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The University of Texas at Dallas announced Monday that it is investigating complaints that a professor's tweets were homophobic and spread misinformation

Timothy P. Farage, a professor in UTD’s computer science department, prompted the backlash with his string of controversial tweets

In a post about a monkeypox outbreak in New York, he suggested trying to “find a cure for homosexuality.” (Twitter later removed the tweet for violating the site's rules.) Farage attempted to clarify his position the following day after facing pushback

“I don’t think homosexuality is wrong,” he tweeted Saturday. “I think it is a medical disorder”[…]
Farage continued that he doesn’t care about students’ sexuality or religion. He also pushed back on critics’ claims that he is bigoted or homophobic. “I am none of these things, and nothing I have written shows that I am,” he said

Replying to UT Dallas’ The Mercury student paper, Farage said he was “being compassionate” by inquiring about a “cure” to homosexuality. He also claimed to have several gay friends who wished they were straight