Rabbi Manis Friedman #fundie chabad.org

n Chabad-Lubavitch it is our approach to invite a Jew -- even one who claims not to believe -- to do a mitzvah, before we engage them in a discussion on faith. Because in consideration of the existence of the soul, we can assume that we don't have to convince people of life's Divine purpose. We just have to get them started, and with each mitzvah they do, their neshama asserts itself more, and questions become answered of themselves. By way of analogy, if a woman's maternal instinct appears to be absent, you don't argue the philosophy of motherhood with her. Just put the baby in her lap and her maternal response will emerge.

JDV #fundie chabad.org

More women need to know there is more to abortion than meets the eye. I was assigned to work in an abortion clinic as a social work student many years ago and is see abortion as a real act of violence against women. Maybe more women should not let the men have their way with them. Why even RISK putting yourself in such a position?

Anonymous #fundie chabad.org

[Regarding an article on a woman who regretted her abortion:]

To get pregnant - there needs to be a partner.

Asking G-d for forgiveness is only part of the remedy.

If there was a partner with whom you "chose" to become pregnant, but then backed out to avoid shame -- you have robbed him.

G-d cannot forgive for sins done against another individual.

Rabbi Mendy Kaminker #fundie chabad.org

["My wife wants to have another child, but I think we already have enough work and children—we do not have much time left to our day! Having another child will just burden us further. In truth, as I am about to hit submit, I am laughing at myself. Why am I writing to you? As a rabbi, you of course believe that we should have more children! Maybe I am actually looking for the right person to convince me to make this decision..."]

When I first read the second paragraph of your question, I smiled together with you. What were you thinking? But you yourself are able to explain it. You have a gut feeling; your soul is telling you it is a good idea to have another child.

Rationally, it may be logical to be content with two kids. But for the child that is unborn, I ask you to listen to the call of the soul. Will a new child cause you to lose some sleep for the first year or so? Most probably, yes. But one thing is for sure - in the future this will be a decision that you will never regret, for children bring the deepest joy to their parents.

With regards to financial constraints - an understandable concern - when fulfilling the wishes of the Creator of the world, one can feel content that He surely will provide sustenance for the children.

Anonymous #fundie chabad.org


What may look like anger may actually be a health defect suffered by the person. It may be that the ancestors of the person is being brought to court and judged . The person has no choice but to react in a particular way. It may not be a phenomenon by Jews but calling of the ancestor from the grave.

Ann in Texas #fundie chabad.org

The Torah says not to worship other gods

And if you marry a nonJew your are automatically subjecting your children to other gods.

Even Jews who don't keep kosher know this, and are loyal to Gd to that degree. That's why your parents ask you to marry only another Jew.

If you are a Jewish woman, then if you marry a nonJew you are endangering the souls of your children.
They will have Jewish souls, but their loyalty to Gd will be compromised by their exposure to other gods.

Shoshana #fundie chabad.org

[Shoshana addresses a Gentile woman who is in a relationship with a Jewish man.]

Even if you "convert" you will not be Jewish. Because conversion means keeping the mitzvahs in the Torah. Even if some Jews have stopped keeping them, they are still Jewish because they were born to Jewish mothers and they never loose their Judaism. But if someone wants to gain admission to this unique club called Judaism, to be part of the people who stood at Sinai, then he must fulfill the Laws that were reveled to us at that time. Otherwise it's a phony and invalid conversion. And you might ask, "so what?" Because if your fiancee marries a non-Jew he is turning his back on the Torah that we received at Sinai, on his glorious ancestry starting with Father Abraham, on the Jews who sacrificed their lives to remain Jewish during the Spanish Inquisition, and the time of Chanukah, and on his own family. Marrying out is the greatest disloyalty to the Jewish people. HIS CHILDREN WON'T BE JEWISH AND IT IS THE DESTRUCTION OF JUDAISM. It is the SILENT HOLOCAUST.

Rochel Holzkenner #fundie chabad.org

"Belief in G-d should make us feel safe. But that’s not why we believe. We believe in G-d because it makes sense. If there is a world, there must be a creator. Our brilliantly designed universe has G-d’s signature written all over it.

“Even the authenticity of the Torah is logical. The Torah claims that three million people experienced the miracles and revelation at Mt. Sinai. Who would construe such a risky lie? For a people that constitutes less than one percent of mankind, our Torah should be an obscure account. But quite the contrary—our Torah is the world’s best-selling and most widely distributed book. We believe in G-d’s Torah because it’s true. If it also happens to make us feel safe—that’s a bonus!”

ROBERT FLEISHER #fundie chabad.org

It's so faulty to think that you commit a sin and don't receive immediate punishment and that means all is okay. If God set the world up for immediate retribution, how hard would it be to find believers? Not very. To have true believers of faith, you can't have the entire puzzle already laid out. By the way, who says that something in that meat sandwich won't have some terrible effect thirty years later? Remember, viruses can have 40 year incubation periods. God works in mysterious ways.

Rabbi Aron Moss #fundie chabad.org

["I recently saw a “Jewish” professor speaking at an anti-Israel rally. When I voiced my disgust to a friend who knew him as a child, I learned that his parents converted to Catholicism back in Europe, he never had a circumcision or a bar mitzvah, and he is married to a non-Jewish woman. He claims in his speeches that he is a Jewish son of a Holocaust survivor. He may be the son of a survivor, but can we say once and for all that he is not Jewish?"]

I share your disgust. But I also have to marvel at such a person. He is a vivid illustration of the indestructibility of the Jewish soul.

Here is a guy who could easily identify as a non-Jew, and has every reason to. His parents converted to another religion, he married out, he reviles everything Jewish, and he sides with the enemy of the Jewish people.

So why doesn’t he just drop the whole Jewish thing altogether?

Because he can’t. Being Jewish can’t be dropped. It is a Jew’s deepest identity. Whether you love it or hate it, it will always be there. No conversion can change that.

And so, in a twisted way, he expresses his Jewishness by being the anti-Jewish Jew.

Yes, he is using his Jewishness as a weapon against Jews.

No, he should not be invited to speak at any Jewish event.

But yes, he is a Jew.

People like that can do a huge amount of damage. But the biggest damage is to themselves. Here is a Jewish soul yearning to connect to Jewishness, who has blocked his own path. Here is someone whose primary preoccupation, whose main claim to fame, is his Jewishness, but a tormented Jewishness. Rather than embrace it, he fights it. He is an accomplice in his own persecution.

We need to counter such attacks on our people from one of our own, but we can’t take away the fact that he is a Jew. Somehow, that Jewish spark is still alive. And any time he wants to embrace it, we will embrace him.

Rabbi Yossy Goldman #fundie chabad.org

[T]here is a strong argument to suggest that, in a perverse sort of way, anti-Semitism has been good for the Jews. The French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre made that point in his book Anti-Semite & Jew. Without the constant reminders and threats to our existence, we Jews would have been lulled into a peaceful and passive state of national amnesia. Secure in our comfort zones, we might have lost much of our unique identity.

History records that under regimes that persecuted us, we remained steadfastly Jewish; whereas under more enlightened, liberal forms of government, we gradually embraced a welcoming but dominant culture, forfeiting much of our own.

Back in the '70s, when I was working with Jewish university students, we were struggling to break through a wall of icy indifference towards Judaism. It was so frustrating that my colleagues and I even considered going onto campus in the dead of night to paint a few swastikas on the Student Union building, in the hope that this would jolt them out of their apathy. Of course, we never actually did it, but I confess to having been very tempted.


Everything has a purpose in creation. There is nothing superfluous in G-d's world. So what is the purpose of an anti-Semite? Just that—to remind Jews that they are Jewish!

Anonymous #fundie chabad.org

[This person wrote this letter in response to an invitation to their sister Rebecca's wedding to the non-Jewish Mike.]

I was recently thinking about the fact that the only reason either of us is Jewish today is thanks to the courage and determination of our ancestors who, for 3700 years, withstood persecution, abuse, and threats of death so that one day they would have a Jewish great-great-great granddaughter named Rebecca. Your very existence is a testament to their sacrifices, to their devotion to the Torah, to their intense prayers that their descendants would stay loyal to Judaism.

You, Rebecca, are the fulfillment of all their dreams. A Jewish descendant! A Jewish descendant with a strong Jewish identity, no less! You, Rebecca, are the link in the chain between your ancestors and your descendants. You are the link in the chain between our family's past and our family's future.

According to statistics, if you marry mike, there is only a one in ten chance that your children will even identify as Jews. If you marry Mike, there is almost no chance that your grandchildren will be Jewish.

If you marry Mike, the dreams of thousands of our ancestors will die on your wedding day.


I love you. I admire and am very fond of Mike. But if you marry Mike, as difficult as it will be for me as well as for you, I will not be able to attend your wedding. I could not attend your wedding because, as Jews, what would happen on your wedding day would not be a happy event. It would be a tragedy of historic proportions.

Billy Price #fundie chabad.org

[This man is responding to some gay Jews in the comments section.]

I am so ashamed of the self centered position of so many people born as Jews. If Jewishness is simply who your mother or Father were, then Esau is as Jewish as some of you will ever be. The law is not about what pleases you, but what pleases G-d. Esau counted the birthright as nothing, until he lost the blessing, some of you will be in the same position in the end. Endless discussion whether G-d meant this or that, is foolishness and does nothing but promote what pleases you, Especially when we know what G-d actually said. Who wants to please G-d? This G-d who shows his intricate demands in the ceremony and instruments of the Temple Worship, and we feel free to discuss what he really meant when he says what he says? The Torah declares beastiality is sin, is there one of you who will nuance that one and question what G-d really meant? Or will you accept that one as an absolute? We know the answer, we just don't like it. Did G-d really say that? I think I heard a little snake whisper!

Rabbi Tzvi Freeman #fundie chabad.org

[This is part of a response to someone who wrote in about their chronic depression.

Depression argues that you’re a worthless, hopeless scum in whom nobody would ever take interest. So agree with it. Tell it back, “You’re absolutely right. I’m even less than that. I was created with a purpose that I have not lived up to. I’ve messed up again and again. And yet, nevertheless, I have a G-d who has put up with me despite all my failures, who continues to ask me to be His agent in His world, eagerly awaiting my mitzvahs, looking forward to me sharing my concerns with Him three times a day. My purpose still lies before me, and whatever of it I can fulfill, even for a moment, is worth more than all the pleasures of the Garden of Eden.”

Tzvi Freeman #fundie chabad.org

Today, we have those syncretists who wish to marry materialism with Torah. And nothing is less congruous than that.


Evolutionism, for example, is a materialistic explanation of existence. When people became disillusioned with the church and with faith, they needed an explanation of existence that relied on Chance and Necessity alone, without recourse to G-d. Darwinism and current cosmologies provide just that. So do the standard interpretations of history we are taught today.

Anonymous #fundie chabad.org

Two Wounds

Hitler, his name be cursed eternally, said that the Jews had inflicted two wounds on humanity: circumcision upon the body, and conscience upon the mind. He wanted to create a world where people acted without conscience, where babies could be murdered unthinkingly and unhesitatingly. A world without G-d, without goodness, without morality. He tried to exterminate not only the Jews, G-d forbid, but everything the Jews wanted to teach the world: mercy; kindness; compassion; emulation of G-d. There is no place in eugenics, the survival of the fittest, Darwinism taken to its utmost extreme, scientific atheism brought to its most evil conclusion, for any twinge of conscience or reverence for life.

Benzion #conspiracy chabad.org

[This is a comment on an article by a mother whose young son has developed a sweet tooth after trying a lollipop for the first time.]

Your sons addiction to lollipops could very well be a physical addiction. As a person with environmental illness I know empiracally, from other people and. from the scientific literature that the weoponized food. today (ex. artificial coloring) is causing a chemical reaction that. can lead to illness and hyperactivity (ADD ADHD). After three days of avoiding the toxins he will be fine. The three days will be very severe analogous to a drug addict who needs his fix. It is known in the literature as the Jekyll and Hyde syndrome.

Anonymous, NYC #fundie chabad.org

[Chabad posts on its website a letter from a Catholic nun, who was in a relationship with a Jewish woman.]

Beware of the dangers of tragic stories

We want to be compassionate kind human beings and that sometimes can gradually lead to too much toleration.

Personalized heart-breaking stories can lead or manipulate more and more good people to making long-term incremental changes that eventually harm their own community. First comes recognition of the ‘pain’ of others with our empathy and sympathy, then some measure toleration, then more toleration and acceptance, and finally Laws are amended.

The politically-correct liberalization of Judaism in America with Jews re-writing the Laws to fit their modern social and political values and placate their egos has created a Holocaust of Assimilation and brought great damage to our families.

Publishing such a story pushes for some limited degree of emotional acceptance for homosexual couples and interfaith marriages. This is a line that should not have been breached.

Don #fundie chabad.org


My brother is gay and he knows its wrong to be gay. Torah states it. The torah is straight up, G-d forbids. You don't do it. No justification..nothing... My brother doesn't associate himself with us. He tells us, This is between G-d and him. When he's ready to change then he'll change. He is aware of his rebellion. G-d does not forgive rebellion. Look it up!!

New York #fundie chabad.org

homosexuals should never have children

I am sorry but here again you prove that those who don't agree that homsexualilty is normal are being treated as backward bigots. Don't you think, the wisdom of thousands of years is important? Homosexulity is homocentric. It is love of itself. It is male in love with male, female in love with female. Even though love is genderless, having children changes it. The main reason families were instituted with a male and female were to fill the earth with human beings. DUH!! Tolerating your group is one thing, but accepting and telling our children its OK to be GAY is another. Your sexual orientation should not interfere with anything else you do in life. When you choose to tell all you are gay and then expect others to still have the same opinon of you, you are kidding yourselves. Sexual orientation is a very private and sacred thing. Since gays can't have children naturally, that should not be part of their lifestyle. One more thing, most gays are very into recruiting straights.