to power[…]in an attempt to make their soft Marxist vision a permanent reality. The only reality is the fact that it is over. A new racial dawn is rapidly approaching high noon

UncleSpertz #elitist #magick #sexist blackpill.world

Got hit on again

Went to the store to buy zepar an offering and got hit on by the cashier holy fuck I can't believe the power of Zepar, this must be what its like being a chad

Shit was funny cuz she was telling me how I look like a character from a movie

I've been getting hit on more these past few days than I have my entire life.

That's great! You should've asked for her phone number.

Yeah I gotta work on my confidence more since I'm not used to receiving this kind of attention but I'm making progress so not all hope is lost

What the fuck is zepar?

A goetia demon duke from hell.

You may ascend sooner than expected.

Man I hope so, Zepar did something to me that I have yet to here about so I think it's highly likely considering nothing I've read about him talks about people getting electrocuted.

I don't know why but I feel as if I'm more intelligent socially since I've figured out that facial expression + body language + vibe can help you read what people are thinking, I've also gotten better at socializing.

I'm not as priviledged as you sound

Such a hypothetical illusion of choice implies a demon willing to participate in a deal with me; I don't have such an opportunity to ascend

Start developing your magical abilities, get rune stones and start reading books

James Gilliland #ufo #magick #elitist #conspiracy goldenageofgaia.com

You can see this great reveal in politics, UFO disclosure, business and basic everyday interactions. In disclosure the shills, planned opposition, those who are morally and integrity challenged, the narcissists, opportunists along with the bat _hit crazies are all being revealed. Fits right into contact with spiritually and technologically benevolent beings, NOT.
Wait till the people find out the majority of the UFO community is a controlled narrative and has been suppressing the benevolent high-level contacts. The depths of the false disclosure, the affiliations with the global elite, alphabet agencies and military by the top people in the field will shock most in the UFO community.
As we move closer to the big switch realize it’s going to get crazy. Especially if you’re with family these holidays, they seem to know right where to go to push your buttons. Just say yes and smile to the woke, don’t let them bait you into an argument. If they haven’t figured it out by now, they don’t want too. You cannot instill want into another being. <..> Don’t forget the only power anyone has over you is because you want something from them. Love, acceptance, agreement, this Christmas give yourself the present of finding it within. There is nothing worth joy so don’t give it up. We also might add try looking around and being grateful for what we do have, the opportunities to help others, serve, and don’t let friends, family or this dis-functional planet get you down. You didn’t come to be a part of the disfunction or fit in. Get plenty of popcorn, it is going to be quite a show. Always remember there is an unstoppable force behind the planetary liberation, the awakening and healing of Humanity and the Earth. Human means God/Man/Woman and the Creator in its most unlimited understanding is pure unconditional love, joy and bliss. It is the spark waiting to ignite into the full flame. Light it up.

Indian in the Machine #crackpot #magick #ufo #conspiracy #elitist ournewearthnews.com

What about the genetic modification of humanity? We don’t know how far it’s progressed, and if it’s including everyone or most now… on top of it… few are interested… and the children are going sterile…. all of western civilization is contaminated. We’re talking a major extinction underway, and the silence is absolutely astoundingly deafening.

I bring this not as ‘bad news’ but as good news… it’s good that I’m even sharing it with you from my heart.


Geez… if someone stolen a purse in the subway, there’s be a ruckus… but if someone steals the ENTIRE GENOME of EVERY LIVING BEING… there’s SILENCE.
The final battle of the light and dark are to turn humanity away from God… PERMANENTLY… and for the genetic modification of humanity, to turn everyone in to cyborgs… including Homo Christos!!


Another BIG PROBLEM for humanity, is that people do not go LOOKING FOR CHRIST… as if Christ is supposed to come to your door someday, only to be judged as not be worthy… by you of course… yes, the dead part of you judges Christ as being unworthy of your attention, focus, or support.
If me bringing up the extinction of humanity is perceived as BAD NEWS… then good buddies… I have to say… it’s actually GOOD NEWS… because I might be a saviour of any survivors… while, I’m being judged by…. maybe… YOU!!

For me it’s GOOD NEWS, that people realize they need to SNAP OUT OF THEIR DEAD ZONE… and be given the choice to be a human who helps… or a zombie standing by the wayside, looking for another brain to eat, or a cyborg frozen in it’s tracks because it had a system crash.

I love you, even if you do actually turn cyborg or zombie…

Francis Magister (pseudonym) #fundie #homophobia #elitist crisismagazine.com

Assuming, as I do, that there is an influential number of homosexuals, or those sympathetic to homosexuality, in the priesthood, I want to ask not so much how this has come to be but, more importantly, why it continues to be so. In other words, why would a young homosexual man today choose the priesthood?

Let me posit another possibility. It is admittedly conjectural and anecdotal, but does, I believe, have some basis. After giving it, I shall qualify it, so bear with me. It has to do with how we have come to view the priesthood and priests in the time since Vatican II. It may be that before Vatican II we viewed priests as almost demigods. A priest was a mysterious figure in a cassock and baretta, aloof from the life of others.
My argument, therefore, is that many homosexual men are drawn to the priesthood because with the Novus Ordo Mass it offers a safe, frequent, and immediate gratification of this need for attention and affirmation. In extreme cases, it can be a craving for adulation.
Having said this, let me state clearly what I am not saying. I am not saying that all priests who prefer the Novus Ordo are homosexual. I am not saying the Novus Ordo was designed with the homosexual in mind. The origins of the Novus Ordo are troublesome enough without putting that on the plate. There have been problems with homosexuality among clergy celebrating the Latin Mass.
Again, I’m not saying the Novus Ordo was made for this but only that this is possible in the Novus Ordo while it is impossible in the Traditional Mass.

So, get rid of the Novus Ordo and we won’t have homosexuals in the priesthood? This is clearly not the case. Again, there are many chaste, self-sacrificing, wonderful priests who celebrate the Novus Ordo, and the traditional community has had its scandals. The Latin Mass, however, offers—one could say requires—an idea of the priesthood that is self-abnegating and self-effacing.

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[From "The Appian way"]

Christian morality is the seedbed that makes today’s secular West what it is[…]for contemporary American racialists the hardest pill to swallow is that their movement has failed because of Christianity[…]
Any racialist movement was doomed from the start, is doomed and will be doomed to failure unless it is understood that Christianity, or more specifically Christian morality, has always been the Devil for the white man. This includes the morality of today’s atheists whose worldview we here call Neo-Christian[…]
Holland hit the nail on the head when he said that National Socialism has been the most radical movement since Constantine, especially because it rebels against St Paul’s idea that there is no difference between Jews and Greeks[…]Holland also points out that the National Socialists repudiated the very essence of the emblem of the Cross: that a crucified victim is more morally worthy than the crucifying Romans. This idea persists in our times during mass hysteria phenomena such as the Black Lives Matter[…]bent the knee before primitive negroes in the most humiliating way!

Holland has said in several interviews that the central emblem of Western civilisation, Christ on the Cross (now downtrodden negroes on ‘crosses’) provides a moral framework for understanding the Woke[…]
What Angela Merkel did, opening the doors to two million refugees in anti-Nazi Germany, is ultimately an extreme form of following the parable of the Good Samaritan[…]
The term catholic derives from[…]katholikos. If we translate ‘universal human rights’ into the Greek of the first centuries of our era, we would be talking about ‘catholic human rights’[…]
Only the moral duty to dispose of the obsolete versions of Homo sapiens. This is the ultimate repudiation of the Christian heritage. And the horror that most westerners feel at the figures of Hitler and Himmler is nothing other than their continued enslavement to the archetype of the Jew on the Cross

Elon Musk and fentasyl #elitist #racist #sexist independent.co.uk

Over the weekend, Elon Musk appeared in a Twitter post to endorse the idea of taking the right to vote away from people without children

The billionaire Tesla co-founder replied “Yup,” to a series of posts from Twitter user @fentasyl, which argued “democracy is probably unworkable long term without limiting suffrage to parents”

The exchange came as Mr Musk continued his recent run of interacting with right-wing figures on the social network

The posts from fentasyl themselves were a response to a previous post from Mr Musk

On Saturday, in the comments under an Islamophobic nonprofit’s video, where commenters insinuated that single white women were turning France into a majority-Muslim country, Mr Musk claimed, “The childless have little stake in the future”[…]
These opinions are hardly surprising for Mr Musk, who has long expressed concerns about declining birth rates in the US and the lack of “smart” people having enough children, views which critics have argued are verging on eugenicist

Fschmidt #elitist reddit.com

Western culture peaked in the Enlightenment, in the 1600s and 1700s. The serious decline began in the 1920s. But technology only started declining around 2000.

I grew up in the New York City area, not a small town. America was still quite good then. I am not speaking globally, I am talking about Western culture.

Americans today are so much worse than a few decades ago that anyone with any sense who lived through these times can see it. Americans used to be decent people, and now they are the scum of the Earth.

Modern culture is relevant to coding because modern culture hates good code and only produces bad code. Modern culture is also hostile to all decent people, meaning anyone who has the potential to write good code.

Megha #wingnut #elitist fxtwitter.com

(Submitter’s note: Two successive tweets)

Any “right wing” person who wastes their time “debating” leftists has already admitted defeat.

You need to be elitism maxxing. You need to make the stupids know they’re not invited to the conversation. You need to be imposing your will on the world and curating elite networks.

Losers debate. Winners give a haughty laugh from their silk gowns and shut the doors on people who are not spiritually or intellectually worthy of being taken seriously. The enlightenment was a mistake.

C.T. #wingnut #elitist #conspiracy #racist westsdarkesthour.com

[From “Hitler, 5”]

Christianity fried the Aryan’s brains with the doctrine that ‘all are equal in the eyes of God’ (the New Testament message of the rabbis who wrote it for us Gentiles). Yesterday, when talking about some films and the subject of the French Revolution came up […]it reminded me that the secularisation of that Christian doctrine aggravated the matter. I mean that after the French Revolution, the psyche of the Aryan went from all are equal in the eyes of God to all are equal before the law[…]
Following this secularised principle originally inspired by Christianity, France was the first European country to grant civil equality to Jews. Indeed, the legal position of Jews in France was widely envied by Jews in other countries. As a result of the so-called Jewish emancipation, and because of the high IQ of the Jew compared to the common Gentile, the first thing Jewry did, courtesy of Napoleon, was to take over the media[…]
The Christian Question (CQ) is not to be underestimated. Before modernity, when the Inquisition ruled and 16th-century Spain was wiser about the Jewish Question (JQ) than 19th-century Europe, Iberian whites committed ethno-suicide in the Americas by intermarrying with Amerinds. This historical fact is nothing less than a ‘checkmate’ to the Judeo-reductionism of the typical white nationalist[…]Christianity is responsible for the empowerment of Jewry

For example, many pan-Germanists were imprisoned in the late 1880s and early 1890s, and the League Against Anti-Semitism was founded in 1891[…]
As devout Christians, Bertha von Suttner and her husband Arthur founded the League in response to the growing ‘anti-Semitism’ across Europe (cf. Otto Glagau’s quote above). So this cancellation of the healthy mind represented by 19th-century pan-Germanism also came from Christians and their Christian principles of equality

Albertus Pikeneus #quack #elitist #god-complex godlikeproductions.com

Autistic mutants with A pos blood type who never get sick! Report for duty

Yes hello

We are the mutants mentioned by the CDC who never got vaxed and yet never got COVID

We are immune from all STDs,

Mostly with blue eye pigmentation tho there are some exceptions.

Mostly average looking people

Unless you examine our DNA which

I bet you scientist are getting a huge boner just thinking about those petri dishes

[GIF of laughing man]

There are many things I don't know about this phenomenon

Are we made by the govt?

Extraterrestrial hybrid programs?

God himself?

How many are we in number.... I have no estimation

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RE: Population Collapse Is Coming - MGTOW

and the reasons for population decline are things like pushing whaman to be strong and powerful......more whaman graduation college......more help for whaman in almost every area. .yet they still want to be served. ,the best thing any man can go is walk away from all whaman until they become more reasonable....but as you know reasonable and whaman are two words not to be used within the same sentence. .whaman are like 3 yr olds who cry all the time. . walk away from the insanity and you should be able work less and have more if your not supporting any whaman. .STAY SINGLE GENTLMEN!!!!!. ..WORK, SAVE, AND CONSTRUCT YOUR LIFE ON YOUR TERMS. .DONT BACK DOWN!!!! .FREEDOM IS FINDING MGTOW ...AND MGTOW ENABLES FREEDOM FOR THE OPEN MINDED TO SEE THE TYRANNY WITHIN THE CURRENT SYSTEM!!!!

Paul Blair #fundie #elitist rightwingwatch.org

Founded by religious-right activists Dan Fisher and Paul Blair, Liberty Pastors hosts multi-day retreats around the nation where local pastors and their spouses are instructed[…]on how to become members of a modern-day “Black Robe Regiment”[…]
Last month, Blair appeared on a Truth & Liberty Coalition broadcast where he revealed that these gatherings are financed largely by religious-right activist Art Ally, founder of the Christian investment firm The Timothy Plan, and explained their purpose

The gatherings are limited to 100 pastors so that attendees have an opportunity to interact with the speakers personally “and that really helps with this transformation of their ministry,” Blair said. “Over three days at a luxury hotel, we have 20 hours of their time where we literally teach them biblical principles of civil government”

Liberty Pastors held an event in Texas in August that was dedicated entirely to the issue of economics, at which Blair asserted that according to the Bible, the government should have no role in creating a federal welfare system[…]
“2 Thessalonians, chapter 2 said, ‘We commanded you that if any man is just lazy and refuses to work, then don’t let him eat,'” Blair said. “You know, there’s a proper place for charity, but if somebody is just a slug—as [Benjamin] Franklin said, ‘Hunger is a great motivator'”

“Here’s God’s design,” Blair continued. “It wasn’t for a federal welfare system; the family is supposed to care for the family. Parents raise their children and provide for them as they’re young, and then as parents get older, their kids are to honor their parents, which means to provide for their needs as they get old. Throughout Scripture, slothfulness and laziness is condemned as sin. As I said a moment ago, [the Apostle] Paul agreed to Ben Franklin or Ben Franklin agreed with Paul: If a man doesn’t work, don’t feed him”