Galzu/Ninmah via Janet Kira Lessin #ufo #magick #conspiracy dragonattheendoftime.com

I dreamed Galzu, the rep of the Galactic Federation of Lyran Descendants, downloaded information to me for what I am to do in the near future.

I’ve been feeling overwhelmed with all that’s happening in the world. The American political situation is horrendous. Global changes are affecting all life on the planet and the weather. Not since Noah’s flood have we seen such extremes–politically, socially, environmentally. I believe we will eventually discover that COVID is a side effect of how humanity has destroyed the environment.


Galzu told me to own my eternal being & accept who I am on all levels of existence.

I, like Galzu, am an ancient being that existed since the beginning of Creation. On the Galzu level I am know as Ki’Ra. Galzu emanates from Source (“the Creator of All”) as do I.

My Source-Creator level is called Joy. I reside 39 degrees on the right side of Source.

I recovered many memories of my existence (which are all simultaneous for time is an illusion of third-dimensional physicality). I have lifetimes in many forms, on many planets, dimensions, “times” & vibratory frequencies. We all do. Most folks, however, aren’t aware of their multidimensional existences. We don’t remember our diversity until we’re ready. I guess I was/am ready for I’ve remembered much and every day that goes by, I remember more.

I exist concurrently with all “lifetimes” in human form. At this moment, I’m Janet Kira Lessin.

I remember existence as a fractal of Ninmah, Goddess from Nibiru, Wife of Lord Enki. I’ve met others on the Earth who also identify as a fractal of Ninmah. We are many.

Ninmah is an ancient soul, so she is very advanced and can consciously send threads of her soul into Anunnaki and human forms to maximize her experience and learn, grow and evolve much faster. She must, for she has huge responsibilities. She is the genius who figured out what was needed to create human beings. And, according to Galzu, she has studied with him in school.